Zombi: Rules

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Zombi: Rules
Designers RigorMortis, Ideas from: Zenith
Date 01/08/10
Players 3-7 (2-6 Human Players and 1 Zombie Player)
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To play Dvorak: Draw five cards each and leave the rest as a draw pile. On your turn, draw a card from the draw pile and play one Thing and/or one Action. (See the full rules.)
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Inspired by countless (cliches of) Zombie Films, "Zombi" allows 1-6 Human Players fight for survival against a devious Zombie Player. This game is a version of Zenith's "Dead Spaced" game, with both major and minor changes.

You will need a set of counters or coins for this game.


The Human "Deck" contains:

6 Character Cards

9 Starting Weapon/Item Cards

72 Card Search Pile (Things)

33 Card Action Pile (Actions)

Total: 120 Cards

The Zombie "Deck" contains:

66 Card Resource Pile (Things)

37 Card Action Pile (Actions)

Total: 103 Cards

Types of Search Cards

Items: Cards that give a benifical effect to a player. Ammo, First Aid Kits, and Food are some examples.

Weapons: Cards that can deal damage to Humans and Zombies. Comes in two types: Melee Weapons and Guns. Guns require Ammo to use.

Vehicles: Shared Items that allow escape. They help accomplish the Goal.

Allies: Other Humans that Help you fight Zombies. They may be equiped up to 2 Items and/or Weapons.

Types of Resource Cards

Zombies: These are played by the Zombie player to attack the Human Players. They come in many Varieties.

Enhancements: Cards that Upgrade or Mutate any Zombie in play, making them more powerful.

Types of Action card

Actions: Cards that are played per the normal Dvorak Rules

Instants: Cards that are instantly played when drawn.


Set Up

Remove all cards labeled "Starting" from the Search Pile. Each Human Player then randomly selects a Character Card to represent themselves. Then, each Human Player takes their corresponding "Starting" Search Card (listed on their Character Card)and places it front of them. One Human Player shuffles the Search Pile and places it where all Human Players can reach. Then, he/she shuffles the Human Action Pile and places it beside the Search Pile.

Then, the Zombie player shuffles his Resource Pile and places it within reach, as well as the Action Pile.

Sequence of Play

Human Turn Order

1. Draw Phase

2. Search Phase

3. Human Phase

4. Hand Size Phase

Zombie Turn Order

1. Draw Phase

2. Resource Phase

3. Attack Phase

4. Hand Size Phase

Description of Phases

Note that the all players may only play one Action card during their turn, but it may be played anytime during their turn.

Draw Phase

At the begining of the Human Turn, the Human Players each draw 1 Action Card. If there are any Instant cards drawn, they must be played immedietly. After that, each Human Player draws 1 Resource Card. If it is an Vehicle or an Item (Shared), then it is imedietly played in front of all Human Players (such as "The Truck").

At the begining of the Zombie Turn the Zombie Player draws 2 Action Cards. Again, if any Instant cards are drawn, they must be played immedietly. Finally, the Zombie player draws 3 Resource Cards. Any Objective Cards must be played.

Note: When the Search, Resource, or any Action pile are empty, the contents of the pile are shuffled together to form a new Search, Resource, or Action Pile.

Search and Resource Phase

During the Search Phase, Human Players may play any number of Search Cards in their hands. Players may have an unlimited number of Items, except Armor (only one Armor per Player or Ally). You may have either up to 2 Single-Handed Weapons or 1 Double-Handed Weapon. Allies may only be equiped up to 2 Items and/or weapons. Note that the Human Players do not do this in any order, they do this simultaniously.

During the Resource Phase, the Zombie Player plays any number of his Resource cards in his hand, following the restrictions on the cards. Zombies are placed in front of the Zombie Player, and Enhancements are placed on the Zombies that are being Enhanced. Note: A Zombie may only be Enhanced ONCE.

Human Phase

During the Human Phase, Human Players will take turns going clockwise from the Human Player on the left of the Zombie Player. During a Human Player's segement of the Human Phase, she may take do one of the following things:

1. Attack a Zombie in Play

2. Attack a Character in Play

3. Trade Items, Weapons, and/or Allies with Another Player

4. Complete an Objective

Attacking Zombies and Humans

To attack a Zombie, simply declare which Weapon you are using (you may only use one), and which type it is (Gun or Melee Weapon). Guns require Ammo Items to use and have limited uses [Shots (S)], but are very powerful. Melee Weapons do not require Ammo, and have unlimited uses, but are not as strong (Note, the Chainsaw requires Gasoline to use and has 10 uses, but is very powerful. Also, it is treated as a Melee Weapon.)

If using a Melee Weapon, add the Damage Rating (D) of the Weapon to your character's Damage Rating (and any Modifiers). This is how much damage the Zombie recives. Subtract the damage from the Zombie's Wound Rating (W). If the Zombie has a Wound Rating of 0 or below, then it is destroyed, send it to the discard pile. If not, then place the appropriate amount of Damage Counters equivlent to the Damage the Zombie recived.

When using a Gun, first place a Counter on the Ammo card that is attached to the Gun (when there is an amount of Counters on the card equivlent to the amount of Shots on it, discard the Ammo Card after the Attack). Then, take the Damage Rating on the Gun (+/-/x any modifers) and subtract it from the Zombie's Wound Rating. If the Zombie has a Wound Rating of 0 or below, then it is destroyed, send it to the discard pile. If not, then place the appropriate amount of Damage Counters equivlent to the Damage the Zombie recived.

Attacking Humans is exactly the same concept (see Zombie Combat for details on Armor), but it could get someone killed. It may be useful if the Player or Ally is the target of "Bitten", but otherwise, unless only one Human can win, it usually isn't good to attack other Human Players.

If you choose to attack, you may also choose to have an Ally attack also. This does not cost an Action and the Ally may attack a diffrent target. Ally Combat is resolved the same way as Human Player combat.

Trading Cards in Play

When using your action to Trade Items, Weapons, and/or Allies with another Human Player, you can only trade with one Human Player. Basically, it's a one-for-one trade. Allies with no or one Weapon/Item count as one card, but Allies with two Weapons/Items count as two cards. Double-Handed Weapons count as 2 cards. Objective cards count as 3 cards.

Completing an Objective

While there is a Shared Item/Vehicle and/or the correct Objective Cards in play, a Human Player may give up his action in order to fufill the requirments on the Shared Resource. A Human Player may have to do this multiple times, sometimes multiple Human Players have to give up their actions in order to complete the requirments.

Attack Phase

During the Attack Phase, the Zombie Player may attack with all of his Zombies; each Zombie gets one attack.

To attack with a Zombie, the Zombie Player selects a Zombie and a target Human Player or Ally. Take the Zombie's Damage Rating(+/-/x Modifiers) and subtract it from the Armor Rating of the Armor the Human is wearing, or the Character's Armor Rating. If Armor is depleted to Zero, the Human's Wound Rating takes damage. If the Human has a Wound Rating of 0 or below, then it is killed, the player is out of the game (or discard the Ally). If not, then place the appropriate amount of Damage Counters equivlent to the Damage the Human recived on the Armor or the Human.

Hand Size Phase

At the end of the Human turn, every Human player must check to see if they has more than 10 cards in their hand. If any do, they must discard down to 10 cards. (Discard Search Cards to the Search Discard Pile, and Action Cards to the Action Discard Pile)

During the Zombie Turn, the Zombie Player must discard all of his Actions in his hand. He may keep up to 10 Resource Cards in his hand (discard if higher). After that, if the Zombie Player has completed an Objective, he wins!

How to Win

Zombie Player: Kill all Human Players, or complete the one of the Zombie Objectives.

Human Players: Complete one of the Human Objectives.