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Designer HellFalen
Date november 2008
Players 2+
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To play Dvorak: Draw five cards each and leave the rest as a draw pile. On your turn, draw a card from the draw pile and play one Thing and/or one Action. (See the full rules.)
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This deck is under construction. Anyone is welcome to contribute - check the talk page to find out more.

Important concepts

Manna: It is the energy that the magician uses to realise spells. If you did not have manna serious a very weak enemy. Levels of mana: VeryWeek (VW) - Week (W) - Medium (M) - Strong (S) - VeryStrong (VS)

Attack: It is the capacity to realise nonmagical damage of a card. Levels: VeryWeek (VW) - Week (W) - Medium (M) - Strong (S) - VeryStrong (VS)

Defense: It is the capacity of a card to defend itself of magical and nonmagical attacks. If an attack is stronger than the defense of a card, this will be destroyed. Levels: VeryWeek (VW) - Week (W) - Medium (M) - Strong (S) - VeryStrong (VS)

Abilities: They are the abilities that a card owns. They can be the types of magic that makes the targeta or other abilities. They work like requirement to invoke creatures or to use objects. The abilities of a targeta do not own any number. Only are written words. Types of abilities:

  • Magical: They are the types of magic that can realise a magician: Water, air, earth, fire, drak and light.
  • Nonmagical: They are abilities that serve to use objects or other things, for example: to fighting, knowledge, medicine, etc.

Type of cards:

  • Magicians: They realise diverse spells and invoke creatures.
  • Creatures: They are used to attack and to defend. Some own special abilities.
  • Spells: They can be invoked by magicians, they have very diverse effects in the game.
  • Objects: They are cards that helps magicians, creatures of diverse ways. These cards can be from arms to relics with sacred powers.

Making Cards

Anatomy of magicians and creatures:

Name - Abilities: up to 3 - Spells: up to 2 - Requirements for be drawed - Points of M,A, & D

(Creatures cannot have magical abilities nor manna)

Anatomy of spells and objects

Name - Spells: up to 2 - Requirements for be drawed -

(in case of being object, spell changes by bonifications)

Cards List

Contribute creatingo your oun cards forthe game.

Fire mage
  • Abilities: Fighting - Fire Magic - Magic of Chaos
  • Spels: It destroys a creature of the opponent - It destroys an object
  • Requirements: nothing.
  • A: S D: M M: W
Card by HellFalen