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Test Findings Not enough cards to attack players.

You usually have many cards you can't use.

-> compress character actions


5 Add more Actions (& maybe Characters)

1 Add Actions - Attacks [after test 1]

1 Add Actions - Special Events [after test 1]


Please give feedback on anything! I'm especially thinking about:

How many of each card should there be?

If Surf Chick is KO, your jealous Lover/Friend comes back?


These variations are all untested.

Variation: It's always everyone's turn: Each player decides what to do and all players simultaneously

- Say what they're doing


- Touch or show the cards they're playing.

This way players should anticipate more.

Variation: play without Friends and Surf Chick

Variation: play in teams. With teams, just turn on/off any of these rules, and make your own rules!

- Teams have a collective HP count.

- Team mates can use Re-Action cards to protect other team mates.

- Team mates can also transfer Friends to other team mates, not just to enemies.

The turns are different when playing in teams. If there are 4 players, the turns go like this:

Team A, player 1

Team B, player 1

Team A, player 2

Team B, player 2

If there are 6 players and 3 teams:

A 1

B 1

C 1

A 2

B 2

C 2

Or 6 players and 2 teams

A 1

B 1

A 2

B 2

A 3

B 3

You get the idea.