Subcultures Deck

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Subcultures Deck
Designer Corrigan
Date September 8, 2007
Players 2+
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To play Dvorak: Draw five cards each and leave the rest as a draw pile. On your turn, draw a card from the draw pile and play one Thing and/or one Action. (See the full rules.)
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This deck is under construction. Anyone is welcome to contribute - check the talk page to find out more.

I created this game because I thought that it would be a fun way to explore the complexities of contemporary pigeonholed culture.

Special Rules

The aim of this game is gain 100 points of one particular subculture depending on your character. There are, as it stands, 10 main subcultures: Hippie, Punk, Redneck, Goth, Hipster, Gangsta, Emo, Geek, Metalhead and Slacker.


A Character is a type of Thing. In Subcultures, at the beginning of the game, put all the Characters into a pile and deal each player a Character. Each Character belongs to a subculture which is stated on the card. You want to gain points from that subculture. So, if you have a Hippie Character, you would win by getting 100 Hippie points. Each character also has a point value unto itself. For example, Death Metalhead has 14 Metal points.

Bonuses and Losses

Each item carries with it bonuses and losses for different subcultures. For example, Fall Out Boy Tee gives +5 Emo points, +0.5 Hipster points and -6 Redneck points. When an item is destroyed, its bonuses and losses are gone too. A bonus given by an Action card is added to the point total. Each item does not need bonuses and losses for each subculture.

Types of Things

There are 6 major subtypes of Things other than Character: Fashion, Music, Pastimes, Screen, and Misc. and Ideology. Every Thing does not need to have a subtype. Fashion has the most variety in it. One character can only have one Fashion Thing of a type (i.e. Shirt) at a time (Jewelery is not affected by this rule) unless a card states otherwise.

Card List

If an item's Goth bonus is 6 or higher, increase its Goth bonus by 1.
15 Goth Points
Card by Corrigan
Smart Slacker
If an item's Geek bonus is 4 or lower, make its Geek bonus a Slacker bonus.
12 Slacker Points
Card by Corrigan
Rastafarian Hippie
If you don't play an Action card during your turn, gain 1 Hippie point.
14 Hippie Points
Card by Corrigan
Death Metalhead
If an item's Metal bonus is 4 or less, decrease it by 1.
If an item's Metal bonus is 5 or more, increase is by 1.
Action: Put a Thing from the discard pile into your hand.
14 Metal Points
Card by Corrigan
Fantasy Geek
Action: All players draw a card.
Action: Target player discards a card from their hand.
15 Geek Points
Card by Corrigan
Overcast Kid
For each turn you do not have the most points, gain 2 Emo points.
11 Emo Points
Card by Corrigan
Disgruntled Redneck
Action: Destroy an item with a Hippie bonus of 3 or higher.
11.5 Redneck Points
Card by Corrigan
Gutter Punk
Action: Lower an item's Emo bonus by 2.
14.5 Punk Points
Card by Corrigan
Tight Jeans
+6 Punk Points
+5 Emo Points
-4 Gangsta Points
Card by Corrigan
Classy Gangsta
If a Fashion or Misc. Hipster bonus is 4 or less, convert it into Gangsta points.
13 Gangsta Points
Card by Corrigan
Arty Hipster
If an Emo Fashion bonus is less than 4, convert it into Hipster points.
If an Emo Music bonus is 2.5 or less, convert it into Hipster points.
14 Hipster Points
Card by Corrigan
It's Ironic
Play a Thing with a Hipster loss and convert the loss into an equal bonus.
Card by Corrigan
+5 Gangsta points.
Card by Corrigan
Fall Out Boy Tee
Action: Put a card from your hand into the draw pile and draw a card.
+5 Emo points.
+0.5 Hipster points.
-6 Redneck points.
Card by Corrigan
Phase Change
All players destroy their characters and draw new ones.
Card by Corrigan
Choose a colour, look through the draw pile, and put the first 3 Things you find with that colour in your hand.
Card by Corrigan
Smoking Hemp
Discard your hand. Your hand size is 0. Each turn, draw a card and throw it onto the table. It comes under the control of whichever player it lands closest too.
+8 Hippie points.
+6.5 Slacker points.
+2 Punk points.
Card by Corrigan
No opponents' card effects can affect your hand.
+2 Slacker Points
+1 Gangsta Points
Card by Corrigan
Biker Jacket
Action: Discard a card from your hand and draw a card.
+5 Goth Points
+4 Punk Points
+2 Metal Points
-4 Hippie Points
Card by Corrigan
Peace-Sign Necklace
Action: Destroy a Thing you control and bring a card from the discard pile into your hand.
+5 Hippie Points
-4 Redneck Points
-8 Goth Points
Card by Corrigan
Iron Maiden Tee
+4 Metal Points
+1 Goth Points
Card by Corrigan
+5 Emo Points
+0.5 Hipster Points
Card by Corrigan
Cabbie Hat
+4 Hipster Points
Card by Corrigan