Star Wars Galactic Legends

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Star Wars Galactic Legends
Designer Darth Taikin
Date 6/03/2010
Players 2+
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To play Dvorak: Draw five cards each and leave the rest as a draw pile. On your turn, draw a card from the draw pile and play one Thing and/or one Action. (See the full rules.)
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This is a Star Wars CCG. It has elements of battle and non combat. All cards for Galactic Legends are listed here, with cards grouped in decks on subpages.

Rules for Galactic Legends

Special Rules


Each player starts with their own deck. Shuffle the decks thoroughly and draw five cards. Play then begins with whoever the players agree upon


On a player's turn, several actions are possible. The player may:
1.Play hero cards
2.Play thing cards
3.Play action cards
4.Play a political card
5.Attack or use an action on another player
6.Activate a political card

Hero Cards

Hero Cards are cards based off of the heroes of Star Wars, such as Luke Skywalker or Obi-Wan Kenobi. Each one has an attack, defense and Force Attribute (if applicable). These three stats determine their power and how they can be used. In addition, each hero also has a special attack or ability, which can only be used once. An example of a hero card is below:

Luke Skywalker
Jedi Hero
Luke 3.jpg
Last of the Old Jedi, First of the New: You may replay one Hero from your discard or defeated pile.

In this example, 7 is luke's attack, 8 his defense and 6 his force attribute. His special ability is "Last of the Old Jedi, First of the New".

Political Cards

Political Cards are the part of Galactic Legends that make up the non combat parts of the game. The use of Political Cards is more subtle and sometimes more difficult than Hero, Action or Thing Cards, but they add a level of intrigue and depth to the game.

Political Cards are divided into two categories: Political Maneuvers and Political Leaders. Political Leaders are similar to Hero Cards, except that they have the attributes of Power instead of Attack, Altruism instead of Defense, and Infamy instead of Force Attribute. Political Maneuvers are similar to action cards, except they can only be used on Political Cards and other Cards influenced by them(more on this later!).

Political Leaders are played into a separate pile in front of the player. Once they are in play, a player may activate one by paying the "infamy cost" to use their political ability. this ability can bring other heroes and Political Leaders under their control. the political ability can be activated at any time, as long as the character has enough infamy. Once they run our of infamy, they recharge at one point per turn. If at any one time, through influence of the political ability, a player has all political leader cards and can successfully play them all, that player wins.

Political Maneuvers are played normally, and the player who lays one on the battlefield may decide which hero to use it on that they have influence over. Similar to actions, a Maneuver is discarded immediately after it is used.

Influence Score

Influence Score is a measure of how much influence one player has over a certain card they do not own. This can be altered by political abilities, and is measured in Tiers:
Tier 1 (0-5 influence points): The card is wholly controlled by its owner.
Tier 2 (5-10 influence points): The card is susceptible to political maneuvers.
Tier 3 (10-15 influence points): The card cannot attack the Political Leader that holds sway over it.
Tier 4 (15-20 influence points): The card must obey one order given by its political leader.
Tier 5 (20-25 influence points): The card must withhold one attack if forbidden to attack by its leader, and obey one order.
Tier 6 (25-30 influence points): The card is taken, either immediately or after it reappears if discarded.
An example of two political cards, a Leader and a Maneuver, are shown below:

Chancellor Palpatine
Republic Leader
I am the Senate!: You may negate one maneuver used by an enemy Leader Political Ability: Rousing Rhetoric: You can instantly increase your influence score on two characters at once by two points.