Spore card set

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Spore card set
Designer kingbirdy23
Date 9/06/2008
Players 2-4
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To play Dvorak: Draw five cards each and leave the rest as a draw pile. On your turn, draw a card from the draw pile and play one Thing and/or one Action. (See the full rules.)
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This deck is under construction. Anyone is welcome to contribute - check the talk page to find out more.

This is a TCG based on the new computer game Spore.

Special Rules


1.You can only have up to 5 cards in your hand. At the end of your turn,if you have more than 5 cards,discard until you have 5. If you have less than 5, draw until you do have 5.

2.Attachments may only be attached to the required type of limb. Feet can't be attached to arms and vice-versa.

3.stage;parts you can use;requirement to move on

 cell;cell;2 limbs with attachments, a mouth, and an eye
 tribe;creature,tribe;control 25% land and have 20 pop.
 civ.;tribe,civ.;build a spaceship with an interstellar drive

4.If your health/pop. reaches zero, you go back two stages. If you die in cell you lose.

5.If a Thing disagrees with a rule, the Thing wins.If an Action disagrees with a Thing, the Action wins.If an Action disagrees with a rule, the rule wins.

6.To find what stage a card is from look at the second part of the type.(beneath the title.)

7.You can play as many Things in one turn as you would like,but only 1 Action.

8.The number in the corner can be many things. If the card is a body part then that tells how many DNA points it takes to put on. If the card is food it tells how much health you gain. If it is a gain DNA/Spice card this will tell you how much DNA/Spice you gain. If it is a building/vehicle it tells how much Spice is needed to build the building/vehicle.

9.If you draw a card for a later stage you can put it in a pile by your deck. If you have more than 10 cards in the pile, take cards out until you have 10. Shuffle the cards that you took out back into your deck and resume play.

10.If you draw a card that you will never be able to use put it in your discard pile


1.You can have up to 100 Things in your deck with a minimum of 60.

2.You can have up to 15 Action cards.

3.You can have as many Spice/DNA card as you would like.(Until you reach the cap.)

4.You can have a maximum of 150 cards.

Starting The Game

1.You start the game with 2 DNA points.

2.You start the game with 7 cards in your hand.

3.To decide who goes first, have each player draw a card. The player who's card has the highest corner value goes first. Play then goes in a clockwise direction.


Spice= The currency of tribe, civ.,and space. It is used to buy tools, buildings, and vehicles.

DNA points= These are necessary to add parts to your creature in cell and creature stages.

stage= A step or phase in the game.

deck= Your set of cards. Each player has one.

grasper= A hand or something similar to a hand.


Starter Body



This body must be the first body you use.
Card by kingbirdy23
Starter Arm
A basic arm to attach graspers to.
Card by kingbirdy23
Filter Mouth
A mouth for eating plants. Cell stage only.
Card by kingbirdy23
Pincer Mouth
A mouth for eating meat.
Card by kingbirdy23
Basic Grasper
A basic grasper that can only hold food.
Card by kingbirdy23
Starter Leg
A basic leg to attach feet to.
Card by kingbirdy23
Basic Foot
A basic foot that allows slow walking.
Card by kingbirdy23
Basic eye
This is a basic eye with sight level 1.
Card by kingbirdy23
Basic Ear
A basic ear with hearing level 1.
Card by kingbirdy23
DNA Point card
Gain 3 DNA
You eat a large plant.
Card by kingbirdy23
DNA Point card
gain 2 DNA
You come across a slightly smaller cell and eat it up.
Card by kingbirdy23
DNA Point Card
gain 7 DNA Need omnivore or herbivore mouth to use.
You eat a small chunk of fruit.
Card by kingbirdy23
DNA Points Card
gain 7 DNA Need omnivore or carnivore mouth to use.
You eat a small chunk of meat.
Card by kingbirdy23