Please Be Advised deck

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Please Be Advised deck
Designer A. N. Other
Date 21/05/2008
Players 2+
This deck has not been categorised.
To play Dvorak: Draw five cards each and leave the rest as a draw pile. On your turn, draw a card from the draw pile and play one Thing and/or one Action. (See the full rules.)
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Special Rules

Special Rules here.

Card List

The Changes
Every player changes hands with the player to their right, then bitches about it.
The Pressure
Try massaging your temples. Does that feel better? Now discard all your Thing cards.
Lookin' Busy
Draw two cards from the draw pile. Or not. What do you care, anyway?
Verbal Counseling
A player of your choice must discard one of his or her cards, then quietly retrieve it from the discard pile and place it back in their hand.
Better to ask forgiveness than get permission..
Cancel a block action card
Shift Change
This is gonna blow up in our faces!
Reverse the effects of an action
Agent Bush
Prevent any Action card from being played against you.
Crispy Bacon
Thing - Team Member
Hee Heee. Peek at another player's hand.
The Stankus Twins
Thing - Team Member
I think we deserve an extra long break today.
Thing - Team Member
Captain Intensity
Thing - Team Member
Pure uncut intensity
Hookstown's finest or The Vance?
Thing - Team Member
You wouldn't BELIEVE what happened on the way to work today!
Office bicycle
Thing - Team Member
No, I'm on the pill. I swear.
Camel Toe
Thing - Team Member
Free cheese!


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