Orcs & Goblins "Uncivil War"

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Orcs & Goblins "Uncivil War"
Designer Anthony
Date 07/03/2009
Players 2+
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To play Dvorak: Draw five cards each and leave the rest as a draw pile. On your turn, draw a card from the draw pile and play one Thing and/or one Action. (See the full rules.)
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Orcs & Goblins love to squabble amongst themselves. You are a Warlord who hand picks a tribe of motley combatants in order to defeat the other tribes, and win this Uncivil War.

Each player (2+) selects from the available Things (95% will be Units) below to create a 30 card deck. There are almost no Action cards, but almost all Things will have Actions. You can only choose 1 Warlord, and have only 1 copy of them in your deck.

To win: be the last tribe alive. You are out of the game when your Warlord ends up in the discard pile from anywhere.

Special Rules

Shuffle your 30 card deck in which lies your Warlord, draw an opening hand of 5 cards, and then 2 each turn. At the end of your turn, discard down to 5. Play up to 1 Thing and 1 Action a turn. If you run out of cards, reshuffle the discard pile into a new draw pile.

Instead of playing a Unit, you may Engage with one of your Units with an eligible Unit of any opponent. Then instead of playing an Action, you may Fight with an Engaged Unit (the controllers of a Unit which is involved in a Fight will each roll 1D6 and add this to the Attack & Defense bonus of the involved Unit(The bonuses will be from 0 to 5) with a kill scored when an attack total exceeds a defense total).

Each Unit will have a number that represents it's Rank and assigns when it can be played. 0's and 1's can be played even if there are no other Units under your control. 2's can only be played if there is atleast 1 Unit which is a Rank 1 and so on. Each Warlord has Rank 5. This represents the need to balance your tribe, and also makes it more realistic; you wouldn't have your Warlord scouting out ahead of your main force would you?

Rank 0's also have a special rule which lets them be played together as if they were one Unit. If you had 7 Rank 0 Units in your hand and had yet to play a Thing (Unit), you can play all 7 as your Thing. Now you would have 7 Rank 0 Units in play. For this reason, Level 0's will be mostly archers (attack safely from a distance) and will have the skill: Coward (Will run to the discard pile if Engaged, and never can summon up enough courage to Engage.

As Fighting involves foregoing an Action, sometimes two units will remain Engaged at the end of a turn. It is usual to represent Engagement by moving the cards so they are touching. Other Units may still Fire at/Engage an Engaged Unit but not more than one at a time. Units may Disengage from Engagement just as they would Engage (by foregoing playing a Thing). If a Unit that was Engaged but had it's opponent eliminated is now considered unengaged.

An example of a game halfway through:

George draws 2 cards and plays his Skull Shaman that has "Action: Opponent Discards a card" as an ability. But his opponent Obama quickly points out: "George, you can't go attacking me with a Rank 3 Unit, you have no Rank 2's out yet!" To which George replies: "I'll play my two Rank 0's. Now I will use one of my Rank 0's Action to shoot at your level 5 Warlord." "Wait, I have a Rank 4 Bodyguard,he gives my Warlord Shroud, you'll have to take my Bodyguard out before you can target my Warlord with anything other than Unstable Volcano, the Action card which you can only have one of in your 30 card deck. It deals 1D6 damage to each Ork & Goblin. Even though my Warlord doesn't get to roll a D6 to add to his base Defense stat of 5, you'll still need to roll a 6 to kill him."

"I don't like this game, Ohama."


"Yeah, I said that."

"No, you didn't."

Card List

Wolf Riders
Thing - Unit
Rank 1.
Attack 1 Defense 1
Goblin Archers
Thing - Unit
Rank 0.
Attack 0 Defense 0
Unstable Volcano
Action - Availability 1
Deals 1D6 damage to each Unit.