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Designer timornonest
Date 9.26.09
Players 3-5
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To play Dvorak: Draw five cards each and leave the rest as a draw pile. On your turn, draw a card from the draw pile and play one Thing and/or one Action. (See the full rules.)
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Players take on the role of settlers in a fledgling fantasy village, seeking to gain influence through several "generations" of play, culminating in victory for the player whose character's descendants have accumulated the most influence in the city.

Decks In Play

1. City Developments
2. Suburbs
3. Title Cards
4. Profession Cards

General Gameplay

Players take turns making alterations to a shared city grid (building new businesses, upgrading existing buildings, etc.) from the City Developments deck. After a certain number of rounds, a "generation" has passed, and the city gains a new Suburb, which will have an effect on how the game proceeds. For instance, the city may become home to a tribe of Dwarves, in which case building costs will be decreased, but chances of city-endangering disasters may be increased by the Dwarves tunneling and drunken carousing.

At the end of the game, the player with the most influence (determined by a combination of their financial status, political accomplishments, and social influence within the city) wins.

Turn Order

0. Collect Gold and Influence Markers
1. Take Action (play City Development, upgrade existing building, utilize existing location)
2. Draw Back Up To Hand Limit


1. Construct a town consisting of a Town Square, and a number of Houses equal to the number of players. Each player owns one of the houses; they may never lose ownership of their house.
2. Each player draws 4 City Development cards. The beginning hand limit is 4; this may change for the individual players over the course of the game.
3. Each player receives 4 gold.

City Development Cards

Town Square
ACTIVATE: Gain one gold, political influence, or social influence.

More than one player per round may activate Town Center.
ACTIVATE: At the end of this generation, gain an extra family member.

Only this house's owner may activate it.
ACTIVATE: Pay one gold to this building's owner. Gain one social influence.

Fire Danger: 10
ACTIVATE: Pay one gold to this building's owner. Draw one profession card.
When you play this card, roll a die. You may set fire to any building whose Fire Danger is less than the result of the roll.

Suburb Cards

Dwarven Mine
Have the Mayor place this card somewhere along the outskirts of the current village.

Building costs for all buildings subsequently placed within 2 squares of this Suburb are reduced by 1.

Earthquake danger is 8 for all buildings adjacent to this card, and 12 for all buildings exactly 2 squares away from it.

Title Cards

Profession Cards