Magical Dueling deck

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Magical Dueling deck
Designer Springo
Date 10/01/2009
Players 2+
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To play Dvorak: Draw five cards each and leave the rest as a draw pile. On your turn, draw a card from the draw pile and play one Thing and/or one Action. (See the full rules.)
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This deck is under construction. Anyone is welcome to contribute - check the talk page to find out more.

The theme behind this game is the concept of being a mage, who is battling for his life against other wizards in a Magical Duel.
I'm trying to create it as both a creative experiment, and a result of boredom and ambition.

Special Rules

This game can be played as both Multi-Deck and Single-Deck Dvorak. You can play up to three "Spell" cards a turn, regardless of the number of normal "Thing" or "Action" cards played.


Each player starts with 15HP.

A player who has 0HP at the end of the round is eliminated from the game. You can not have less than 0HP.


Each player also starts the game with a Mana Limit of 3.

The corner number on a "Spell" card denotes the denotes the amount of Mana required to cast them.

Lingering Spells have a Mana amount, and a forward slash, after which shows the number of either turns(T) or rounds(R) that must pass before they expire.

Example: A Basic Ward has a corner number of (2/R3), which means that it uses up 2 Mana, and lasts until the start of the 3rd round since the ward was cast.

You can not cast a spell if the combined Mana value of all Spell cards that you have cast this turn, as well as those currently active and under your control, exceeds your Mana Limit.

After you check your hand size, you may choose to disable and discard any lingering spells under your control.


Mana Limit - Innate spell-casting ability. This can be augmented by certain magical objects.
Casting - Playing spell cards.
Round - The sequence of each Players' turns. Example: When each player has had his or her first turn, the first Round has been completed.
Half-Strength - Half the strength of the target value, but in the chance of non-integer values, round down.

Card List

Source Stone
Your Mana Limit is 5.
Basic Ward
Spell - Lingering
If the caster of this spell is attacked, Flip a Coin. If the result is heads, the attack continues at half strength.
Target Opponent takes One Damage.

Blood Ritual
You can play any number of spells this turn and ignore their Mana costs. For each spell played this way you lose one HP.
Card by Coprolite Golem
You cannot be a target.
Card by Coprolite Golem
Mind Jack
Look at target opponents hand and choose a spell card, you may take and play that spell card without paying its Mana cost.
Card by Coprolite Golem
Ring of Undoing
At the start of your turn Ring of Undoing deals 1HP of damage to each player.
Card by Coprolite Golem
Goblin Infused Ooze
Discard 3 cards at random: put a token on this card. Your mana is increased by 1 for each token on this card.
Card by Coprolite Golem
Ephemeral Crown
Reaction Spell
Change the target of a spell, skip your next turn.
Card by Coprolite Golem