Magic Numbers

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Magic Numbers
Designers Jeff Chaffee (Pawn_Dreams), A work in progress; cards coming ASAP!, Accepting all Designs for Consideration, Target Deck size is 100-150 cards.
Date 28 Sept 2010
Players 2+
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To play Dvorak: Draw five cards each and leave the rest as a draw pile. On your turn, draw a card from the draw pile and play one Thing and/or one Action. (See the full rules.)
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This deck is under construction. Anyone is welcome to contribute - check the talk page to find out more.

Magic Numbers uses the numbers we say every day in conversation to create a new kind of card game. Those familiar with Cribbage will see some similarities in how the rounds are structured. The object of the game is to score 50 points, though this is just a suggested goal; games can be to any number of points.

Special Rules

Rounds of Play

After shuffling the deck and putting in centrally, players begin with a hand of six cards. There is no maximum/minimum hand size. Next, reveal the top three cards of the deck as that Round's MAGIC NUMBER: total the numbers referenced in the card titles. For example "Bakers' Dozen," "Six of one..." and "One of a Kind" would make a Magic Number of 20 (13+6+1). At this time, players may also contribute one card from their hand to change the Magic Number; they draw a new card if they do so.

The person who shuffled goes first, play moving to his left.

Each player MUST play a single Thing from their hand and may also play an action OR use a Thing's ability. The name of the Thing card played will tally towards the Round's Magic number. Using the example of 20 from above, playing "Twice in Day" sets the score for the Round to 2. PLAY STOPS WHEN EITHER: the Magic number is reached for the round or a player goes "out," having played all his cards in a round.

Scoring Points

When a round ends, players score the total number of points their Thing cards' titles add up to. For example, if I played "Connect Four," "Dodecahedron" and "A Thin Dime," I would score 26 points (4+12+10). PLAYERS SCORE NO POINTS FOR ACTIONS PLAYED DURING A ROUND.

If a player manages to Go Out (no cards left) and with his last play reaches exactly the Magic Number, they may score the total number of points of all Thing cards in play at the end of the round.


One of a Kind
Nobody can have more than one of any value of a card (i.e. 1 thing worth 1 point, etc.)
Two Hearts Beat As One
Pick another player; you both draw a card and jam out to some old-schoool U2 (that second part is totally optional, but also pretty awesome).
Third Man In
Action: When another player's action would destroy another Thing, you may destroy this thing instead and draw a card.
Any player wearing glasses draws a card. If you're the only one wearing glasses, Four-Eyes stays in play as a Thing for you.
Action: Offer another player a hi-five. If they refuse, nobody gets to play actions until your next turn.
Six of X...
You can't play both Six of X and Half-a-Dozen of Y in the same round. If you can control both, you win the round at double points.
Lucky 7
If in your opening hand, reveal to all players and draw 7 more cards. Any other time, you can play Lucky 7 to cancel an Action, destroy a Thing, or draw 2.
Six of X...
You can't play both Six of X and Half-a-Dozen of Y in the same round. If you can control both, you win the round at double points.