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Archived comments from the original site

Hmm.. interesting. What, pray tell, are Boodles? It sounds vaguely Kroftish... --Nev the Deranged, 19.3.04

They're cute little humanoid critters, something like hobbits. The name of the game is an homage to a great little board game called "Flight of the Boodles" that appeared in Dragon magazine many years ago. --Joe Strout, 22.3.04

This sounds a lot like Killer Bunnies and the Quest of the Magic Carrot. In that game there's 12 carrots and at the end everyone must have a rabbit. Those that don't have a rabbit must give their carrots to the other players. The winning carrot is determined randomly. Players try to kill other rabbits with weapons (success of attack determined by a roll of the dice). --Doc Immortal, 5.4.04

Filthy Boodleses! We hates them! Thieves, tricksy thieves! Good game, looks fun! :) --Meefman, 30.10.04

"New Deal" - I'm 1,98 m tall and my handsize is bigger tahn this of my cousin. How about that? --JokeMan, 30.12.04