Seth Monster Game

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Seth Monster Game
Designer Seth
Date 30/03/2010
Players 2
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To play Dvorak: Draw five cards each and leave the rest as a draw pile. On your turn, draw a card from the draw pile and play one Thing and/or one Action. (See the full rules.)
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Each player starts the game with five Monsters, which must have a total Power value of less than the formats limitation.

Each Monster has Damage and Health attributes, damage determining how much damage they deal to other Monsters, whereas Health determines how much damage they can take before being removed from play. Each Monster also has a speed, or multiple sets of speed. A Monster can have 1 (Fast), 2 (Medium), or 3 (Slow) speed, but can also have two of these speed ratings.

Each Monster has a race attribute, which may be affected by certain cards.

Each Monster has an elemental damage type, there are four total; Physical, Fire, Poison, and Magical. Some may have resistances to these elements, or vulnerabilities.

Monsters may also have passive or activated abilities.


First, players privately and simultaneously assign any number of their five Monsters to attack during the Fast Phase. Monsters can only attack here if they have the Fast speed. Once the Monsters have been assigned, both players privately and simultaneously may activate and choose targets for any abilities the assigned Monsters have.

Then, the effects of the abilities resolve, and the Damage attribute of each player’s assigned Monsters is added. Finally, players privately and simultaneously assign damage from the total added damage score to any of their opponents assigned Monsters. The damage can target a single Monster, or be spread out among them, as each player desires. If a player has no Monsters assigned in the Phase, the damage is directed to any non-assigned Monsters the other player controls, however is desired by the offending player, spread out or on a single target.

After the Fast Phase, comes the Medium Phase and then the Slow Phase. These Phases work exactly the same as the Fast Phase, except Medium speed Monsters are assigned in the Medium Phase, and Slow Monsters are assigned in the Slow Phase. Once a Monster has been assigned, it cannot be assigned in another Phase this round. If a Fast/Medium Monster was assigned in the Fast Phase, it cannot be assigned again in the Medium Phase, until the next round. Once all three Phases have passed, a new round begins and all Monsters can be reassigned.


A player wins the game when all of his opponent’s Monsters have been removed from play by taking damage equal to their Health. Likewise, the player who loses all Monsters loses the game.

Special Rules

Poison Counters: Whenever a Monster is assigned or activates an ability, it takes X poison damage, where X is the number of poison counters on it.

Flight: Whenever this Monster is assigned and takes damage, reduce that damage by one, unless the opponent has assigned a Monster with Flight.

Card List

Hivebreaker Wasps
Power: 170/

Speed: Fast/ Damage: 8/ Health: 75/ Passive Ability - Flight - Whenever this Monster is assigned and takes damage, reduce that damage by one, unless the opponent has assigned a Monster with Flight.

Activated Ability - Poison 1 - Put one Poison counter on target Monster currently assigned.
Ironclad Knight
Power: 200/

Speed: Medium/ Damage: 10/

Health: 100
Bloodfeather Archer
Power: 210/

Speed: Fast/ Damage: 12/

Health: 90
Lumbering Behemoth
Power: 305/

Speed: Slow/ Damage: 18/

Health: 125