Dvorak Export: Zach Scott deck

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Name	Set	ImageFile	Type	CornerValue	Text	FlavorText	Creator
Director: Kristen	zach_scott	thing	Thing		All cards played that allow you to take a Drama or Comedy Skill card, now allow you to take twice as many from that same category.		
Haley and Tyler	zach_scott	action	Action		Take a Music/Dance Skill card.		
Jon's "Iambic Pentameter" Lecture	zach_scott	action	Action		Take a Drama Skill card.		
Comedy: Timing	zach_scott	skill	Skill	50			
Comedy: Mastery	zach_scott	skill	Skill	100			
"Wanna Run Lines With Me?"	zach_scott	action	Action		Memorize two script pages. Choose an opposing player, that player Memorizes one Script Page.		
Henry the Demon Child	zach_scott	action	Action		All players discard one card each, or destroy a Thing under their own control.		

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