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wizard 0
charecter-lvl: 0
This wizard has a weakness to fire. 100 hp, 100 mp, 100 E. Water blast: 100 h

this wizard specilizes in water spells.
Flame 0
Spell-creature*-offensive-lvl 0
100 h, 100mp

This shoots out a fiery blast
Mana potion 0
potion-boost-stackable-lvl 0
heal 25 mp

A potion that heals mp
Sword of Derza 5
Item-Weapon*-equipable-lvl 10
Attack 100 h. Role a dice. If 1-3 add 5 fire dammage. If 4-6 do 1 poison dammage each turn for 3 turns

The sword of the evil shade Durza
Card : Eric F.
Arya's sword 5
Item-Weapon*-equipable-lvl 15
Attack 150 h. Every other turn you may do a double attack.

The sword of the elf Arya
Card : Eric F.
Brom's sword 3
Item-Weapon*-equipable-lvl 3
Attack 50 h.

The sword of Brom
Card : Eric F.
Zar'rok 5
Item-Weapon*-equipable-lvl 20
Attack 1000 h. Flip a coin if heads do 10 bleed damage. If tails do 3 darkness damage.

The sword Brom gave to Eragon which was stolen by Murtaugh
Card : Eric F.
Gladring 4
Item-Weapon*-equipable-lvl 10
Attack 100. If attacking a goblin deal 150.

The sword stolen by Gadnalf from trolls. It was used in the goblin wars
Card : Eric F.
Biter, sword of Thorin 4
Item-Weapon*-equipable-lvl 5
Attack 75 h. When attack goblins hit 100.

The sword stolin by Thorin the dwarf from trolls.
Card : Eric F.
Sting 3
Item-Weapon*-equipable-lvl 10
Attack 30 h. When attack goblins hit 50. When a goblin is put into play it is useless for 2 turns.

The short sword stolen by Frodo the hobbit from the trolls.
Card : Eric F.
Gandalf the Grey 5
Charecter-Hero-Lvl 20
9000 hp, 5000 mp, 1050, E. Lightning flare-150 h.

Gadalf the mighty wizard from the lord of the rings.
Card : Eric F.
Gadalf the white 5
Charecter-Hero-Lvl 25
9500 hp, 5500 mp, 1100, E. Super falming light-200 h.

Gadalf becomes the white after his battle with the balorg.
Card : Eric F.
Suraman the White 5
Charecter-Hero-Lvl 20
10000 hp, 5000 mp, 1050, E. Enchanting voice-100 h and whenever anyone plays you that hour they lose their first turn.

Gadalf the mighty wizard from the lord of the rings.
Card : Eric F.
Suaraman of many colors 5
Charecter-Hero-Lvl 17
7000 hp, 2000 mp, 1100, E. Do 12 fire damage.

Gadalf the mighty wizard from the lord of the rings.
Card : Eric F.
Badghast the Brown 2
Charecter-Hero-Lvl 12
7540 hp, 1550 mp, 1100, E.

The wizard who unkowingly sends Gadalf into Suramans trap.
Card : Eric F.
The witch of blackbird pond 2
Charecter-Lvl 5
3000 hp, 2000 mp, 1100, E. Flood-do 20 damage

The witch of blackbird pond.
Card : Eric F.
Fire strike o
Spell-humanoid*-offensive-lvl 3
do 3 fire damage.

a small blast of fire
Card : Eric F.
Fire blast o
spell-humanoid*-offensive-level 4
Do 9 fire dammage.

a medium blast of fire.
Card : Eric F.
Fire wave 1
Spell-offensive-level 5
Do 13 fire dammage.

A wave of fire.
Card : Eric F.
fire flood 1
Spell-offensive-level 10
Do 17 fire damage

A flood of fire
Card : Eric F.
Alchamist Fire 4
Potion-Lvl 25
Do 50 fire damage.

A potion of liquid fire that catches when thron
Card : Eric F.
Tangelfoot 4
Potion-lvl 15
A player loses his/her turn till they remove the tangelfoot.

A sticky gelly in a bag that bursts open when thrown.
Card : Eric F.
Holy water 4
Potion-lvl 3
All undead/unholy things on both sides of the field are destroyed.

A bottle of blessed water.
Card : Eric F.
There and back again 5
If you start the game and win it and you used at least 1 card related to hobbits then the next time you play against that person you start.

There and back again. A hobbits tale. By bilbo bagins
Card : Eric F.
Ixen svent 5
Spell-creature*-offensive-lvl 25
You can only use this if you have translator cards for these words. role a die. Whatever the number is multiply i be 10.

Ixen Svent. This card seams to be in draconic.
Card : Eric F.
Translator; Ixen 5
Ixen= Fire

Ixen the draconic word for fire
Card : Eric F.
Translator: Svent 5

Svent is draconic for arrow.
Card : Eric F.
Suarmans Icy storm 5
Spell-offensive-lvl 30
do 12 ice damage. Can not be used without the magic words.

Suarmans storm that makes the fellowship take the rout of Moria.
Card : Eric F.
Suarmans icy storm (magic words) 5
magic words
You need this card to cast Suarmans icy storm

"Their is a fell voice in the air" says Legoles.
Card : Eric F.
Legolas the elf 5
Person-lvl 19
1000 hp, 50 mp, 200 e. Great acuracy: If weilding a bow flip a coin whenever you attack with it. Add 25 if heads add 10 if tails.

"I am Legolas of Mirkwood forest."
Card : Eric F.
Legolas's battle knives. 4
Weopon-equipable-lvl 17
role a die. Multiply the number by 15. That is how much you hit. You may not have 2 weopons or a sheild equiped with this.

The battle knives of Legolas.
Card : Eric F.
Bow of Legolas 5
Weapon-equipable-lvl 18
50 h. Elven shot: Role a die. Multiply the number by 50. To do this you need a quiver of arrows. It should be removed from play after using elven shot. You may not have a shield or other weapon equiped with this.

The bow of Legolas
Card : Eric F.
Bowman 0
Person-lvl 1
Hp 50, 20 h.

A simple bow man.
Card : Eric F.
Minor mana potion. 0
Potion-lvl 1
Draw 1 spell card from your deck

A simple mana potion.
Card : Eric F.
Mana Potion 1
Potion-lvl 1
Heal 10 magic points

A potion for healing magic.
Card : Eric F.
Flame 2
Spell-creature*-lvl 10
Do 50 fire damage.

Shoots out a jet of flame.
Card : Eric F.
Water wizard 0
Charecter-lvl 1
100 hp, 100 mp. Water blast 50 h

A simple water wizard
Card : Eric F.
Major mana potion 2
Potion-lvl 10
Heal 10 mp and draw 1 spell card

A potion that heals alot of magic.
Card : Eric F.
Final Strike 4
Super attack-lvl 17
Use this with any charecter/people card that has a sword etc. Hit 100. You can only play it at the very end of your turn.

The final strike
Card : Eric F.
...And the lord of the rings. 5
If you are using the condition card There and Back again then you must use this one also. If you have the One Ring card you lose 1 hp every turn.

There and Back again. A hobbits tale. By Bilbo Baggins and The lord of the Rings by Frodo Baggins.
Card : Eric F.
Water wizard 0
Character lvl 1
100hp, 100 mp, 100 e. Water strike: 100 h

A simple wizard who specializes in water
Card : Eric F.
Water potion 2
Either A: remove any card with fire in its name or and fire spell card, B: Enhance a water spell by 100 h, or C: Enhance either the hp, mp, or E of a charecter with water in its name by 100

A potion of water.
Card : Eric F.
The One Ring 5
Item-equipable-lvl 50
You can not be hit, gain darkness power, every turn you lose 1 hp, You gain 100 hp, 100 mp, and 100 E.

"One ring to rule them all. One ring to find them. One ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them. In the halls of Mordor where the shawdows lie."
Card : Eric F.

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