Dvorak Export: Welcome to Night Vale deck

To import this deck into the Dvorak MUSH Engine, just cut and paste the quoted commands below straight into your telnet window. (Any card whose type is neither "Thing" nor "Action" will default to "Thing"; if it was somehow meant to be played like an Action, just destroy it after playing it.)

(You can also get an output formatted for the Dvorax Engine.)

Regenerate this output, minus the cards created by a comma-separated list of users:
loadcard Night Vale Community Radio/T/
loadcard The Sand Wastes/T/The Sand Wastes cannot be destroyed or removed from play. No player can gain control of the Sand Wastes by majority control.
loadcard The Dog Park/T/At the end of every turn, destroy all Humans located at The Dog Park.
loadcard Imaginary Cornfield/T/
loadcard Wheat and Wheat By-Products Shelter/T/Humans at this Location cannot be destroyed, and cannot use Action abilities.
loadcard Radon Canyon/T/At the end of each of the controller of Radon Canyon's turns, that player discards a card at random.
loadcard Desert Flower Bowling Alley and Arcade Fun Complex/T/If the Desert Flower Bowling Alley and Arcade Fun Complex is uncontrolled at the end of a turn, the player whose turn it is may choose an uncontrolled Location and destroy it.
loadcard Big Rico's Pizza/T/Action: Destroy an Entity you control which is located at Big Rico's.
loadcard Abandoned Mineshaft/T/All Entities at the Abandoned Mineshaft are Immobile.
loadcard Old Town Drawbridge/T/Action: Destroy the Old Town Drawbridge. Any player with an Entity at this Location may take this action.
loadcard Grove Park/T/
loadcard Night Vale Public Library/T/Entities may not enter play at this Location.
loadcard The Car Lot/T/
loadcard The Scrublands/T/The Scrublands do not count as a Location when determining victory.
loadcard City Hall/T/Action: Discard your current Faction and draw a card.
loadcard Night Vale Daily Journal/T/If the Night Vale Daily Journal would be destroyed, it is not destroyed and each player instead discards one card from their hand (if they have any).
loadcard Museum of Forbidden Technologies/T/Action: If the City Council is not in play, draw a card and play it immediately. (If you cannot play it, discard it.)
loadcard Night Vale Harbor and Waterfront Recreation Area/T/Entities may not be moved to Night Vale Harbor and Waterfront Recreation Area using a Move Action.
loadcard Non-Existent House/T/Non-Existent House may not be played as a Thing card.
loadcard Night Vale Post Office/T/Non-Human Entities at the Night Vale Post Office are treated as if their card text were blank.
loadcard Night Vale Stadium/T/
loadcard Abandoned Missile Silo/T/Entities at the Abandoned Missile Silo cannot use Action abilities.
loadcard Night Vale Zoo/T/If a Human moves from the Zoo to another Location using a Move Action, leaving no Humans at the Zoo, then destroy that Human.
loadcard The Whispering Forest/T/Entities at the Whispering Forest are Immobile. All players with any Entities at the Whispering Forest control it.
loadcard The Brown Stone Spire/T/Location. When a player gains control of the Brown Stone Spire, they must discard a card (if they have any).
loadcard The Angels/T/You may only draw cards if your hand is empty. You may prevent the effects of any Action card or Action ability.
loadcard The Hooded Figures/T/At the end of each of your turns, destroy all Humans you control. Action: Choose a Location. Move all Entities located there to another single Location, in an order of your choosing.
loadcard The City Council/T/If a Location contains no Entities, you control it. If you have the most Entities at a Location, no majority control check is made for it.
loadcard The Sheriff's Secret Police/T/You may not play non-Human Entities. Action: Discard a card to destroy any Entity.
loadcard The Scientists/T/At the start of your turn, you may choose one card in your hand or in play; its card text is blank until the end of your turn.
loadcard The Glow Cloud/T/The Glow Cloud is considered to be located at all Locations.
loadcard Black Metal Trees/T/Whenever an Entity moves to or from the Location of Metal Trees using a Move Action, it is destroyed.
loadcard The Pyramid/T/Immobile. The Pyramid cannot be destroyed.
loadcard Wheat By-Products/T/Action: Destroy all Humans at the same Location as Wheat By-Products.
loadcard Station Management/T/Action: Destroy an Entity located at Night Vale Community Radio.
loadcard Black Helicopters/T/When a card is played, you may remove Black Helicopters from play to force that card to be discarded with no effect.
loadcard The Shape in Grove Park/T/If the Shape is moved from one Location to another, or is removed from play, the player whose turn it is must discard their hand.
loadcard Feral Dogs/T/At the start of your turn, if Feral Dogs share a Location with a Human, you must choose and destroy one of those Humans.
loadcard Lone Pteranodon/T/Action: Destroy the Lone Pteranodon and destroy a Human at the same Location as it.
loadcard Hiram McDaniels/T/If McDaniels is at a Location, you control that Location.
loadcard Crates/T/Immobile. If you control Crates at the end of your turn, discard a card at random. Action: Give Crates to any other player; they may attach it to any Location.
loadcard The Man in the Tan Jacket/T/The Man in the Tan Jacket only counts towards majority control of a Location if he is the only Entity at that Location.
loadcard Oak Door/T/Immobile.
loadcard Bloodstone Circle/T/Immobile. Whenever a Human is destroyed, you may draw a card.
loadcard Cecil/T/Human. If Cecil would be destroyed, move him to the hand of the player whose turn it is, instead.
loadcard The Apache Tracker/T/Human. You may move the Apache Tracker to a new Location without using a Move Action, at any time during your turn.
loadcard Old Woman Josie/T/Human. Action: If the Angels are in play, shuffle them into the draw pile. If they are not in play, search the draw pile for them and (if they are there) add them to your hand.
loadcard Vague Yet Menacing Goverment Agent/T/Human. Action: Destroy a Location which has no Entities at it.
loadcard Carlos/T/Human. If the same player controls Cecil and Carlos, neither card can be destroyed.
loadcard Telli the Barber/T/Human. The card text of other Humans at Telli's Location is considered to be blank. (They still count as Humans.)
loadcard Michael Sandero/T/Whenever a card checks whether Michael Sandero is Human or not, you may decide.
loadcard Steve Carlsberg/T/Human.
loadcard Intern/T/Human. If a Human you control would be destroyed by an effect which would not also destroy Intern, you may destroy Intern instead.
loadcard Tourists/T/Human. If the Tourists share a Location with a non-Human Entity, return Tourists to their controller's hand.
loadcard John Peters/T/Human. Action: Draw a card, and either play it immediately or discard it.
loadcard The Traveller/T/Human. Action: Shuffle the Traveller and any Entity, Faction or Location into the draw pile.
loadcard Cactus June/T/Human. If Cactus June is at the Sand Wastes, you control the Sand Wastes.
loadcard Blood Pact Scout/T/Human.
loadcard Eternal Scout/T/Human. Immobile. Can only be played if Blood Pact Scout is in play. When Eternal Scout comes into play, destroy all other Humans.
loadcard Mayor Pamela Winchell/T/Human. While Mayor Pamela Winchell is at a Location other than the Sand Wastes, that Location's card text is considered to be blank.
loadcard Thanksgiving Day Dead Citizens Impersonation Contest/A/Return a Human from the discard pile to play under your control.
loadcard Parade of the Mysterious Hooded Figures/A/Return all Entities to their controllers' hands.
loadcard Sorrow Songs Singalong/A/The player (if any) who controls the fewest Locations draws two cards. Then, the player (if any) who controls the fewest Entities draws two cards.
loadcard Dog Park Plastic Bags/A/Destroy any non-Human Entity.
loadcard Annual Crime Day/A/You may take any number of Actions this turn, but may not activate the same Action ability twice.
loadcard Emergency Dream Broadcast System/A/Starting with you, each player reveals their hand, and puts into play any Human cards revealed in this way, in an order of their choosing.
loadcard Street Cleaning Day/A/Starting with you, each player may choose one Location and destroy all Entities located there.
loadcard Road Closures/A/Shuffle a Location into the draw pile.
loadcard Valentine's Day/A/Starting with you, each player may choose and destroy a Human, and then destroy its Location.
loadcard Poetry Week/A/Each player draws one card for each Human they control.
loadcard Sandstorm/A/Until the end of the turn, each Human counts as two Entities for the purpose of determining Location ownership.
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