Dvorak Export: The Swordmaster deck

To import this deck into the Dvorak MUSH Engine, just cut and paste the quoted commands below straight into your telnet window. (Any card whose type is neither "Thing" nor "Action" will default to "Thing"; if it was somehow meant to be played like an Action, just destroy it after playing it.)

(You can also get an output formatted for the Dvorax Engine.)

Regenerate this output, minus the cards created by a comma-separated list of users:
loadcard The Swordmaster/T/<i>Has sword.</i>%r%rIf this card is shown while in your hand, you lose.</p>%r%rYou have killed someone.</p>%r%rIf a player other than yourself eliminates you, that player wins the game.</p>%r%rYour units have +1 power.</p>
loadcard Hanging/A/Kill target player who has killed someone.
loadcard Accusation/A/Target player reveals his or her hand. If he or she does not have The Swordsmaster or a unit, you lose.
loadcard Execution/T/<i>Has a sword.</i>%r%rAction: Any player may use this action. Target a player. If you control three cards with swords at the beginning of your next turn, kill that player.</p>
loadcard Ultimate/T/Action: Roll 2D6; if you get two ones, you win the game.
loadcard 50% downloading/T/Cards played by any player do not take effect until the present player's next turn. Until then, the cards are treated as things. Free cards and actions on things are exempted from this rule.
loadcard Auction/T/Action: Display the top card of the draw pile. Take turns bidding cards for that card. The player who bids the most number of cards discards that many from his hand and takes the displayed card. At a tie, return the displayed card to the top of the draw pile.
loadcard Accounting/T/Each player must have one of the cards of their hand visible at all times.
loadcard Great Wall/T/Your units get +1 power whenever they are attacked.
loadcard In the Cover of the Dark/T/Any player may, for free, choose to flip any number of his or her units face down whenever he or she would be able to use an action. Units may be played face down. Whenever a face-down unit is activated, you must turn it face up. If a face-down units is targetted, its owner may target a random face-down unit under his control instead.
loadcard Infiltration/T/Transfer control of target non-unit thing to you.
loadcard Military Service/T/<i>Has a sword.</i>%r%rIf a player controls a unit at the beginning of his or her turn, he or she may draw an extra card.</p>
loadcard Penguin/T/Disable target Bodyguard while Penguin is in play.
loadcard Rubber Rope/T/Noone can be hanged.
loadcard Security Camera/T/Action: Target a card in a player's hand, that player must show the card to you and only you.
loadcard Slip on Banana Peel/T/Play this card under target player's control.%r%rIf you control this card at the beginning of your turn, destroy the card and skip a turn.</p>
loadcard Sword of Clubs/T/<i>Has a sword.</i>%r%rSword of Clubs cannot be destroyed.</p>
loadcard Wanted/T/If a player controls The Swordmaster, he or she must destroy a thing under his or her control at each beginning of his or her turns. If The Swordmaster is destroyed, it is returned to its owner's hand.
loadcard Body Snatchers/A/Each player gives his or her hand to the player acting after him or her.
loadcard Challenge/A/Challenge target player in Rock-Paper-Scissors. The loser must discard two cards. If you win, draw three cards.
loadcard Conspiracy/A/This card does nothing if played. %r%rIf this card is discarded from your hand, you may draw three cards.</p>%r%rIf an action by a player forced you to show this card, he or she must discard two cards.</p>
loadcard Fire Ants/A/Target a unit. Toss this card on that card to destroy the target and draw two cards. The throw must be from at least half a meter (2 feet) away, the card must spin at least half a turn in the air, and come to a rest overlapping the targetted card. If it is not possible to throw a card, flip a coin instead - you hit on heads.
loadcard Gifts/A/Draw a number of cards equal to the number of players. Give from your hand a card to each player without showing those cards to other players.
loadcard Gun Control Laws/A/Destroy target armed unit or thing with a sword.
loadcard Hacker/A/As an additional cost to play this card, discard two cards from your hand.%r%rSearch the discard pile for a card of your choice. Show it to all players and put it in your hand.</p>
loadcard ! Happy Hour !/A/If this card is in your hand, it must be played whenever possible. %r%rDiscard a card from your hand if you have any. Each player besides you may draw two cards.</p>
loadcard New Identity/A/Destroy all things under your control. Discard your hand. Draw four cards.
loadcard Roof Lamp/A/Target player has been blended and must discard from his ahnd a card that you target.
loadcard MacGyver?/A/Target a person not playing this game. That person hums a song. The first player to guess the song may draw three cards. Each player may guess only once. If you cannot find a person to help with this card, discard it without effect.
loadcard Meatgrinder/A/Destroy target thing; its owner draws a card.
loadcard Meteor/A/Target two cards that are in hands (not necessarily the same player's). Those cards are discarded.
loadcard Rock-n-Roll/A/Name a music group. Repeat: the next player mentions a music group not already mentioned and starting with the last character of the last mentioned group. The thinking time is limited to twenty seconds. The first player to fail must discard two cards. ("P1: Metallica. P2: Aerosmith. P3: Helicopters. P1: Slipknot. P2: uhh... techno something?")
loadcard Som' Owl/A/Look at the top four cards of the draw pile and put them back in any order.
loadcard Throwing Star/A/Target a unit. Roll 1D6; at 4 or greater, you hit someone's eye and the targetted unit gets -1 power. For every ninja under your control, you may use this effect again with a new (or old) target.
loadcard Hobo/A/Return the top card of the discard pile to your hand.
loadcard "Luck"/A/Use when a die is to be rolled. Choose the outcome of <i>a single</i> die. <i>(You may only choose an outcome that is possible to get with the die.)</i>
loadcard Mind Control/A/Use when a card is played; you make all decisions for that card.
loadcard Smoke Bomb/A/Play whenever you or one of your units is targetted; negate all effects. If an action card was used, this card must still be discarded. If you control a ninja, you may discard a card from your hand to return this card to your hand.
loadcard The Hulk/A/Target unit gets +1 power until End of Turn. <i>(You may play this card after seeing the outcome of the usual dice.)</i>
loadcard Bodyguard (3)/T/Bodyguard cannot attack.%r%rWhenever you would be killed, you may sacrifice Bodyguard instead.</p>
loadcard Bodyguard (3)/T/Bodyguard cannot attack.%r%rWhenever you would be killed, you may sacrifice Bodyguard instead.</p>
loadcard Caveman (4)/T/<i>Armed.</i>%r%rWhenever Caveman attacks, he targets a random unit, friend and foe alike, other than himself.</p>
loadcard Crazy Woman (3)/T/<i>Has a sword.</i>
loadcard Clumsy Ninja (1)/T/<i>Has a sword.</i>%r%rAction: Discard a card from your hand. Target a non-unit thing and give it to a random player.</p>%r%rAction: Destroy a random unit. Your own units, including Clumsy Ninja, can be targetted.</p>
loadcard Ninja Turtle (2)/T/<i>Armed.</i>%r%rAction: Eliminate target player that does not control any units.</p>
loadcard Po the Kung Fu Ninja (2)/T/<i>Armed and has a sword.</i>%r%rPo the Kung Fu Ninja may attack twice per turn.</p>
loadcard Squirrel (1)/T/Action: Draw a card.
loadcard The Planet Man (3)/T/At the beginning of your turn, roll 1D6. At a 4 or 6, return The Planet Man to your hand because of pollution.%r%rWhenever a player would be eliminated, sacrifice The Planet Man instead.</p>%r%rThe Planet Man is always facing upwards, even when told not to.</p>
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