Dvorak Export: The Most Dangerous Game deck

To import this deck into the Dvorak MUSH Engine, just cut and paste the quoted commands below straight into your telnet window. (Any card whose type is neither "Thing" nor "Action" will default to "Thing"; if it was somehow meant to be played like an Action, just destroy it after playing it.)

(You can also get an output formatted for the Dvorax Engine.)

Regenerate this output, minus the cards created by a comma-separated list of users:
loadcard Jack The Ripper (3/6)/T/The Ripper may only kill female victims. However, due to high media exposure, he gets double the amount of notoriety for every kill. If the Ripper is incarcerated, he loses 5 points of notoriety, due to loss of mystique. (""I am down on whores and I shant quit ripping them till I do get buckled."")
loadcard Hannibal Lecter (3/6)/T/Hannibal may announce that he will spend his next turn eating his last victim, instead of finding a new one, in which case the corpse is destroyed and cannot be used as evidence. (""On a similar note I must confess to you, I'm giving very serious thought... to eating your wife."")
loadcard Church of the Holy Laserdragon (2/6)/T/Each turn, the church must choose: it may convert one victim into a follower, or each of the followers may attempt one kill. The church itself is not a person. If the church has weapons, it needs to divide them among the followers. If the church is incarcerated, it loses all followers. (""And thus the dragon spoke, go forth my children, and bathe in the blood of the unbelievers!"")
loadcard Black Widow (4/6)/T/The Widow only kills men. (""Notorious for their bloodthirsty courtship, black widow spiders are identified by the colored markings on their black bodies."")
loadcard Haunted War Veteran (4/6)/T/The Veteran can attempt up to three killings every turn, each with one chance for success less than the last. On the downside, he's not exactly subtle, and all evidence against him counts double. (""He came back, and he brought the war back with him."")
loadcard The Strangler (4/6)/T/The Strangler always uses his bare hands: he cannot use any weapons. (""I like to kill up close. I like to savour all the little feelings."")
loadcard Calendar Man (3/6)/T/The Calendar Man only kills once every two turns, but each kill gives him an extra notoriety point. (""Of course we know <i>when</i> he is going to strike next, the question is where!"")
loadcard The Chessmaster (1/6)/T/The Chessmaster may discard a card to achieve any of the following: +1 chance to kill until end of turn, double notoriety for a kill but also double evidence, remove 1 evidence & remove 3 notoriety. (""We are all just pawns, you know, pawns in a game. And I am the Chessmaster."")
loadcard Weapon Enthusiast (4/6)/T/The Enthusiast can only kill using a weapon, and he can only use each weapon once before discarding it. However, he may at any point discard a card from his hand to receive a weapon someone else is discarding. (""Knives? No, knives are so boring, I tried knives last week... I think this week I'll go for fire. Yes, I haven't tried fire before!"")
loadcard The Gravedigger (3/6)/T/Instead of trying to kill a victim, you may choose to try to bury them alive. Each detective may choose to make a roll to save your victim instead of looking for evidence during their turn, if none roll 6 for two turns, you get as much notoriety as there are players. (""The scrape of shovels and the tumble of cold dirt soon muffled their pleas."")
loadcard Drifter (1)/T/He won't be missed by anyone: cannot be turned into evidence. (""He has no family, no friends, no job... It could be years before anyone notices he's dead."")
loadcard Old Cat Lady (1)/T/She won't be missed by anyone: cannot be turned into evidence. (""It's not like her cats are going to call the police. In fact, with any luck, they'll eat the body. That's gratitude for you."")
loadcard Pesky Witness (2)/T/-1 chance to kill, remove 2 evidence if successful. (""He's seen too much."")
loadcard Pesky Witness (2)/T/-1 chance to kill, remove 2 evidence if successful. (""She's seen too much."")
loadcard Alcoholic and Abusive Father (2)/T/Worth 2 evidence instead of one. (""Killing your own father will probably lead the police straight to your door... But it's so worth it."")
loadcard That Girl You Used to Like in Kindergarten (2)/T/Worth 2 evidence instead of one. (""She should have reciprocated when she had the chance..."")
loadcard Pawn Store Owner (1)/T/-2 chance to kill. Draw three cards upon a successful kill. (""Yeah, so that little baby can blow a man's brains out! Yeah, it's loaded, yeah. Wait, why are you pointing that thing at me?"")
loadcard Scream Queen (2)/T/+1 chance to kill. (""She didn't put up much of a fight, but in her defense, I do think she burst one of my eardrums."")
loadcard Backalley Bimbo (1)/T/+1 chance to kill. (""It always amuses me when they think they can run from me in high heels."")
loadcard Morbidly Obese 'Murican (1)/T/+1 chance to kill, Hannibal has to take 2 turns instead of 1 to eat him. (""Where do you think you're running, fat boy?"")
loadcard Couple on Make-out Hill (1)/T/Two for the price of one: roll two kill attempts, each successful one is worth 1 notoriety. However, each unsuccessful one automatically becomes one piece of evidence. (""Well now, Cindy, it looks like we've run out of gas."")
loadcard Grizzled Vietnam Veteran (1)/T/-1 chance to kill, cannot be attacked by the Haunted War Veteran due to sympathy. (""Old Man Rogers lives up on the hill, and spends most of his time yelling at kids and filling anyone foolish enough to trespass on his land full of buckshot."")
loadcard Token Black Guy (1)/T/If he is your very first kill, he counts for double notoriety. (""All I can say is, I'm worried. We're in a lousy horror movie and I'm the only black person around."")
loadcard Laura Palmer (2)/T/If she is your first kill, she counts for double notoriety, but also for double evidence. (""Ladies and gentlemen, Laura Palmer is dead."")
loadcard Talk Show Host (2)/T/-1 chance to kill, or -3 chance to try to kill her on air for an extra whopping 4 points of notoriety and one point of evidence. (""Joining us tonight is the suspect for the recent streak of murders for an exclusive interview! Would I like to see the murderweapon up close? Why yes, that sounds marvellous!"")
loadcard Ambitious Young Senator (5)/T/-3 chance to kill. (""And when I am elected, I swear to do something about the brutal murders plagueing our fair town!"")
loadcard Local Junkyard Owner (1)/T/His killer may draw the top card of the discard pile. (""One man's trash is another man's treasure."")
loadcard Classy Callgirl (2)/T/You must discard a card to kill the Callgirl. If you cannot, you cannot even attempt the kill. (""Seems like a waste of money, if he was just going to murder her."")
loadcard Deluded Dreamer (1)/T/Automatic kill success. (""I've dreamt of meeting you... I can't tell you how much I admire what you do, it's... -it's like art. Could I be your next masterpiece?"")
loadcard Gullible Goose (1)/T/Automatic kill success. (""If you can tie me up? Well of course, darling, if you're into that sorta thing." *giggle*")
loadcard Hoarder (1)/T/Draw one card when you kill this victim. (""The hardest part of killing her was getting across all the junk in her living room."")
loadcard Bus Full of Schoolchildren (1)/T/For every point you roll above the target for success, add one extra notoriety (so for example, if you need to roll 4 or less to succeed, but roll 2, add 2 notoriety). (""You take one down, you splatter around, only 4 children left on the bus!"")
loadcard Conspiracy Theorist (1)/T/-1 chance to kill, add 2 evidence to another serial killer when you succeed. (""They are out to get me, I'm sure they're out to get me. That killer I've been hearing about, he's after me. I'm sure of it."")
loadcard Serial Killer Groupie (1)/T/Add 1 evidence to another serial killer when you succeed. (""Her most prized possession was a jar of toenail clippings from her favourite killer."")
loadcard Parade/T/When this card is drawn, discard it immediately and draw 5 new victims.
loadcard The Snitch (2)/T/-1 chance to kill, add one evidence to each killer if he dies. (""Look, I've got dirt on all of you, so you better watch your step!"")
loadcard Midnight Mugger (2)/T/-2 chance to kill, you may search for Knife or Saturday Night Special in the discards and in the deck and place it in your hand. ("He may have bitten off more than he could chew this time.")
loadcard Clairvoyante (3)/T/-2 chance to kill, show your entire hand to the other players if succesful. (""I know they are coming. I know what they want. I know what they are going to do. I know I can't stop them"")
loadcard Beat Cop (4)/T/-3 to kill, as long as Beat Cop is in play, all other victims are at -1 to kill, but also worth one extra notoriety.
loadcard Kenny (1)/T/Worth one extra notoriety when killed with a particularly gruesome weapon (flamethrower, trap, car, chainsaw). (""Oh my god! They killed Kenny!"")
loadcard Knife (+1)/T/Gives an extra +1 for Jack The Ripper.
loadcard Shank (+0)/T/Gives an extra +1 for Jack The Ripper. Can be used while in jail to kill a fellow prisoner: either a regular inmate for one notoriety, or another serial killer (-1 chance to kill if they have 4/6). Discard after use in jail.
loadcard Poison (+2)/T/The Church may choose to use this instead to kill all of its followers, and then discard it.
loadcard Rubber Hammer (-2)/T/Two extra notoriety for every kill with this weapon.
loadcard Shovel (+1)/T/This is the only weapon that modifies the Gravedigger's chance of success for burying someone as well.
loadcard Sniper Rifle (+1)/T/An extra +1 when attacking the Ambitious Young Senator.
loadcard Saturday Night Special (+1)/T/Can only be used once and must then be discarded.
loadcard Machine Gun (+2)/T/An extra +1 for the Haunted Veteran.
loadcard Bayonet (+1)/T/Can be used together with a gun. Any effect that loses the gun also loses the bayonet. Gives an extra +1 for Jack The Ripper when used alone.
loadcard Flamethrower (+1)/T/The corpses are burnt beyond recognition and cannot be used as evidence.
loadcard Elaborate and Devious Trap (+3)/T/Can only be used once and must then be discarded. Automatically adds 2 evidence (or one for the Chessmaster) when used.
loadcard Dinner Fork (+0)/T/An extra +1 for Hannibal.
loadcard Noose (+1)/T/The only weapon that may be used by the Strangler.
loadcard Shotgun (+1)/T/You may attempt two kills instead of one, but each at -1 instead of +1.
loadcard Souped-up Stuntcar (+3)/T/Discard two cards to play this. May only be used to kill women. If you fail to kill one, discard the car.
loadcard Chainsaw (+1)/T/+2 notoriety for every kill, but also automatically add 1 evidence due to blood splattering.
loadcard Bomb (+0)/T/Usable only once: destroy a thing instead of killing a victim, add 2 notoriety.
loadcard Those Meddling Kids/T/You may no longer deal with corpses (this is strictly PG13). However, once per turn you may add an evidence counter to a serial killer when he commits a crime. (""Look, gang, tracks in the mud! And this smear of strange powder looks mighty interesting too!"")
loadcard Spunky Female Cop/T/Instead of turning a corpse into evidence once per turn, she may attempt to rescue a victim by rolling a 6 when they are attacked. (""She's sexy. She's dangerous. And she's going to catch the bad guys!" (This summer, in Full HD)")
loadcard Sherlock Holmes/T/Holmes may turn a corpse into two evidence counters instead of one. (""My name is Sherlock Holmes. It is my business to know what other people don't know."")
loadcard Vigilante/T/When a serial killer is sent off to jail, you may instead opt to kill them. (""So he kills ten people and he gets to hang around in a cell watching reruns of the Simpsons? Jail is too good for him."")
loadcard FBI Agent/T/The Agent may choose to turn two corpses of one killer into evidence counters instead of one. If the Spunky Female Cop is in play when the Agent comes into play, each Serial Killer Profile loses two evidence counters due to jurisdiction squabbles. (""Gentlemen. When two separate events occur simultaneously pertaining to the same object in inquiry we must always pay strict attention."")
loadcard Speculative Reporter/T/In addition to turning corpses into evidence, the Reporter may, once per turn, roll a die. If it is a 1, 2 or 3 she may add an evidence counter to a Serial Killer Profile of her choosing. (""Well, I can't exactly prove it, but it certainly makes a good story, doesn't it?"")
loadcard Caught for Speeding/A/Play on a profile with 8 or more evidence on it: immediately add two more evidence and haul the killer to jail.
loadcard Prison Breakout/A/All serial killers escape from prison, and their evidence counters are lowered to 5.
loadcard The Great Switcheroo/A/If you have a free serial killer and one that is incarcerated, you may switch them (as well as the evidence counters). If the Deluded Dreamer is in play, you can switch with him. If you are the Church you may also play this card when being arrested to dump 5 counters and stay free at the cost of a follower.
loadcard Plead Insanity/A/Play when you are hauled off to jail. Instead, stay free and remove 3 evidence counters.
loadcard The Great Escape/A/Discard four cards to escape from prison (only one killer can escape). The escapee only has 5 evidence counters left.
loadcard Super Cop Team-up!/A/Play this with a detective from your hand while already having a detective in play. Each turn you may now choose which detective's powers to use.
loadcard Serial Killer Team-up!!!/A/Draw an extra serial killer. Put him into play. Evidence against your killers is counted seperately, but their notoriety is pooled. Choose each turn which killer to use.
loadcard Hunter becomes Prey/A/This turn you may target a detective as a victim. Detectives are at -2 to kill, but are worth 4 notoriety.
loadcard Darkly Dreaming/A/This turn you may target a serial killer with 7 or more evidence as a victim. For every point they are above 3/6, you get -1 to chance to kill. If you fail, they kill you instead (if they may). A serial killer is worth 4 notoriety. You cannot target the church, only its followers.
loadcard Make it look like an accident/A/No evidence can be collected for the murder that you commit this turn.
loadcard Doublecross/A/If, for some reason, you have two serial killers in play (neither incarcerated) one may kill the other for a whopping 4 notoriety points.
loadcard You'll Never Find the Bodies/A/Discard all the corpses you have in play
loadcard Tar Pits/A/Discard all the corpses you make this turn, and your murderweapon if you wish to do so.
loadcard He's a Cop!/A/Remove 5 evidence counters from a serial killer profile.
loadcard And Your Little Doggy Too/A/Half a point of extra notoriety for one kill this turn, or a full point for Those Meddling Kids (it doesn't cost an extra action to play this card when killing them).
loadcard Yeaaaaaaah!!/A/Make a lame pun about someone's kill. Add 4 evidence counters to that killer's profile. This number is not doubled for the Veteran.
loadcard Planting Evidence/A/Add 3 evidence counter to a serial killer. This number is not doubled for the Veteran.
loadcard Framing the Scapegoat/A/Move 2 evidence counter from your serial killer to another.
loadcard Cold Case/A/Turn a corpse that has been there for longer than one turn into 2 evidence counters.
loadcard The Murderweapon Found/A/Discard target weapon. Add one evidence counter to the associated killer.
loadcard A Different Kind of Justice/A/When a killer is hauled off to jail, kill him instead (automatic success).
loadcard Should Have Double Checked if They Were Dead/A/Prevent one murder. Add one evidence counter to the killer anyways.
loadcard Into a Tight Spot/A/Target player discards his hand.
loadcard Into a Tight Spot/A/Target player discards his hand.
loadcard Set Loose the Hounds/A/Target player with 8 or more evidence counters is sent to jail. 7 if you have Those Meddling Kids in play.
loadcard Cryptic Clue/A/Play on another player. They may roll a die, if they roll a 6, add 1 evidence to your killer. If they have a detective in play, they may discard cards for better odds (every discard is +1, so 1 discard: roll 5 or 6 to succeed). Whatever happens, add 2 notoriety to your killer.
loadcard Severed Finger in the Mail/A/Play this after successfully committing a murder. Add 1 evidence to your serial killer, and 3 notoriety.
loadcard Take the Credit/A/When another killer commits a murder, steal the notoriety.
loadcard Procedural Error/A/Remove 2 evidence from a serial killer profile.
loadcard Set-Up/A/Attach this card to a victim. The victim gets -3 chance to kill, but +3 notoriety. If the killer fails, add 3 evidence.
loadcard All out of Ammo/A/When a murder is committed with a gun, you may play this to prevent the murder and destroy the weapon.
loadcard Copycat Killer/T/Treat this card as an exact copy of your killer, except with -1 chance to kill. You may choose each turn whether to choose your copycat, or your real killer. Evidence is tracked seperately, but all notoriety is added to your primary killer. If the copycat is caught, lose 10 notoriety.
loadcard Son of .../T/May only be played when your killer is dead or incarcerated. Treat this card as an exact copy of your killer. You may choose each turn whether to choose your copycat, or your real killer. Evidence is tracked seperately, but all notoriety is added to your primary killer. Is caught at 7 evidence, at which point you lose 5 notoriety.
loadcard CSI Forensics Lab/T/Whenever investigating a corpse, add one extra evidence.
loadcard Ballistics Lab/T/Whenever a murder is committed with a gun, you may choose to add one evidence to the killer (once per turn).
loadcard Torture Chamber/T/+1 notoriety for every kill. However, detectives may choose to look for the chamber instead of taking another action whenever you kill. If they roll a 6, lose the chamber, add 2 evidence.
loadcard Police Scanner/T/Once per turn, if your evidence is 8 or higher, you may lower it by one.
loadcard Pig Farm/T/Discard a card, discard a corpse.
loadcard Creepy Cabin in the Woods/T/Your evidence limit goes up by one (so, in most cases, 11 evidence would need to be gathered instead of 10 to haul your killer off to jail).
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