Dvorak Export: The Daily POS deck

To import this deck into the Dvorak MUSH Engine, just cut and paste the quoted commands below straight into your telnet window. (Any card whose type is neither "Thing" nor "Action" will default to "Thing"; if it was somehow meant to be played like an Action, just destroy it after playing it.)

(You can also get an output formatted for the Dvorax Engine.)

Regenerate this output, minus the cards created by a comma-separated list of users:
loadcard Rick (25/7)/T/Action: KATANA'D: Deals 15 damage. May only be used once per game.
loadcard Krem (35/5)/T/Ability: Creative Mind: All members under Krem have a +1 bonus to strength.
loadcard Soap (50/3)/T/Ability: Backbone of the Site: All members under Soap have a +5 bonus to HP.
loadcard Ben Hayman (20/3)/T/Ability: Nicknames: Nickname cards may be applied to Ben during your turn. He may only have one nickname at a time.
loadcard SK (20/3)/T/Action: Go Wild: Raises attack by 2 for three turns, at the expense of 5 HP. Stackable.
loadcard Wally (25/3)/T/Ability:
loadcard Isao (16/2)/T/Ability: Challenges Will Be Deleted: When Isao is attacked, flip a coin. If heads, that attack only does 1 damage.
loadcard Static (18/3)/T/Ability: #melee owner: Static has a +1 attack bonus against all #melee regulars.
loadcard Yoshi348 (20/3)/T/Ability:
loadcard Spatulator (15/2)/T/Ability:
loadcard The Great Garlic (12/2)/T/Ability:
loadcard YourAverageJoe (13/2)/T/Ability: Nothin' Special: This ability does nothing.
loadcard Anti (15/1-6)/T/Ability: Unpredictable: When Anti attacks, roll a 6-sided die to determine damage.
loadcard GSGold (20/2)/T/Action: BURGER: GS may eat a burger instead of attacking, to restore 4 HP.
loadcard Name (?/?)/T/Ability: Ability: Choose one of your members that is in play. Name assumes the base HP and Strength of that member for the rest of the game.
loadcard insomniacdude (20/3)/T/Action: Expiremental Drug: When used, raises Strength by 3, but halves remaining HP.
loadcard Alucard (12/2)/T/Ability:
loadcard Akuma (17/2)/T/Action: Mystify: One of an opponent's members has its Strength lowered to 0 for three turns, but it cannot be attacked.
loadcard Spazman (16/2)/T/Ability: HUMAN SHIELD: This card becomes a shield for a selected Meme card. The Meme becomes invurnerable to damage until Spazman is discarded.
loadcard Grimes (18/3)/T/Ability: Pokemon Master: Has a +1 attack bonus against all members who play Pokemon.
loadcard Weedle/T/
loadcard May and Blaziken/T/
loadcard 12-Year-Old Krem/T/Krem's Strength is lowered to 2 while 12-Year-Old Krem is in play.
loadcard Gay Gay/T/
loadcard Gayburg/T/All members of the POS Straw Hat Pirates lose 2 Strength while Gayburg is in play, but gain 1 for the rest of the game if he's defeated.
loadcard Gaybear/T/
loadcard Ging/T/
loadcard Ass Jackson/T/Lowers the strength of all members and admins to 1 while in play.
loadcard Bomb-ass Jefferson/T/Choose 1 of your opponent's members, and lower their Strength to 1, while in play.
loadcard Gulbat/T/
loadcard Ducky/T/Allows players to leave Mirror World. Rick and Krem's remaining HP and Strength are switched back, and all the Admins' abilities are returned to normal. Discard Mirror World and Ducky.
loadcard Skem/T/The attack bonus Krem gives his members is negated while Skem is in play.
loadcard Nugget/T/Any member who's base Strength is 2 gets +3 HP while Nugget is in play.
loadcard Garp/T/Your admin has a +2 bonus to Strength while Garp is in play.
loadcard Abe/T/
loadcard Vogler Head/T/Choose one of your other memes in play. Your opponent's members will lose 2 HP whenever they attack that meme, as long as Vogler Head is in play.
loadcard Ace THunderStorm/T/Soap has a +2 bonus to Strength while Ace Thudnerstorm is in play.
loadcard eyebrows/A/Raise the next attack of one member by 2.
loadcard fukken/A/Deal 6 damage to any target. Lose your next turn.
loadcard police/A/Deals 1 damage to an opponent's active meme.
loadcard theif/A/Take a random card from an opponent's hand.
loadcard mechinese/A/Sneak a peek at an opponent's hand.
loadcard objection/A/Flip a coin. If heads, one of your opponent's members and admin all lose 2 Strength on their next turn.
loadcard thumbsup/A/Give one of your memes in play an extra hit point.
loadcard teehee/A/Lowers Rick's attack by 2 for three turns.
loadcard Post/A/
loadcard Ban/A/Removes 1 member from play. Your admin may not attack next turn.
loadcard Spam/A/Deal 3 damage to an opponent's admin.
loadcard Submit Content/A/Remove 3 HP from one of your members. Your admin gains 5 HP.
loadcard Fire The Fun Beam/A/Restores 2 HP for all of your members.
loadcard Send a PACKAGE/A/Restore one of your members' HP by 4.
loadcard Junk Heap/T/All memes take an extra hit to kill.
loadcard Intellectual's Sanctuary/T/Memes do nothing.
loadcard Mirror World/T/Rick and Krem's remaining HP and base Strength are switched. Rick's Katana heals 12 HP instead of doing damage. Krem's +1 to his members' strength is changed to -1. Soap's +5 for his member's HP is changed to -5 HP. Mirror World cannot be left by switching in another location.
loadcard Chino Valley/T/All Rick's and Soap's members lose 1 Strength thanks to dehydration.
loadcard Westland/T/All Krem's and Soap's members lose 1 Strength thanks to tough economic and social conditions.
loadcard Going Merry/T/All members of the POS Straw Hat Pirates get a +1 bonus to Strength.
loadcard The Monolith/T/Its evil energies give all members a +1 to Strength.
loadcard "Gritters"/T/When attached to Ben Hayman, allows him to attack Admins directly.
loadcard "I Use A Computer"/T/When attached to Ben Hayman, raises his HP by 4.
loadcard "Gayman"/T/When attached to Ben Hayman, lowers his HP by 5.
loadcard "Grayman"/T/When attached to Ben Hayman, he may not be attacked by Admins.
loadcard "Kelsie"/T/When attached to Ben Hayman, his Strength is lowered by 1, but his HP is raised by 5.
loadcard "Tatted Up"/T/When attached to Ben Hayman, his Strength is increased by 2, but his HP is lowered by 10.
loadcard "Rubberman"/T/When attached to Ben Hayman, all attacks against him do 1 less damage, unless it's Rick's Katana.
loadcard "Danger Mode"/T/When attached to Ben Hayman, his strength is increased by 5, but his HP is lowered to 5.
loadcard "Not Grimes"/T/When attached to Ben Hayman, his strength is lowered by 1.
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