Dvorak Export: The Best Of ChippyYYZ deck

To import this deck into the Dvorak MUSH Engine, just cut and paste the quoted commands below straight into your telnet window. (Any card whose type is neither "Thing" nor "Action" will default to "Thing"; if it was somehow meant to be played like an Action, just destroy it after playing it.)

(You can also get an output formatted for the Dvorax Engine.)

Regenerate this output, minus the cards created by a comma-separated list of users:
loadcard Mind Explosion/A/Choose one - Draw two cards, or all opponents discard a card.
loadcard The Infinity Vortex/T/At the end of each player's turn, they remove a card from the game under The Infinity Vortex.<BR>If Infinity Vortex is destroyed, Each player, beginning with you, plays a random card from under Infinity Vortex until there are no playable cards left.
loadcard Cornered!/A/Destroy all things that have a corner value.
loadcard Fatal Circuitry Flaw (ERROR)/T/You may play this onto a thing with an "Action:" or similiar ability just as its controller attempts to use it.<BR>Add "Destroy this thing and discard a random card." to the end of equipped thing's abilities.
loadcard Clever Stunt Involving Mirrors/A/Trade players with target player.
loadcard Full Bar of Star Power/T/If you would be eliminated while this is in play, instead destroy this, discard your hand, and you cannot lose until 4 turns have ended.<BR>You may destroy this as though it were up to four Energy Tokens.
loadcard Universal Remote Control/T/Action: Activate another thing's Action: ability. Its controller makes any decisions involved.
loadcard The Finger/T/Your maximum hand size is reduced by two.<BR><BR>Action: Give an opponent The Finger. ("The card, not the gesture.")
loadcard Dszqupovlf/T/Bu boz ujnf, boz qmbzfs nbz tbz "Dszqupefupobujpo".<BR><BR>Jg uifz ep, uijt dbse't dpouspmmfs jt fmjnjobufe.
loadcard Polymerization/T/Play this onto two things, at least one of which you control. The two things and this are considered to be one thing that you control. Create a name for this new thing. Its text is the text of both of the things, except that you use the new name where it refers to itself by name.
loadcard IndestructoTank/T/If this this card would be destroyed, throw it across the room instead.<BR>If your hand is ever empty, destroy IndestructoTank, ignoring its indestrctibility. You can still throw it if you want, though.<BR>Action: Destroy a thing and flip a coin. On heads, activate this ability again, targeting a random thing.
loadcard Four Leaf Clover/T/Whenever something is decided by chance (dice, coins, etc.), you may reroll, reflip, etc. once, and pick which result to use.
loadcard Mos Eisley/T/Action: Create a Scum Token.<BR>Action: Create a Villainy Token.
loadcard "Play It Again, Sam."/A/Target opponent plays a copy of the last card he played. ("Bogart never actually said this.")
loadcard Lawyers, Guns, and Money/A/Discard your hand. If you discarded at least<BR>1 card: take control of a thing.<BR>2 cards: take control of two more things.<BR>3 cards: control a player's next turn.<BR>4 cards: Each opponent discards their hand.<BR>6 cards: You Win.
loadcard The Great Flood/T/If there is another thing in play, put it in the discard pile.
loadcard Disintegrating Pistol/T/Action: Destroy this. ("Wow. It... disintegrated.")
loadcard Disintegration-Proof Vest/T/If you would be eliminated, this card is not destroyed. It just stays on the table where your place was.
loadcard Do Not Panic/T/If you play no cards on your turn, you may draw an extra card. You never have to discard or play cards against your will.
loadcard Panic Mode/T/And the end of every non-extra turn (not just your own), take an extra turn. Your maximum hand size is 1.
loadcard Occam's Razor Blade/T/Action: Destroy the thing with the most words in its rules text. ("Chuck Norris shaves with this.")
loadcard Boarding Action/A/Give an opponent any number of things you control. Destroy that many things that they already controlled.
loadcard Error 404/A/Play right after a player searches the deck for a card. Remove that card from the game. They may search for a different card.
loadcard Cloak of Nilmorph (3C)/T/Play this onto a thing. Equipped thing has no types or colors. It is neither male, female, living, undead, blue, red, etc.
loadcard E Unum Pluribus (4C)/A/If you control only one thing, create four copies of that thing.
loadcard Thing Destruction/A/Destroy a thing.
loadcard When Octopi Ruled The Earth/T/All numbers in digit form are interpreted using the Octal system rather than the Decimal system.<BR>The tens place is now the eights place, hundreds is now sixty-fours, etc.<BR>If the digits 8 or 9 appear on any other card in play or in an action, shuffle this card into the deck.
loadcard Bottled Fart (7T)/T/When Bottled Fart is destroyed, all players discard a random card.
loadcard Bottle Of Barbed Wire And Salt (9T)/T/When this card is destroyed, the player who destroyed it discards their hand (of cards). ("Aahh! Why do you keep these things together?")
loadcard Swiss Army Card (X10)/T/When this comes into play, reveal the top 10 cards of the deck. This card has the Action abilities of all things revealed this way.
loadcard The Golden Snitch (150)/T/At the beginning of your turn, pass this card to the player on your left.<BR><BR>Action and Thing: You win the game.
loadcard Recycling Bin/T/Cards that would go to the discard pile go to the bottom of the deck instead. ("Except for this one.")
loadcard Three Part Harmony/T/Whenever you play an action, repeat its effects twice without changing targets.
loadcard CIA Cover-Up/T/Whenever a thing is destroyed, it is considered to have been destroyed by itself, not by another thing or by a player. ("Say it was a training accident. That's the usual lie, right?")
loadcard "It Is Finished."/A/Play this only in response to being eliminated. You win the game.
loadcard Resurrection/A/Put all things from the top 10 cards in the discard pile into play under your control. ("This card is not counted in the top 10 cards.")
loadcard Trespassers Will Be Shot/T/Whenever another player puts a thing into your control, destroy it. ("Survivors will be shot again.")
loadcard Overenthusiasm/T/Whenever a Thing uses an Action Ability, it uses it twice and is then destroyed.
loadcard Atomize/A/Destroy a thing and replace it with three Particle Tokens.
loadcard Advanced Targeting System/T/Actions you play cannot have their targets changed.
loadcard Interference/T/Play in response to an Action. Its controller chooses a new target, you choose a new target, then choose a random target.<BR>The Action randomly targets one of the three.
loadcard Big Rock Ending/A/Draw five cards and play your whole hand. If at the end of the turn there are no things in play and you have no cards in your hand, you win.
loadcard Radioactive Bite/A/Generate a random number from 1 to 100. Go to the Superpower set of the Infinite Dvorak Deck and create a copy of the card of that number and place it in your hand. On a 100, you are eliminated.
loadcard More Cowbell!/A/Create a Cowbell Token for each player.
loadcard Weapons Dealer/T/Action: Give a player a thing you control and draw a card.
loadcard Ha Ha Ha! I Switched Your Bullets With Marshmallows!/A/Play in response to an action. That action is negated and goes to your hand. Give its player an action from your hand; they must play that card instead. ("I may have just won "First Correctly-Used Semicolon".")
loadcard Inflation/T/Whenever a specific amount of tokens is required, it requires twice as many.
loadcard Income Tax/T/Whenever a player gains tokens, they gain half as many, rounding up.
loadcard Advanced Alchemy/T/You may use tokens you control as though they were any type of token.
loadcard Attack Of The Mutant Taste Buds/A/Destroy all things with flavortext.
loadcard The Holy Hand Grenade Of Antioch/T/Action: Destroy this card to remove target thing from the game. ("...And Saint Attila raised the hand grenade up on high, saying, "O Lord, bless this Thy hand grenade that with it Thou mayest blow Thine enemies to tiny bits, in Thy mercy."")
loadcard Wrath of Britain/A/Destroy all things which have titles that contain a R that would not be pronounced by someone with a British Accent.
loadcard Downloadable Content/A/Pick a random subsection of the Infinite Dvorak Deck and a random number from 1 to 100. Create copies of the card of that number and the four after it (1 is after 100) and shuffle them into the deck.
loadcard Soul Absorbtion/A/Put target living thing in your hand.
loadcard WKRP Thanksgiving Turkey Giveaway/A/For each opponent, roll a die. Give that many Dead Turkey Tokens to that player, then roll another die and give half that many Turkey Tokens to that player.<BR>Destroy a random non-turkey thing for each live Turkey in play ("I swear to God I thought they could fly.")
loadcard Prototype Isochron Sceptre/T/When this comes into play, attach an Action card from your hand to it.<BR>Action: This ability has an identical effect to the Action card attached to Prototype Isochron Sceptre, but you must discard a card to play it.
loadcard Proletariat Revolution/A/Any player who controls more Things than every other player combined is eliminated.
loadcard David Blaine/T/Action: Put a thing into your hand and replace it with a thing from your hand.<BR>Action: Replace a word on a thing with "Ace of Clubs".<BR>Action:  Give an Ace of Clubs Token to a player. (""Wanna see some magic?"")
loadcard Order No. 227/T/If any thing would leave play, destroy it instead. ("Ни шагу назад!")
loadcard High-Frequency Shield/T/When this comes into play, equip it to a thing you control. Neither this nor the equipped thing can be affected by any card that modifies text, overrules indestructibility, or sends it anywhere but the discard pile. ("Regular destruction, however, is still quite effective.")
loadcard The Sorting Hat (_<i>A</i>_)/T/Whenever a thing (or token) comes into play, a random player gains control of it.
loadcard Horcrux/T/Indestructible. You cannot be eliminated.<BR>Play this only when you destroy a living thing or eliminate a player.
loadcard Action-Grenade Belt/T/When this comes into play, put three grenade counters on it, remove an action in your hand from the game, and equip this to a thing you control. Equipped thing has<BR>"Action: Destroy a grenade token to use the action that was removed from the game."
loadcard Incarnation Of The Abstract/T/All immaterial things in play are put under this card. This card is a living thing and has all text of all cards under it.
loadcard Camo Suit/T/When this comes into play, equip it to a thing you control. Equipped thing cannot be affected by actions that do not affect all things in play.
loadcard Warp Blade/T/When this comes into play, equip it to a thing you control. Whenever equipped thing would destroy a thing, it removes it from the game instead.
loadcard Tokenmail/T/When this comes into play, put all tokens you control on it and equip it to a thing you control. Whenever this or the equipped thing would be destroyed, you may destroy a token on this card instead.
loadcard The Demonic Spellbook of David Blaine/T/When this comes into play, equip it to a thing you control. Equipped thing has <BR>Action: Replace target card with a (card's title) Token.<BR>Action: Replace target token with a (token's name) card. If the token was on a card, destroy that card.
loadcard The Fury of Jimi Hendrix/A/Destroy up to five things. <BR>Set this card on fire and remove it from the game.
loadcard War Profiteering/A/For each player, reveal cards from the deck until you find a thing that equips to another thing, put it in their hand, and draw a card. ("Not neccesarily an Equipment, though.")
loadcard Amnesia (??)/T/Play this under any player's control. When this comes into play, put your hand under this. At the beginning of each of your turns, put a random card from under this card back into your hand. Destroy this card when there are no cards under it.
loadcard Card Force/A/Play at any time. Put a card in your hand on top of the deck.
loadcard Box Of Memories/T/When this comes into play, put 5 random cards from the discard pile under this card. When this card is destroyed, put these cards in your hand.<BR>Action: Destroy this card.
loadcard Allergic Reaction/A/Choose a type of Token. Each player discards a card for each token of that type under their control.
loadcard "Odd. That Wasn't Supposed To Happen."/A/Play in response to a player winning the game. Negate the card that caused them to win and put it into your hand.
loadcard Hydra Emblem/T/Whenever a token you control is destroyed, replace it with two of the same tokens.
loadcard This Is Madness!/T/Whenever a player would discard a card, they may play it instead. ("This is a reference to something other than Sparta.")
loadcard Stonewall Jackson/T/Draw an extra card at the beginning of your turn.<BR>If a thing you control has an action ability that could destroy Stonewall Jackson, flip two coins at the end of each of your turns. If both are tails, activate that ability targeting Stonewall Jackson.
loadcard Janet Jackson/T/Action: Reveal a random card from your hand and draw a card.
loadcard Surprise Attack/A/Play this during an opponent's turn. Destroy target thing and immediately take a turn. Your opponent's turn resumes after your extra turn.
loadcard Ricochet Laser/A/Destroy four random things.
loadcard Kill Mode Engage/T/All Action Abilities now read "Action: Destroy target thing."<BR><BR>Action: Eliminate an opponent.
loadcard King Of Fire And Ice/T/Action: Destroy a thing you control. If was a Fire Token, target opponent discards a card. If it was an Ice Token, draw a card. Otherwise, create a Fire Token and an Ice Token.
loadcard Mind Implosion/A/Return all things you control to your hand, then draw as many cards as you have in your hand.
loadcard Cheat Code Of <BR>*Unlock All* (R6)/T/You may play cards from the deck as though they were in your hand.<BR>You may not win the game.
loadcard Literalism/T/All things are considered to be cards instead of the thing they represent.
loadcard Countermelody/T/Whenever you play an action, you may discard an action card to add its text to the first action.
loadcard Thunderbolt and Lightning/A/Very, very frightening.<BR>Destroy two target things.
loadcard Knowledge Is Power/T/Action: Create an Energy Token for each card in your hand beyond 3.
loadcard Money Is Power/T/Money Tokens count as Energy Tokens and vice versa.
loadcard Time Is Money/T/You may skip your turn to create 10 money tokens under your control.<BR>Action: Destroy ten money tokens you control to take another turn. You may only use this ability once per round.
loadcard The Unspeakable Wrath Of Qzmrn'pcsjYx-gyh/A/Target player discards his hand, destroys all things he controls, and skips his next turn, all in an unspeakable manner.
loadcard Archetypical Multi-Piece Ultimate Weapon/A/Create three things called "Artifact Piece" with text:<BR>"Action: If you control three Artifact Pieces, Eliminate target player."<BR>Shuffle them into the deck.
loadcard The Secret Chamber Of Helga Hufflepuff/T/Indestructible. When this card comes into play create a Giant Badger token. Badgers count as yellow.<BR>Action: Destroy a non-yellow thing for each badger you control.
loadcard The Sword of Ravenclaw/T/Indestructible. You have no maximum hand size.<BR>Action: Destroy target non-blue thing, even if it is indestructible.
loadcard "Guns. Lots Of Guns"/T/Indestructible. When this comes into play, give each player 8 Gun Tokens.<BR>Global Action: If you control a gun, destroy a thing other than this, or eliminate a player with no guns.<BR>If there are no guns in play, put this card in the discard pile.
loadcard Charizard (lv76)/T/Action: If you control four Energy Tokens, destroy two of them and destroy target thing.
loadcard Won't Get Painkillered Again/A/This card counts as having been played by each player. If each player destroys four Energy Tokens they control, each player wins. Otherwise, everyone loses.
loadcard Obscure Token Collector/T/When this card comes into play, create a token of each of the following types.<BR>Quizmaster, Villainy, Cowbell, Pointless, Cheap Plastic Trophy, Brains, Ultramarine, Pochi, Whammy, and Token.<BR>If you ever control five or more of any one of the above token types, you win. ("Really, a Token token. I swear I'm not making these up.")
loadcard Global Warming/T/At the beginning of each turn, remove the top card of the deck from the game.
loadcard Break The Barriers Of Race/T/Any cards that refer to things of a specific color or things not of a specific color (like non-blue) are considered blank. ("Hmm. I wonder what was going on when these cards were added to the deck...")
loadcard Hail To The Chief/A/Each player gives a card to the player with the most things.
loadcard Item Duplication Glitch/T/Action: Discard a card to replace the text of target thing with the text of another target thing. ("It's easy. Just put the item in the bank, save the game, then take it out of the bank and equip it, and...")
loadcard Cheat Code Of *Omniscience*/T/You may not win the game. You may look through the deck or at any player's hand at any time.
loadcard Infinite Money Glitch/T/You are considered to control a countably infinite amount of Money Tokens. ("...and go to the Dwarf Weaponsmith and sell him something, and when you're bartering choose option C each time, until...")
loadcard Cry Witch/T/Any player may use this card's Action Abilities.<BR> <BR>Action: Create a Witchery Token under target player's control.<BR><BR>Action:  Eliminate target player with at least 4 Witchery Tokens.
loadcard Cheat Code of *Create Item*/T/You may not win the game.<BR>Thing: Search the deck for a thing and put it into your hand.
loadcard Infinite Exp. Glitch/T/Action: Create a Monster Token and destroy it. Draw a card. ("...then enter the West room, kill one of them, then leave, then when you go in again...")
loadcard Reocurring Nightmare/A/If this card would be discarded, you may play it instead.<BR><BR>Destroy a thing, return this card to your hand, and discard a random card.
loadcard Brainwave Overload/A/Discard a card.<BR>Each player with more than four cards in their hand discards half of their hand, rounded up.
loadcard Soup Kitchen/T/Action: Create a Soup Token and give control of Soup Kitchen to the player with the least food. If multiple players tie for least food, you choose which one of them gets Soup Kitchen.
loadcard Fire And Flames/A/Target player discards two cards.
loadcard Dual Wielding/T/You may not play things.<BR>You may play twice as many actions per turn.<BR>Action: Return this card to your hand.
loadcard Mindshatter/A/Put this card in target player's hand. They discard random cards until this card is discarded.
loadcard Mindweave/T/All player's hands are pooled into one community hand. Maximum hand size is the sum of each player's max hand size. When this card leaves play or if the above ability stops for some reason, discard the hand and each player draws a card.
loadcard Corrupted Hypermode/T/At the end of your turn, draw an extra card. If your hand is ever empty, destroy Corrupted Hypermode. You have no maximum hand size. If you have ten or more cards in your hand, you are eliminated. <BR>Action or Thing: Destroy a thing other than this one.
loadcard Kryptonite/T/When this comes into play, choose a thing. That thing's text is blank while this is in play.
loadcard Red Shift/T/All cards are considered to be red in addition to their actual color.
loadcard Tangled Up In Blue/T/Play this under any player's control.<BR>Your maximum hand size is reduced by the number of blue things you control.
loadcard Vortex Gun/A/Return target thing to its controller's hand. Its controller discards a random card.
loadcard Thrasher/T/At the beginning of your turn, destroy a random thing other than Thrasher.<BR>Action: Destroy Thrasher, draw five cards, play as many cards as you want this turn, then each player discards his or her hand. ("Bow down to the Thrasher!")
loadcard Stairway To Heaven/T/When you play this, destroy it unless you destroy 10,000 money tokens you control.<BR><BR><BR><BR>Oh, and you don't win the game. ("Really makes you wonder.")
loadcard Rorshach Attack/A/Play in response to a player drawing one or more cards. They discard a random card instead.
loadcard Cheap Plastic Coating (Ch 1)/A/Change the type of all tokens in play to Cheap Plastic Trophy.
loadcard Summoner's Pet/T/If this card is destroyed to activate a summoning ability, return it to your hand and draw a card. ("The deck is still Finite!")
loadcard Unstable Lightning Blast/A/If you discard this card, you are eliminated.<BR>Put this card into target player's hand. They discard a random card. ("You'd think Ganondorf would eventually learn.")
loadcard Philanthropism/T/You may give control of anything you control to another player at any time.
loadcard All Hands On Deck!/A/Each player may play any number of Things from their hand.
loadcard Defibrillator/T/Action:  Destroy an Energy Token you control to put the top thing in the discard pile into play under your control.
loadcard Mitosis (1Y)/T/At the beginning of your turn, choose a token. Its controller gains another token of that type.
loadcard Mega Insult (3Z)/A/Target player gains a This Token Is Symbolic Of Your Mom Token. Destroy all Tokens with 7-word names and draw a card for each. ("Oh, It's ON Now.")
loadcard Everything Is A Piñata! (Olé)/T/Whenever a thing is destroyed, Its controller gains three Candy Tokens and each other player gains one.<BR>Whenever an attempt to destroy a thing is unsuccesful, the thing's controller gains one Candy Token.
loadcard Shoulder To The Plow/T/All "Action:'" abilities now read "'Action and Thing:"
loadcard Silver Trophy/A/Leave the game as though you have won, but keep this card. When the game ends, You are considered to be one place behind any players who won, and one place above any players who lost. ("Its okay, Germany got 2nd in the war. They did alright.")
loadcard Rob/A/Gain control of all of target player's tokens.
loadcard "Would you kindly..."/A/Give target player a card from your hand or choose an Action ability of a thing they control. They must play that card/ability.
loadcard Evaporate/A/Put target thing on top of the deck.
loadcard Take Two/A/Gain control of two target things.
loadcard Take Five/A/Skip your next turn.
loadcard Rising Thunder Dragon Blade SuperCombo/A/Play two extra actions. Eliminate target player who has had at least three things destroyed this turn. ("FATALITY!!!")
loadcard Reincarnation/T/Whenever a card is discarded or destroyed, its controller or discarder draws a card at the end of the turn, unless doing so would cause this effect to recur infinitely. (""Why should I care about what I am next time? I still don't know what I am this time!"<BR>   -Gonzo The Great")
loadcard The Void Flows Through Me/T/Cards that are removed from the game go into your hand instead.
loadcard Inexorably Advancing Wall Of Ice/T/Every 1000 turns, you may destroy target thing. Destroy this if Global Warming is in play. ("With credit to xkcd.")
loadcard Fatal Mistake/A/Play in response to an opponent's action destroying a non-blue thing. Destroy all things, each player discards his hand, and eliminate the player who played the previous action. ("Should've cut the blue wire.")
loadcard Energy Capacitor/T/At the end of your turn, create an Energy Token on this card.<BR>Remove X Energy Tokens:<BR>X=2: Draw a card.<BR>X=3: Play an extra Action<BR>X=5: Take an extra turn.<BR>X=X: Gain X Energy Tokens (not on this card).
loadcard Ctrl-Alt-Del/A/Play at any time. Counter an Action or put a Thing in the discard pile.
loadcard Peruvian Instant Darkness Powder/T/Players may not look at cards they draw or at their hands. If a player would play a card, they play a random card instead. All targets are chosen randomly. Unless this came into play this turn, destroy this thing at the end your turn.
loadcard "...The Heck?" (o_0)/A/Create a new player named The Juggernaut. This player immediately destroys all things and removes himself from the game. ("Dude, who was that guy?")
loadcard Wronski Feint/A/When you play this card, throw it and announce that the last one to touch it is eliminated. Don't tell them you're lying. Take an extra turn. ("Dear Reader: He was lying.")
loadcard The Oldest Trick In The Book/A/Exchange the control of two things. ("References<BR>^The Book, Vol. 1, pg. 5")
loadcard Eye Of The Basilisk (: ))/A/Replace a thing with a Stone Token.<BR>If an opponent would cause you to reveal this card from your hand, they are eliminated.
loadcard Bottled Zombie Gas/T/When this is destroyed, Replace all living things in play with Zombie Tokens. ("And you thought Bottled Fart was gross.")
loadcard Elemental Breakdown/T/Whenever a thing in play has a title that can be spelled using elemental symbols from the periodic table, destroy it and replace it with Tokens whose names are those elements' symbols. ("Kryptonite becomes Kr, Y, Pt, O, Ni, and Te Tokens.")
loadcard Negative Plane/T/Things go to the discard pile when played. Things that are discarded may be put into play instead.<BR>Destroy effects may target Things in the discard pile. A Thing destroyed in this way is returned to play under its destroyer's control.
loadcard Goalie/T/If you would be targeted by an action, destroy Goalie and prevent that action. ("For the record, this a Soccer/Football Goalie, not Hockey.")
loadcard Blue Eyes White Dragon/T/You must destroy 10 things you control to play this.<BR>Action:  Eliminate an opponent.
loadcard Cursed Aztec Gold/T/You cannot be eliminated. You cannot win unless everyone else is eliminated.
loadcard "I'm The Best There's Ever Been!"/T/At the beginning of your turn, you may draw an extra card. If you do not, you may play an extra card.
loadcard Jordan/T/If at any time you control Jordan, you are eliminated.<BR> ("Star Power is not enough.")
loadcard Lowery's Wrath/A/Destroy all things you don't control.
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