Dvorak Export: Spellcraft deck

To import this deck into the Dvorak MUSH Engine, just cut and paste the quoted commands below straight into your telnet window. (Any card whose type is neither "Thing" nor "Action" will default to "Thing"; if it was somehow meant to be played like an Action, just destroy it after playing it.)

(You can also get an output formatted for the Dvorax Engine.)

Regenerate this output, minus the cards created by a comma-separated list of users:
skipcard Fireball/T/Target takes 5 heat damage. ("A fireball springs from your hand and strikes your target.")
skipcard Iceball/T/Target takes 5 cold damage. ("An iceball springs from your hand and strikes your target.")
skipcard Lightning Bolt/T/Target takes 5 damage. ("A chain of electricity comes from your fingertips and hits your target in the chest.")
skipcard Firestorm/T/All players, monsters and elementals take 3 heat damage. ("The duelling circle is turned into a pit of Hell.")
skipcard Icestorm/T/All players, monsters and elementals take 3 cold damage. ("The duelling circle becomes extremely cold and icy.")
skipcard Lightning Storm/T/All players, monsters and elementals take 3 damage. ("Thunder roars across the duelling circle.")
skipcard Magic Missile/T/Target takes 1 damage. ("A small bolt of pure energy comes from your fingertips and hits your target in the head.")
skipcard Cause Wounds/T/Target takes 4 damage. ("Wounds appear all over the target's body.")
skipcard Finger of Death/T/Target takes 10 damage. ("A green bolt comes from your hand and hits your target, who falls over in pain.")
skipcard AntiSpell/T/Target player discards all his cards and all Enchantments. ("Smoke is emitted from the hands of your target. He has lost his magical abilities.")
skipcard Remove Enchantment/T/Any Enchantments on the target player are removed. ("The magical energies around the subject are removed.")
skipcard Dispel Magic/T/All players must discard one random card from their respective hands. All Monsters, Elementals and Enchantments currently in play are discarded. ("The magic around the circle glows red as it is removed.")
skipcard Permanency/T/Choose an Enchantment that is currently in play. This Enchantment (and its effects) stays in play until somebody plays Dispel Magic, AntiSpell or Remove Enchantment or the target of the Enchantment dies. ("Your target glows light blue for a moment.")
skipcard Shield (1)/T/You are immune to melee attacks from Monsters/players, the effects of Elementals and Storms and from the effect of Magic Missile cards. ("You are covered by a translucent shimmering shield.")
skipcard Magic Mirror (1)/T/All Spells targeted upon you are reflected onto the player of the Spell. ("You are covered by a mirror-like shield.")
skipcard Counter Spell (1)/T/All Spells and Enchantments cast upon you have no effect. ("You are surrounded by a green magical glow.")
skipcard Disease (5)/T/Each turn you take 5 damage. This effect cannot be made permanent. ("You look pale.")
skipcard Resist Heat (P)/T/You are immune to heat damage. This card is neutralised by Resist Cold. ("You cool down.")
skipcard Resist Cold (P)/T/You are immune to cold damage. This card is neutralised by Resist Heat. ("You heat up.")
skipcard Clairvoyance (P)/T/All players (apart from you) must expose their hands. ("Your perception is improved. You can read the minds of your opponents.")
skipcard Charm Person (1)/T/The player of this card can choose which cards you play and whom your monsters attack. ("You are under the control of somebody else.")
skipcard Paralysis (1)/T/You may not play any cards or attack other players. ("Your hands stiffen.")
skipcard Confusion (1)/T/Every turn you play two random cards. ("Your mind is in a jumble.")
skipcard Amnesia (3)/T/Each turn you discard one random card from your hand. ("You look blank.")
skipcard Invisibility (3)/T/No Spells and Enchantments played by your opponents can target you, nor can you be the target of melee and Monster attacks. You are still vulnerable to Elemental attacks and effects of blanket cards such as Dispel Magic. ("You fade away.")
skipcard Blindness (3)/T/Your Spells and Enchantments may target no specific player. You may still play spells such as Dispel Magic, which are not targeted. ("Your eyes are sealed shut.")
skipcard Forcefield (3)/T/For three turns, you are trapped in a forcefield. No Enchantments, Spells, Monsters, Elementals, melee attacks or Storms can target you, but you may not play cards or attack. Your monsters may still be ordered to attack. ("You are held in a green forcefield.")
skipcard Cure Wounds/T/Target player heals 4 damage. If the target has the Disease Enchantment he or she is cured of it. ("Wounds on the target's body are cleared.")
skipcard Raise Dead/T/You raise any dead player. The dead player has 5HP when raised. ("You can call on the God of Death to help you control the deceased.")
skipcard Summoning/T/Draw 3 cards. Do not discard any cards if you have more than five cards at the end of your turn. ("You call on the Gods for help.")
skipcard Charm Monster/T/Choose an opponent's monster and take it for yourself. It may not attack this turn. ("The monster looks at you as if hypnotised.")
skipcard Goblin (1)/T/ ("A magically summoned Goblin.")
skipcard Goblin (1)/T/ ("A magically summoned Goblin.")
skipcard Goblin (1)/T/ ("A magically summoned Goblin.")
skipcard Ogre (2)/T/ ("A magically summoned Ogre.")
skipcard Ogre (2)/T/ ("A magically summoned Ogre.")
skipcard Troll (3)/T/ ("A magically summoned Troll.")
skipcard Fire Elemental/T/Deals heat damage. ("A raging ball of fire.")
skipcard Ice Elemental/T/Deals cold damage. ("Resembles a huge snowman, but far more powerful.")
skipcard Dagger (1)/T/ ("A rusty small knife. Useful for cutting up ropes and as an eating utensil.")
skipcard Crossbow (2)/T/Can be used 10 times. ("A small wooden crossbow, crudely built yet still usable.")
skipcard Longspear (2)/T/ ("A long piece of wood with a sharp metal end.")
@emit [name(%#)] pastes the Spellcraft deck into the Dvorak Engine.

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