Dvorak Export: Space Pirates deck

To import this deck into the Dvorak MUSH Engine, just cut and paste the quoted commands below straight into your telnet window. (Any card whose type is neither "Thing" nor "Action" will default to "Thing"; if it was somehow meant to be played like an Action, just destroy it after playing it.)

(You can also get an output formatted for the Dvorax Engine.)

Regenerate this output, minus the cards created by a comma-separated list of users:
loadcard Pieces of Galacticredit (100)/T/
loadcard Bionic Eyepatch/T/Action: View a chosen opponent's hand.
loadcard Andromedan Crystals (200)/T/
loadcard Spice (200)/T/
loadcard Dilithium Crystal (300)/T/Action: Destroy Dilithium Crystal to take another turn after this one.
loadcard Graviton Anchor/T/Whenever you'd draw a card, you may play an extra action card instead.
loadcard Captured Shuttle (400)/T/If you don't have a Cargo Bay to store it in, Captured Shuttle is destroyed.
loadcard Cargo Bay/T/Allows you to store large treasures.
loadcard Plasma Barrage/A/Destroy one enemy Thing.
loadcard Raiding Party/A/Pick an opponent. If you have more non-Treasure Things than them, you may steal a number of items of Treasure equal to that excess.
loadcard Phogon Looter/T/Crew Member. Action: Name a card. If any opponent has it in hand, they must hand it to you.
loadcard First Mate/T/Crew Member. Action: Destroy any one Crew Member.
loadcard Electric Parrot/T/Crew Member. You may discard a card at random, once during your turn - if it was an Action, it takes effect as if you had played it.
loadcard Head to Head/A/Pick an opponent. Both you and the opponent destroy crew members until one of you has no crew members left.
loadcard Space Ninjas!/A/Discard all Crew Members.
loadcard Bribe/A/Give an item of Treasure to an opponent. Gain control of a member of their crew.
loadcard Force Cutlass/T/Action: If you have at least one Crew Member, destroy target Crew Member.
loadcard Robot Slaves (200)/T/Robot Slaves also count as a Crew Member.
loadcard Vodosian Lookout/T/Crew Member. Action: Look at target opponent's hand.
loadcard Hivemind Assistant/T/Crew Member. Draw an extra card at the start of your turn.
loadcard Synthigrog/A/Return all non-robotic crew to their controllers' hands.
loadcard Space Kraken Attack/A/All players destroy one Thing.
loadcard Hyperspace Storm/A/Force an opponent to discard three cards from their hand.
loadcard Planet Heist/A/Draw three cards.
loadcard Xenomorph Eggs (300)/T/Any player may take an action to destroy a Crew Member you control.
loadcard Grog Vats (200)/T/You may prevent one Action performed by a Crewmember, if you haven't done so since your last turn.
loadcard Market Forces/A/A chosen Treasure becomes worthless and is destroyed.
loadcard Davy Jones' Capsule (300)/T/Discard to destroy any one crew member.
loadcard Federation Ambush/A/The player with most Things must destroy half of them, rounding up.
loadcard Dark Monolith (500)/T/If you don't have a Cargo Bay in play, this is destroyed. At the start of your turn, destroy a Crew Member in play.
loadcard Escape Pod/T/Remove Escape Pod from play to prevent the effects of any action.
loadcard Tribbles (100)/T/Tribbles gains 100 price each round it is in play. If Tribbles' cost goes over 500, lose the game.
loadcard Moon Dig/A/Move any number of your Treasure cards to the discard pile, and note their total; they still count towards your final score.
loadcard Long John Unobtanium/T/Crew Member. Action: Destroy one enemy treasure.
loadcard Trading Post/A/Discard any number of cards, destroy any number of treasures you control, then draw one card for each card lost.
loadcard Treasure Map/T/Action: Destroy this card. Name a card, search for it in the draw pile and put it in your hand. Shuffle the draw pile afterwards.
loadcard Space Dust (100)/T/
loadcard Giant Potato (200)/T/
loadcard Cybernetic Eyepatch/T/You can hold two more cards in your hand. If you have both Bionic and Cybernetic Eyepatches in play, you cannot draw cards normally.
loadcard Lifeform Overboard/A/Remove a target Crew Member from play.
@emit [name(%#)] pastes the Space Pirates deck into the Dvorak Engine.

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