Dvorak Export: Seth's Monsters deck


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When you're happy with the settings, send all but the first page to your printer, and cut the cards out with something sharp. Either stick the results onto cardboard, slip them into deck-protectors with some spare CCG cards for padding, or just play with them as flimsy bits of paper.

Deck-Print Settings

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Catgirl Ninja 5
Physical Humanoid
Damage 2, 9HP
Passive:Catgirl Ninja may be assigned to more than one phase per turn.
Card : Bucky
Barrier Generator 5
Magical Machine
Damage 1, 13HP
Active:Your Monsters take half damage this phase (rounded up).
Card : Bucky
Healing Monk 5
Magical Humanoid
Damage 2, 14HP
Active:Remove 1 damage from another of your Monsters; Healing Monk's Damage is reduced by 1 this turn.
Card : Bucky
Assassin 5
Poisonous Humanoid
Damage 3, 12HP
Passive: Assassin deals 2 extra damage when it attacks unassigned Monsters.
Card : Bucky
Kiln Salamander 5
Fire Animal
Damage 2, 10HP
Passive: When Kiln Salamander attacks, it deals extra 1 damage to each of your opponent's assigned non-Fire Monsters.
Card : Bucky
Spitting Serpent 2
Poisonous Animal
Damage 1, 8HP
Active: Choose an opponent's attacking Monster. It cannot use its Active abilities for the rest of this turn and the next.
Card : Bucky
Petardier 3
Physical Humanoid
Damage 2, 4HP
Active: Petardier deals 5 damage to all assigned Monsters.
Passive:When the damage on Petardier first becomes greater than or equal to its HP, it deals 5 damage to all Monsters unless it used an Active ability this turn
Card : Bucky

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