Dvorak Export: Sci-Fi Fantasy deck

To import this deck into the Dvorak MUSH Engine, just cut and paste the quoted commands below straight into your telnet window. (Any card whose type is neither "Thing" nor "Action" will default to "Thing"; if it was somehow meant to be played like an Action, just destroy it after playing it.)

(You can also get an output formatted for the Dvorax Engine.)

Regenerate this output, minus the cards created by a comma-separated list of users:
loadcard Goblin (1d4)/T/
loadcard Zombie (1d3)/T/If destroyed, put Zombie back on your hand.
loadcard Endless Minions (1d3)/T/If Endless Minions lose combat, return them to your hand.
loadcard Laser Rifle (+2)/T/Ranged weapon. Play onto any creature.
loadcard Lizardman (1d8)/T/
loadcard Cyborg Vampire Elf (1d12)/T/With discreet lasershark tattoo.
loadcard Cybernetic Enhancements (+1d6)/T/Play onto any creature.
loadcard Jetpack/T/Play onto a creature. Its attack count as being ranged.
loadcard Battle-Axe (+4)/T/Play onto a creature.
loadcard Ninja (1d8)/T/Action: Return Ninja to your hand, and draw a card.
loadcard Metalloid (1d6)/T/Discard a weapon to prevent this card's destruction.
loadcard Horse (+2)/T/Any creature may be played onto this creature. (Other equipment may not be played onto it.)
loadcard Tyranosaurus Rex (1d20)/T/If T-Rex doesn't attack in a turn, destroy a random unit on your side.
loadcard Illusion/A/Play whenever one of your creatures is attacked. Return it to your hand and replace it with another creature from your hand.
loadcard Rust Monster (1d4)/T/If Rust Monster is involved in a combat, destroy any non-ranged weapons used by its opponent, after combat. Gets +1d20 against robots, cyborgs and the like.
loadcard Potted Plant (1d1)/T/
loadcard Elephant Stampede/A/Attack every creature in play with 1d10.
loadcard Bulletproof Vest/T/Play onto a creature, ranged weapons have no benefit against this creature.
loadcard Catapult (+6)/T/Ranged weapon. Play onto a creature.
loadcard Vampire (1d10)/T/If Vampire is destroyed, you may destroy a creature you control to prevent the destruction.
loadcard Mindflayer (1d6)/T/Action: Pick a creature. It cannot attack and its card text is blank, until the start of your next turn.
loadcard Giant (x2)/T/Play onto a creature.
loadcard Ring of Ruin/T/Play onto a creature. Action: Attack one creature with 1d8.
loadcard Miniature (-3)/T/Play onto a creature.
loadcard Phaser (+1)/T/Play onto a creature. Anyone hit by a phaser loses all their equipment, at the end of combat.
loadcard Mayo Elemental (1d12)/T/After Mayo Elemental attacks, return it to the defending player's hand.
loadcard Virus/A/Destroy all futuristic equipment in play.
loadcard Decay/A/Destroy all medieval equipment in play.
loadcard Shapeshifter (1dX)/T/Treat Shapeshifter as a copy of whatever creature it is facing.
loadcard Clone (???)/T/When Clone enters play, name a card in play. Treat Clone as a copy of that card.
loadcard Necromancy/A/Return any creature from the graveyard to play under your control.
loadcard Boiling Oil (1d10)/T/Cannot attack. Discard from play to destroy any attacking creature that lacks a ranged weapon.
loadcard Tower of the Eye/T/Action: Look at one player's hand.
loadcard Castle (10)/T/Cannot attack. Your other creatures cannot be attacked.
loadcard Orbital Laser/A/Attack one creature with 1d30.
loadcard Meteor/A/Destroy one thing.
loadcard Formation (XdY)/T/You may include up to three of your other creatures as part of formation. Roll all their dice. If Formation loses, they all suffer the consequences of defeat.
loadcard Oblivion/A/Remove this card and one other from the game.
loadcard Great Cthulhu (20)/T/When you play Great Cthulhu, discard your hand and destroy all other Things you control.
loadcard Dragon (2d8)/T/
loadcard Wyvern (1d10)/T/
loadcard Archers (1d6)/T/Treat archers as having a ranged attack.
loadcard Nymph (1d1)/T/Enemy units cannot attack Nymph.
loadcard Fog/T/Ranged weapons may not be used. Roll 1d6 at the start of your turn; on a 6, the fog dissipates.
loadcard UFO (1d10)/T/Action: Remove a creature from play. It is returned at the end of your next turn.
loadcard Creeping Flesh Fungus (10)/T/Creeping Flesh Fungus cannot be destroyed by a creature. Every turn, you must destroy one creature in play.
loadcard Crossbow (+1d3)/T/Play onto a creature. Ranged weapon.
loadcard Sparkling Vortex (1d20-10)/T/When Sparkling Vortex is destroyed, draw three cards.
loadcard Pirate Ship (3d3)/T/All units on your side gain +3 Attack.
loadcard Robot Drone (1d2)/T/Action: Put another Robot Drone in play.
loadcard Memory Leech (1d2)/T/If Memory Leech damages a player directly, they must discard a card at random or take 10 damage.
loadcard Strange Machines (5)/T/Action: Take one card out of the discard pile, and put it in your hand.
loadcard Dice of Fate (5)/T/Whenever a player rolls a 1, that player loses 5 life.
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