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Name	Set	ImageFile	Type	CornerValue	Text	FlavorText	Creator
Imperial Robes	pseudozen_revolution	thing	Thing		New cards are accepted or rejected at your whim. You may not propose cards.		Kevan
Terrorist Activity	pseudozen_revolution	action	Action		Destroy any one thing, and force it's owner to discard a card at random.		Tyrethali
Mine, Mine, All Mine	pseudozen_revolution	action	Action		Take control of a Thing.		Zarba
Bribe	pseudozen_revolution	action	Action		Target player may look at your hand and take any one card from it. They may not reject your next proposed card this turn.		Tyrethali
Lost in Translation	pseudozen_revolution	action	Action		Change a single word to a different word, on any card you can see. Choose a card in the discard pile. Change a single word on it to a different word.		Kevan
Is That A Full Deck In Your Pocket	pseudozen_revolution	thing	Thing		If you have this card in play at the beginning of your turn, and you hold more cards in your hand than all the other players, you win.		Zarba
Research Assistants	pseudozen_revolution	thing	Thing		Once per turn, you may draw a card, then discard a card at random.		Tyrethali
First Up Against The Wall	pseudozen_revolution	action	Action		Destroy the alphabetically-earliest Thing.		Kevan
Historic Preservation Society	pseudozen_revolution	action	Action		Put any card in the discard pile into your hand.		Tyrethali
Whack-A-Mole	pseudozen_revolution	thing	Thing		Every person playing a card or more must discard a card from their hand.		Zarba
Cameo	pseudozen_revolution	action	Action		Make a copy of a card from an existing Dvorak deck and shuffle it into the draw pile.		Tyrethali
Pseudozen Enlightenment	pseudozen_revolution	thing	Thing		If you control no other things, and have no cards in your hand, and this card is destroyed, you win.		Tyrethali
Clockwork Mouse	pseudozen_revolution	thing	Thing		Action: Give control of Clockwork Mouse to a random opponent.		Kevan
I Am One With The Universe	pseudozen_revolution	action	Action		Until the end of the turn, you have control of all Things in play. You may use another Action this turn.		Zarba
Pink Flamingos	pseudozen_revolution	thing	Thing		When Pink Flamingos come into play, draw three cards, then discard a card at random.		Tyrethali
Incoming!	pseudozen_revolution	action	Action		Play all cards in your hand.		Zarba
More Equal than Others	pseudozen_revolution	thing	Thing		Your proposed cards are approved unless at least two players reject them.		Tyrethali
Low Ceiling	pseudozen_revolution	thing	Thing		Everyone's maximum hand size is reduced to three.		Kevan
Revolution Nine	pseudozen_revolution	action	Action		If a player gets nine six nine cards on his hand, he wins the game.		Zarba
Creative Muse	pseudozen_revolution	action	Action		Propose five cards. For each one that is approved, draw a card. For each one that is rejected, the rejecting player must discard a card at random.		Tyrethali
Alliance	pseudozen_revolution	thing	Thing		Nominate a Player when you play this. He may not play Actions that target you, and vice versa.		Kevan
Censorship	pseudozen_revolution	thing	Thing		Name a word. Any player who says that word must discard a card at random.		Tyrethali
There's Room For One More	pseudozen_revolution	action	Action		Do not discard down to hand size at the end of this turn.		Zarba
Mouse	pseudozen_revolution	thing	Thing		When you draw this card, you must put it straight into play (if this card is revealed from your hand, or seen leaving it, you lose the game). If any Contraption makes a Noise, destroy the Mouse at the end of the turn.		-
Vicious Card Abuse	pseudozen_revolution	action	Action		Kevan wins the game, fiendishly.		Kevan
Organized Graverobbing	pseudozen_revolution	action	Action		You may play any number of cards during your next turn.		-
Ahem	pseudozen_revolution	action	Action		Tyrethali may make any changes to the gamestate he may desire.		Tyrethali
Cheap Plastic Trophy	pseudozen_revolution	thing	Thing		Kevan wins the game.		Kevan
Cheap Plastic Trophy	pseudozen_revolution	thing	Thing		Kevan wins the game.		Kevan
Cheap Plastic Trophy	pseudozen_revolution	thing	Thing		Kevan wins the game.		Kevan

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