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Name	Set	ImageFile	Type	CornerValue	Text	FlavorText	Creator
Inner Peace	new_age_pseudoscience	action	Action		At the beginning of your next turn, if any player has more things than all other players, that player wins.		
Aromatherapy	new_age_pseudoscience	thing	Thing		When Aromatherapy comes into play, all players may draw a card. If Aromatherapy is destroyed, all players must discard a card.		
Biorhythmic Harmonizer	new_age_pseudoscience	thing	Thing		You may play two actions per turn. Action: Discard two cards, and destroy Biorhythmic Harmonizer. Any player may use this ability.		
Crystals	new_age_pseudoscience	thing	Thing		Two players must object to a newly created card in order for it to not be added to the game.		
Ley Line Compass	new_age_pseudoscience	thing	Thing		Action: Look at the top card on the library.		
Magnets	new_age_pseudoscience	thing	Thing		Action: Draw a card, then discard a card at random.		
Yoga	new_age_pseudoscience	thing	Thing		Action: Draw a card. Any player may use this ability.		
Placebo Effect	new_age_pseudoscience	action	Action		Destroy a thing.		
Cold Reading	new_age_pseudoscience	action	Action		Look at the top X cards in the draw pile, where X is the number of players, and put them back down on top of the draw pile in any order.		
Past Life Regression	new_age_pseudoscience	thing	Thing		Action: The next time you would draw a card, put the top card on the discard pile into your hand instead.		
Credit Card	new_age_pseudoscience	thing	Thing		Each player may play an additional thing each turn. If Credit Card is destroyed, each player must destroy all but one of their things.		
Voodoo	new_age_pseudoscience	action	Action		Destroy a Thing in play you control to destroy a Thing another player controls.		
Ley Lines	new_age_pseudoscience	thing	Thing		Each turn, you and another random Player draw an extra card.		
Kirlian Photograph	new_age_pseudoscience	thing	Thing		Add 1 to any variable 'X' mentioned in another card.		
Dowsing Rod	new_age_pseudoscience	thing	Thing		If you play "Dowsing for Water", do not miss a turn.		
Dowsing for Water	new_age_pseudoscience	action	Action		Miss a turn. At the end of the Missed turn search the library for a card of your choice and add it to your hand, then shuffle the Library.		
Feng Shui	new_age_pseudoscience	action	Action		Give control of each Thing in play to a random Player.		
Precognition	new_age_pseudoscience	action	Action		A chosen Opponent names a card. At the end of their next turn, if they haven't played that card during the turn they must discard their hand.		
Breatharianism	new_age_pseudoscience	thing	Thing		Players may not draw cards. Action: Destroy Breatharianism, unless an Opponent objects.		
Zen Meditation	new_age_pseudoscience	action	Action		If your hand is empty after you play Zen Meditation, every Opponent must discard their hand.		
Horoscopes	new_age_pseudoscience	action	Action		Draw and reveal a card for every Player in the game. Give each card to a separate Player.		
Egely Wheel	new_age_pseudoscience	thing	Thing		Whenever an Opponent puts a Thing into play, you may draw a card.		
Hypnotic Suggestion	new_age_pseudoscience	action	Action		Name a card. All Players reveal their hands. Any Opponent who has the named card in their hand must play it immediately.		
Tuned Crystal	new_age_pseudoscience	thing	Thing		You may not be the target of Actions. If Tuned Crystal is affected by an Action, discard your hand.		
Rebirth	new_age_pseudoscience	action	Action		A chosen Player discards their hand and draws five cards.		
Dolphin Music	new_age_pseudoscience	thing	Thing		Players may not play Actions which directly affect other Players or other Players' Things (except Dolphin Music itself).		
Automatic Writing	new_age_pseudoscience	action	Action		Draw four cards and show them to all Players. If any are Actions, play them immediately, making any targetting decisions at random. Discard the rest.		
False Memory Syndrome	new_age_pseudoscience	action	Action		Shuffle the discard pile into the draw pile. Put the top five cards from the draw pile into the discard pile.		
Astral Projection	new_age_pseudoscience	action	Action		Gain control of all Things belonging to a chosen Player, until the end of the turn. You may play an extra Action this turn.		

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