Dvorak Export: Monkeytown deck

To import this deck into the Dvorak MUSH Engine, just cut and paste the quoted commands below straight into your telnet window. (Any card whose type is neither "Thing" nor "Action" will default to "Thing"; if it was somehow meant to be played like an Action, just destroy it after playing it.)

(You can also get an output formatted for the Dvorax Engine.)

Regenerate this output, minus the cards created by a comma-separated list of users:
loadcard Monkey "A"/T/You may place a Monkey in play in lieu of your Action.
loadcard Monkey Green/T/Chemical Attack, Skunk Attack
loadcard Monkey Giant/T/Jumbo Attack, Colossal Attack
loadcard Monkey Gun-Boy/T/Bazooka Attack, Raygun Attack
loadcard Super Professor Monkey/T/Science Attack, Emancipation Attack
loadcard Big Fat Monkey/T/Colossal Attack, Rumble Attack
loadcard Monkey X/T/Mystery Attack
loadcard Monkey Black Hat/T/Buck-Shot Attack, Gangster Attack
loadcard Monkey Caveman/T/Big Club Attack, Dinopower Attack
loadcard Monkeysaur/T/Dinopower Attack, Jumbo Attack
loadcard Supercolossal Ultra-Hero Monkey!/A/Reveal this card to all players. If you have this card and Mechanical Monster Monkey in hand, discard one. If you have six Monkeys in play, win the game.
loadcard Giant Cosmic Super-Combined Mechanical Monster Monkey!/A/Reveal this card to all players. If you have this card and Ultra-Hero Monkey in hand, discard one. If you have six Monkeys in play, win the game.
loadcard Popular Monkey/T/Fashion Attack, Sonic Attack
loadcard Howling Monkey/T/Sonic Attack, Rumble Attack
loadcard Iron Monkey/T/Steel Attack, Bazooka Attack
loadcard Flaming Tail Monkey/T/Flame Attack, Fashion Attack
loadcard Cowboy Monkey/T/Quickdraw Attack, Buck-Shot Attack
loadcard Space Alien Monkey/T/Raygun Attack, Cranium Attack
loadcard Rotten Stinking Monkey/T/Skunk Attack, Chemical Attack
loadcard Robot President Monkey/T/Emancipation Attack, Steel Attack
loadcard Monkey Capone/T/Gangster Attack, Quickdraw Attack
loadcard Evil Genius Monkey/T/Cranium Attack, Science Attack
loadcard Monkey Red/T/Flame Attack, Chemical Attack
loadcard Monkey Bad Boy/T/Rumble Attack, Big Club Attack
loadcard CHEMICAL Attack!/A/Disable Matches until the start of your next turn. MATCH - Target player discards a card at random.
loadcard JUMBO Attack!/A/Destroy a random Monkey in play, save the attacker. MATCH - Destroy another random Monkey.
loadcard RAYGUN Attack!/A/Gain control of target Monkey. MATCH - Look at target Monkey's hand.
loadcard CRANIUM Attack!/A/Look at target player's hand. MATCH - Pick one card.
loadcard SCIENCE Attack!/A/Discard your hand and draw as many cards as you had in it. MATCH - Draw up to your hand limit instead.
loadcard DINOPOWER Attack!/A/Returns a single Monkey from each player to that player's hand. MATCH - Returns all Monkeys to their player's hands.
loadcard STEEL Attack!/A/Target monkey is immune to destruction until your next turn. MATCH - A second monkey is immune as well.
loadcard SONIC Attack!/A/Target player discards one card. MATCH - Target player discards another card.
loadcard RUMBLE Attack!/A/Destroy a target Monkey. MATCH - Draw a card.
loadcard FLAME Attack!/A/Flip a coin. On heads, destroy a target Monkey. MATCH - Repeat until you get tails.
loadcard QUICKDRAW Attack!/A/You and a target player discard a card. The one that discarded a card with more letters may destroy a Monkey. MATCH - You may repeat until a player runs out of cards.
loadcard FASHION Attack!/A/Change hands with target player. MATCH - Keep a card.
loadcard GANGSTER Attack!/A/For each card you discard, destroy a Monkey. You may discard up to two cards this way. MATCH - You don't have a discard limit.
loadcard BIG CLUB Attack!/A/Discard a card. Target player cannot play Attacks next turn. MATCH - Target player cannot play Things as well.
loadcard EMANCIPATION Attack!/A/Return a card from the discard pile to your hand. MATCH - Put it in play.
loadcard BUCK-SHOT Attack!/A/Destroy a Monkey unless its owner discards a card. MATCH - Apply this effect to all of target player's Monkeys.
loadcard COLOSSAL Attack!/A/Destroy one Monkey from each player. MATCH - Repeat until a player is out of Monkeys.
loadcard BAZOOKA Attack!/A/Destroy target Monkey. MATCH - You may play another Attack.
loadcard SKUNK Attack!/A/Disables drawing cards until your next turn. MATCH - Target player discards a card.
loadcard MYSTERY Attack!/A/Draw three cards and choose one Attack amidst them to play, discarding the others. MATCH: Attack is considered a Match.
@emit [name(%#)] pastes the Monkeytown deck into the Dvorak Engine.

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