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Name	Set	ImageFile	Type	CornerValue	Text	FlavorText	Creator
Dramatic Personal Life	livejournal	thing	Thing		Gain three readers when this card comes into play. Lose three when it leaves.		Kevan
Broadband Upgrade	livejournal	thing	Thing		You may play one extra Action per turn. For each Action you play after the first, lose a reader.		Holly
Plagiarise	livejournal	thing	Thing		Gain a reader each time you play an Action. If your ever have more than 18 readers, lose half of them, rounded down.		Holly
Get a Real Job	livejournal	thing	Thing		Draw an extra card each turn. You cannot play Actions.		Holly
Sockpuppet	livejournal	thing	Thing		Gain one reader. Lose two readers when this card leaves play.		Holly
Work Internet Crackdown	livejournal	thing	Thing		While this card is in play, only one card may be played by each player, each turn.		Holly
Goth Phase	livejournal	thing	Thing		Gain three readers. You may not play cards from your hand that would gain you readers.		Kevan
Flocked Journal	livejournal	thing	Thing		None of your cards can be targetted by opponents. You cannot gain readers.		Holly
Show Breasts	livejournal	thing	Thing		Action: Gain one reader, but place it on this card. Readers on this card do not count towards victory, and leave play with this card.		Holly
Plus Account	livejournal	thing	Thing		Action: Draw a card. Lose two readers.		Kevan
Turn Off Comments	livejournal	action	Action		Play in response to a card that targets one of yours, to prevent its effects. Lose one reader.		Holly
Persuasive Argument	livejournal	action	Action		Destroy a Thing.		Kevan
Messy Argument	livejournal	action	Action		Choose an opponent. Both you and the opponent loses two readers.		Holly
Cryptic One-Line Post	livejournal	action	Action		Play in response to losing a reader. A chosen opponent loses two readers.		Holly
It's a Lie!	livejournal	action	Action		Destroy a Thing.		Kevan
LiveJournal Server Down	livejournal	action	Action		Play in response to any card, to prevent it being played.		Kevan
Party	livejournal	action	Action		Toss a coin. If you win, gain two readers. If you lose, lose three readers.		Holly
Friday Afternoon	livejournal	action	Action		Everybody gains a reader.		Kevan
Meme du Jour	livejournal	action	Action		Take the top card of the discard pile into your hand.		Kevan
Public Holiday	livejournal	action	Action		Everyone loses a reader.		Kevan
Ill	livejournal	action	Action		A chosen player discards their hand.		Kevan
Wishlist Hawking	livejournal	action	Action		Draw cards equal to half your readers (rounded up), then lose half your readers (rounded down).		Kevan
Drunken Monologue	livejournal	action	Action		Draw two cards and play them both. A chosen opponent makes any decisions required.		Kevan
Ask the Audience	livejournal	action	Action		Draw a card. If you have more than ten readers, draw another.		Kevan
Buy a Wii	livejournal	action	Action		Discard three cards to gain three readers.		Holly

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