Dvorak Export: Invader Zim deck

To import this deck into the Dvorak MUSH Engine, just cut and paste the quoted commands below straight into your telnet window. (Any card whose type is neither "Thing" nor "Action" will default to "Thing"; if it was somehow meant to be played like an Action, just destroy it after playing it.)

(You can also get an output formatted for the Dvorax Engine.)

Regenerate this output, minus the cards created by a comma-separated list of users:
skipcard Zim/T/If Destroy the World is played, the controller of this card wins the game. ("Stupid, stinking humans.")
skipcard Dib/T/If Alien Autopsy is played, the controller of this card wins the game. ("Ms. Bitters, I think a pencil is lodged in my brain. Can I go to the nurse?")
skipcard Gaz/T/If the controller of this card also controls a Game Slave 2 and a copy of Piggy Hunter, they win the game. ("All I want is to have some pizza hang out with Dad, and not have your weirdness mess up my day.")
skipcard Miss Bitters/T/If the controller of this card also controls The Skool, Zim, Dib and Gaz, they win the game. ("Children, your performance was miserable. Your parents will all receive phone calls instructing them to love you less now.")
skipcard Destroy the World/A/This can only be played if you control Zim, Voot Cruise, Master Plan and Doomsday Device. ("Now do you understand my latest and most brilliant plan for earth conquest Gir?")
skipcard Voot Cruiser/T/ ("Warning? How could that be? Nothing threatens an Irken voot runner!")
skipcard Master Plan/T/This can only be played on Zim. At the end of your turn, destroy this card if Photographic Evidence is in play. ("Back to my filthy evil I guess.")
skipcard Voot Carrier/T/Action: Return the Voot Cruiser from the discard pile to your hand. This card now counts as Alien Tech. ("Hmmm. Computer, disguise the carrier. Something less conspicuous.")
skipcard Bees/A/Destroy an Alien Tech thing other than GIR. ("Surely that was no human bee! Once I take care of the humans I will began my war against... the bees!")
skipcard Alien Autopsy/A/Play this only if you control Dib, The Swollen Eye and Photographic Evidence. ("Soon your Zim guts will be strewn all over an autopsy table.")
skipcard The Swollen Eye/T/At the end of your turn, flip a coin. If it is tails, return The Swollen Eye to your hand. ("Agent Mothman, your fellow Swollen Eyeball members agree to see this presentation of yours at 8:00 sharp tonight.")
skipcard Photographic Evidence/T/Play this only if some other player controls Zim and some Alien Tech thing. ("Crop circles magazine's gonna put me on the front cover! Somebody, take one with me standing next to it!")
skipcard Zim's Disguise/T/This can only be played on Zim. Alien Autopsy and Photographic Evidence cannot be played while this is in play. ("Master? Where did you go? Where are you?")
skipcard Game Slave 2/T/Play this only if you control Batteries and The Mall. ("And this time, they're back by the awesome power of the Game Slave 2!")
skipcard Piggy Hunter/T/This can only be played if you control Money and The Mall. ("Check out these actual game screens.")
skipcard Batteries/T/ ("But I haven't reached the save point yet! I have to see the zombie hog! Need... batteries!")
skipcard Money/T/ ("On sale for $19.99 at all Digital Fun pit locations. Lines are forming now!")
skipcard The Mall/T/Play this only if you control Gaz and at least one other person is in play. ("Hey, Dib. I think I saw a Chupacabra or something going into that parking garage.")
skipcard Iggins!/A/Take control of target non-person thing. ("You'll never be a better gamer than me! Play all you want! I'll always be better! Always!")
loadcard The Skool/T/Any person can be played on The Skool without the usual restrictions on the number of person cards that a player can control. Person cards on The Skool cannot be used to win the game.<br/>Action: Move target person you control onto The Skool. <br/>Action: Move target person off of The Skool, as long as you do not already control a person not on The Skool.
skipcard Room with a Moose/A/Destroy all person cards on The Skool. ("Moosey fate, say moosey fate!")
skipcard Skoolbell/A/Move target person onto The Skool. The controller of The Skool gains control of that person. Play this card only if this is possible. ("I'm laaaate!")
skipcard Meat/A/Destroy Zim. ("My Tallest, a new child attacked me with meat!")
skipcard Bologna DNA/A/Destroy Dib. ("No. Subject Dib has been fused with subject Bologna.")
skipcard Out of Soda/A/Destroy Gaz. ("Dib drank the last soda. He will pay!")
skipcard Sunlight/A/Destroy Miss Bitters. ("Be quick! I can only survive so long in the sun.")
skipcard Germs/A/Destroy target person. ("Trying to conquer an alien world? Remember, never under estimate the small threats... like germs!")
skipcard Giant Water Balloon/A/Play this only if you control the Voot Cruiser. Destroy target thing. ("Now that I have access to your water balloon technology, I will annihilate you down to your every last cell!")
skipcard Screaming Temporal Doom/A/Play this only if you control a person. Destroy target person and the person you control. ("Now, to unleash screaming temporal doom!")
skipcard Professor Membrane/A/Return one card from the discard pile to your hand. ("And now, the man without whom this world falls into chaos, and the inventor of super toast!")
skipcard Operation Impending Doom II/A/Shuffle the discard pile (including this card) back into the draw pile, then draw one card. ("Welcome mighty Irken soldiers! You are the finest examples of military training the Irken army has to offer! Good for you.")
skipcard Obey Pustulio/A/Look at target player's hand. Take one card from their hand and put it in yours. ("If you tell me, I'll let you hold Pustulio's little hand.")
skipcard Skip Skool/A/If you control Zim, outside of The Skool, choose one: Return Master Plan from the discard pile to your hand OR destroy Photographic Evidence. If you control Dib, outside of The Skool, return Photographic Evidence from the discard pile to your hand. ("Zim wasn't in class today, Gaz.")
skipcard Irken Persuasion/A/Look at target player's hand. They must discard one card of your choice. ("Now watch as I unleash the full power of Irken persuasion!")
skipcard Bloaty's Pizza Hog/A/Each player must discard a number of cards, at random, equal to the number of person cards they control. ("Bloaty's. We're going to Bloaty's Pizza Hog. Pig... commands me!")
skipcard Hobo 13/A/Draw two cards. Flip a coin. If it's heads, discard a card. If it's tails, discard a card at random. ("It's the, um... finest military training planet ever! Zim, on Hobo 13 you'll be torn limb from limb!")
skipcard Ultra-Peepi/A/Destroy target non-person thing. ("Ms. Bitters, have you noticed anything strange about the hamster?")
skipcard Mall Security/A/Play this card only if The Mall is in play. Target player must discard two cards. ("The FBI! Nothing but amateurs! No, my friend, I'm afraid your tangling with someone far worse than the FBI. You just crossed... mall security!")
skipcard Space Meat/A/Counter Germs or destroy Germ-Spotting Micro Goggles. This card can be played at any time. If it is played outside of your turn, it counts as your action for your next turn. ("As even more advances in the field of space meat have been made and applied to what is now known as operation meat.")
skipcard The Great Foodening/A/Target player loses their next turn. Flip a coin. If it's tails, you also lose your next turn. ("The foodening! It's beginning! Snacking... so powerful!")
skipcard Space Time Object Replacement Device/T/Action: Choose a player. Give a thing you control to that player, then take a thing that player controls. Flip a coin. If it is tails, destroy this card. ("Anybody who would build a space time object replacement device is a complete moron!")
skipcard MegaDoomer/T/Action: Destroy this card. Target player must discard one card at random. ("GIR! Outlet! Before we're noticed!")
skipcard Nanosub/T/Action: Destroy this card. Gain control of target person. ("When you die, can I play?")
skipcard The PAK/T/Play this card only on a person. That person cannot be destroyed while this is in play. ("It's taking over my inferior human mind!")
skipcard Robotic Eyes/T/Action: Destroy this card. Target player must discard their hand and then draw five cards. ("For me? Oh, you are my bestest friend!")
skipcard Germ-Spotting Micro Goggles/T/Play this card only on a person. Germs cannot be played on that person. At the beginning of that person's controller's next turn, they must destroy this card and skip the rest of their turn. ("Wasn't that neat? Thank you for trying micro goggles. If you like what you saw, please order the full version.")
skipcard GIR/T/Action: Flip a coin. If it's heads, destroy target thing. If it's tails, destroy this card. ("Aw... I wanted to explode!")
skipcard GIR's Disguise/T/This can only be played on GIR. GIR does not count as Alien Tech if this card is in play. ("Okay, for you, I'm thinking maybe a dog.")
skipcard Duty Mode/T/Play this only on GIR. If using GIR's action would destroy GIR, destroy this card instead. ("This time on a dangerously high setting!")
skipcard Junk Food/A/Play this only if Duty Mode is not in play. Prevent GIR from destroying a card. This card can be played at any time. If it is played outside of your turn, it counts as your action for your next turn. ("But I neeeeed tacos! I need them or I will explode! That happens to me sometimes!")
skipcard Rubber Piggy/A/Choose one: prevent GIR from destroying a card OR destroy Duty Mode. This card can be played at any time. If it is played outside of your turn, it counts as your action for your next turn. ("Why my piggy!?! I love-ed you, piggy! I love-ed you!")
skipcard Deadly Waves of Stupidness/A/Play this only if GIR is in play. Target player must discard two cards at random. ("Stay away from the power amplifier! It's sending out deadly waves of stupidness!")
skipcard Prisoner 777/A/Search the draw pile for any alien tech card. Put that card into your hand, then shuffle the draw pile. ("The Tallest's command ship!?! That would be wrong! It'd infuriate the Armada! I designed that ship, you know. Here you go.")
skipcard MiniMoose/T/Action: Look at target player's hand. ("Oh, uh, that's MiniMoose, my, eh, other sidekick, eh, yeah, mmm. Yup, him with me the whole time!")
skipcard The Doom Song/T/At the beginning of each player's turn, they must flip a coin. On tails, they lose their turn. If a number of turns are skipped in a row equal to the number of players, destroy this card. ("Doom, doom, doom, doom, doom, ...")
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