Dvorak Export: Infinite Dvorak deck/Cards 901-1000

To import this deck into the Dvorak MUSH Engine, just cut and paste the quoted commands below straight into your telnet window. (Any card whose type is neither "Thing" nor "Action" will default to "Thing"; if it was somehow meant to be played like an Action, just destroy it after playing it.)

(You can also get an output formatted for the Dvorax Engine.)

Regenerate this output, minus the cards created by a comma-separated list of users:
skipcard Second-Hand Shop/T/Action: Discard a card to gain a number of Money tokens equal to the number of words in the card's title.
skipcard Guru Meditation/T/At the end of any turn in which no Things or Actions were played, draw a card.
skipcard The Summer Home Card/T/Whenever it is a player's turn, they must play as many cards as possible.
skipcard Year-Sucking Machine/T/At the end of each turn, remove the top card on the draw pile from play entirely. ("No one survives the machine.")
skipcard Rags-to-Riches Race/T/When you play this card, destroy all cards in play other than this one, which is not considered to be under any player's control. The first player to control 20 Things wins. If a player ever has 0 Things after the next turn cycle, they are eliminated from play. After you play this card, you may play another Thing. (""I will goooooo from rags to riches..."")
skipcard Scavenge (2G)/A/Move a card from the discard pile to your hand, then discard a card.
skipcard Firestorm (6R)/A/Give this card to the player on your right. That player must destroy 1 Thing he controls for each card that has been played since the end of his last turn.
skipcard Recycling Bin (5G)/T/Each other player may, once per turn, give you a card from eir hand in order to draw a card.
skipcard Rapid Fads (2S)/T/On each player's turn, when they would normally draw a card, they instead discard their hand and draw a new one.
skipcard Creepy Stuffed Owl (5T)/T/Whenever an Action ability or card that involves selecting a target is used by an opponent, flip a coin. If the coin comes up heads, they can select the target normally, but cannot target this card. If the coin comes up heads, then this card must be the target. This is the only way to target this card. If this Thing is ever made living, it is not affected by locations.
skipcard Old Photocopier (2X)/T/When this card is destroyed, it may not be returned from the discard pile. Action: Select any number of your Things, change their colour to black, and make them copies of one of your Things which was not selected. Then flip a coin and erase this card's effect if the coin comes up tails.
skipcard Waste Not Want Not/T/Whenever a card would be discarded, the player who is discarding it may play it instead. (This does not count towards their per-turn limit.)
skipcard Acid Rain/T/Each player must destroy a Thing they control (other than this card), at the start of each of their turns.
skipcard Hand Graft/A/Discard your hand. Take a Thing from play and put it into your hand.
skipcard Matter-Energy Converter No. 1 (EMC2)/T/Action: Destroy any number of your other tangible Things to play an equal number of Actions.%rWhen an opponent gains control of this card, destroy all of their other Things.
skipcard Matter-Energy Converter No. 2 (EMC2)/T/Action: Destroy any number of your other tangible Things to destroy an equal number of opposing Things.%rWhen an opponent gains control of this card, destroy all of their other Things.
skipcard Matter-Energy Converter No. 3 (EMC2)/T/Action: Destroy any number of your tangible Things to create and control an equal amount of Energy Tokens.%rWhen an opponent gains control of this card, destroy all of their other Things.
skipcard Universal Remote Control/T/Action: Activate the Action ability of any Thing in play, with you making any decisions required by it.
skipcard Barricade/T/Whenever an Action played by an opponent would affect either your Things or your hand, it instead has no effect and this Thing is destroyed.
skipcard Domino Effect/A/Destroy a Thing. Its controller may then choose to take this card and play it immediately.
skipcard Medieval Alchemy (4A)/T/Change all tokens (other than Fire, Water, Earth, Air and Money tokens) into Fire, Water, Earth or Air tokens (the controller of the token chooses which kind for each token). Action: Destroy a Water token, a Fire token, an Earth token and an Air token (all under your control) to create a Money token. Any player may use this ability at any time.
skipcard Elemental Powers (4)/T/Action: Destroy one of your Fire tokens and a Thing card. Action: Destroy one of your Water tokens and draw a card. Action: Destroy one of your Air tokens and control a Thing card. %rAction: Destroy one of your Earth tokens and render a Thing card's text blank.
skipcard Mass-Production Machine (1I)/T/Draw a card. For as long as this card is in play, all cards drawn are considered to be copies of that card.
skipcard Reproducible Bug/T/Play this onto a Thing controlled by an opponent, and place an Action card from your hand under this card. Whenever the Thing's Action ability is invoked, you may play a copy of the Action card.
skipcard Blank Tombstones (4P)/T/Flip the discard pile upside down. Whenever a player moves cards from the discard pile for whatever, he/she must look through the discard pile and keep them face down, not seeing what those cards are until they are moved them from the discard pile.
skipcard Supermagnet (NS)/T/Action: Take control of up to 6 metal Things.
skipcard Triple Threat (3T)/A/Destroy a Thing, take control of a Thing and force an opponent to discard a card from his/her hand.
skipcard Brain Drain/T/Whenever you draw a card, take a card at random from a chosen opponent's hand instead. (If opponents have no cards in their hands, you do not draw.)
skipcard Chessboard/T/When a Thing is destroyed by another Thing, put the destroying Thing in the place where the destroyed Thing was. Every turn, change this card's color from white to black or vice-versa. When another Location is played, destroy Chessboard.
skipcard Violet Violence (V8)/A/Destroy a number of non-purple Things equal to the number of purple cards you control (including your hand).
skipcard Purple Sabre (6C)/T/A Thing equipped with this card adds "Action: Destroy X Things and discard X cards from your hand. You cannot destroy a number of Things greater than the number of cards in your hand." to the end of its text.
skipcard Mao/T/Action:Target opponent must draw a card. ("Failure to say "Mao."")
skipcard Tollbooth/T/Whenever a player plays an Action or an Action ability of a Thing, he/she must destroy a thing he/she controls.
skipcard Bloodlust (H2)/T/When a Thing would destroy another Thing with an Action ability but fails, that Thing selects a different Thing as its target. ("Kill...kill...kill.")
skipcard Sir Répetitive (R7)/T/Action: Destroy a Thing. Action: Destroy a Thing. Action: Destroy a Thing. Action: Destroy a Thing. Action: Destroy a Thing. Action: Destroy a Thing. Action: Destroy a Thing.
skipcard Energy Concept (E3)/T/Give each player 25 Energy tokens. Whenever a player plays a card or uses an Action ability, they must destroy 1 Energy token they control. Whenever a player destroys or takes control of an opposing Thing, they create and control 2 Energy tokens. When a player has no Energy tokens left, they are eliminated from the game.
skipcard Cockroach/T/This Thing may not be destroyed.
skipcard Combination Safe/T/Tokens you control may not be destroyed or stolen by other players.
skipcard Farmland/T/Action: Put a Seed token into play. Action: Destroy a Seed token; draw a card, and put it into play in place of the Seed token, if it is a Thing. (If it is an Action, discard it.)
skipcard Operator (2B)/T/Play onto a Thing with an Action ability. That Thing's first action ability is triggered at the beginning of each of its owner's turns, but may not be used in place of an Action.
skipcard Über Micro/A/Choose one of the following: Draw three cards; destroy target Thing; or take another turn after this one.
skipcard Double Strike/A/Reveal an Action from your hand, when you play this; this card is treated as a copy of it.
skipcard Circlet of Courage (J6)/T/Play this card onto a Thing you control and add 'This overrides all other card effects.' to the end of its text.
skipcard Fan Club (C3)/T/Pick a creator. Destroy all cards in play (other than this one) that were not created by that creator. All players discard all cards in their hands not by that creator. Whenever a player draws a card by a different creator, they must remove that card from the game until they draw a card by the selected creator. This card counts as a club.
skipcard Reward/Risk (Y4)/T/Action: Destroy up to 6 Things. Then roll a 6-sided die and destroy this card if the result is equal to or less than the amount of Things you destroyed.
skipcard Token/T/
skipcard Stack/T/Action:put a Thing in play under this card and all cards under it.%rAction: remove the bottommost thing from under this card.%rIn addition its normal type and text, this card counts as a copy of the bottommost card under it (if any) and has all the text of that card.
skipcard Dave Eggers Attack/A/Destroy all opposing Things whose titles are 3 or fewer words long. ("Check out my Heartbreaking Card of Staggering Genius!")
skipcard Rookie Cards/T/If a player controls a card that was the first card its creator added to the Infinite Dvorak Deck, they win. A player may also reveal his/her hand and win if they have a card that was the first one its creator added to the Infinite Dvorak Deck in his/her hand. ("I'll trade you my The Ergonomics of the Situation for your Tempermental Cloning Machine.")
skipcard The Mad Hatter (L3)/T/Action: Each player takes another player's seat, taking their cards with them. Each player must end up in a different seat. Then flip a coin. If it comes up heads, play goes counterclockwise, if tails, clockwise. ("Twinkle twinkle little bat, how I wonder what you at.")
skipcard Dynamo/T/You may discard two cards at any time in order to play an Action out of turn.
skipcard Refuse/A/As an Action: Play in response to an opponent giving you one of their Things. Return the Thing to them.%rAs a Thing: None of your other Things can be destroyed by an opponent until Refuse is.
skipcard Life Should Be Flavourful/T/When you play this card, destroy all Things in play without flavortext. No cards without flavortext can be played while The Zest of Life is in play. ("This card doesn't destroy itself because it has flavortext.")
skipcard Boot/A/As an Action: Put target Thing in your hand.%rAs a Thing: Play this card onto a Thing you control and add 'Any cards destroyed by this card are removed from the game.' to its text. (""Disparaging the boot is a bootable offense".")
skipcard Last step Bungled/T/if this thing is in play you may put it in an opponents hand to prevent them from winning the game for one turn. ("You Forgot to Flip the Red Switch?")
skipcard Land of the Immortals/T/Things cannot be destroyed.
skipcard Bull's Eye/T/Whenever an Action or an Action ability of a Thing targets a Thing, it must target Bull's Eye.
skipcard Plot Complication/A/Remove target non-Token Thing you control from the game. Remove target non-Token Thing an opponent controls from the game. ("So the Token Eater fell in love with the Card Mine, and it kinda went downhill from there.")
skipcard Effigy (I9)/T/Choose one of your Things. Whenever that Thing would be destroyed, destroy Effigy instead. Effigy can't be voluntarily targeted. (""Your enemies must not be very bright."")
skipcard Ventriloquist Dummy (C3)/T/Whenever one of your Things uses an Action ability, it is considered to have been used by Ventriloquist Dummy. ("It's creepy too.")
skipcard Completely Loony Mix-Up (Z1)/T/All players draw cards at the end of their turn instead of at the beginning. (""Drawing at the end! It's just so crazy!")
skipcard Brought To You By ($$)/T/Once every turn, you may mention a fact about this card's sponsor (no repeats) to draw an extra card.
skipcard Canasta (7C)/T/Instead of drawing a card, you may put the top card from the discard pile into your hand.
skipcard Raise The Odds (..)/A/If you win the next game you play, win this game.
skipcard Last Gasp (1G)/A/Play in response to being eliminated from the game, or another player winning the game. Immediately take a turn; if you can win before it ends then you win instead.
skipcard Mighty hammer of DOOM (3d6)/T/Discard two cards: destroy target Thing.%rAction: destroy target Token.
skipcard Vandalize/A/With a felt pen, scribble on target Thing. Any part of the card that was scribbled on is considered to not exist. ("I am a confused, angry youth with no positive outlet.")
skipcard Pong/T/Crumple a piece of paper into a ball. Action: You and target player throw the ball back and forth until one fails to catch or fumbles it. When a player fumbles or fails to catch the ball, the other player gets a Point token and gains control of Pong. Whenever a player has 10 Point tokens, he/she wins the game. ("Bip...bong...bip...")
skipcard Blue Man Group/T/Put 3 Blue Man counters on this card. Whenever this card would be destroyed, remove a Blue Man counter from it and erase one of this card's Action abilities or else destroy it. Action: Use an inanimate Thing's Action ability. Action: Draw a card. Action: Play 2 Action cards from your hand.
skipcard Flipside (B4)/A/Put aside all cards you have in play. Play all the cards in your hand. Return all cards put aside to your hand.
skipcard MMORPG Model ($_$)/A/If you pay $10 to your opponent, you win.
skipcard Improvise (4Q)/A/Refill your hand to maximum size with any Dvorak cards, gaming cards or card-like items you can find in the room you're playing. ("Scratch here -- you may have already won $10000!%r #########################%r #########################%r #########################")
skipcard Raging Bull/T/Every turn, Raging Bull destroys a random Thing (this does not count as an Action).%rAction: Raging Bull doesn't destroy a Thing this turn. ("Not a reference to the movie.")
skipcard Card Puritanism (C3)/T/All Actions have "and destroy 5 token Things." added to the end.
skipcard Wolf/A/As an Action: Draw 4 cards and destroy a Thing you control.%rAs a Thing: Action: Destroy an organism.%rAction: Take control of up to 3 Tokens.
skipcard Petard Launcher/T/Action: Destroy a Thing that has the word 'destroy' in one of its action abilities.
skipcard Two-Handed Sword/T/You may not play cards. Action: Destroy a Thing other than Two-Handed Sword.
skipcard Gypsy Fair (S1)/T/Action: Take control of a Thing until your next turn.%rAction: Each player draws a card from the discard pile.%rAction: All players switch hands with the player on his/her left.%rAction: Draw a card and discard a card.%rAction: All players discard their hand and draw a new hand.%rAction: Destroy a Token you control.
skipcard Occam's Razor/A/Destroy all Things in play except for the one with the fewest words in its text. If there is a tie, don't destroy any of those Things.
skipcard Clone/A/If played as an Action:%rCreate and control a copy of target Thing.%rIf played as a Thing:%rThis card counts as a copy of target Thing. ("This card didn't really need to be an Action/Thing, but it is anyway. You can use it strategically in relation to your per-turn limit, though.")
skipcard Seriously, Give It A Rest (!D)/T/Things can't be destroyed by Actions that haven't been played from your hand.
skipcard Variance/T/Each Action can only be used once. Remove the card from the game or strike the text off the card once it's used.
skipcard Piñata/T/You may play this whenever another player destroys one of your Things. Draw 5 cards.
skipcard Inspector Gadget/T/Action: Reveal a Thing from your hand, and play any of its Action abilities as if Inspector Gadget had that ability (replacing the name of the revealed card with the name of this card).
skipcard Revolving Fireplace/T/Action: Put aside any number of Thing cards from your hand. Return all Things you control (except for this card) to your hand. Put all set aside Thing cards into play.
skipcard Locust/Lotus/T/As Locust:%rAction: Destroy 7 Tokens.%rAs Lotus:%rWhenever any of your Things are destroyed, draw that many cards.
skipcard Beam/Bean/T/As Beam:%rAction: Destroy Beam and target Thing. You may use this out of turn.%rAs Bean:%rEach turn, gain a Growth token.%rAction: Destroy Bean and all of your Growth tokens. Draw a number of cards equal to the number of growth tokens you destroyed.
skipcard This Card/T/Whenever a card's text says 'this card', it refers to This Card.
skipcard Puyo Puyo/T/Whenever there are four or more Things in play with the same color, destroy all of them.
skipcard Glass Ceiling/T/There can't be more Things in play than there were when this was played. Players may destroy their own Things at will.
skipcard Dave Eggers Block/A/Prevent the destruction of a Thing you control by an opposing card with a title 3 or fewer words long. If the opposing card was an Action, it still gets destroyed. ("Dave Eggers to the rescue!")
skipcard Viper/T/Action: Put a Poison counter on target living Thing-that Thing is now 'Poisoned'. This card cannot use its Action to put a Poison counter on a Poisoned Thing. Each turn, each Poisoned Thing gains a Poison counter. Whenever a Thing has 5 Poison counters on it, destroy it.
skipcard Pandemonium at the Theater/A/Look at the top 2 cards on the draw pile; if they are both created by Kevan, put them in your hand. Take control of a Thing created by Jindra34. Put target Thing created by Bucky into the hand of the player to your left. Move a card created by Corrigan (including this one) from the discard pile to your hand. Remove a card created by fanofphilosophy from the game.
skipcard Drawkcab/T/Turn order goes: Discard down to five cards; Play an Action and/or Thing; Draw a card.
skipcard DDoouubbllee/T/Whenever you draw a card, draw two instead. Whenever you would play an Action, you must play two Actions instead. Whenever you would play a Thing, you must play two Things instead. These effects are not recursive.
skipcard The B/T/Counts as half a Thing.%rAction: Draw half a card.
skipcard Scrubbed!/A/ ("This card has been removed by its creator.")
skipcard Cantor Set/T/At the start of your turn, all players discard a third of the cards in their hand, rounding up.
skipcard Bank Error In Your Favor/A/Gain 20 Money tokens.
skipcard The Thousandth Card/A/If there are 1000 or more cards in the draw pile, you win.
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