Dvorak Export: Infinite Dvorak deck/Cards 8901-9000

To import this deck into the Dvorak MUSH Engine, just cut and paste the quoted commands below straight into your telnet window. (Any card whose type is neither "Thing" nor "Action" will default to "Thing"; if it was somehow meant to be played like an Action, just destroy it after playing it.)

(You can also get an output formatted for the Dvorax Engine.)

Regenerate this output, minus the cards created by a comma-separated list of users:
skipcard Dismay (6D)/A/Each opponent discards a card.<BR><BR>When you discard this card from your hand, each player discards a card.
skipcard Consult The Texts (5C)/A/If X is undefined, X = the number of cards in your hand plus the number of Thing cards opponents control.<BR>Reveal the top X cards of the deck, then choose a creator. Put all cards by that creator revealed this way into your hand, then discard the rest.
skipcard Hollow Echo/A/Put target Thing on top of the draw pile. The next time its controller would draw a card, they instead draw the top card of the draw pile face-down as a blank Thing.
skipcard Gather Round/A/Gain control of up to one of each opponent's Things until the end of your turn. You may play another Action.
skipcard Riches to Riches/A/The player with the most cards in hand draws as many cards as they hold.
skipcard Y tho (X)/T/The value of Y is equivalent to the total number of tangible things in play minus the number of pennies that your opponents have on their person multiplied by twice the amount of actions in the deck plus 1. ("<i>Why...</i>")
skipcard Scrap Parts/A/Draw up to your hand limit of things from the deck. For each action in your hand, you may replace it with one of the things drawn from the deck. Discard all replaced actions and all unused things. ("Junkyard Jivin")
skipcard Re-Animation/A/Draw up to your hand limit of actions from the deck. For each thing in your hand, you may replace it with one of the actions drawn from the deck. Discard all replaced things and all unused actions. ("Landfill Livin")
skipcard Personal Flair (3P)/T/Action cards you play gain one of the following, chosen when this card enters play:<BR>"You may discard a card to draw a card."<BR>"Return this card to your hand, then discard a random card."<BR>"Look at the top two cards of the deck. You may put one or both in the discard pile."
skipcard Recycle Some Stuff (6R)/A/Choose any number of cards in the discard pile. Shuffle those cards into the deck, then draw a card for every ten cards you chose.
skipcard It Ain't Me (8I)/A/Put this card into the hand of target player who hasn't played It Ain't Me this game.<BR>When you discard this card or play it without having a valid target, each opponent in turn order may either gain control of one of your Things or draw two cards. ("Some folks are born silver spoon in hand.")
skipcard Zero-Day Exploit/T/Play this face-down. On an opponent's first use of an ability of a Thing that entered play before this, you may turn this face-up and attach it to that Thing: anyone may activate that ability, and you may do so once before your opponent. Action - Patch: Destroy this.
skipcard Convenient Excuse/T/When you would discard any number of cards, except in observation of your hand size limit, you may destroy this instead.
skipcard 3D Printer/T/When this enters play, attach a copy of a tangible Thing from your hand to it, out of play.<BR>Action and Thing: Put a copy of attached Thing into your hand.
skipcard Explore (7E)/A/Look at the top four cards of the deck. Put one into your hand, then shuffle Explore into the deck.
skipcard Safe House (9S)/T/Opponents must discard two cards to choose you or Safe House as a target.
skipcard Greedhoard Dragon (6G)/T/When this enters play, put the top X cards of the deck under it, where X is twice the number of players. When this is destroyed, each player in turn order, starting with you, draws a random card from under it.<BR>Action and Thing: Draw a random card from under Greedhoard Dragon.
skipcard Additive Piracy/A/Put a copy of 3D Printer (#8914) into your hand.<BR><BR>Instead of playing a Thing this turn, you may view target player's hand and put a copy of a tangible Thing in it into your hand. ("You wouldn't download a 3D printer...")
skipcard To-Do List/T/When this enters play, attach the Actions from the top five cards of the draw pile to it face-up, and each player may attach an Action from their hand to it as well; then shuffle the draw pile and the attached Actions.<BR>Action: Play the top Action on the list.
skipcard Resourceful Spirit/T/Once per turn, you may shuffle any number of cards from your hand into the draw pile and draw the same number, then discard a card.
skipcard Distrust (8D)/T/At the end of each player's turn, if that player controls at least 3 nontoken Things, destroy target Thing they control of their choice.
skipcard Devouring Swarm (4D)/T/Once during your turn when an opponent's Thing is destroyed, you may have that opponent discard a card.
skipcard Soulrend (8S)/A/Instead of playing a Thing this turn, you may draw a card.<BR><BR>Choose any number of target Things. For each of those Things, destroy it if you discard a card that shares a creator with that Thing.
skipcard Trinkets for the Riffraff/T/If one player has more cards in hand than all others, they must put a card from their hand on top of the draw pile at the end of their turn.
skipcard Controlled Burn/T/Destroy one of your non-token Things when you play this. On your next turn after this enters play, you may destroy this and play a Thing in its place without cost.
skipcard Prank Call/A/Answer: If the most recently Dialed call was placed by an opponent and no one has Answered it yet, discard this as soon as you draw it, along with another card from your hand. Otherwise,<BR>Dial: Shuffle this into the top 10 cards of the draw pile.
skipcard Kingdom Of Weird (4K)/T/Once during each player's turn, that player must discard a random card and draw a card. If they control a Royal Thing, they draw an additional card.<BR>When this Thing is put into the discard pile from play, draw a card.
skipcard Tear Down (8T)/A/Destroy target inanimate tangible Thing, OR<BR>Target opponent discards a card.
skipcard Gather Secrets (3G)/A/Choose one of the following, then choose a different one: *Put a card from the top 7 cards of the discard pile into your hand. *Look at the top 4 cards of the deck, put one into your hand, and discard the rest. *Draw four cards, then discard two random cards.
skipcard Technological Exchange/A/Put a copy of target Thing into each of its controller's opponents' hands. If you receive a Thing in this way, you may play it without cost.
skipcard Survey the Landscape/A/View the top three cards of the draw pile in order. You may move one of them to the top or bottom of the draw pile or draw an extra card at the beginning of your next turn.
skipcard Mystery Ingredient/A/Reveal a Thing with an ability from your hand, or reveal and discard cards from the draw pile until you reveal a Thing with an ability. During each player's next turn, if they play a Thing, the first Thing they play gains an ability of the revealed Thing and they must use it as the first Action of their turn.
skipcard Catchy Tune (0C)/T/When an opponent would draw a card, if this card is in play, they draw this card instead.
skipcard Derail (6D)/A/Target opponent discards their hand, then draws that many cards. They may not draw cards during their next turn. ("Now where was I going with this?")
skipcard Unity of Purpose (4U)/T/Things you control have all Action and/or Thing Abilities of Things you control.
skipcard Kiln/T/This enters play with a Flame token. Action: If Kiln is empty, put target tangible inanimate Thing inside it, out of play. Action: Return the Thing inside Kiln to play. If Kiln has a Flame token, that Thing's ruletext gains "Indestructible."
skipcard Crunch Time/T/Your hand size limit is 2. Whenever you play a card, you may draw a card or gain a Money token.
skipcard Conga Line/T/You may not control more than one copy of Conga Line. When an opponent who does not control a copy of Conga Line would draw a card, they instead put a copy of Conga Line into their hand.
skipcard Summon Soul (4L)/A/Play a living Thing from the discard pile. Add the words "Ghost of" to the beginning of its name until it leaves play.
skipcard Cult Ritualist (5L)/T/Thing: Destroy a living Thing that isn't a Cultist. Its controller gains a Cultist token.%r%rAction+Thing: If there are at least five Cultists in play, you may eliminate a player who has fewer Cultists than you.
skipcard Summon the Flock (6L)/A/Gain X Sheep tokens. If X is undefined, use X=5.
skipcard Rob The Rich (0R)/A/If one player controls more Things than any other, destroy target non-token Thing they control chosen randomly.<BR>Draw a card.
skipcard Rapid Adaptation (5R)/A/Until your next turn, whenever a player plays a card, draw a card.
skipcard Bucket of Catching (6B)/T/Whenever an opponent discards a card due to their maximum hand size, put it under this card.<BR>Once during your turn, you may draw a card of your choice from under this card.
skipcard Hard Shell/T/Your Things may only be destroyed by a card whose cornervalue contains a number greater than the number of cards in your hand. ("Adapted from Evolution")
skipcard Fat Tissue/T/If you would discard a card due to your hand size limit when Fat Tissue contains fewer cards than the number of your other Things, you may instead put a card from your hand under Fat Tissue, out of play. Action: Put a card under Fat Tissue into your hand. If your hand is empty at the end of your turn, do so immediately without cost. ("Adapted from Evolution")
skipcard Symbiosis/T/Any Thing controlled by you cannot be targeted if you control another Thing immediately to its right which has more words in its title or lines of ruletext. ("Adapted from Evolution")
skipcard Spine Launchers (4S)/T/Action: Discard two cards that share a character in their cornervalues. If you do, destroy target Thing and draw a card.
skipcard Sever (5S)/A/Remove an Action Ability from target Thing <BR>OR target opponent reveals their hand and discards a card of your choice.
skipcard Chocolate Simulacrum (9C)/T/Thing: Choose a publicly visible Thing card. Chocolate Simulacrum becomes a copy of that card, except it's made of chocolate and is destroyed if set on fire.
skipcard Cry for Help (7L)/A/Draw and reveal a card. If it's an Action and you don't have a Knight, gain a Knight token. If it's a Thing and you don't have a Dragon, gain a Dragon token.
skipcard Burninate (8L)/A/Destroy a Thing belonging to a player with no Knight. If you have a Dragon, destroy up to two more Things belonging to the same player.
skipcard Karl (9L)/T/When an opponent destroys one of your Things, this destroys one of their Things at random.
skipcard Dismiss/A/Return target Thing to its controller's hand. They may not play it during their next turn.
skipcard Tuning Fork (440)/A/Gain control of any number of Things in play whose titles, cornervalues, or ruletexts contain a capital A.
skipcard Turn the Other Cheek/T/You may only play this if an opponent destroyed one of your Things during their most recent turn. When you play this, they choose another of your Things to destroy as well. They may not win the game and you may not be eliminated. If they would destroy this, they discard their hand as well.
skipcard Exploration (1E)/T/When this card enters play, attach the top 3 cards of the deck to it face-down.<BR>When you would draw a card, you may draw it from among face-up cards attached to this card. Attach the top card of the deck to this card.<BR>Action or Thing: Flip one of the attached cards face-up.
skipcard Deep Drill (9D)/A/Look at the bottom 5 cards of the deck. Put two of them into your hand.
skipcard Shockwave (9S)/A/Discard cards from the top of the deck until one has exactly one nonzero digit in its cornervalue. That many times, destroy target Thing chosen at random.<BR><BR>Instead of playing a Thing this turn, you may have the first Thing chosen this way be chosen at random from among non-token Things you don't control.
skipcard Pitch Pipe/T/Action - Blow: Choose A, B, C, D, E, F, or G. Until the end of your turn, you control any number of target Things in play whose titles, cornervalues, or ruletexts contain the corresponding capital letter. You may not blow the same note on consecutive turns.
skipcard Pick Up Litter/A/If the top card of the discard pile was discarded by an opponent, put it into your hand.
skipcard Visitor from the Future/A/Search the top 50 cards of the draw pile for an animate Thing. Reveal it and put it into your hand. It gains "If this would enter the discard pile, shuffle it into the draw pile instead." Shuffle the draw pile.
skipcard Brainstorming Session (0B)/A/Draw three cards. At the start of each other player's next turn, they may draw an extra card if they play no cards that turn.
skipcard Missing Piece (2M)/T/When this card enters play, draw a card. Each opponent's maximum hand size is reduced by one. ("It is a fragment, not of a grand design, but of an obfuscation of that design.")
skipcard Exclusion (9E)/A/Starting with you, each player other than target player may draw two cards then put one of them into play if it's a Thing.
skipcard Knapsack of Holding/T/If you would discard a card due to your hand size limit when the Knapsack is empty, you may instead move a Thing from your hand into it face-up. Things in the Knapsack are considered to be in your hand and not in play, but they do not count toward your hand size limit.
skipcard Cargo Crush/T/Remove the cards in the draw pile from the game when this enters play and put them on the bottom of the draw pile when this leaves play. At the end of their turn, each player gains an Empty Crate token.
skipcard Systems Support Engineer/T/You may move this to the discard pile at any time to draw a card, optionally putting it into play if it is a Thing.<BR>Action: View the top card of the draw pile.
skipcard Eye For An Eye (1E)/A/Destroy target Thing. If it had any eyes, put this card into its controller's hand.
skipcard Shady Exchange (3S)/A/Your next opponent in turn order chooses a Thing you control. Put it into the discard pile. If you do, put another card from the discard pile into your hand, then draw a card. ("...Seems legit.")
skipcard Gift Of Prophecy (4G)/T/When this enters play, look at the top 20 cards of the deck. Attach up to 3 of them to Gift of Prophecy face-down, then shuffle the deck. Discard them if this card leaves play. Target player gains control of Gift of Prophecy.<BR>When you would draw a card from the deck, instead draw the top prophesied card. Put this in the discard pile when the last is drawn.
skipcard Wisdom of Hindsight/T/When another of your Things would go to the discard pile, you may instead put it under Wisdom of Hindsight (and out of play).
skipcard Endless Hallway/T/When this enters play, attach up to one Thing in each player's control to it. It and attached Things are considered to be in no one's control, but any player may use one of their abilities during their turn.
skipcard Something Up My Sleeve/A/Move target Thing Up Your Sleeve, or play any number of cards from Up Your Sleeve.
skipcard Blockchain (0B)/T/Opponents can't gain control of your Things. Cards in your hand and Things you control can't be put in opponents' hands.
skipcard Right Click -> Save Image As... (6R)/A/Create a copy of target Thing and put it into your hand.
skipcard Dragonstrike (1D)/A/Destroy target non-Dragon Thing. For each Dragon you control, you may play an additional Action or Thing Ability of that Dragon this turn.
skipcard Study History (1M)/A/Return two random Actions from the discard pile to your hand. If you play any of them as an Action this turn, put it on the bottom of the deck instead of the top of the discard. %r You may also return one of your nontoken Things to your hand.
skipcard Doomed to Repeat It (2M)/T/At the start of your turn, play the bottom card of the discard pile. If you can't play it, eliminate yourself.
skipcard Imperial Censor (3M)/T/Action: Choose a word. All cards in the discard pile with that word in their name or ruletext go Up Your Sleeve.
skipcard Bullying Taunt/T/Once per turn when you destroy a Thing, you may have its controller discard a card.<BR>Thing: They discard a random card instead.
skipcard Void Node/T/Things with Void tokens are considered blank. When your turn begins, destroy all Void tokens except one. When your turn ends, for each Node you control, a random non-Node Thing card in play gains a Void token. Action: Replace target Void token and attached Thing(s) with a blank Thing.
skipcard Three-Way Trade/A/Exchange the positions of the topmost Thing in the discard pile and two target Things belonging to different players.
skipcard Preservation (2P)/T/Action: Put the topmost Thing in the discard pile into your hand. Any player may play this ability.
skipcard Corporate Control (6C)/A/Destroy target Thing UNLESS its controller reveals their hand and discards a card of your choice, gaining 3 Money tokens if they do. <BR>You may spend 3 Money tokens to treat UNLESS as AND. (""Record labels will change your message, and they'll change your mind." - Sunny Side Up")
skipcard Thanksgiving Leftovers For Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner/A/Put the 5 topmost Thing cards in the discard pile on top of the deck in a random order. Draw two cards. Each player gains a Food token.
skipcard Imperial Archivist (4M)/T/Up to twice during your turn, you may move a card from one place in the discard pile to another.
skipcard Illumnati Plot (5M)/A/Play only if the discard pile has at least seven cards. %r If the top seven cards of the discard pile are descending in alphabetical order, you win the game. Otherwise, choose seven cards in the discard pile, put them on top of the deck in a random order, and draw a card.
skipcard White Elephant Exchange (6M)/A/Give any number of opponents a card from the discard pile each. Each of those players gives you a card from the discard pile in the same order.
skipcard Guard (1)/A/Name a card other than Guard. If target opponent's hand contains a card with that name, they are eliminated. ("Adapted from Love Letter")
skipcard Priest (2)/A/View target opponent's hand. ("Adapted from Love Letter")
skipcard Baron (3)/A/Challenge target opponent by choosing a card from your hand with a cornervalue containing a number. They may decline the challenge by discarding their hand, or else do likewise. If they accept, the player with the lower numbered cornervalue is eliminated. ("Adapted from Love Letter")
skipcard Matter Cycler (2M)/T/Whenever another Thing you control is destroyed, gain an Energy token.<BR>Whenever you play an Action, you may spend an Energy token to draw a card.
skipcard Raise The Stakes (4R)/T/Once per turn when a player destroys a Thing other than this one, you gain an Energy token, and that player draws cards equal to the number of Energy tokens you control.
skipcard Bury Treasure (2B)/A/Choose any number of Things that have an X anywhere on them. For each of them, put a card from the discard pile or from target player's hand face-down under that Thing.
skipcard Handmaid (4)/A/Opponents' Actions may not affect you until your next turn. ("Adapted from Love Letter")
skipcard Prince (5)/A/Target player discards all Royals and Attendants in their hand and draws the same number of cards. If they discard the Princess in this way, they are eliminated. ("Adapted from Love Letter")
skipcard King (6)/A/Exchange hands with target opponent. ("Adapted from Love Letter")
skipcard Weird Noise (0W)/T/Play into any player's control.<BR>Your maximum hand size is reduced by the number of cards you've drawn this turn. ("You should really get that checked out.")
skipcard Power Converter (4P)/T/Spend X Energy tokens: You may play an additional Action this turn.<BR>Discard X cards: Gain an Energy token.<BR>When this enters play and at the start of your turn, X=1. Whenever you use one of the above abilities, add 1 to X.
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