Dvorak Export: Infinite Dvorak deck/Cards 8501-8600

To import this deck into the Dvorak MUSH Engine, just cut and paste the quoted commands below straight into your telnet window. (Any card whose type is neither "Thing" nor "Action" will default to "Thing"; if it was somehow meant to be played like an Action, just destroy it after playing it.)

(You can also get an output formatted for the Dvorax Engine.)

Regenerate this output, minus the cards created by a comma-separated list of users:
loadcard Postcrossing/T/Action (global): Send target opponent a token named after a country, city, or other named location. Draw a card.
loadcard Scholarly Robes (4S)/T/Your maximum hand size is increased by 1.<BR>Once during your turn, you may draw a card if you have 5 or more cards in hand.
loadcard Wizardly Robes (3W)/T/Once during your turn, you may discard a card to gain a Mana Token.<BR>When you play an Action card, you may spend a Mana Token to insert "Draw a card or gain a Token of your choice." anywhere in that Action's text. ("<div style="text-align: center;">Behold robes?<BR>Y/N</div>")
loadcard Slam Against (1S)/A/For each of two target Things, roll a d6 and add a number in that Thing's cornervalue to the result. Destroy the Thing with the lower result, or both Things if it's a tie.
loadcard Clerical Robes/T/Once during your turn, you may discard a card to gain a Divine Protection token with "Consume this to prevent a Thing's destruction" if you have none. Action: Destroy target evil or undead Thing.
loadcard Infinity Abridged/T/Whenever a card is drawn, move the top ten cards of the draw pile to the discard pile.
loadcard Prevenge/A/It's probably only a matter of time until target opponent destroys one of your Things. Destroy one of their Things first.
loadcard Ultimate Palm Strike (5H)/A/Destroy a Thing. If your hand is empty, destroy all the other Things, too.
loadcard Recover (6H)/A/Draw two cards. If your hand was empty before drawing, draw three more cards.
loadcard Rags to Riches (7H)/T/When you play this, discard your hand.%r%rAction: If your hand is full, win the game.
loadcard On the House/A/Every player may draw a card.
loadcard Surprise Attack/T/Play this card during an opponent's turn if you did not play an Action during your most recent turn. Destroy target Thing they control.
loadcard Deft Grab/T/Action: If you don't have any cards in hand, put the top card of the discard pile into your hand.
loadcard Terminal Illness (8H)/A/Give an opponent a Cancer token with "If you have five Cancer tokens, you lose". If your hand is empty, give them three more copies of that token.
loadcard Closing Remark (9H)/A/Play an Action from the discard. If your hand is empty, you may play a second Action from the discard. Either way, end your turn.
loadcard The House (1I)/T/When you play this, put a token of any type on it. %rWhenever a token is put on The House, every player gains a copy of it; if you gain a token for any other reason, you may put it on The House.
loadcard Pyromancer (F)/T/At the start of your turn, destroy all things with a Pyromancy token on them. Should this thing be destroyed, all things with a Pyromany token are also destroyed. This thing cannot be destroyed by fire, nor can be frozen. Any player who has 3 Pyromancy tokens is eliminated. Action: Give target thing/player a Pyromancy Token.
loadcard Cryomancer (I)/T/At the start of your turn, destroy all Cryomancy tokens. Any things/players that have a Cryomancy token cannot be destroyed by fire, nor can they perform actions. This thing cannot be frozen, nor can it be destroyed by fire. Action: Give target thing/player a Cryomancy Token.
loadcard Electromancer (E)/T/At the start of your turn, all non-metallic things with a Electromancy token are destroyed. Any actions targetting things/players with an Electromancy token gain an Electromancy token for the thing/player doing the action. If a player has 3 Electromancy tokens, they are eliminated. Electromancer cannot be destroyed with electricity.Action: Give target thing/player a Electromancy Token.
loadcard Strike Down (0S)/A/Target opponent discards all but one card from their hand and chooses a Thing you control. Destroy all other Things you control.
loadcard Build Up (7B)/A/Each opponent may put a Thing card from their hand into play under anyone's control. Draw five cards then discard down to your max hand size.
loadcard Fortifications (4F)/T/Each Thing you control with a digit from 5-9 in its cornervalue can't be destroyed by opponents' cards.<BR>Fortifications can't be destroyed by a card without a digit from 5-9 in its cornervalue.
loadcard Binoculars (2I)/T/When you draw a card, you may look at the card below it.
loadcard Revoke Fate (3I)/A/Shuffle the deck, then draw a card. Destroy all Curse, Omen and Doom tokens.
loadcard Hand of Fate (4I)/T/Play in response to an opponent shuffling the deck or choosing something at random. Prevent the deck from being shuffled or dictate that choice. You may look at and rearrange the top six cards of the deck.
loadcard Cursed Deck (C4)/T/Whenever a player draws from the deck, you may instead give them this card and cancel them drawing 1 card.
loadcard 1000 Ninjas who can't fight for nothing./T/While this is in play, all players may not play cards which have any thematical similarities. ("It's a common rule that the more Ninjas you have, the less effective they all are.")
loadcard Snipe/A/Destroy target thing. This is unavoidable.
loadcard Fade/A/Until the beginning of your next turn, opponents may not target your Things or cards in your hand without your consent.<BR><BR>Instead of playing a Thing this turn, you may recover this card from the discard pile at the beginning of your next turn instead of drawing from the draw pile.
loadcard Spyglass/T/Action: View a random card in target opponent's hand.
loadcard Marine Layer/T/Actions may not target Things. At the end of each player's turn, after discarding down to their maximum hand size if necessary, they discard a card. Marine Layer moves to the discard pile at the beginning of your turn.
loadcard Pickup Bot (9P)/T/When this Thing enters play, move target card from the discard pile to your hand.<BR>Turn: Return Pickup Bot to your hand.
loadcard In Tribute (9T)/A/Treat this sentence as the Action Ability of a Thing card in the discard pile of your choice.
loadcard Disciplinary Action (8D)/A/Target opponent discards two cards and destroys a Thing they control. Create a copy of a random card from the Novels booster pack and add it to their hand. ("No electronics for you. Read something instead.")
loadcard Riches to Rags (7H)/T/When you play this, steal the hands of all opponents.%r%rAction: If your hand is empty, you win the game.
loadcard Poisonous Dart/T/Action: Force target living thing to eat this dart. Destroy this thing along with target thing. ("Poison means that if you eat it, you'll die. Venom means that if it eats you, you'll die.")
loadcard Endless Quiver/T/Action: Gain an arrow token.
loadcard Virtual Card Pair (α)/T/Unplayable. If you would discard this, shuffle it into the draw pile instead. If five or more cards remain in your hand when you discard this, put the draw pile's topmost Action and Thing into your hand first.
loadcard Baggage Inspector/T/Play into any player's control.<BR>When you would draw a card, instead put the top card of the draw pile under Baggage Inspector. At the beginning and end of your turns, flip a coin if there are any cards under inspection: on heads, put one into your hand. If you choose not to draw cards for a whole turn, Baggage Inspector senses that it would operate more efficiently in target opponent's control.
loadcard What in the world can <i>that</i> be?/A/Exchange a Thing you control with an opponent's Thing. ("Well, I could have sworn I saw something... No matter.")
loadcard Actuator (5I)/T/Once per round, you may spend two tokens to take an extra Action during your turn.%r%rAction: Gain an Energy token
loadcard Smoke Screen (6I)/T/Once per round, you may spend three tokens including at least one Smoke token to play a Thing in response to an opponent's card.%r%rThing: Gain a Smoke token.
loadcard Ignite (7I)/A/Gain two Smoke tokens. Put a Flame token on a Thing. If it still has a Flame token on it at the end of the turn, destroy both it and the Flame token.
loadcard Noble Ancestry/T/Your hand size is increased by one. Any opponent who causes you to lose control of a non-token Thing must discard a card.
loadcard Flagon of Havoc/T/Action: Shuffle at least three cards into the draw pile. For each one, the Flagon receives into itself the topmost Action in the discard pile. If the Flagon is destroyed, one of its Actions takes refuge in your hand.<BR>Action: Drink from the Flagon, invoking the effects of a random Action within.
loadcard Conjure from Shadow/A/Search the draw pile for a tangible Thing. Shuffle the draw pile, then shuffle the Thing into the top ten cards of the draw pile.
loadcard Burdens (7B)/T/When Burdens enters play, target player gains control of it.<BR>You can't play cards whose cornervalues share a symbol with the cornervalue of a Thing you control.
loadcard (Don't) Forget The Past (7D)/T/When a player plays a card from the discard pile or puts a card in the discard pile into their hand, they discard a card afterward.<BR>Action:  Put a card from the discard pile into your hand. Destroy this card at the end of the turn.
loadcard Lunamancer (0L)/T/When Lunamancer enters play, create a random card from the Moons booster pack and put it into play under your control.<BR>Opponents who control a moon can't target you with non-moon Actions.
loadcard Appeal to the Heavens/A/Choose a number of cards from the Moons booster pack equal to the number of players. Shuffle them together and deal one into each player's control.
loadcard Overtake/A/Target opponent with one or two more cards in hand than you gives you a card. Draw a card.
loadcard Rendezvous Point/T/When an animate Thing you control would be destroyed, you may instead move it Up Your Sleeve until the end of your next turn and then return it to your hand.
loadcard Lesser Guardian (4G)/T/Opponent's cards without a digit from 5-9 in their cornervalues can't destroy Lesser Guardian or force you to discard cards.
loadcard Greater Guardian (5G)/T/Opponent's cards without a digit from 6-9 in their cornervalues can't destroy Greater Guardian or force you to discard cards.
loadcard What Might Have Been (7W)/A/Play a card from the discard pile. If you discarded that card since the start of your last turn, draw two cards.
loadcard Carronade/T/Thing - Load: Gain a Round Shot token. Action - Ram: Spend a Round Shot token; Carronade gains one use of "Action - Fire: Remove target tangible Thing from the game."
loadcard Weather Gage/T/If an opponent would destroy one of your Things, you may either prevent its destruction or destroy a Thing they control in response. If you begin your turn holding the Weather Gage but end your turn without playing any cards, either discard a card or relinquish control of it. Action or Thing (global) - Maneuver: Flip a coin or discard a card to gain the Weather Gage.
loadcard Lay Smoke/A/Return a Thing you control to your hand. Opponents' Actions may not target you or your Things until the beginning of your next turn.
loadcard Transparent Draw (5T)/A/Draw two cards. You may reveal your hand. If you do, draw another card.
loadcard Summoning Spell (4S)/A/Look at the top X cards of the deck, where X is a digit in the cornervalue of a card you reveal from your hand. You may put a Thing card from among those cards into play under your control.
loadcard Wild Magic (9W)/T/When you would play an Action card with a cornervalue, reveal the top X cards of the deck, where X is a digit in that card's cornervalue. You must swap the played Action with an Action card revealed this way if possible. Then shuffle the deck. Draw a card if no Action card was revealed this way.
loadcard Wand of Amplification/T/When you play Wand of Amplification, repeat the effects of the next Action you play this turn. <BR>Action: Return Wand of Amplification to your hand.
loadcard Walk It Off/T/Play immediately in response when one of your Things is destroyed. Draw a card. You may play it if you wish.
loadcard Repotentiate/A/Move target Thing to the top of the draw pile.
loadcard Mana Burn (M5)/A/Target player loses all of their mana tokens. Destroy one of their things as well.
loadcard Mana Polarizer (M4)/T/At the start of your turn, gain a Mana Token and either destroy one of your things OR gain a Life Drain token. If you have 5 Life Drain Tokens, you are eliminated. If you destroy your own Life Drain tokens gained from this card, you are also eliminated.
loadcard Mana Crystal (M3)/T/If you do not have Gem (#7470) in your hand or in control, you may not play this. If you do, you must discard/destroy it when this enters play.%rAt the beginning of your turn, gain a Mana Token.
loadcard Nothing Personal, Kid/A/Gain control of target Thing. Give its former controller a card from your hand.
loadcard Same-Day Delivery/A/Target opponent gives you a Thing from their hand and gains a Money token. If their hand contains no Things, they instead give you the next Thing they draw and refund you the Money token in apology for the delay.
loadcard Bookmobile/T/When this enters play, put a copy of a card in the Novels booster pack into your hand, then shuffle a copy of every other card in the pack together and place them face-down under this. The next time each player would draw a card, they instead take a card from the Bookmobile. Once per turn, a player with a Novel may shuffle it back into the Bookmobile and draw a new one.
loadcard Inverse Law Of Ninjas (I6)/T/Any player who has the most things may not win the game, nor use actions from their things.
loadcard Jellify (J3)/A/Destroy target thing and gain a Jelly token.
loadcard Faulty Die (D-4)/T/When playing, you may play this on any player. While this is under your control, any actions you take have a 25% chance of failing, causing them to do nothing.
loadcard Rushed Rollout/A/Play up to two Things, then discard your hand.
loadcard Giant Foam Die/T/When a card calls for a die to be rolled, you may decide its result. Action: Throw Giant Foam Die into target opponent's control, knocking a random other Thing they control back into their hand, or into the discard pile if it is a tangible Thing.
loadcard Meh/A/Draw a card.
loadcard Throwing Stone (3T)/A/Gain an Earth Token<BR> OR give target opponent a token you control. They discard a card.<BR><BR>Draw a card.
loadcard Timeline Twist (3T)/A/Draw a card. Look at the top 5 cards of the deck. Put one of them in the discard pile, shuffle the deck, then put a card from the discard pile on top of the deck.<BR>You may play an additional Action this turn.
loadcard Bid For Power (1B)/A/Choose target player and roll a d6. Instead of playing a Thing this turn, you may roll the d6 again and choose which result to keep. That player draws that many cards minus 2 <i>(to draw a negative card this way, discard a card)</i>.
loadcard Stepping Stone/T/You may only play Stepping Stone if it is the only card in your hand. You may draw a card anytime your hand is empty. If you have four or more cards in hand, shuffle Stepping Stone back into the draw pile.
loadcard Hacking Time/T/When you play this, draw as many cards as you have opponents; your opponents may not draw cards before your next turn. Your maximum hand size is increased by the number of your opponents. ("<div style="text-align: center; white-space: pre;">YOU ARE ABOUT TO HACK TIME,<BR>ARE YOU SURE?<BR>>YES  NO </div>")
loadcard Boss Makes a Dollar,<BR>I Make a Dime/A/Draw three cards and give target opponent a card from your hand.
loadcard En Croissant/A/If you played a thing that was destroyed last turn by an opponent's thing, destroy said opponent's thing. (""Don't you mean en passant?"")
loadcard King/T/When this enters play, all other players gain a copy of this. If this is destroyed, discarded, or otherwise removed from your control, you lose the game. If this would be destroyed, you may instead choose one of your other things to be destroyed.
loadcard Check/A/Force target player to destroy one of their non-token things.
loadcard Cannon (炮)/T/The position of a Thing in play may not be adjusted except by the following abilities. Action (global): Move a Thing you control in a straight line without touching or passing over other cards.<BR>Action: Destroy target Thing if exactly one card or pile of cards is inbetween it and Cannon. Move Cannon into the destroyed Thing's former position. You retain control of Cannon.
loadcard And Stay Down/A/Destroy target Thing. If you can't, move it to the discard pile. If that doesn't work, remove it from the game, rendering it blank first if necessary. If it would somehow return, rip it in half, then take it out and <i>burn</i> it.
loadcard Is There Any Red Port Left?/A/The next player in turn order gives you an Action from their hand, if they have any, or else a copy of Rest (#4902). Look at the top card of the draw pile. If it is also an Action, you may choose one of these cards to play. Otherwise, put one of them into your hand. In either case, give the remaining card to the opponent.
loadcard Romance is Dead/T/Whenever someone plays a reaction, you may prevent said reaction's ability from taking place.
loadcard Romans are Dead/A/Destroy all Roman related cards.
loadcard Ramen is Fed/T/While you control this, you can never suffer negative effects from starvation.
loadcard Humans Are Dead/A/Destroy all humans. Each player who controls a robot may draw a card. (""There's only one kind of dance: the robot."<BR>"Well, and the robo-boogie—"<BR>"Oh yes, the robo—"<BR>"Two kinds of dances."")
loadcard Inner City Pressure/T/Players may not draw cards except by the following ability. Action or Thing (global): Draw a card. ("You want to sit down but you've sold your chair, so you... you just stand there.")
loadcard Business Time/A/You may play up to three other cards this turn. Discard your hand and skip your next turn. ("It's time for business, that's why they call them business socks.")
loadcard Virgin/T/Action: Destroy this, and draw 2 cards. ("The gods are smiling at us. Or maybe they're goldfish.")
loadcard Milk/T/Cards negetavely affecting your thing's skeletal structure take no effect. ("Your Skeleton has never been more stronger.")
loadcard Aeroknife/T/Action: Destroy this and target tangible thing. ("What did you think popping out most of the metal in this thing would do?")
loadcard Bottled Cargo (2B)/T/When Bottled Cargo is destroyed, gain Crate Tokens equal to a digit in its cornervalue. They have "Action:  Destroy this token and draw a card."
loadcard Kingside Castle (4K)/A/Draw two cards. You may return a Thing you control to your hand to put another Thing from your hand into play.
loadcard Queenside Castle (5Q)/A/Put a Thing from your hand into play. You may return another Thing you control to your hand to draw two cards.
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