Dvorak Export: Infinite Dvorak deck/Cards 8401-8500

To import this deck into the Dvorak MUSH Engine, just cut and paste the quoted commands below straight into your telnet window. (Any card whose type is neither "Thing" nor "Action" will default to "Thing"; if it was somehow meant to be played like an Action, just destroy it after playing it.)

(You can also get an output formatted for the Dvorax Engine.)

Regenerate this output, minus the cards created by a comma-separated list of users:
loadcard From Day One (7M)/T/This enters play with a copy of Card Mine (#9), Cutting Corners (#10), The Useless Card (#11), Core Ruleset Loophole (#15), Leverage Scam (#16), Anti­matter (#19), Generic Elves (#21), and Token Eater (#25) face down under it. Action: Draw a random card from under this. You may play it if it is an Action.
loadcard Too Much Dust/A/Target player loses their next turn.
loadcard Haze/A/Everyone discards their hand, and redraws up to thier maximum handsize. No Player can look at their hand until their next turn.
loadcard Act II/A/Choose a discarded Action, and use that Action.
loadcard Intuition/T/Action: Target opponent reveals a card from their hand. ("Adapted from the Rock Paper Scissors deck")
loadcard Fuming Cauldron/T/Once during your turn, you may make all players discard a card. ("From the Potion Factory deck")
loadcard Blockade Runner (2)/T/+1 maximum hand size. %rYour hand is safe from your opponents' discard actions and abilities, and from opponents looking at it. ("From the Combo Pirates deck")
loadcard Canadimedian/T/Whenever someone tells a joke, they have to apologise for making a terrible joke.
loadcard Temporary Darkness/A/Flip over all cards that are face-up. flip them back over by the start of your next turn.
loadcard Paintball Gun/T/Action: Target thing's text is considered to be nonexistant until water is used to wash off the paint.
loadcard Act Of Hubris (1A)/A/Draw a card. You may play it if it's an Action. If you don't play it this way, destroy a Thing you control.
loadcard Ultimate Rock Candy (7U)/T/The first time each turn that this card is destroyed, it stays in play instead of moving to the discard pile.
loadcard Pyrrhic Victory (4P)/A/Put all other cards from your hand and all non-Token Things you control in the discard pile. If you discard at least 8 cards this way, you win the game! *If you win this way and your playgroup plays another game of Dvorak after this one, draw two fewer cards in your opening hand.
loadcard Shadow Clone (2C)/A/Gain control of a copy of target thing. Amend the following sentence to the end of the text: %rIf this is destroyed, remove this thing from the game.
loadcard Devisive Action/A/If there are any player teams, all teams are dissolved into solo players.
loadcard One for the price of Two, and another one absolutely free!/A/Draw 2 cards
loadcard Obsessive Sorter (1G)/T/If you start your turn while you control 5 or more Things with the same creator and no other non-token Things besides this, you win.%r%rAction:Destroy one of your non-token Things. Draw a card if you had no other Things with the same creator.
loadcard Grammar Collector (2G)/T/If you start your turn while you control a person (other than this), a place, an idea, and a Thing that is none of those, you win.
loadcard Virus (3G)/A/Replace target Thing's text with "Action: move a card named Virus from the discard to your hand." until that Thing leaves play.
loadcard Hold That Thought (7A)/T/Play immediately in response to an opponent's Action. Before that Action takes place, play an Action.
loadcard By a Thread (1B)/A/If you have one card in your hand, each opponent with more than one card in their hand must discard down to one.
loadcard Any Minute Now (6I)/T/At the beginning of your turns, roll a die. If you roll a 1, roll again, draw that many cards, and move this card to the discard pile.
loadcard Renaissance (1R)/A/If you control no Things, draw until you have 5 cards in hand.
loadcard Contest Of Action (5C)/T/Whenever a player plays an Action card they haven't already played this turn, that player gains 1 point. A player who scores 5 points this way wins.<BR> When this would be destroyed, each player loses a point instead.
loadcard Preparation Montage (8P)/T/You can't play Actions other than this Thing's Action Ability.<BR>Action: Draw a card. Put a Thing into play from your hand or destroy this Thing. Play this ability no more than once per turn.
loadcard Crow's Bounty (3O)/T/When this enters play and at the beginning of your turns, reveal the top card of the draw pile. If it is a tangible Thing, you may discard a card to put it into play without cost. Otherwise, move the revealed card to the discard pile. ("I don't know, it just brings me things sometimes.")
loadcard Sus (3S)/A/Unless a majority of your other opponents disagree, target opponent reveals their hand to you. If they hold a card which could eliminate a player, they are eliminated.
loadcard Imperium (I8)/A/Until the beginning of your next turn, whenever an opponent would draw a card, you may instead draw two cards, give one to the opponent, and discard the other, and whenever an opponent would play an Action, you may immediately discard a card in response to prevent its effects.
loadcard Flux Filter (0F)/T/Once during your turn, you may discard a card. If you do, draw a card.<BR>When an Action causes you to draw two or more cards at once, discard that many cards minus 1.<BR>Action: Draw a card, then discard a card. ("Don't hold too tightly to a good idea or you won't have a better one.")
loadcard Denature (8D)/A/Choose a Thing and discard a card.<BR>Instead of playing a Thing this turn, you may have the chosen Thing lose its creator and all its text until the end of the turn.<BR><BR>Destroy the chosen Thing. ("Dissolved at the conceptual level.")
loadcard Archivist's Recommendation (4A)/A/Choose another person (if they are not a player, they must be willing) in the same room as this game (physical or virtual). They look at the top 10 cards of the deck and choose two of them, or three if they have contributed to the Infinite Dvorak deck. Put the chosen cards into your hand and shuffle the rest into the deck.
loadcard Drunken Kung Fu (3D)/T/Action and Thing: If your hand isn't empty, draw a card and play two cards from your hand at random.
loadcard Manipulate Fate (4M)/T/When a player reveals one or more cards from the top of the deck, you may put up to two of those cards into the discard pile. They reveal that many additional cards.<BR>Once per turn, when a card is chosen at random from your hand, you may have a different card be chosen at random from your hand.
loadcard Scromble (8S)/A/Target player draws a card and discards two random cards. The next time they would play a card or ability during their next turn, they instead play a random card from their hand.
loadcard Threeve (ⵒ)/A/Change a number on target card to this card's cornervalue.
loadcard Push On (7P)/T/Play immediately in response when one of your non-token Things is destroyed. The current player's turn ends and your turn begins.
loadcard Archacovercosine (ahcc)/A/Target opponent draws a card, then gives you half the cards in their hand, rounding down. You may play one of them or put a card on top of the draw pile.
loadcard Free Pizza/T/ ("It's extremely unappetizing")
loadcard Computerize You Brain/A/Increase your hand size by x1.5, rounding up.
loadcard A Chalk River/T/Action: Cover personal target thing in chalk. ("My chalk must never be touched!")
loadcard Liberty (4G)/T/Cards can't forbid you from playing other cards.
loadcard Directed Discard (5G)/A/Target opponent reveals all but one card from their hand. They discard a card of your choice.
loadcard Basilisk's Curse (6G)/T/When you play this, attatch it to another Thing.%rThe attached Thing's printed ruletext is treated as flavortext. Its name has "Statue of " prepended to it
loadcard It's my Birthday/A/Everyone must give you a thing from their hand for you to take control of immediately. If you do not want it, they discard a random card.
loadcard Present/T/When this enters play, play a thing under this. Action (Global): Offer the card under this to target player. If they accept, they gain control of the Thing under this, and you replace it with a thing in your hand. Gian a token with the text: You can play 1 additional card
loadcard Cake/T/If this has 8 Cake tokens, destroy this. Action: Eat. Place a Cake token on this. You gain 2 additional actions this turn.
loadcard Medusa's Blessing (7M)/T/When you play this, attach it to target living Thing. Attached Thing is indestructible and its ruletext is considered blank.
loadcard Party Favors (2P)/A/Draw a card for each opponent and give each opponent a card from your hand. Each player gains control of a copy of Party Popper (#8449) and a Party Hat token.
loadcard Party Popper (2P)/T/Action: Destroy this, draw a card, and give a card from your hand to target opponent. ("Surprise!")
loadcard Idea Redistribution (8I)/T/When this enters play, attach an Action card from the discard pile to it.<BR>Whenever a player would play an Action card, you may swap that card with the card attached to this card. They play the new card instead.
loadcard Cornerblast (1C)/A/You may discard a card from your hand. Destroy target Thing that shares a symbol in its cornervalue with this card or the discarded card.
loadcard Invoke Madness (3I)/A/Each opponent in turn order puts the top 5 cards of the deck into the discard pile and discards a card. If the card they discarded from their hand shared a symbol in its cornervalue with one of the cards they discarded from the deck, you draw a card.
loadcard Bad Life Advice (7G)/A/Target opponent discards their hand. Look at the top six cards of the deck and move five cards from there and/or the discard pile to that opponent's hand, then shuffle the deck.
loadcard Restock (8G)/A/Draw two cards. If this is the first card you've played this turn, draw cards until you hit your maximum hand size, then end your turn.
loadcard The Clock (9G)/T/Five turns after you gain control of The Clock, you win the game if you still control it.
loadcard A Call to Action (6A)/A/Reveal an Action from your hand. Each opponent does the same, or reveals their hand to show that they have none. You may exchange your Action with one revealed by an opponent. Then each player plays their Action in the order of your choice.
loadcard Pure Karma (0K)/A/For each Thing target opponent has destroyed that was not in their control, one of their Things is destroyed. No player is considered to have caused this to happen.
loadcard Rain Delay (2R)/A/End your turn and pause the game for two minutes.
loadcard Recycle It (9R)/A/Put the top and bottom cards of the discard pile into your hand.
loadcard Rent Freeze (0R)/T/When a player discards a card, they may return it to their hand and skip their next draw. They may not do this again until then.
loadcard Stocking Stuffers (6S)/A/Each player gains two Tokens, each of a type of that player's choice. Draw a card.
loadcard Hiring Freeze (3H)/T/Players with cards in hand may not draw cards.
loadcard Ye Olde Carde Shoppe (5C)/T/Oon tyme euery turn, ydentify by chaunce oon Thyng yn the botme halfe of ye descarde stak. Action: Ex-change this Thyng withe a Thyng yn youre hande.
loadcard Causality Tamper (6T)/T/Action: If the top card of the discard pile is an Action, exchange the card under it with a card of the same type from your hand and play it.
loadcard Graveyard Ceremony (1H)/A/Gain a Ghost token for each living Thing in the discard pile.
loadcard Sleepless Army/T/Action: Gain 1d6 Ghost tokens. Action: Three of your Ghost tokens sacrifice themselves to destroy target tangible Thing.
loadcard Underworld Escape/A/Up to three living Things in the discard pile return to play under no one's control. They are no longer considered living; each gains a Ghost token.
loadcard Ethereal Flame/T/Once per turn, you may gain control of target intangible, undead, holy, or evil token.
loadcard Library Card (1L)/T/Once during your turn, if you control no books, you may randomly select a card from the Novels Booster Pack. Put a copy of that card into play under your control.
loadcard Graveyard Shift (4G)/A/For each player who controls a Thing, set aside the bottommost Thing card of the discard pile. Each player, starting with you, puts a Thing they control into the discard pile and puts one of the set aside cards into play.
loadcard Confounding Curse (6C)/A/Each opponent sets aside two cards from their hand and one Thing card they control. Shuffle these cards and deal three to each opponent's hand.
loadcard Secant Synthesis/T/Given circles A and B intersecting at a point P, a point Q such that PQ is a diameter of A, and a point R such that PR is a diameter of B, prove that A and B intersect at a point that is collinear with Q and R.
loadcard Invasion Force/A/For each Thing you play this turn, destroy an opponent's Thing.
loadcard Educate the Masses/A/Every player receives a copy of the topmost Action in the discard pile.
loadcard Revive/A/Crate an undead copy of a discarded thing, provided that it was alive. Remove the original from the game.
loadcard Alien/T/If an opponent sees you play this card, destroy both this and the card above it. When you play this, secretly play a second thing above it. The thing above will have no effect. While this is in play, your opponents cannot win.
loadcard Cult Leader/T/This cannot be played, and is immeditately removed from the game upon discovery of an opponent. While this is in your hand, mark all sentient things that you gain control of. You will remain in joint control of all things marked this way, even if they leave your control.
loadcard Nice Weather/A/Return every Thing in play that could destroy a Thing or eliminate a player to its controller's hand. No such cards may be played before your next turn. Draw a card.
loadcard Clip Show/A/Set your hand aside. Take twice as many cards from the top of the discard pile, shuffle them, and deal them alternately to yourself and the top of the draw pile. Discard your old hand.
loadcard The Joke That Never Gets Old/A/Every player receives a copy of the most recently played Action.
loadcard Applied Theoretics (7A)/T/Play with the top card of the deck face-up. As long as it's an Action, the player currently taking a turn may play it as though it were in their hand.<BR>When you play an Action this way, you may turn this card face-down until your next turn.
loadcard Honey Blast (0H)/A/Target player gains 3 Honey Tokens. Destroy target Thing that player controls that doesn't have a number in its cornervalue that's higher than the number of Honey Tokens they control.<BR>Each other player gains 1 Honey Token. Until your next turn, players' hand sizes are reduced by the number of Honey Tokens they control.
loadcard uh oh (:()/T/this is not great
loadcard We live still (:))/A/whats up
loadcard Season of Giving/A/After the initial draw each turn, each player must give 1 card from their hand to another player.
loadcard Disputed Succesion/A/"Choose one Thing you do not control. Do one game of rock, paper, sissors. The winner gains or retains control of the Thing. If it is a tie, destroy the Thing
loadcard Request Clarification/T/Play immediately in response when an opponent plays an Action from their hand. They choose either to return it to their hand and play no Actions this turn or to reveal their hand to you.
loadcard Metaphysical Brick/T/This card is considered to be in your hand and not in play.
loadcard Social Media Junkie/T/Whenever you play an Action card, gain a token whose name is a hashtag of its title. ("#StepThroughShadows #Chronoblast #BetterTheDevil #NecromanticTransmutation #FiresOfChaos #NiceWeather")
loadcard Cosmic Eclipse (3C)/A/Put all but the bottom 5 cards of the deck into the discard pile. If there aren't more than 5 cards in the deck, draw 5 cards instead.<BR>You may play an additional Action or Thing this turn.
loadcard Red Tape (7R)/T/When an opponent would win the game, they instead gain control of this card and swap its ruletext and flavortext. ("You win the game when you lose control of Red Tape. You can't win the game until then.")
loadcard Identical Gauntlets of Power (5I)/T/Action and Action<BR>OR Thing and Thing: Destroy up to one target Thing or draw a card. ("They fit like a glove! ...on your left hand at least.")
loadcard Distant Thunder/A/At the beginning of your next turn, all opponents discard a card.
loadcard The Beginning of the End/T/Any player who causes the destruction of an opponent's non-token Thing must discard a card. Any player with no cards in hand at the end of their turn is eliminated.
loadcard Burn in Effigy/A/Destroy one of your tangible Things. Target opponent discards a card, plus an additional card for each opponent who joins you. If they are unable to discard enough cards, they skip a turn as well.
loadcard Final Smash (2H)/T/Action: If you don't have any cards in hand, destroy target Thing.
loadcard Second Wind (3H)/T/Action: If you don't have any cards in hand, draw two cards.
loadcard Last Resort (4H)/T/Action: If you don't have any cards in hand, play the top card of the deck.
loadcard Vexing Vectors/T/Given vectors a and b such that |a| = |b| ≠ 0 and |a+b| - |a-b| = |a|√2, determine the angle between a and b.
loadcard Short Stack/T/Any player whose hand is empty at the beginning of their turn may draw two cards instead of one. If any player only has one card in hand at any time, they must immediately discard it.
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