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Name	Set	ImageFile	Type	CornerValue	Text	FlavorText	Creator
Try Again	cards_8301_8400	action	Action	8E	Play the top Action in the discard pile. You can't Try Again more than once per turn.		Bucky
Rise Again	cards_8301_8400	action	Action	9E	Play the top Thing in the discard pile. You may use one of its Action abilities.		Bucky
Intergalactic Research Vessel	cards_8301_8400	thing	Thing	9I	When the discard pile is shuffled to form a new deck after the deck is emptied, every player may draw five cards.		Binarius
Mysterious Fever	cards_8301_8400	thing	Thing	6F	You may not play Actions unless you control another non-token Thing. At the end of your turn, destroy your other Things except for one, then a random opponent who has not yet had Mysterious Fever gains control of a copy of it.		Binarius
The Three Moons of Planet Axle	cards_8301_8400	action	Action	3A	Move one of your Things to the discard pile. If you do, you may destroy up to one Thing controlled by each opponent.		Binarius
Speed of Lite	cards_8301_8400	action	Action	0C	End your turn, and take an extra turn after this one.	Goes as fast as non-sugar substitute!	JakeTheWolfie
Ad Nauseam	cards_8301_8400	action_counter	Action - Counter		Counter target card. Assert that that card's controller cannot play that card. You may play this anytime.	You cannot play that. You cannot play that. You cannot play that. You cannot play that. You cannot play that. You cannot play that.	JakeTheWolfie
Prophet	cards_8301_8400	thing	Thing		Whenever a player draws a card, that player reveals that card to you.	The future is clearer than glass, and more in focus than ever before.	JakeTheWolfie
All-You-Can-Eat Buffet	cards_8301_8400	thing	Thing	1F	At the start of your turn, if you already have a Food token, destroy this; otherwise, gain a Food token.		Bucky
Hungry Genius	cards_8301_8400	thing_person	Thing-Person	2F	At the start of your turn, draw a card, and destroy either this or an edible Thing.		Bucky
Feed the World	cards_8301_8400	action	Action	3F	If you have three edible Things for each player, and an additional edible Thing for each living Thing, you win the game. Otherwise, gain a Food token for each player.		Bucky
Fortune Cookie	cards_8301_8400	thing	Thing	3F	When this enters play, look at the top 4 cards of the deck. Read one aloud and put it into your hand, then discard the rest.		ChippyYYZ
Clean-Up Crew	cards_8301_8400	thing	Thing	2C	Action: Shuffle any number of cards from the top of the discard pile into the deck. If you shuffled at least 4 plus 1 for each player, draw a card.		ChippyYYZ
Underworld Rescue	cards_8301_8400	action	Action	6U	Put target card from the discard pile into play under your control face-down. It gains "Action: Flip this card face-up, and play it if it's an Action."		ChippyYYZ
Shadowy Machinations	cards_8301_8400	action	Action	0S	Draw a card for every card by ChippyYYZ you reveal from your hand. You need not show the text of the cards you reveal. If you draw any cards by ChippyYYZ in this way, you may play one of them.		Binarius
Skip to the Last Page	cards_8301_8400	action	Action	0Z	Move the draw pile, except for its bottom card, to the discard pile.		Binarius
All You Had To Do Was Not	cards_8301_8400	reaction	Reaction	5A	When an opponent would cause you to discard a card or lose control of a non-token Thing, you may warn them not to. If they do so anyway, play this immediately in response to destroy target Thing they control. They discard a random card.		Binarius
Calling Card: Luck	cards_8301_8400	action	Action		Gain a copy of Four-Leaf Clover (#3209)	"Why is there a leaf taped to this clover?"	JakeTheWolfie
Calling Card: Insanity	cards_8301_8400	action	Action		Gain a copy of Fool (#7043)	"I call upon the stars and unholy forces to summon..! Damnit, I got a Fool."	JakeTheWolfie
Calling Card: Machinery	cards_8301_8400	action	Action		Gain a copy of Remote-Access Vault (#8057)	"Button Not Included"	JakeTheWolfie
Cosmic Sinkhole	cards_8301_8400	action	Action	4C	Put the top 10 cards of the deck into the discard pile and return target Thing to its owner's hand. If the deck is empty, each opponent discards a card and you draw a card.	Upon what sort of foundation is reality itself built? Not a sturdy enough one it seems.	ChippyYYZ
Cosmic Guardian	cards_8301_8400	thing	Thing	4C	When the discard pile is shuffled to form a new deck after the deck is emptied, the next player to draw a card is eliminated from the game.	Some truths we are not meant to know. Others, we are meant not to know.	ChippyYYZ
Fire-Salt Doughnut	cards_8301_8400	thing	Thing	6F	Whenever you discard a card, gain a Flame token. At the end of your turn, you may spend 3 Flame tokens to destroy a random Thing target player controls. Action or Thing: Discard your hand.		ChippyYYZ
Unstable Anti-thing	cards_8301_8400	_font_color_000000_thing_font_	Thing	2A	Action: Use an action ability on another thing. If this comes into contact with another thing, destroy both this and that thing.		JakeTheWolfie
Quantum Mind Control	cards_8301_8400	action	Action	3Q	Gain control of target thing.		JakeTheWolfie
Memory Flushing	cards_8301_8400	thing	Thing	5G	Whenever anyone draws cards, they draw 2 more cards. If anyone can't draw from the deck without reshuffling the discard pile, they are eliminated.		JakeTheWolfie
Heavy Swing	cards_8301_8400	action	Action	0HS	Destroy target Thing unless its controller reveals a card from their hand that shares a symbol in its cornervalue with this card.		ChippyYYZ
Obsidian Core	cards_8301_8400	thing_gem	Thing - Gem	2O	Things you control can't be destroyed by other Things.		ChippyYYZ
Destabilize	cards_8301_8400	action	Action	1D	Until your next turn, each opponent's maximum hand size is reduced by two, and whenever an opponent plays a Thing, they discard a random card.		ChippyYYZ
BUCKY ONLY KEEP OUT	cards_8301_8400	action	Action	8B	Cards by creators other than Bucky may not be played until the beginning of your next turn.		Binarius
Mr. Bun's Tea Party	cards_8301_8400	action	Action	5T	Put the top five cards of the draw pile into your control face down as blank Things. Arrange them in a circle. Each gains a Tea token.		Binarius
In English Please, Professor?	cards_8301_8400	thing	Thing	9E	Cards with words longer than ten letters in their titles or ruletexts may not be played. Return any such Thing in play to the hand of its controller.		Binarius
Jake's Special Spraypaint	cards_8301_8400	thing	Thing	J6	Action: Re-credit any card to JakeTheWolfie.	"It needs that artistic flare to it, that only orange and red will do."	JakeTheWolfie
Throwing Knife	cards_8301_8400	action	Action	K2	Destroy target player.		JakeTheWolfie
Katanananana	cards_8301_8400	thing	Thing	K10	Action: Rotate Katanananana 90 degrees clockwise.  Action: Destroy everything target player controls, then turn this 90 degrees widdershins. This can only be done if this was turned 90 degrees.		JakeTheWolfie
Positional Advantage	cards_8301_8400	thing	Thing	9P	Any player may discard a card once during their turn to gain a Combo Token. Then, if each player has a Combo Token, each player loses one. At the start of each player's turn, they draw an extra card for each Combo Token they have, then discard that many cards.		ChippyYYZ
Sweat of One's Brow	cards_8301_8400	thing	Thing	5S	Opponents can't destroy your tokens, can't gain control of Things you control, and can't take cards from your hand.		ChippyYYZ
Overthrow	cards_8301_8400	action	Action	9O	Destroy each Thing with an effect preventing you from playing any sort of cards. Any player who played an Action since your last turn that is preventing you from playing any sort of cards must discard two cards. Such effects can't prevent you from playing this card.		ChippyYYZ
September 1st	cards_8301_8400	action	Action	S1	If it is September 1st of any year, you win.		JakeTheWolfie
Jake	cards_8301_8400	thing	Thing	J5	Action: Transfer control of target opponent's thing with allies' target thing.		JakeTheWolfie
Ethereal Grab	cards_8301_8400	action	Action	E4	Search the deck for any one card, then shuffle the deck.		JakeTheWolfie
Surprise Dessert	cards_8301_8400	reaction	Reaction	4F	Play in response to an opponent's Action.  Prevent the effects of that Action, and that opponent gains a Pie token.	Don't talk with your mouth full.	Bucky
Just Desserts	cards_8301_8400	reaction	Reaction	5F	Play in response to an opponent targeting you.   Destroy all their Things. They gain a Strawberry Candy token for each token destroyed by this, and a Pie token for each other thing destroyed by this.		Bucky
Promulg Gourmand	cards_8301_8400	thing	Thing	6F	Action: Destroy an edible Thing you control and a (not necessarily edible) Thing an opponent controls.	Once a promulg has entered its feeding frenzy, it'll ingest practically anything.	Bucky
Countersweep	cards_8301_8400	thing	Thing	2C	Gain a Combo token during any turn in which you do not play any cards. If you gain a Combo token in this way when you had none, draw a card. Once per turn, you may spend a Combo token to either play or discard the top card of the draw pile.		Binarius
Precarious	cards_8301_8400	thing	Thing	0P	Play this card onto target Thing. If you did not play a Thing during your last turn, you may play this card onto a Thing as soon as an opponent plays it. Attached Thing is destroyed if another Thing attaches to it, or with 50% probability if another of your Things is destroyed.		Binarius
If Silence Was Golden	cards_8301_8400	action	Action	1I	Look at the hand of an opponent who played two cards during their most recent turn and take a card from it  OR target opponent who played two cards during their most recent turn may not play cards during their next turn.		Binarius
Sharpened Corners	cards_8301_8400	thing	Thing	6S	Action:  Destroy target Thing if you control four Things with cornervalues.		ChippyYYZ
Bounce Back	cards_8301_8400	action	Action	0B	If any Tokens were destroyed under your control since the end of your last turn, replace them and gain a Combo Token.  If any Things were put into your hand from play since the end of your last turn, you may put any of them into play and rotate them 360˚ clockwise.		ChippyYYZ
Absence of Action	cards_8301_8400	action	Action	5A	Draw a card. You may play an extra Action this turn.  When an opponent plays an Action card, you may reveal this card from your hand to negate their Action and put it into your hand. Then, either give that player this card and discard a card, or discard two cards at random.		ChippyYYZ
Fishing Minigame	cards_8301_8400	action	Action	6F	Do the following ten times. Reveal the top card of the draw pile: any player may immediately put it into their hand by revealing a card with, in order of precedence, 1. a matching character in its cornervalue, 2. the same number of words in its title and lines of ruletext, 3. the same first letter of its title, or 4. the same first letter of its ruletext with more lines of ruletext. Otherwise, move it to the discard pile.		Binarius
Somewhat Productive	cards_8301_8400	action	Action	9S	Draw a card. You may play it if you wish. Then discard a card and end your turn.		Binarius
Magic Beanstalk	cards_8301_8400	thing	Thing	5M	Discard your hand when you play this. Draw an extra card at the beginning of your turns.		Binarius
Vent	cards_8301_8400	thing	Thing		Action: Skip your turn and place a vent counter on this.  At the beginning of your turn, if there is a vent counter on this, you may remove it. If you do, skip your turn.  While there is a vent counter on this, you and things you control do not exist. You may take no actions or activate abilities.		JakeTheWolfie
Kill	cards_8301_8400	action	Action		Place a destruction counter with "At the beginning of your turn, destroy this thing." on target thing.		JakeTheWolfie
Sabotage	cards_8301_8400	thing	Thing	2S	You can only play this as your first card during your turn. When this enters play, your turn ends immediately. At the beginning of your next turn, you win the game.		JakeTheWolfie
Too Much Of A Good Thing	cards_8301_8400	action	Action	9T	If you have three or more cards in hand, draw three cards. If you have two or fewer cards in hand, you may play two additional Actions or Things this turn.		ChippyYYZ
Invade	cards_8301_8400	action	Action	6I	Play a Thing card from your hand. If you've played two Things this turn, destroy target Thing.		ChippyYYZ
Growing Season	cards_8301_8400	thing	Thing	3G	When this card enters play, gain two tokens of any type if you played an Action card this turn. At the beginning of your turn, you may gain a token of any type you already control.		ChippyYYZ
Medbay Scanner	cards_8301_8400	thing	Thing	M3	You cannot be eliminated.		JakeTheWolfie
Witness to Murder	cards_8301_8400	action	Action	W10	Eliminate target player. If you are unable to, you are eliminated instead.		JakeTheWolfie
Emergency Meeting	cards_8301_8400	action	Action	EM4	No things can be destroyed until your next turn.		JakeTheWolfie
Hush Child	cards_8301_8400	action	Action	0H	Target opponent with fewer cards in their hand than you must choose either not to draw cards or not to play cards during their next turn.		Binarius
Shut	cards_8301_8400	action	Action	4S	Target opponent may not play Actions during their next turn.	If they reveal a card named "no u" from their hand, you are eliminated instead.	Binarius
Secret Handshake	cards_8301_8400	action	Action	6T	Give target opponent a double high five circling down to back­wards low five into skipping elbow jig/ankle shake into soaring eagle/reverse salmon run to back-front swing to sliding explosive fist bump, then take a card from their hand and give them one from yours. You each gain a Combo token.		Binarius
Emergency Surgery	cards_8301_8400	action	Action		Target a thing. Roll 1d20. If it lands on 20, target thing becomes indestructible. Else, destroy it.		JakeTheWolfie
Contract	cards_8301_8400	thing	Thing		Indestructible  When this enters play, chose a player. That player controls you.  If the chosen player is eliminated, instead you gain control of them and they lose control of you.	Live a small life of sin, for now. You'll crawl back, asking for more and more. Soon, I'll reap my reward.	JakeTheWolfie
Joy	cards_8301_8400	thing	Thing		Action: Discard this card, and leave the game for 10 minutes. You cannot be eliminated for this time, your turn is skipped, and you and your things cannot be targeted. When you come back, roll 1d6. On a 1, you are eliminated. Else, discard your hand, and draw 2 cards.		JakeTheWolfie
Electrical Sabotage	cards_8301_8400	thing	Thing	8E	You play 1 fewer card per turn. At the end of each opponent's turn, if they played a card or ability besides this card's ability, eliminate them. Action - Teamwork (Global): Look at the top 5 cards of the deck. Put one in another player's hand, then shuffle the rest into the deck.		ChippyYYZ
Slither	cards_8301_8400	action	Action	7S	Put a Thing card from your hand into play. It doesn't count as playing a Thing, and doesn't trigger any effects that occur when a Thing enters play ''(even the Thing's own effects)''.		ChippyYYZ
Prime Ribs	cards_8301_8400	thing	Thing	9P	When Prime Ribs enters play, you may discard a prime number of cards and draw the next greater prime number of cards. When a player eats Prime Ribs, they may do the same.		ChippyYYZ
Tetrapod	cards_8301_8400	thing	Thing	4T	If you control at least four Tetrapods, opponents may not destroy your non-Tetrapod Things. Action: Gain control of a copy of Tetrapod if you have fewer than four.		Binarius
Rewrite History	cards_8301_8400	action	Action	5I	Choose two of the following: * Put one of the top five cards of the discard pile into your hand, * remove one of the top five cards of the discard pile from the game, * shuffle the top five cards of the discard pile and put them on top of the draw pile, or * shuffle the discard pile, except for its top five cards, into the draw pile.		Binarius
Motivational Poster	cards_8301_8400	thing	Thing	9O	You may play an extra Action if you did not do so during your last turn. If another of your Things would be destroyed during an opponent's turn and you did not play an extra Action during your last turn, you may instead return that Thing to your hand and move Motivational Poster to the discard pile.	Keep calm and hang in there, baby!	Binarius
Time Loop	cards_8301_8400	thing	Thing	T-3	Whenever a player plays an action, note it down. At the beginning of that player's turn, thet use all actions noted with Time Loop. If the action requires a specific target which does not exist, destroy this card.		JakeTheWolfie
Rewind	cards_8301_8400	action	Action	2R	Play during an opponent's turn. Their turn is rewound, reversing any things or actions they, and anyone else, played, including this.		JakeTheWolfie
Time Portal	cards_8301_8400	thing	Thing	5P	When this enters play for the first time, everyone notes their current hand and what things they control. Take this back into your hand.  Action: Each player discards their hand and sacrifices all things they control. Then, each player creates a copy of each card that was in their noted hand and noted cards they controlled and puts them into their hand or into play respectively. Exile Time Portal.		JakeTheWolfie
"Stand Back, And Stand By"	cards_8301_8400	action	Action	9S	Move this card to Up Your Sleeve, along with up to two Things you control and up to one card from your hand. Turn: Put this card into the discard pile from Up Your Sleeve, then destroy target Thing and play up to three cards from Up Your Sleeve.		ChippyYYZ
Condemn	cards_8301_8400	action	Action	7C	Destroy target Thing you control. If a Thing is destroyed this way, draw two cards, and you may play an additional Action this turn.		ChippyYYZ
Mouth Dreams	cards_8301_8400	thing	Thing	1M	Action:  This ability has the first sentence of the bottommost Action card in the discard pile, followed by all but the first sentence of the second bottommost Action card. After resolving that text, shuffle the bottommost Action card into the deck.	neilcic.com/mouthdreams	ChippyYYZ
Whole bunch of grapes	cards_8301_8400	thing	Thing	200P	Gain 200 Points		JakeTheWolfie
Sleeve Portal	cards_8301_8400	thing	Thing		Anything Up Your Sleeve is transferred to you.		JakeTheWolfie
Shirt Burner	cards_8301_8400	action	Action		Burn any things related to Shirts, as well as anything Up Your Sleeve.		JakeTheWolfie
Feast	cards_8301_8400	action	Action	7F	Destroy up to four of your edible Things and draw that many cards plus one.  Each other player may destroy one of their own edible Things to draw a card.		Bucky
Forage	cards_8301_8400	action	Action	8F	Look at the top three cards of the deck. Put one in your hand and the others Up Your Sleeve. Then gain a Fruit token.		Bucky
Energy Bar	cards_8301_8400	thing_food	Thing-Food	9F	If you destroy this yourself, draw two cards and you may immediately take up to two Actions.  Action+Thing: Destroy this.		Bucky
This'll be useful later	cards_8301_8400	action	Action	5D	Give all opponents 1 Doom token.		JakeTheWolfie
Shadow Clone	cards_8301_8400	action	Action	2C	Create a copy of target thing, except it has "When this is destroyed, exile it."		JakeTheWolfie
Laser Prime	cards_8301_8400	thing	Thing	10L	Exile Laser Prime, Action: Exile target thing.		JakeTheWolfie
Walk-In Fridge	cards_8301_8400	thing	Thing	4K	Edible Things do not count against your hand size limit.		Binarius
Breakfast Burrito	cards_8301_8400	thing	Thing	7A	You may destroy this at the beginning of your turn to draw two cards.		Binarius
Run-By Fruiting	cards_8301_8400	action	Action	5Y	Target opponent discards a random card and gains a token whose name is your choice of fruit, with "Action: Consume this and draw a card."		Binarius
Forbidden Fruit	cards_8301_8400	thing	Thing	4F	When a player eats Forbidden Fruit, they draw 3 cards and gain a Doom token, and until the end of their next turn they may not play Actions. Action - Eat: Destroy this Thing.		ChippyYYZ
Timeskip	cards_8301_8400	action	Action	8T	Put the top 20 cards of the deck into the discard pile. Each player, starting with you, draws two cards. You may play an additional Action this turn.		ChippyYYZ
Order of the Golden Card	cards_8301_8400	thing	Thing		This certificate is presented to 
for meritorious service to the game of Dvorak in recognition of eir outstanding achieve­ment in contributing 1,000 cards to the Infinite Dvorak deck. Each player's hand size limit is increased by 2 for each card by Bucky they control. ChippyYYZ Cheaper Plastic-er Trophier cards_8301_8400 action Action If you are Bucky, gain a Cheap Plastic Trophy. JakeTheWolfie Fine Wine cards_8301_8400 thing Thing 0 At the beginning of each turn, increment the corner value by 1. Sacrifice Fine Wine, Action: Take a number of actions equal to the corner value of this card, then change it to 0. JakeTheWolfie Stardust cards_8301_8400 thing Thing Whenever a player targets you or a thing you control, they create 1 stardust token. At the end of a player's turn, if they have at least 3 stardust tokens they sacrifice 3 stardust tokens and discard their hand. At the beginning of that player's next turn, they draw up to hand size. JakeTheWolfie Spirit of Dvorak cards_8301_8400 thing Thing 6S Create one card for each player and deal them out randomly. Each player may decide whether to approve theirs for inclusion in the deck. If all opponents reject their cards, none of the cards (including yours) enter the game. Otherwise, put yours into your hand, each opponent who accepts theirs may put it into their hand, and each opponent who rejects theirs must discard a card. Binarius Guiding Hand cards_8301_8400 action Action 2U Look at target opponent's hand, exchange one of their cards with a card from your hand, and choose a card for them to play during their next turn. Binarius

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