Dvorak Export: Infinite Dvorak deck/Cards 8101-8200

To import this deck into the Dvorak MUSH Engine, just cut and paste the quoted commands below straight into your telnet window. (Any card whose type is neither "Thing" nor "Action" will default to "Thing"; if it was somehow meant to be played like an Action, just destroy it after playing it.)

(You can also get an output formatted for the Dvorax Engine.)

Regenerate this output, minus the cards created by a comma-separated list of users:
loadcard Weakened Supply Chains/T/When an opponent plays a card they drew this turn, they must discard a card afterward.
loadcard Chum the Waters/A/Remove up to five cards from the discard pile, shuffle them, and place them on top of the draw pile.
loadcard Speak Into Being/A/Name a card. If any opponent holds a card with that name in their hand, take it and play it.
loadcard When In Reality.../T/Play immediately in response to an opponent's Action. Their Action does not take place: give them an Action from your hand to play instead.
loadcard Comeback Device/T/Whenever an opponent draws their third card in a turn, draw a card.<BR>When you have five or more cards in your hand, destroy this Thing.
loadcard Momentum Retainer/T/Whenever you play your second card in a turn, you may draw a card if you don't have the fewest cards in hand.
loadcard Jewel of Desire/T/When an opponent would gain control of one or more Things, they gain control of Jewel of Desire instead. (""Such beauty, such perfection... I must have it!"")
loadcard Fool's Gold/T/Action: Target opponent gives you a card to put Fool's Gold into their hand.
loadcard Grace Period/T/Any Thing played after this is considered blank until the beginning of its controller's next turn.
loadcard Tides of Fortune/A/Target opponent with more cards in hand than you gives you cards until you have as many as they did at the beginning of your turn.<BR><BR>Instead of playing a Thing this turn, you may have every player with at least as many cards as you draw a card and everyone else discard a card.
loadcard Signature Move/T/When this enters play, attach an Action card to it from your hand.<BR>At the beginning of your turn, you may rotate this card 90° clockwise.<BR>Action:  If this card is in standard position, rotate it 90° clockwise and play a copy of the attached Action.
loadcard Tweak the Setup/A/Rotate up to one target Thing 90° clockwise. Return target Thing to its controller's hand or draw a card. You may exchange the control of two target Things that share a creator.
loadcard Collect Flotsam/A/Put the top card of the discard pile and one other card from the discard pile either on top of the deck, underneath target Thing face-down, or Up Your Sleeve.
loadcard Malevolent Cackle/A/During their next turn, target opponent may not draw cards and may play at most one card.
loadcard Action Bottler/T/When an opponent plays an Action card, you may immediately discard an Action card in response to put their card under Action Bottler if it has no card under it yet. When Action Bottler is destroyed, play the card under it.
loadcard Biding Time/T/You may only play this if you have played no cards yet this turn. End your turn when you play this. When you play a card, move Biding Time to the discard pile. That card has no cost to your per-turn limits.
loadcard Dark Arrows/A/Target opponent discards a card. They can't play non-blue Things or non-red Actions on their next turn. Rotate all Things they control counterclockwise to standard position. ("Oof, I feel ambiguously afflicted.")
loadcard Upkeep/T/Whenever an Action or Thing Ability of an opponent's Thing is played, rotate that thing 90° clockwise. The next time that player draws any cards that turn, rotate it another 90° clockwise.<BR>When a Thing completes a clockwise rotation, its controller must either spend two tokens of any one type or discard a card.
loadcard Paycheck/A/Draw two cards and gain two Money Tokens. Shuffle Paycheck into the deck.
loadcard Whirlwind Slash/A/Rotate target Thing 360˚ clockwise and destroy it.
loadcard Rain Boots/T/You may decline to draw a card at the beginning of your turn. Your total of cards drawn and played per turn may not exceed two. You may return Rain Boots to your hand at the end of your turn, or immediately when another of your Things would be destroyed to prevent its destruction. ("They won't get you home in a hurry, but they won't let you slip and fall either.")
loadcard Muscle Memory/A/Draw a card and play an Action.
loadcard About Face/A/Rotate target Thing 180° clockwise, then return it to its controller's hand.
loadcard Shake The Vending Machine/A/Rotate target Thing 360˚ clockwise. If it can produce tokens, gain a token of a type it could make.
loadcard Clockwork Level/T/Whenever a player plays a card or ability, rotate this card 90° clockwise.<BR>Whenever any Thing completes a clockwise rotation, its controller may rotate target Thing of their choice that didn't complete a clockwise rotation this turn 90° in either direction.
loadcard Upside-Down World/T/Rotate all Things in play 180˚ clockwise when this enters play, as well as any Thing whenever it enters play. <BR>Until this leaves play, turn the draw pile and discard pile over so that the (new) top card of the draw pile is always visible, and discarded cards are not.
loadcard Undeveloped Negatives/T/You may play or discard this card face-down. If this card is face-up anywhere on the table, the player who caused it to become visible must discard a card.
loadcard The Gang's All Here/A/Every player who controls at least five Things by different creators wins the game.
loadcard Chokepoint/T/At the beginning of each opponent's turn (after drawing a card), they set aside all but two random cards from their hand until the end of the turn.<BR>Action or Thing (global): Put a card you set aside due to Chokepoint into your hand.
loadcard Clever Plan/A/Destroy target Thing controlled by a player who controls more Things than you. <BR>OR look at the top three cards of the deck, put them back in any order, then draw a card.
loadcard Strained Supply Lines/T/Play this into any player's control.<BR>Whenever you would draw a card besides the first on your turn, an opponent may first look at the top 2 cards of the deck and put one of them on the bottom of the deck.<BR>Your maximum hand size is reduced by 1.
loadcard Mystery Button (1z)/A/Press each Button on the table, then play the top card of the draw pile.
loadcard The Cycle Completes (0z)/A/Shuffle up to 260 cards from the discard pile into the deck, then draw cards until you reach your maximum hand size (limit 260).%rIf you can see every letter of the alphabet and every digit from 0 to 9 in cards' cornervalues, you win.
loadcard End of an Era/A/Every player discards a card and destroys one of their Things. Shuffle the discard pile into the draw pile. Every player may draw a card and play a Thing.
loadcard The Same Again?/A/Every player may draw a card. In gratitude, your opponents amiably agree that you may play another Action.
loadcard Call and Response/A/Choose two of the following. Starting with you, every player: * draws a card, * discards a card, * reveals a card, *returns one of their Things to their hand, or * plays an Action, if able.
loadcard <p style="text-align:left;">Graffiti%rBoard</p>/T/%rAction:Add a symbol to this card's cornervalue, permanently.
loadcard Filing Cabinet (ABCDE)/T/You have +1 maximum hand size for each letter of the alphabet that appears in any of your Things' cornervalues.
loadcard Gauss Fabricator (FGHIJ)/T/At the start of your turn gain a Cannon token that has the text "Action: Destroy a token."
loadcard Combomancy/A/Gain a Combo Token and return this card to your hand, OR any number of times this turn, you may spend a Combo Token to draw a card or play a card without Combomancy in its name.
loadcard Greater Combomancy/A/Gain a Combo Token and return this card to your hand. Instead of playing a Thing this turn, you may gain a Combo Token.<BR>OR<BR>Any number of times this turn, you may spend a Combo Token to draw a card or play a card without Combomancy in its name.
loadcard Technique-Breathing Dragon/T/Gain a Combo Token at the end of your turn if an opponent's Thing was destroyed this turn.<BR>While you control any Combo Tokens, you may play an additional Action card each turn.<BR>You may spend two Combo Tokens when you play an Action to copy that Action. (""Huh... never seen one do that before."")
loadcard Combo Meter (KLMNO)/T/At the end of your turn, destroy all your Combo tokens, then gain a Combo token for each card you played this turn.
loadcard Card-Chaining Style (PQRST)/T/Cards with no other cornervalue are considered to have a cornervalue that is the number of words in their name followed by the first word of their name. %r After you play a card, you may play another that shares a cornervalue letter with it.
loadcard Overheated Ray (UVWXY)/T/Action: Destroy target Thing. Cooldown 3. (use this only if you've started 3+ turns since the last time you used it)
loadcard The Balance of Power Shifts/A/Each player reveals their hand. Note the most common creator among cards in play and in players' hands. If you have a card by that creator in play and another in hand, and that creator is not the same creator last noted by this effect, you win the game.<BR><BR>Draw a card. You may play it if it's by the noted creator.
loadcard Draft Round/A/Reveal cards from the top of the deck equal to 3 times the number of players, plus one additional card. Each player, starting with you, puts one of those cards in the discard pile. Then, in turn order, players add one of those cards at a time to their hand until none remain.
loadcard Heart of the Mountain/T/Things you control can't be returned to your hand.
loadcard Too Powerful (10234)/A/Replace your hand with three random cards from the Superpower Set.
loadcard Too Tricky (56789)/A/Turn one of your Things into a Holdout Device (#4097), shuffle Global Warming Hoax into the draw pile, then put the rest of the Up Your Sleeve booster pack Up Your Sleeve.
loadcard Crystalize (1A)/A/Replace target Thing with a Gem (#7470).
loadcard Lookout (7L)/T/When a Thing enters play, you may return Lookout to your hand to look at its controller's hand.<BR>When Lookout is destroyed, you may look at and reorder the top three cards of the deck.
loadcard Quick Jab (8Q)/A/Destroy up to one target Token. Draw a card if you've drawn fewer than two cards this turn. You may play an additional Action this turn. Gain a Combo Token.
loadcard Guard Breaker (2G)/T/When this enters play, if you control a Combo Token, return target Thing to its controller's hand. They discard a random card.<BR>Destruction of opponents' Things can't be prevented during your turn.<BR>Thing: If a Thing an opponent controls was destroyed this turn, return this card to your hand and gain a Combo Token.
loadcard Custom Combo (2A)/A/Gain 6 Combo tokens. %r%r For the rest of the turn, you may take extra Actions by spending one Combo Token each.
loadcard Black Goo (3A)/T/Thing: Replace a non-token Thing with a copy of this. %rAction: If you have at least four copies of Black Goo and no other non-token Things, eliminate target opponent.
loadcard Archaeologist (4A)/T/Thing: Discard an Action. Play the bottom Thing in the discard pile.
loadcard Follow the Recipe (5F)/T/When this enters play, set aside the top 4 cards of the deck face-down. Discard them when this leaves play. You may look at and play the top card of the recipe as though it were in your hand. When you play the last card this way, put this in the discard pile and draw a card.
loadcard Hyperevolution (5H)/T/At the beginning of your turn, after drawing a card, reveal the top card of the deck. If it's a Thing, put it into play and put a Thing you control into the discard pile. Otherwise, put it on the bottom of the deck.
loadcard Hyperadaptation (6H)/T/At the beginning of your turn, after drawing a card, reveal the top card of the deck. If it's an Action, put it into your hand and discard an Action card. Otherwise, put it on the bottom of the deck.
loadcard Bear Witness/T/If an opponent destroys one of your non-token Things, gain a token with "When this leaves play, [Destroyer's name] skips their next turn. Action: Spend this token."
loadcard Overthrow the Oppressors/A/If an opponent with more things than you destroyed one of your Things during their last turn, destroy all of their Things.
loadcard Step by Bloody Step/T/Indestructible. When an opponent destroys a non-token Thing you control, put it face down under this. Turn: If there are at least 5 Things under this and at least as many Things under this as Things controlled by your opponents, destroy all opponents' Things and win the game.
loadcard Sword of Equality and Diversity (5A)/T/Action and Thing: Change the type of a token of the most common type. Destroy a token belonging to the player with the most tokens. (you choose how to break ties)
loadcard Victory March (6A)/A/Pick a random archived page of the deck. Put the first card from it that contains the word "win" or "eliminate" into your hand. If that page has no such cards, you win the game.
loadcard Repeat History (7A)/A/Play the bottom two Actions in the discard pile in any order, shuffling them into the deck after playing them.
loadcard Demand Justice (3D)/A/Target opponent discards a card or moves one of their Things to the discard pile if they [condition][subject], for each combination:<BR>Conditions: [have more cards in hand than] [control more Things than], [won a game of Dvorak today against]<BR>Subjects: [you] [each of their other opponents]
loadcard Agent Provocateur (6A)/T/Action: Target opponent plays an Action card of your choice from your hand. You choose all targets for that action.
loadcard Autonomous Zone (4A)/T/Untargetable.<BR>When this enters play, move all Things you control and up to the same number of target Things you don't control to their own area. Players lose control of Things moved this way.
loadcard Barricade/T/When Barricade enters play, position each of your other Things either in front of or behind it. Things behind Barricade are untargetable and cannot target opponents' Things or use abilities. Once per turn, you may move one of your Things across Barricade.
loadcard "Aerosolized Chemical Irritant"/A/Choose up to three of target opponent's non-token Things to return to their hand.
loadcard The World Is Watching/T/Any opponent who destroys a non-token Thing must reveal their hand.
loadcard Rubble (1B)/T/Your maximum hand size is reduced by 1. If it's less than 1, you lose. %r%rIf you discard this due to hand size limits, reveal your hand and eliminate yourself.
loadcard Civil War (2B)/A/Each player that controls any non-Rubble Things destroys one of their non-Rubble Things. Any of those players may play this card again.
loadcard Topple the Monuments (3B)/A/Replace all Things in the discard pile with copies of "Rubble" (#8173), then shuffle them into the deck.
loadcard Kettle Formation (5K)/T/Action: Target opponent must return a Thing they control to their hand. Their maximum hand size is reduced by 1 on their next turn. This ability may be activated only once per turn, but it may be activated without spending an Action if you activated an identical ability this turn.
loadcard Gathering Momentum (7G)/A/Put a token into play that's a copy of target Thing you control.<BR>Shuffle this card into the top 6 cards of the deck.
loadcard Looting (7L)/A/Discard the top 5 cards of the deck. Each player, starting with you, may put a Thing card from the discard pile into their hand.<BR>Discard the next 5 cards of the deck and repeat this process. Each player who took a Thing card this way discards a card, or a random card if they took more than one.
loadcard Extreme Fling Action (8A)/A/Return one of your non-token Things to an opponent's hand. They discard two other cards.
loadcard Triplicate (9A)/A/Draw and reveal a card, then create two more copies of that card and put them in your hand.
loadcard Rubble Heap (4B)/T/Your maximum hand size is reduced by 2. If it's less than 1, you lose. %r%r You may play this into an opponent's control.
loadcard Improvised Projectile Weapon/A/Target opponent discards a random card. If their hand is empty, they skip their next turn. Otherwise, they may put this card into their hand.
loadcard Control the Narrative/A/Regain control of a Thing you lost control of during an opponent's most recent turn. If an opponent caused you to lose control of it, they reveal a random card from their hand as well, and you may discard it or put it into your hand.
loadcard Stay Strong/T/Any player whose non-token Thing is destroyed by one of their opponents may draw a card.<BR><BR>Things played by your opponents may not decrease your maximum hand size.
loadcard Occupied Territory (5B)/T/Your opponents' maximum hand sizes are reduced by 1.%r%rYou have +1 maximum hand size per opponent.
loadcard Bulldozer (6B)/T/Action: Destroy one of your non-living Things and gain a copy of "Rubble" (#8173).%r %rAction: Give one of your other Things to an adjacent player.
loadcard Bulldoze (7B)/A/Destroy a Thing. Put a copy of "Rubble" (#8173) into its former controller's hand.
loadcard Disputed Territory/T/When you play this, attach a Thing from each player to it. This card and attached Things are considered to be in play but not in any player's control. When there is only one card attached to this card, whoever caused this condition gains control of it and this card moves to the discard pile.
loadcard Mysterious Pallet of Bricks/T/Play into any player's control. When this enters play, its controller's opponents each receive a Brick token with "Action: Spend this to destroy a tangible Thing controlled by Mysterious Pallet of Bricks's controller and replace it with a copy of Rubble (#8173)." ("Wonder who's leaving all of these around downtown like this...")
loadcard Viral Outbreak/T/At the end of every player's turn, flip two coins. If either is tails, a player who has never had a Hotspot token gains one. If both are tails, every Hotspot player discards a card at random if they have four or more in hand and destroys one of their Things at random if they control four or more Things. Action (global): Shelter in place. Destroy your Hotspot token on your third consecutive turn doing so.
loadcard Cake in the Shape of a... (7C)/T/Play this card as a copy of any Thing in play, except it's an inanimate nonliving food item and its title is "Cake in the Shape of a" followed by that Thing's title.
loadcard Scrambler Shields (6S)/T/When a Thing you control is destroyed by an opponent, that player discards a random card and draws a card.
loadcard Pie in the Face (2P)/A/Target opponent may discard a random card. If they don't, they may not draw cards during their next turn.<BR>You may put a non-token food item from your hand or that you control into that player's hand. If you do, that player must discard a random card other than that food item. If they don't they may not play Actions or Things during their next turn.
loadcard Use It or Lose It (8B)/A/Target opponent draws a card. Their maximum hand size is reduced by 3 until after their next turn.
loadcard Plunder the Future (9B)/A/Draw a card, then put three copies of "Rubble" (#8173) on top of the deck.
loadcard Spring Cleaning (1C)/A/Choose up to three. Draw a card for each one chosen:%r- Discard a card. %r- Destroy two of your tokens.%r- Destroy one of your non-token Things.%r- Put a card from the discard on the bottom of the deck.
loadcard Strength in Numbers/A/Draw a card for each living Thing you control or reveal from your hand. If you draw a living Thing, you may reveal it and draw again.
loadcard No Such Thing as Bad Press/T/Once per turn, when you cause an opponent to lose control of a Thing, reveal the top card of the draw pile. You may put it into your hand if you wish. Move this card to the discard pile when you have drawn two cards in this way.
loadcard Down the Street and Around the Corner/T/If the first card you draw at the beginning of your turn is a Thing, you may immediately play it and draw another card. ("Where are all of these people coming from?")
loadcard Protein Bar (0P)/T/When you destroy Protein Bar, you may draw two cards, and opponents can't force you to discard cards until your next turn.<BR>Action:  Destroy this Thing.
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