Dvorak Export: Infinite Dvorak deck/Cards 8001-8100

To import this deck into the Dvorak MUSH Engine, just cut and paste the quoted commands below straight into your telnet window. (Any card whose type is neither "Thing" nor "Action" will default to "Thing"; if it was somehow meant to be played like an Action, just destroy it after playing it.)

(You can also get an output formatted for the Dvorax Engine.)

Regenerate this output, minus the cards created by a comma-separated list of users:
skipcard Sphaera Immobilis/A/Each player may attach an Indestructibility token with "Attached Thing is indestructible" to one of their Things.
skipcard As Easy As 1-2-3/A/Destroy 1 Thing, draw 2 cards, and gain 3 tokens of different types.
skipcard Legerdemain/T/Action or Thing: Choose a card in your hand. Draw that card. Play this ability no more than once per turn. (""Now sign this card and shuffle it into the deck, and... what's this in my pocket? Could it be? It's the card you just signed!"")
skipcard 5 Facts You Won't Believe!/A/Draw 5 cards. You may play an extra Action this turn. Discard 5 cards at random at the end of the turn.
skipcard Doomed To Repeat It/T/When you draw your first card on your turn, draw it from the bottom of the discard pile instead of the deck.
skipcard Foreordain/A/Put three cards on top of the draw pile, then arrange the top six cards of the draw pile in the order of your choice.
skipcard The Earl of Sandwich/T/At the beginning of your turn, you may gain a Toast token or a Corned Beef token. Once per turn, you may consume one of each to play an Action.
skipcard Three Dog Night/A/Any player who controls fewer than 3 Things may not play cards during their next turn.
skipcard Shape Stealer/T/At the beginning of your turn, destroy another target non-token Thing chosen randomly. Shape Stealer becomes a copy of that Thing plus this ability.
skipcard Maid of Mind/T/When Maid of Mind enters play, draw two cards.<BR>Once during your turn, you may discard a card to play an additional Action this turn. ("You not only make choices, you create choices.")
skipcard Page of Blood/T/When you discard a card, you may put it under Page of Blood instead of into the discard pile.<BR>At the beginning of your turn, if there are at least ten cards under Page of Blood, you gain "Thing: Gain control of target Thing." ("Through you, many bonds find a place to anchor themselves.")
skipcard Glean Insight/A/Look at the top five cards of the draw pile. Set one aside, shuffle the remaining four face-down and replace them, then put the one you set aside on top.
skipcard "No, not that one."/T/When you draw this card, you must immediately read its title aloud, draw another card, and put this card on top of the draw pile.
skipcard Roadrunner's Dance/A/Create a blank Thing. Each player may contribute one sentence to its ruletext from one of their Things or a card they reveal from their hand. You choose its title. Shuffle it into the top 20 cards of the draw pile.
skipcard Mage of Light/T/When you would draw a card at the beginning of your turn, instead look at the top three cards of the deck, draw one of them, and shuffle the deck. You must play that card this turn if able. Discard it at the end of the turn if you haven't played it. ("You see the most essential path.")
skipcard Knight of Breath/T/When you discard Knight of Breath, you may put it into play and return target Thing to its controller's hand.<BR>Action: Return Knight of Breath to your hand. ("You move as freely as the wind, but with the force to lift anything in your wake.")
skipcard Rogue of Life/T/Action: Look at the top card of the deck. If it's a Thing, you may swap it with target Thing. If it's an Action, you may swap it with a random card from target opponent's hand, or with a card from your hand. ("Through you, power redistributes itself.")
skipcard Into the Shadows/A/Move target Thing Up Your Sleeve. Play a Thing from your hand face-down in its place; turn it face-up at the beginning of your next turn.
skipcard Exeunt/A/Return all of your non-token Things to your hand. For each one, gain an Applause token and draw a card.
skipcard Prototype Cloaking Device/T/When your hand is not empty, you are considered to hold only one card. ("Still a few technical challenges to deal with, but initial results seem quite promising.")
skipcard Cheap Plastic Spell/A/Turn all Tokens into Cheap Platic Trophies. They lose any text that they had before. (""Change the type of all tokens in play to Cheap Plastic Trophy." -ChippyYYZ")
skipcard Laser Node/T/Action: Destroy 1 thing for every 3 nodes in play.
skipcard Heroic Beam/A/Destroy a Thing. If it was an Undead thing, gain a Human token. (""Destroy a Thing. If it was a Living thing, gain a Zombie token." - Bucky")
skipcard Sylph of Heart/T/At the beginning of your turn, choose one: If since your last turn you<BR>(a) discarded a card, draw a card.<BR>(b) had a Thing destroyed, return one of them to your hand.<BR>(c) lost control of a Thing, gain control of one of them.<BR>(d) skipped a turn, draw a card and play an extra card this turn. ("Through you, the innate soul finds restoration.")
skipcard Thief of Doom/T/When a Thing would be destroyed, you may either gain control of that Thing first, or you may have Thief of Doom be destroyed instead <i>(but not both)</i>. ("You take for yourself the sacrifices of others.")
skipcard Bard of Space/T/When this or another Thing enters play, that Thing's controller may target a player and have them discard a card.<BR>Once during your turn, you may discard a card to play an additional Thing this turn. ("Through you, creation tears itself apart.")
skipcard Inner Peace/T/Discard your hand and destroy your other Things when you play this. You may not be eliminated. Inner Peace moves to the discard pile if you cause the destruction of any non-token Thing; it is otherwise indestructible.
skipcard Haunted Tambourine/T/Discard a card when you play this. Action: Discard an Action card to retrieve the most recently played Action in the discard pile and play it.
skipcard Ancient Burial Mound/T/When you play this, attach the top five cards of the draw pile to it face-down as blank Things and put the bottom five cards of the draw pile face-down under it. If there are no Things on top of this, move the cards under it to your hand. Action - Excavate: Move a card on top of this to the discard pile.
skipcard ChippyYYZ Repellant/T/When this enters play, all player discard cards created by ChippyYYZ and sacrifice things created by them. When a player draws a card, if it was created by ChippyYYZ they discard that card.
skipcard Binarius Repellant/T/When this enters play, all player discard cards created by Binarius and sacrifice things created by them. When a player draws a card, if it was created by Binarius they discard that card.
skipcard Bucky Repellant/T/When this enters play, all player discard cards created by Bucky and sacrifice things created by them. When a player draws a card, if it was created by Bucky they discard that card.
skipcard Dadaist Painting/T/When you play this, destroy it.
skipcard Sourdough Starter/T/At the end of your turns, either discard a card or destroy Sourdough Starter. After you have discarded two cards in this way, you may draw an extra card at the beginning of your turns.
skipcard Inhibitor/T/When you play this, specify an Action ability on target Thing. That ability may not be used.
skipcard Witch of Rage/T/When a player plays an Action, you may discard 2 cards, or 1 if it's an opponent, to have them repeat that Action. An opponent's repeated Action can't target you or your Things. ("You focus your will, and the wills of others, into an unstoppable vector in the direction that best serves you.")
skipcard Doom/Time: Consumptive Cadence/A/If you haven't played another Action or Thing this turn, remove target Thing from the game and end your turn. ("Inexorable progression and sacrifice.")
skipcard Mind/Breath: Judgement Giocoso/A/Look at the top 5 cards of the deck. Put up to two of them into your hand, then put the rest on top of the deck and/or discard pile in any order. ("Direction and decision.")
skipcard Snipe/A/Exile target thing.
skipcard Stickbomb/A/Choose a quality that target thing has. Exile all things that have the chosen quality.
skipcard Blast/A/Exile all things.
skipcard Rage/Light: Finality's Concerto/A/Reveal the top ten cards of the deck. If any of them could cause you to win the game (even if you do not currently meet their conditions), put those cards into your hand. Otherwise, return this card to your hand. Discard the other revealed cards. ("Closed-mindedness and essentiality.")
skipcard Life/Space: Energized Overture/A/For the rest of this turn, you may play three additional Things, and you may play any number of Action Abilities that you haven't already played this turn. ("Power and creation.")
skipcard Heart/Blood: Heartbeat Chorus/A/Choose a creator. For each player, gain control of target Thing they control by that creator. ("Soul and unifying pacts.")
skipcard Button/T/N/A: Press a button ("Feel free to doodle a button onto here!")
skipcard Improvised Explody Device/T/When a button is pressed, if this was in your hand or in your control, discard your hand or destroy all things you control respectively.
skipcard ElectroMagnet/T/When a button is pressed, gain control of all magnetic things.
skipcard Commune With the Spirit Plane/A/Reveal your hand and an equal number of cards from the top of the draw pile. You may exchange up to half of your cards with revealed cards from the draw pile, rounding up.
skipcard Rejuvenation Wave/A/Every player draws a card. You draw an extra card.
skipcard Backflip Fadeaway Alley-oop/A/If you have played no other cards this turn, play exactly three Actions, discard your hand, draw two cards, and end your turn. ("How is that even possible?")
skipcard Remote-Activated Revolver/T/When a button is pressed, put a damage counter with "At the end of your next turn, destroy this thing." on target thing.
skipcard Deathray/T/When a button is pressed, destroy target thing.
skipcard Trapdoor/T/When a button is pressed, destroy all things attached to Trapdoor.
skipcard Hope/Void: Miraculous Caesura/A/Name a card and search the deck for that card. If you find it, discard your hand and put all Things you control into the discard pile, then put that card into your hand. You may play it. ("Belief and obscurity")
skipcard Time/Hope: Clockwork Improvisation/A/Each opponent may choose a Thing they control to be destroyed. Draw three cards, minus one for each Thing destroyed this way. ("Decay and possibility.")
skipcard Breath/Doom: Gale-Wind Counterpoint/A/Return target Thing to its controller's hand. Until your next turn, whenever a Thing enters play, its controller destroys a Thing they control. ("Detachment and consequences.")
skipcard Remote-Access Vault/T/After a button is pressed, you may exile any number of cards that you control. When a button is pressed again, you may no longer exile cards this way.%r Things exiled with Remote-Access Vault are considered to be controlled by you. Actions exiled with Remote-Access Vault may be played as normal.%r If Remote-Access Vault is destroyed, discard all cards exiled with it.
skipcard Clockwork Activation/T/At the beginning of each of your turns, Press a button.
skipcard Void Button/T/Destroy a thing you control, Action: Press a button.
skipcard Good Customer Service/A/Target opponent who destroyed one of your Things during their last turn is pleased to offer you a replacement card of your choice from their hand in compensation. If you take delivery of a Thing in this way, you may put it into play.
skipcard Trapped in the 2nd Dimension!/T/Play this card into target player's control.<BR><BR>If your hand is ever empty, draw a card. If you ever have more than one card in your hand, discard down to one card.
skipcard Telemark Fakie Bicycle Kick/A/Discard a card and destroy a Thing you control to put a Thing from the discard pile into play. If you put it into your hand instead, the judges award you extra style points: draw a card. ("You're gonna see that one in the highlight reels for years.")
skipcard Light/Mind: Melodic Gambit/A/Look at up to two target opponents' hands and take a card from each. If you take only one card this way, you may draw a card. You may play one of the cards taken or drawn this way. ("Agency and calculation.")
skipcard Space/Rage: Isolating Scherzo/A/Each opponent can't draw cards or play Things on their next turn. The next time you play a Thing this turn, you may activate one of its abilities. ("Position and restriction.")
skipcard Blood/Life: Chains of Crescendo/A/Return to play under your control each Thing that was destroyed while under your control since your last turn. Draw a card. ("Bonds and energy.")
skipcard Linear<BR>Plot/A/Target<BR>opponent<BR>draws<BR>once,<BR>discards<BR>once,<BR>and<BR>skips<BR>a<BR>turn.
skipcard Power Move/A/Return target Thing to its controller's hand. Its controller discards a random card.<BR><BR>Instead of playing a Thing this turn, you may put the discarded card into play if it is a Thing.
skipcard Lateral Peel-Weight Yorker/A/Discard a card. Target Thing's controller chooses either to destroy it or to play no cards during their next turn. If you destroy one of your Things instead, they do both. ("The setup, the timing, the precision... You have witnessed something special.")
skipcard Mechanical Wrench/T/Action: Change the action ability of target thing to be a button-activated ability.
skipcard Button Smasher/T/When a button is pressed, that button is no longer considered a button. If it was a thing, destroy it instead.
skipcard Portal Radio/T/When a button is pressed, no one may target you until the beginning of your next turn.
skipcard Void/Heart: Dissonant Selves/A/Put each card in your hand into target opponent's hand. They discard that many cards at random. You control that player during their next turn. ("Submission and innate desire.")
skipcard Heavy Pressure Plate/T/When there are 6 or more non-token Things in play, Heavy Pressure Plate becomes pressed. When there are fewer than 6, it becomes unpressed again.<BR>When Heavy Pressure Plate becomes pressed, you may immediately play a free Action.
skipcard Undo Button/A/Press the undo button! If it's your turn, return target Thing to its controller's hand. If it's not your turn, you may play this in response to an opponent's Action card to return it to their hand with no effect.
skipcard Infrared Surveillance Camera/T/Action: Press a button on the camera to activate it. Until the beginning of your next turn, when a player plays both an Action and a Thing, draw a card.
skipcard DIY Master/T/Action: Destroy one of your Things, draw a card, and play a Thing.
skipcard Tryline Handpass Knuckleball/A/If you have one or two cards in your hand, give one to target opponent. They have a 50% chance to catch it cleanly and put it into their hand, passing one of their Things into your control in return; otherwise, they discard it. Draw a card. ("Desperation or brilliance? Maybe a little of both.")
skipcard Switch/T/N/A: Change the state of this switch to either on or off.%r This switch initially starts in the off state.
skipcard Triple Switch Mine/T/When three switches are on, you may choose to gain a copy of Gem (#7470). You may only do this once per turn.
skipcard Forcefield/T/When a switch not in your control is on, nothing can target anything you control except for Forcefield.
skipcard [S] Enter./A/Select a random Fraymotif from the Homestuck booster pack, and select a Thing from the Homestuck booster pack that shares a capitalized word in its title. Create a copy of each of those cards and put them into your hand. You may play one of them this turn.
skipcard Negotiate/A/You and target opponent have one minute to make a deal. Either may offer the other cards from their hands or Things they control. Players may offer to trade specific cards, cards chosen at random, or cards of one player's choice or the other's, in any combination. If agreement isn't reached in one minute, both players discard a card instead.
skipcard Operate/A/Return target Living Thing from the discard pile to your hand.<BR>OR activate the Action Ability of target Thing as though you controlled it.
skipcard Lively Banter/A/Every player may set aside half of their hand, rounding down. Of the remainder, do the following twice: choose a random card from each player's hand, shuffle them together, and deal one to each player. Anyone with no cards in their hand can't get a word in edge­wise: they skip their next turn.
skipcard Who Watches the Watchers?/A/Every player may view the hand of the player to their right.
skipcard IBM PC/AT/T/16 MB of memory and a 20 MB hard disk drive powered by a state-of-the-art 6 MHz Intel 80286 micro­processor. Creative Computing calls it the best desktop computer of 1984 when price is no object: "an innovative, state-of-the-art computer that has the competition gasping for breath." Now with WordPerfect 4.0 and Lotus 1-2-3 preinstalled! $6,000.
skipcard Raise the Stakes/A/Each player draws 3 cards. Each other player may play an additional card during their next turn. Take an extra turn after this one, unless this is an extra turn.
skipcard Learn From History/A/Draw X cards, where X is the square root of the number of cards in the discard pile, rounded down.
skipcard Prepare a Place/T/When this enters play, your turn ends. When you play a Thing, you may attach this card to it if it isn't already attached to a Thing.<BR>As long as a Thing is attached to Prepare a Place, that Thing can't be destroyed, and Prepare a Place can't be targeted by Action Abilities.
skipcard Changed My Mind/A/Exchange a Thing you control with a Thing in your hand.
skipcard Transporter License/T/You may play a Thing into an opponent's control or an Action card as if an opponent had played it and return this card to your hand.
skipcard Mindblast/A/If you played two cards last turn and you have not played anything yet this turn, play exactly three cards, end your turn, and draw three cards.
skipcard Flawless Combo Attack/T/At the end of your turn, if you destroyed an opponent's Thing this turn, gain a Combo Token, then win the game if you have three Combo Tokens.<BR>You lose all Combo Tokens when another player destroys a Thing you control.
skipcard Juggling Combo/A/If you control a Combo Token, destroy target Thing. Otherwise, return target Thing to its controller's hand and return this card to your hand.<BR>Gain a Combo Token.
skipcard Fast Food/A/Gain a Combo Token.<BR>Instead of playing a Thing this turn, you may draw a card. (""Would you like to Buckysize that for one money token more?"")
skipcard Setup Move/A/You may play another Action this turn if you did not play an Action last turn. If you destroy an opponent's Thing as a result of that Action, destroy target Thing and gain a Combo token.
skipcard Dumbfounded/A/Target opponent may set aside up to half of their hand, rounding down. They shuffle the remaining cards into the top ten cards of the draw pile and then draw back up to their original hand size, reduced by one for each card they set aside.
skipcard Time Has No Meaning/T/No player may win or be eliminated. ("Yeah yeah yeah, patience. How long will that take?")
skipcard Doubled Strikes/T/Whenever you play an Action card besides your first since you began a turn, gain a Combo Token.<BR>Once during your turn, you may spend a Combo Token to play an additional Action this turn.
skipcard Extraplanar Deployment/T/Once per turn, when a Thing is put into your hand from play or from the discard pile, you may immediately play it.
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