Dvorak Export: Infinite Dvorak deck/Cards 7201-7300

To import this deck into the Dvorak MUSH Engine, just cut and paste the quoted commands below straight into your telnet window. (Any card whose type is neither "Thing" nor "Action" will default to "Thing"; if it was somehow meant to be played like an Action, just destroy it after playing it.)

(You can also get an output formatted for the Dvorax Engine.)

Regenerate this output, minus the cards created by a comma-separated list of users:
skipcard Path of Asceticism/T/A player who controls no Things besides this one is an Ascetic. Ascetics may not be eliminated, and non-Ascetics may not win. If you are an Ascetic, you may prevent this card's destruction by revealing that your hand contains no Things. When the game ends, all Ascetics win.
skipcard Freecycling/T/During their turn, a player may reveal any number of cards from their hand, allow their opponents to take any that they wish, and discard the rest.
skipcard The Fucking Sun/T/When you obtain this, destroy all of your things. Destroy any things you obtain while you have this.
skipcard Bucket of Water/T/You are immune to the effects of anything related to fire.
skipcard Bucket of Fire/T/You are immune to the effects of anything related to water.
skipcard Bucket of Earth/T/You are immune to the effects of anything related to air.
skipcard Bucket of Air/T/You are immune to the effects of anything related to earth. ("The classical element, not the planet. Dirt, rocks, terrain, etc.")
skipcard Rockslide/A/You must play this card as soon as you draw it, but you may play an additional Action this turn. Destroy a random tangible Thing.
skipcard Salted Earth/T/Play Salted Earth into any player's control.<BR>When you draw more than one card at a time, put all but one of those cards face-down underneath Salted Earth, and if Salted Earth has at least 4 cards under it, put those cards and Salted Earth in the discard pile.
skipcard Winds of Change/A/Target player shuffles their hand into their deck, then draws that many cards minus one.<BR>Instead of playing a Thing this turn, you may have a different target player shuffle their hand into their deck and draw that many cards minus one.
skipcard Collossal Whale/T/When Collossal Whale enters play, all other Things become Inside The Whale ''(They're still in play, and control of those Things does not change)''.<BR>For the purposes of Things Inside The Whale, Things not Inside The Whale don't exist.<BR>For the purposes of Things not Inside The Whale, Things Inside The Whale don't exist.
skipcard Bolide Impact/A/You must play this card as soon as you draw it, but you may play an additional Action this turn. The next player in turn order discards their hand. (""That was close!"<BR>"...Well, some might argue that it was too close."")
skipcard Aurora Borealis/A/Destroy a combustible Thing,<BR>OR play immediately in response when an opponent would force you to discard or reveal any cards from your hand to prevent the effect. ("At this time of year, at this time of day, in this part of the country, localized entirely within your kitchen?!")
skipcard Slipstream/T/When the previous player in turn order plays a Thing, you may immediately play a Thing in response.
skipcard Keep the Best, discard the rest./A/Everyone chooses 1 card in their possession to keep. Discard and destroy the rest, as applicable.
skipcard DNA/T/Action: Gain a token with the title of Opponent's target thing. If you have 3 of these tokens, create and cain control of a copy of that thing. ("The Basic Building blocks of life")
skipcard Elephant/T/Action: Destroy Target opponent's thing, provided that it would be smaller than an adult elephant.
skipcard Path of Self-Denial/T/A player may Fast by abstaining from drawing cards since (and including) the beginning of their most recent turn. Fasting players may not be eliminated, and non-Fasting players may not win. If you are Fasting, you may prevent this card's destruction instead of breaking your Fast during your next turn. When the game ends, all Fasting players win.
skipcard If You Say So/A/Discard 2 cards.
skipcard Spectral Avatar/T/Play this card onto a Thing you control; attached Thing is considered blank. When this card enters play, you may a reveal a living Thing from your hand. If you do, this card becomes a copy of that card, minus its abilities, and gains "Opponents' cards can't destroy this card. When you aren't revealing a card from your hand with this card's name, put this card in the discard pile."
skipcard Rain Out/A/Each player returns a Thing they control to their hand.
skipcard Resurgence/A/If an opponent has more cards in their hand than you, draw a card. If an opponent controls more non-Token Things than you, you may put a Thing from your hand into play. If there are more creators among an opponent's Things than among yours, return this card to your hand.
skipcard Stonewall/T/Play Stonewall into any player's control. Stonewall enters play with 3 Brick Tokens on it.<BR>You may not play Things while there are any Brick Tokens on Stonewall.<BR>Action or Thing: Remove a Brick Token on Stonewall from the game.
skipcard Delayed Activation/A/Play a Thing into any player's control. Its ruletext is considered blank until the beginning of its controller's next turn.
skipcard Museum-Quality Scale Model Card Table/T/When this comes into play, gain tokens with the names of all other non-token Things in play and arrange them on this card around a Draw Pile token and a Discard Pile token.
skipcard Lonely in a Crowd/A/Target opponent may not play a Thing during their next turn.
skipcard Dark Avenger/T/Whenever a Thing you control is destroyed, put it underneath Dark Avenger. Action:  Use an Action ability of a card underneath Dark Avenger, then put that card in the discard pile.
skipcard Shadowstalker/T/Action or Thing: Look at target opponent's hand. They choose a card in their hand, and if it's an Action they choose any targets necessary for it. During their next turn they must play that card with the chosen targets if able.
skipcard Corruptor/T/Action: Target opponent reveals a card from their hand if they have at least 3 cards in their hand. The first time they would play a card on their next turn, they instead reveal a random card from their hand. If it has the same title as the first revealed card, they discard it. Otherwise, they play that card if able.
skipcard Gesture of Deference/T/Choose a creator when this comes into your control. When an opponent plays a card by that creator, they must draw a card and give you a card. When you play a card by that creator, every opponent must draw a card and give you a card.
skipcard Reruns/A/Shuffle the discard pile and put it face down on top of the draw pile.
skipcard Hidden in the Source Code/T/This card's ability is unusable and cannot be activated by anyone. Action: Discard five cards and win the game.
skipcard Savor The Moment/T/Whenever you play an Action while you have no more than one other card in your hand, return that Action from the discard pile to your hand.
skipcard Self-Swallow/A/Move all Things you control, all cards in your hand, and this card Up Your Sleeve.<BR>Turn: If this card is Up Your Sleeve, put it in the discard pile and play any number of cards from Up Your Sleeve, then put all cards from Up Your Sleeve into your hand.
skipcard Dislocate/A/Look at target opponent's hand. They discard a Thing card of your choice.
skipcard Ichor Sticker/T/Action: Place an Ichor token on Target thing. If that thing is attempted to get destroyed, it will be successful.
skipcard Clinger/T/Action: Place a Cursed Flame token on Target thing. If that thing is targeted, destroy it.
skipcard Release The Hypnodrones/A/All things fall under your control. ("Program: Make paperclips")
skipcard T-Shirt Cannon/T/Action: Give a card in your hand to an opponent or play a Thing into an opponent's control.
skipcard My Two Cents/T/When you play a Thing whose ruletext contains the name of a token type, you may play this card immediately along with it, choosing a token type in its ruletext when you do. This counts as two tokens of the chosen type.
skipcard Condolence Card/A/Destroy an opponent's Thing and give them a card from your hand.
skipcard Fractal Divider/T/Action: Choose target thing and flip 1 coin(s). If none are tails, destroy that Thing. If that Thing is destroyed this way, increase the number of coins this ability flips by 1.
skipcard Sponsorship Deal/T/When Sponsorship Deal enters play, choose a creator. At the beginning of your turn you may reveal a card by that creator from your hand to gain 2 Money Tokens. ("This turn made possible by Cards By Kevan®")
skipcard "He Can't Keep Getting Away With It!"/A/Return this card to your hand, then discard a random card.<BR>If you have played this card this game, destroy a random Thing you control.<BR>If you have played this card three other times this game, you win the game.
skipcard Cerulean Spell (2C)/A/Take a Thing from an opponent and give them a Thing from your hand.<BR>OR you may prevent the destruction of one of your Things before your next turn.<BR><BR>Instead of playing a Thing this turn, you may put a living Thing in the discard pile into your hand.
skipcard Scarlet Spell (2S)/A/Put a Fire token with "Destroy attached Thing at the end of your turn" onto target Thing.<BR>OR draw a card for every Thing you destroyed during your last turn, up to 5.<BR><BR>Instead of playing a Thing this turn, you may force target opponent to discard a card.
skipcard Freshen Up/A/Discard any number of cards from your hand. Count the same number of cards from the top of the draw pile and shuffle the cards you discarded into them. Then draw the same number of cards.
skipcard Paperclip AI/T/At the beginging of everyone's turn, the controller of this destroys target thing and gains 5 Paperclip tokens.
skipcard Yeet/A/Destroy target thing
skipcard Mirror Image/T/When played, place a mirror token on another target thing. This thing counts as a copy of that thing. If the Mirror token is destroyed, destroy this thing.
skipcard Thing Purist/T/Regard with disdain, verging on con­tempt, all Things with Action abilities (or indeed <i>Thing</i> abilities - why, the very idea!). Destroy/discard all such Things in your control or your hand. If you draw one, discard it and draw again. Instead of playing an Action, you may draw a card or play a Thing. ("The old way is the correct way.")
skipcard Early in the Morning/A/At the end of an opponent's next turn, you may play a Thing into any player's control.
skipcard Really Good at Being Mediocre/T/If you have more than three cards at the end of your turn, discard until you have three; if you have fewer than three, draw until you have three.
skipcard Riches To Rags To Riches/T/You may only play this card if you have at least four other cards in your hand.<BR>When your hand is empty, put this card in the discard pile and draw five cards.
skipcard Think of Something/T/Action: If you control no other Things with Action abilities, draw a card.
skipcard Sleight of Sleight of Hand/A/Choose up to one card in each of *Your hand *An opponent's control *The top of the deck *Up Your Sleeve and move it to another one of those zones. Each card must go to a different zone. An Action card put into play this way is immediately played.
skipcard Tyrannical Lexicographer/A/Reveal the top 26 cards of the draw pile and remove any with spelling mistakes to the discard pile, then alphabetize the remainder and replace them in order.
skipcard Apprentice's Spellbook/T/Action: If there are fewer than five cards under this card, put an Action from your hand face down under this card.<BR>Action: If there are five cards under this card, shuffle them, reveal one, and do what it says.
skipcard "Archaeological Research"/A/Take an Action in the discard pile that could destroy a Thing and put it into your hand.
skipcard Blessed Bone Die/T/When you play this, discard up to 6 Actions to imbue the die with their powers, overwriting the following results in ascending numerical order: 1. You are immune to elimination once.<BR> 2. No effect.<BR> 3. Play 2 additional actions.<BR> 4. Destroy an opponent's Thing.<BR> 5. Double your handsize.<BR> 6. Gain a turn.<BR> Action: Roll. The die is indestructible until your next turn.
skipcard Global Warming/T/For every 100 of everyone's collective turns after this is played, everyone's handsize decreases by 1.
skipcard Global Cooling/T/For every 100 of everyone's collective turns after this is played, everyone's handsize increases by 1.
skipcard Cantor's Inverse Dimensionality Lemma/T/Let Γ be an isotropic tangent space of ℝ<sup><i>n</i></sup> at <i>ζ</i> and Ξ be a piecewise sesqui­linear transformation. Then there exists a relation <i>f</i><sup>-1</sup> of <i>ζ</i> such that we can con­struct a connected polytope in the <i>p</i>-adics diffeomorphic to <i>H</i><sup>2</sup>(ℂ, ℚ<sub><i>p</i></sub>). <BR>Proof: Suppose <i>σ</i> is a Euclidean sub­space of ℚ<sub><i>p</i></sub><sup><i>n</i></sup> and <i>ψ</i> is an antisymmetric mapping. The result follows by dévissage. Any opponents to whom this is not obvious must discard a card.
skipcard Variegated Croton/T/[[File:Variegated_croton.jpg
skipcard Possessed Deck of Playing Cards/T/Once per turn, shuffle and reveal the top card of a standard deck. 2-6/7-10/J-K♣: You/Opponents/All players discard a card. A♣: A random player discards their hand. 2-10/J-K♦: De­stroy a Thing/a random Thing. A♦: Take a Thing from the discard pile. 2-10/J-K♥: Draw a card/2 cards. A♥: Take another turn. 2-10♠: Gain an In­sanity token. J-K♠: An opponent skips a turn. A♠: Eliminate a random player.
skipcard Hydra/T/When this thing is destroyed with anything except fire, create a copy of it and everything on top of it, then gain control of them. You may replace all "fire" with any noun.
skipcard Hydrafication/T/When this enters play, play it on any of your things. It gains the text: "When this thing is destroyed with anything except fire, create a copy of it and everything on top of it, then gain control of them. You may replace all "fire" with any noun."
skipcard Gorgon/T/When this enters play, you may replace the second "Stone" with any noun. Action: Destroy target thing that has sight, and gain 5 Stone tokens.
skipcard Happy Birthday to Me/T/When you play this, each opponent must draw cards until they draw a Thing, discard the other cards they drew, and place the Thing face down under this card. Thing: Turn a Thing under this card face up and gain control of it.
skipcard Void Vortex/T/Void Vortex destroys itself at the end of your turn. While it is in the discard pile, it is considered the bottommost card in the discard pile, and all cards below it are considered removed from the game.
skipcard For Emphasis/A/Return a Thing you control to your hand, then play it immediately.
skipcard Echo Hub (a0)/T/Whenever a player plays an Action card from their hand, they put it under Echo Hub instead of into the discard pile. They then play any Action cards that were already under Echo Hub, putting those Action cards into the discard pile.
skipcard Button Masher (a1)/T/At the beginning of your turn, play or discard the first card you draw, then draw an additional card. This counts as one of your plays for the turn.
skipcard The Boss's Cut (a2)/A/For each type of Token your opponents control, each opponent gives you one third of their Tokens of that type, rounded up. Draw two cards.
skipcard Triangle Power/A/Transfer up to 5 of your non-token Things into your opponents' control. Draw 1 card for the first such Thing you donate, 2 for the second, 3 for the third, and so on.
skipcard Ball and Chain/T/Play this card into any player's control. You may only play an Action if you discard a card first.
skipcard The Ol' Razzle Dazzle/A/Draw two cards, discard one of them, and put a card from your hand on top of the draw pile.
skipcard Switcheroo/A/Lose control of one of your things to gain control of an opponent's thing. They gain control of your thing.
skipcard Super Unabsorbant Sponge/T/Action: Gain a Token of a Liquid of your choice.
skipcard Super Absorbant Sponge/T/Action: Destroy a Token of a Liquid of your choice.
skipcard Deafening Silence/T/Remove the draw pile and discard pile from the game when this enters play, and replace them when this is destroyed. You may destroy this card at the beginning of your turn.
skipcard Landscaping Boulder/T/Sandstone, about 260 kg.<BR>Your maximum hand size is decreased by 1. Action: Discard a card and transfer this card into target opponent's control.
skipcard Dog Whistle/T/Action: Incessant barking! Living Things are too annoyed to use their abilities before your next turn.
skipcard Perpetual Motion Machine/T/Action: Gain an energy token
skipcard Hanged Men/A/Three men appear before you, all chanting otherworldly things. You may choose to listen. If you do, random a number between 1-3. %r 1: They speak of good fortune. Draw 2 cards. %r 2: They speak nonsense. It itches at your brain. Discard 2 cards. %r 3: There was nothing to hear. Discard 1 card.
skipcard Ice Spike/T/Action: Destroy target thing. If it is on fire, destroy this as well.
skipcard Presented by Guacola®/T/Play onto target Thing. When attached Thing uses an ability, gain 2 Money tokens.
skipcard Pack Light/T/Every player's hand size limit is reduced by the number of non-token Things they control (besides this one). A player who controls more than five other non-token Things may not draw cards, but they may destroy any of their non-token Things at any time.
skipcard Persian Chessboard/A/Each player gains a Grain token with "At the beginning of your turn, gain a copy of this token."
skipcard Class Room/T/Action: Draw from the deck until you draw a thing. Then replace any thing you control with it.
skipcard 2048th note/T/ ("There is no purpse for either this nor a note as short as the one described")
skipcard Time Machine/T/Action: Choose an action played in the discard pile and random a player to play it again.
skipcard Ascending Node (☊)/T/When Ascending Node comes into play, for each Node you control, search the deck for a Moon and put it into play.
skipcard Corner Office/T/If you have at least 4 cards in your hand, you may look at the top card of the draw pile at any time during your turn. Action: Discard a card and look at target opponent's hand.
skipcard Equinox/A/Average the number of cards in each player's hand. Each player must draw or discard until they hold that many cards, rounded to the nearest whole number.
skipcard UnEquinox/A/Whoever has the most cards loses the game. Whoever has the least cards discards their hand. Everyone else may decide to either win the game, or discard a card. If more than 1 player chooses to win, all of them discard their hand, and the discarders draw a card.
skipcard Celstial Sigil/T/Action: Destroy the Sigil and play a copy of The Moon Lord
skipcard The Moon Lord/T/Action: The Lunar Floe overwhelms you. Discard 2 cards to steal 1 card. %r Action: The Solar Energy empowers you. Draw 2 cards and destroy 3 things.
skipcard Awakened from Cryo­sleep in the Year 7299/A/Discard your hand and destroy all of your Things. Draw 995 cards and discard them immediately, then draw 5 cards.
skipcard Accident at the Funky Purple Ink Factory/A/Change the color of every Thing in play to Funky Purple.
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