Dvorak Export: Infinite Dvorak deck/Cards 6901-7000

To import this deck into the Dvorak MUSH Engine, just cut and paste the quoted commands below straight into your telnet window. (Any card whose type is neither "Thing" nor "Action" will default to "Thing"; if it was somehow meant to be played like an Action, just destroy it after playing it.)

(You can also get an output formatted for the Dvorax Engine.)

Regenerate this output, minus the cards created by a comma-separated list of users:
skipcard A Sword, Shield, and Wand./A/Create 3 tokens and put them under your control. One of them allows you to destroy target thing. One of them stops one destruction of your things. One of them allows you to play an extra card during your turn. Each token gets destroyed after using their ability.
skipcard AntiToken Factory/T/Action: Select a Token, and create a token that does the opposite of what that token does, or the closest to the opposite. ("You can't have the darkness without the light...")
skipcard Need a Penny<BR>Take a Penny/T/When this enters play, every player must donate a card from their hand to form a face-down pile attached to this. If a player would discard at the end of their turn, they instead add to the donation pile. Shuffle the pile whenever a card is added. Once per turn, any player whose hand is empty may draw a card from the donation pile.
skipcard Vicious Balance/A/Everyone but the player with the fewest cards discards cards randomly until everyone has the same number of cards. ("From Chippy's deck")
skipcard <i>Shadow Lake</i>/T/When you have begun two turns in control of this book, you gain the following:<BR>Your hand size limit is 10 minus the number of your non-token Things. Action: Exchange a Thing you control with a Thing in your hand.
skipcard Book Burning/A/Destroy any things that would be written on paper. ("Your novels are too many")
skipcard Mirror/T/Gain Mirror tokens equal to your things, and place one token on each thing. Create another token for every new thing you gain control of, and place it on said thing. If a card has an action and a token, use it twice. Whenever a thing with a Mirror token would get destroyed, destroy its mirror token instead.
skipcard Completely Inelligible/A/Target cards' text is considered to be nonexistant. ("hfsnkjcshl96ebnohsf")
skipcard Fantasy Shipping Forecast/T/A player gains a Gale token when one of their non-token Things is destroyed. <BR>Action (global): Destroy two of your Gale tokens and target tangible Thing.
skipcard Yellow Flag/T/Players may play at most one card per turn. Destroy Yellow Flag at the beginning of your second turn after playing it.
skipcard Ask Not What Dvorak Can Do For You/A/Draw a card. If you have contributed a card to the Infinite Dvorak Deck archive, draw three cards instead. If you contributed the most recent card to the archive, draw five cards instead.
skipcard Ask What You Can Do For Dvorak/A/All opponents put down one card facedown in a pile. If any of them have a card created by you, they must put it in there as well. Shuffle that deck and draw cards from that deck instead of the main deck, until it depletes
skipcard Reflect/A/When an action is played against you, you may play this to Reflect the action back to the opponent, as if you used the action on them.
skipcard Vault/T/Action: Transfer a thing into or out of the Vault. Anything inside the Vault cannot be targeted, unless you take it out.
skipcard Brain Pizza/A/Reveal and discard the top card of the draw pile. If it is an Action, gain control of an opponent's Thing. ("Adapted from Zombie Town")
skipcard <ruby><rb>書書</rb><rp> (</rp><rt>Shu Shu</rt><rp>)</rp></ruby>/T/Your cards' texts may not be altered without your permission. <BR>Action: When drawing at the beginning of your turn, you may discard the card you drew and draw again. ("A bookmark who became sentient due to her close relationship with her owner. She now tends the shop and counsels its resident spirits. Adapted from 時光當鋪 The Time Pawnshop.")
skipcard A Good Day for Wide-Ranging Discussion/A/Each player may draw a card and immediately play it if it is a Thing. ("Adapted from Coffee House")
skipcard Forbidden Knowledge/T/Remove before the game starts. If you draw this, destroy your things, and your hand. Redraw up to the maximum hand size. ("You saw something you shouldn't have")
skipcard Way too many cards/T/Shuffle your hand into the deck. During your turn, the deck is considered to be your hand. Your hand is also infinite.
skipcard Infinity Token/A/Before your turn, choose a token you control. You are considered to have infinitly many of them.
skipcard Hillside Village/T/Draw a card when you play this. You may not play a Thing if you played one last turn. Draw an extra card at the end of each turn in which you do not play a Thing. Action: Return this card to your hand.
skipcard Rooftop Barbecue/A/You and every opponent who gives you a money- or food-related token may receive a Steak, a Mushroom, and a Bell Pepper token, each with "Action: Destroy this and draw a card."
skipcard Moonrise/A/The Moon is just coming into view over the eastern horizon. As the first to spot it, you may draw two cards. During their next turn, each of your opponents has "Action: Take a moment to admire the Moon and draw a card."
skipcard Outnumbered/T/Action: Target Opponent cannot react to any actions or things against them until your next turn.
skipcard Infinity Stoner/T/Action: Target opponent's things can't perform any actions until your next turn.
skipcard Mine/T/Action: Draw a card, and put it under this one faceup. %r Action (Global): Randomly choose one card under the Mine to make a token with identical properties out of. If it is an action card, you may use that token once.
skipcard People of Earth, Your Attention Please/A/You may not play this card if you played any cards during your previous turn. Discard 5 cards. If you do, destroy all of your opponents' Things. ("Adapted from the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy CCG")
skipcard Triganic Ningi/T/A triangular rubber coin six thousand eight hundred miles along each side. Shuffle seven copies of this card into the draw pile the first time it is played. Thing - Triganic Pu: Destroy eight of your Ningis and win the game. ("Adapted from the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy CCG")
skipcard The Silver Bail of Peace/T/If another Thing would be de­stroyed, you may shuffle the Silver Bail into the top 20 cards of the draw pile to prevent this. If the Silver Bail is de­stroyed, its de­stroyer must dis­card their hand and skip their next turn in profound shame. ("Adapted from the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy CCG")
skipcard Title/T/Text ("Flavortext")
skipcard More Brainpower!/T/Your handsize is twice as big
skipcard Unplayable Deck of Cards/A/Shuffle the Unplayable Dvorak Deck into the main deck.
skipcard How Dare You/T/Play immediately in response when an opponent causes you to discard a card or lose control of a non-token Thing. They discard a random card.
skipcard Can I Have Your Autograph?/A/The first time you draw this card, sign it and shuffle it into the draw pile immediately. Everyone whose name appears on this card wins.
skipcard Caladrius/T/Destroy Caladrius to prevent an opponent's destruction of one of your Things, or to destroy another one of your Things with no ill effects to you or your remaining Things. ("A mythical white bird that could cure sick people by taking their illnesses into itself and then flying away.")
skipcard The Monkey's Paw/T/Action: Take control of as many things as you wish. For each thing you control, skip 1 of your turns.
skipcard Very Specific Counter Card/A/This card can only be used to prevent a card, determined at the start of the game by the players, from being played. Instead, it gets destroyed.
skipcard Mexican Standoff/A/Everyone puts up one finger gun to another person. Whoever doesn't have a gun pointing at them randomly splits the others' things amongst themselves.
skipcard Tide Pool/T/A player may play any number of living Things during their turn. At the end of each player's turn, a random non-token Thing in play returns to its controller's hand. (""It is advisable to look from the tide pool to the stars and then back to the tide pool." — John Steinbeck")
skipcard Congestion Charge/T/A player must discard a card whenever they play a tangible Thing.
skipcard Ask Me Nice/T/When one of your Things would be destroyed by an opponent, you may prevent its destruction by giving them this card. ("Live, let live, that's my advice<BR>If you've got questions, ask me nice.")
skipcard Technically a _____/T/Write anything in the space provided. This card counts as whatever was written there.
skipcard Double the Takings!/A/If you take something from any source, you may play this, taking no negative effects to yourself.
skipcard Train/T/Before your turn, you may take any card on the Train and put it in your hand. After your turn, move the Train and all of it's contents to the next person. %r Action: Place a thing facedown under this card.
skipcard Holy Fervor/T/Draw a card when you destroy an opponent's Thing. If you destroy Holy Fervor or a Thing controlled by an opponent with Holy Fervor, you are branded an apostate: destroy Holy Fervor and discard your hand. Thing and Action (global) - Conversion: Gain control of a copy of Holy Fervor.
skipcard Messenger Bag/T/When you play Messenger Bag, put the top card of the draw pile face down under it. Action: Exchange a card in your hand with the card under Messenger Bag.
skipcard Diving Catch/A/If the top card of the discard pile is a tangible Thing that belonged to the previous opponent, put it into your hand.
skipcard Agent 47/A/Destroy an Opponent's thing. Nothing can stop this nor redirect this.
skipcard Two Point Hospital/T/Action: Move one negative effect from yourself or a thing you own onto another thing you own.
skipcard Bullsh*t/T/All cards are now placed facedown. Whenever a player plays a card and performs whatever text is supposedly on the card, an opponent may call them out on their lie. If they are correct, the offender loses and quits the game. If not, the opponent loses and quits the game.
skipcard Pidgey (#016)/T/Action: <i>Sand Attack</i> - Choose an opponent. On their next turn, the first time they choose to play a card, you choose a card from their hand (without looking) for them to play. ("A common sight in forests and woods. It flaps its wings at ground level to kick up blinding sand.")
skipcard Pidgeotto (#017)/T/You may play this card onto Pidgey to evolve it. If you do, it can use text from its prior evolutions.%rAction: <i>Mirror Move</i> - Choose an Action used by the last player on their turn, and use that Action. If this Pokémon is evolved, you may choose any action of any player since your last turn. ("Very protective of its sprawling territorial area, this Pokémon will fiercely peck at any intruder.")
skipcard Pidgeot (#018)/T/You may play this card onto Pidgeotto to evolve it. If you do, it can use text from its prior evolutions.%rAction: <i>Whirlwind</i> - Choose an opponent's Thing. Shuffle it into the deck. If this Pokémon is evolved, choose 2 of that opponent's Things instead. ("It spreads its gorgeous wings widely to intimidate enemies. It races through the skies at Mach-2 speed.")
skipcard Chronomancer/T/Reaction: When one of your things would get destroyed, put a Token of Delay on it. Whichever thing has that token will be destroyed at the end of your turn. You can only have one out at a time. %r Action: Move the Token of Delay made by this card onto another thing you control. ("For Adiart")
skipcard Physician/T/Action: Put a Token of Healing on one of your things. Destroy the Token instead of the thing if it gets destroyed. ("For Adiart")
skipcard Knight/T/Put a token of armor on this card. Action: Put this on one of your things, defending it. If the thing gets destroyed, destroy this card, or destroy the armor token, if there is one. ("For Adiart")
skipcard Rattata (#019)/T/<i>Quick Attack</i> - If you are targeted by an opponent's action, you may ignore that effect. If you do, you cannot play an Action on your next turn. You cannot use this unless you would be able to use an Action on your next turn. ("Its incisors grow continuously throughout its life. If its incisors get too long, this Pokémon becomes unable to eat, and it starves to death.")
skipcard Raticate (#020)/T/You may play this card onto Rattata to evolve it. If you do, it can use text from its prior evolutions.%rAction: <i>Super Fang</i> - Choose an opponent. They discard half the cards in their hand <i>(rounded down)</i>. If this Pokémon is evolved, you choose the cards to discard <i>(without looking)</i>. ("Its disposition is far more violent than its looks would suggest. Don't let your hand get too close to its face, as it could bite your hand clean off.")
skipcard Alolan Rattata (#019)/T/Action: <i>Bite</i> - Choose an opponent. Flip a coin. If heads, they skip their next turn. ("With its incisors, it gnaws through doors and infiltrates people’s homes. Then, with a twitch of its whiskers, it steals whatever food it finds.")
skipcard Chance Encounter/A/Play a living Thing into any player's control. You may play Chance Encounter immediately as a Reaction when an opponent plays a living Thing.
skipcard Sinister Pedal Tone/T/If this has been in play for at least as many of your turns as you have opponents, destroy a Thing controlled by each opponent when this is destroyed.
skipcard The Miracle of Flight/A/Pick target Thing up and toss it away from the table. If it travels more than one table length before landing, remove it from the game.
skipcard Alolan Raticate (#020)/T/You may play this card onto Alolan Rattata to evolve it. If you do, it can use text from its prior evolutions.%rAction: <i>Crunch</i> - Choose an opponent. They must choose one of their Things to destroy. If this Pokémon is evolved, choose 2 of their Things for them to choose between. ("It makes its Rattata underlings gather food for it, dining solely on the most nutritious and delicious fare.")
skipcard Spearow (#021)/T/Action: <i>Peck</i> - Choose an opponent. Flip a coin. If heads, discard a card from their hand <i>(without looking)</i>. ("Its short wings make it inept at flying. It moves about hurriedly and pecks at Bug-type Pokémon in the tall grass.")
skipcard Fearow (#022)/T/You may play this card onto Spearow to evolve it. If you do, it can use text from its prior evolutions.%rAction: <i>Drill Peck</i> - Choose an opponent. Discard a card from their hand <i>(without looking)</i>. If this Pokémon is evolved, discard 2 cards instead. ("It has the stamina to fly all day on its broad wings. It fights by using its sharp beak.")
skipcard Team Effort/A/You may invite any number of your opponents to participate in the following exchange. Every participant must draw a number of cards equal to the number of participating opponents and give one to each.
skipcard Thing Tree/T/Your hand size limit is 4 and you may control no more than 4 other non-token Things. Action: Reveal the top card of the draw pile and put it into your hand if it is a Thing.
skipcard Globalizer Assembly/T/Play onto target Thing. Its abilities become global: any player may use them during their turn.
skipcard Ekans (#023)/T/Action: <i>Wrap</i> - Choose an opponent. They cannot use Action abilities during their next turn. ("Moving silently and stealthily, it eats the eggs of birds, such as Pidgey and Spearow, whole.")
skipcard Arbok (#024)/T/You may play this card onto Ekans to evolve it. If you do, it can use text from its prior evolutions.%rAction: <i>Coil</i> - Place a counter on Arbok. For each counter, your hand size increases by 1. If this Pokémon is evolved, place 2 counters instead. ("To intimidate foes, it spreads its chest wide and makes eerie sounds by expelling air from its mouth.")
skipcard Pichu (#172)/T/Action: <i>Charm</i> - Choose an opponent. While this Pokémon is in play, their hand size is reduced by 1. This can only affect each opponent once. ("Despite this Pokémon's cute appearance, those who want to live with one should prepare to be on the receiving end of its electric jolts.")
skipcard Prince/T/Action: Put an opponent's thing under this one. That thing's action cannot be used. %r Action: Along with the first action, you may choose to destroy the chosen card. You can only use this once. ("For Adiart")
skipcard Maid/T/Play a 2nd facedown card under this. Action: Compare the Card Types of the facedown card with an opponent's card in hand. If they are the same, take the facedown card back into your hand and use the opponent's card as the facedown card. ("For Adiart")
skipcard Noble/T/Action: Perform another Thing's action that you control twice. ("For Adiart")
skipcard Pikachu (#025)/T/You may play this card onto Pichu to evolve it. If you do, it can use text from its prior evolutions.%rAction: <i>Volt Tackle</i> - Choose an opponent. Discard a card from your hand to discard 2 cards from their hand <i>(without looking)</i>. If this Pokémon is evolved, you do not discard a card. ("It's in its nature to store electricity. It feels stressed now and then if it's unable to fully discharge the electricity.")
skipcard Raichu (#026)/T/You may play this card onto Pikachu to evolve it. If you do, it can use text from its prior evolutions.%rAction: <i>Thunder</i> - Destroy a randomly selected Thing in play (including yours). If this Pokémon is evolved, randomly choose from your opponent's Things only. ("It unleashes electric shocks that can reach 100,000 volts. When agitated, it can knock out even an Indian elephant.")
skipcard Alolan Raichu (#026)/T/You may play this card onto Pikachu to evolve it. If you do, it can use text from its prior evolutions.%rAction: <i>Psychic</i> - Look at an opponent's hand. If this Pokémon is evolved, you may select one card there and discard it. ("It uses psychokinesis to control electricity. It hops aboard its own tail, using psychic power to lift the tail and move about while riding it.")
skipcard Princess/T/Action: View a card's card type in an opponent's hand. ("For Adiart")
skipcard Paladin/T/Action: Place a Paladin token on an opponent's thing. If the opponent uses that thing's ability, destroy the token and the thing. You can only have 1 Paladin token out at a time. ("For Adiart")
skipcard Mystic/T/Your hand size is doubled. ("For Adiart")
skipcard Meteor Storm/T/When an Action card you play would destroy one or more Things, you may discard a card to destroy target Thing.<BR>When another Thing you control would destroy one or more Things, you may destroy it to destroy target Thing.
skipcard Delaying Distraction/A/Target opponent skips their next turn. If they have 5 or more cards in their hand, you may play an additional Action this turn. Otherwise, discard a card.
skipcard Life-Force Drain (Balanced)/A/Target opponent discards a card. Draw a card.<BR>Instead of playing a Thing this turn, you may draw a card OR have the targeted opponent discard a card. ("Patch v4.5.1 Notes: trimmed extra power from dual-casted LFD, can no longer multi-target.")
skipcard Sheriff/T/Action: Look at a card in an opponent's hand. ("For Adiart")
skipcard Butler/T/ReAction: When a player makes an action, you may prevent them from doing this, unless you can't take any actions. If you do this, skip an action on your next turn. ("For Adiart")
skipcard Drunk/T/Action: Perform an opponent's action from a thing they control. They cannot perform that action on their next turn. ("For Adiart")
skipcard Difference of Opinion/A/Return a Thing that entered play during its controller's most recent turn to their hand.
skipcard A Fine Addition to My Collection/A/Reveal any number of cards from your hand by a single creator (possibly including this one) to take control of an equal number of opponents' Things by the same creator.<BR>If you reveal 4 or more cards by ChippyYYZ, you may search the deck for ChippyYYZ, The Forbidden One, put it into your hand, and end your turn.
skipcard Dark Is The Night, Green Is The Grass/T/Face-down Things are considered blank. Turn all living Things face-down when this comes into play. Living Things must be played face-down. Destroy this if all Things are face-up. <BR>Action (global): Turn one of your living Things face-up.
skipcard Sandshrew (#027)/T/Action: <i>Rollout</i> - Choose an opponent. For each turn in a row you've used Rollout plus 1 (up to a maximum of 5), flip a coin. For each heads, discard a card from their hand <i>(without looking)</i>. ("If it fell from a great height, this Pokémon could save itself by rolling into a ball and bouncing.")
skipcard Sandslash (#028)/T/You may play this card onto Sandshrew to evolve it. If you do, it can use text from its prior evolutions.%rAction: <i>Crush Claw</i> - Choose an opponent. They must choose one of their Things to destroy. If this Pokémon is evolved, choose 2 of their Things for them to choose between. ("It uses its claws to climb trees and then curls its body into a spiny ball, ready to drop onto any prey that appears.")
skipcard Alolan Sandshrew (#027)/T/Action: <i>Ice Ball</i> - Choose an opponent. For each turn in a row you've used Ice Ball plus 1 (up to a maximum of 5), flip a coin. For each heads, discard a card from their hand <i>(without looking)</i>. ("It lives on snowy mountains. Its steel shell is very hard—so much so, it can't roll its body up into a ball.")
skipcard Hunter/T/The first time this gets destroyed, if a Thing destroys this, destroy that thing. If an action destroys this, that player discards a thing. Flip this card over, and do not destroy it. ("For Adiart")
skipcard Court Wizard/T/ReAction: If anyone targets one of your things, you may redirect it to another thing you control. ("For Adiart")
skipcard Observer/T/Whenever someone draws any amount of cards, you may look at 1 of them. ("For Adiart")
skipcard Numerological Contrivance/A/The expression of a number as a sequence of digits is a base-dependent triviality. Exchange the positions of two digits on target card.
skipcard Observational Learning/T/This card can hold two Action abilities; if it would gain another, choose one of the existing two to replace. <BR>Action: Shuffle the top Action in the discard pile into the top 20 cards of the draw pile. If you subsequently play it, this card gains its ruletext as an Action ability.
skipcard Laundromat/T/Each player gains 3 Clean Laundry tokens when this enters play. A player may only play a Thing by destroying a Clean Laundry token. Action (global): Gain 3 Clean Laundry tokens.
skipcard Spellbook/T/Action: Put an action card, form your hand, faceup under this. %r Action: Do an action card's text that is under this one. ("*Harry Potter Noises*")
skipcard Ecstatic Electricity/A/Target Thing gains 5 electricity tokens.
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