Dvorak Export: Infinite Dvorak deck/Cards 6701-6800

To import this deck into the Dvorak MUSH Engine, just cut and paste the quoted commands below straight into your telnet window. (Any card whose type is neither "Thing" nor "Action" will default to "Thing"; if it was somehow meant to be played like an Action, just destroy it after playing it.)

(You can also get an output formatted for the Dvorax Engine.)

Regenerate this output, minus the cards created by a comma-separated list of users:
skipcard Technical Manual/T/Once per turn, you may play an Action instead of a Thing, play a Thing instead of an Action, or draw a card.
skipcard Potboiler/T/If you have not played any cards during your turn, you may draw a card and end your turn.
skipcard <font color=000>Misty's Determination</font>/T/Discard a card from your hand. If you do, look at the top 8 cards of the deck and put 1 of them into your hand. Shuffle the other cards back into the deck. ("You may play only 1 Supporter card during your turn (before your attack).")
skipcard <font color=000>Looker</font>/T/Draw 3 cards from the bottom of the deck. ("You may play only 1 Supporter card during your turn (before your attack).")
skipcard <font color=000>Underground Expedition</font>/T/Look at the bottom 4 cards of the deck. Put 2 of those cards into your hand, and then return the remaining cards to the bottom of the deck in any order. ("You may play only 1 Supporter card during your turn (before your attack).")
skipcard Backhoe/T/Backhoe counts as a Spade. Action and Thing: Gain control of the Thing closest to the top of the discard pile. You may not use this ability if you used it during your previous turn.
skipcard Gratuitously Garrulous Loquacity (12/42)/T/A player may only play a card if said card contains a greater quantity of syllables in its title or words in its ruletext than each of the cards played during the most recent turn of the preceding player in turn order.
skipcard Emperor of the Alphabet (Z)/A/Gain control of an opponent's Thing whose name or ruletext starts with A. If you do, gain control of one whose name or ruletext starts with B, and so on. If you gain control of 26 Things in this way, you win.
skipcard Ward of Contrariety/T/Any time a player reveals a Ward to use it's effect, yo may reveal this card from your hand. Ignore all effects of that card, then put a Ward token next to the deck. Then, with x equaling 2 times the number of Ward tokens next to the deck, take the top x cards off the deck, add this card to that pile, shuffle that pile, and put that pile back on top of the deck.
skipcard Bowser Phone/T/Reveal 9 cards from the top of the deck. Put all Actions revealed this way in a face-down pile next to Bowser Phone. Shuffle this pile. Discard any remaining cards. <i>(If Bowser Phone is destroyed, discard those cards.)</i> Action: Reveal the top card from Bowser Phone's pile, and play it. Shuffle that card back into the pile.
skipcard Curse of Listlessness/T/Play this on an opponent's thing. This cannot be destroyed or removed from the card it is played on without destroying that card. You may play only 1 Action or 1 Thing per turn, not both.
skipcard Arrogate/A/Gain control of an opponent's Thing until the beginning of your next turn.
skipcard Off to the Races/T/Every player must play an Action and a Thing during their turn. Any player who is unable to do so must reveal their hand to destroy this card and end their turn.
skipcard Curse of Ticklishness/T/Play this card onto an opponent's Thing. Destroy attached Thing if this card is removed from it. During their turn, any opponent may discard a card or destroy one of their tokens to force you to do the same.
skipcard Flavorless Gum/A/Destroy a Thing in play that has Flavor text. Or, play in response to an Action card with flavor text to negate it's effects. ("Can't even blow a bubble with it.")
skipcard Gun (6🔫)/T/When you play Gun, put 6 bullet tokens on it. Action: Remove a bullet token from Gun in order to destroy a Thing. Thing: Reload Gun. Add bullet tokens to Gun until it has 6 bullet tokens.
skipcard Sleight of Hand/A/Swap control of a Thing you control with a Thing controlled by an opponent.
skipcard King of Zetabetical Order (A)/A/Gain control of an opponent's Thing whose name or ruletext starts with Z. If you do, gain control of one whose name or ruletext starts with Y, and so on. If you gain control of 26 Things in this way, you win.
skipcard Whoops!/A/Destroy one thing each player controls. Repeat this process until you are unable to. ("Uhh...Sorry?")
skipcard Jack of Intangibility/T/Attach to target thing you control. Attached thing cannot be destroyed. ("Can't touch this")
skipcard Board Game (50🎲)/T/Lay out 50 cards from the deck in a looped path, as spaces of a board. Give each player a pawn, and place them on the first card. On their turn, a player must roll 2d6 and move that many spaces clockwise around the board. If they land on an Action, they must use it's effect as if they played it, if able. If any other type, they treat it as if theirs while on it. Spaces may not removed and are not cards. If this is destroyed, discard all spaces.
skipcard Disposable Pistol (1🔫)/A/Destroy a thing. ("When I was first coming up with the "Gun" card, this was my first draft.")
skipcard Parry (SF3)/T/Play this when you are the target of any effect, to ignore that effect. After you play it, leave it on the table until the start of your next turn. At the start of your next turn, draw this card instead of drawing from the deck. (""What's the point of attacking if they can just parry?"%r"What's the point of living if we are all just going to die?"")
skipcard We All Start Somewhere/A/Put a blank Thing into each player's control.
skipcard Not a Cloud in the Sky/A/Draw cards until you have at least five cards in your hand, including at least one Action and one Thing. You may play an additional Action this turn.
skipcard Alternate Timeline/T/At the end of your next turn after playing this card, destroy it and restore every Thing destroyed while it was in play to that Thing's original controller.
skipcard Deathmatch/T/Any time a player destroys another player's non-token Thing, they gain 1 Frag token. If a player has 10 Frag tokens, they win the game.
skipcard Capture the Flag/T/Any time a player takes control of another player's Thing (except for Frag Modes), they gain 1 Frag token. If a player has 10 Frag tokens, they win the game.
skipcard King of the Hill/T/On their turn, instead of playing an Action, a player may take control of King of the Hill. If you control King of the Hill at the start of your turn, gain 2 Frag tokens. If a player has 10 Frag tokens, they win the game.
skipcard Domination/T/Gain 1 Frag token at the beginning of your turn. A player gains 1 Frag token at the beginning of their turn if they control more non-token Things (excluding Frag Modes) than any other player. If a player has 10 Frag tokens, they win the game.
skipcard Elevenses/A/Draw a number of cards equal to the number of players and give one to each.
skipcard Sudden Downpour/A/Every player must destroy one of their Things, draw a card, and gain two Water tokens.
skipcard Overtime/T/For all cards with victory conditions expressed in owning a countable number of Things or Tokens, double that number. This card cannot be destroyed while a card with a victory condition is in play.
skipcard The River/T/Place 5 cards from the top of the deck in the middle of the table. For each Thing, all players may treat it as if they control it. For any other card, they may treat that card as if it is in their hand. <i>(If they use the card and it would be discarded, discard it.)</i>
skipcard Create a Diversion/A/Destroy one of your Things very conspicuously. While target opponent is distracted, look at their hand and steal a card from it.
skipcard Frost and Fire/T/Every other Thing must be destroyed at the beginning of its controller's turn.
skipcard Free Gift With Purchase/A/Pay an opponent 2 Money tokens to gain control of one of their Things. They throw in a card from their hand as well, as a bonus thank you gift.
skipcard Queen of Arts/T/During your turn, create a copy of this thing, then draw an appropriate picture on the copy.
skipcard Chain Reaction/T/Action: Create a copy of Chain Reaction, then shuffle both this and the copy into the deck. Any player who controls or has in their hand a Chain Reaction does this as well. ("Who doesn't love a chain reaction?")
skipcard Intangible, Invisible, Mute Dragon/T/ ("But how can you PROVE you have this?")
skipcard Hiromi/T/Action and Thing: Draw two cards, discard the Things you drew, and play every Action in your hand.
skipcard Art Exhibition/A/Reveal any number of cards by the same creator from your hand (possibly including this one). Each opponent pays you an equal number of Money tokens as an admission fee; those who cannot must discard an equal number of cards instead.
skipcard Agglutinizer Ray/T/Action: Choose any subset of target player's tokens. They are converted into a non-token Thing whose title is the concatenation of their names, with the ruletext "This counts as" followed by a list of them. (""...6 Money tokens, 2 Crate tokens, 5 Zombie tokens, and 1 Strawberry Candy token."")
skipcard <font color=000>Cellar</font> (2)/T/Discard any number of cards, then draw that many. You may play an additional Action this turn.
skipcard <font color=000>Village</font> (3)/T/Draw 1 card. You may play 2 additional Actions this turn.
skipcard <font color=000>Throne Room</font> (4)/T/Play an Action card from your hand and have it's effect occur twice.
skipcard Seize The Triforce/A/Create 3 triforce tokens, two with "You may play an additional Action/Thing" respectively, and one with "Each turn, you may look at a card in a hidden zone.", and each of them have "This cannot leave play. If a player controls all 3 triforce tokens, they win." Distribute two of them among up to two opponents. Exile Seize The Triforce
skipcard Guessing game/A/Choose a number between 1 and 20. Roll 1d20. If the chosen number is the same as the result, you win the game. ("777")
skipcard Jailor/T/Action: Attach this to target thing.%r Attached thing loses all cardtext. If Jailor is destroyed, destroy attached thing as well.
skipcard Cocktail Spear/T/You may only use one of Cocktail Spear's abilities during your turn. Thing: Gain control of target token. Action: Destroy one of your tokens.
skipcard Trade Fours/A/For each opponent in order, that opponent may play an Action and then you may play an Action. You may not use any Action ability more than once in this way.
skipcard Rustic Cottage/T/Action and Thing: Draw a card. Opponents may not target your hand or your Things until your next turn. ("A quiet place to relax, far from all the hustle and bustle of big city life.")
skipcard <font color=000>Militia</font> (4)/T/Gain 2 Money tokens. Each other player discards down to 3 cards in hand.
skipcard <font color=000>Library</font> (5)/T/Draw until you have 7 cards in hand, skipping any Action cards you choose to; set those aside, discarding them afterwards.
skipcard <font color=000>Chapel</font> (2)/T/Remove from the game up to 4 cards from your hand.
skipcard Platininium Crown/T/Action: Place this atop your head.%r While Platininium Crown is atop your head, whenever someone does not refer to you as King, take control of one thing they control. ("Not to be confused with Platinum")
skipcard Very Big Sign that says "No"/T/Whenever you become the target of an effect, negate that effect.
skipcard DNA Reshuffle/A/Everyone shuffles their hands together face-down in a pile. Then, in turn order, start drawing cards from the pile. If a player reaches their hand size, they stop drawing. If there are still cards in the pile, shuffle them into the deck. ("Digitally Nullifying Answers.")
skipcard Wacky Watch (5⌚)/T/After 5 more of your turns have elapsed, the game ends. The player with the most cards total between their Things in play and their hand wins. If there is a tie, whichever tied player has the most tokens wins. If there is still a tie, all tied players win. ("Use this pocket watch to change the game clock so five turns remain! What a find!")
skipcard Kingmaker/T/If through a direct action you are able to cause another player win the game, you win the game (instead of that player).
skipcard Bullet Train (🚄🚃🚃)/T/Once per turn you may attach a Thing you control onto Bullet Train, or move a Thing on Bullet Train into your control. At the end of your turn, give Bullet Train (with all things attached to it) to the next player in turn order.
skipcard Birthday Gifts/A/All players gives you a card from their hand. You may choose to reject any cards you receive, giving them back to the player.
skipcard Amnesia/A/Gain control of target living thing an opponent controls. It loses all cardtext
skipcard Twilight Realm Portal/T/Action: Exile target tangible thing, or return a thing exiled with Twilight Realm Portal. You may only do this if the portal is open. Action: Close or open the Portal.%r While the portal is open, things exiled with it are considered to not be exiled.
skipcard Revolving Bookshelf/T/Play this on top of target Thing and play another Thing on top of this. Only the top Thing is considered to be in play. If the top Thing is destroyed, destroy Revolving Bookshelf as well. The top Thing gains "Action: Exchange this with the Thing under Revolving Bookshelf."
skipcard Wheelie/T/Destroy Wheelie at the end of your turn. If you destroy at least one Thing while Wheelie is in play, draw two cards; you may play one of them, if it is an Action. (""Hey, how do you think you're going to get back?"<BR>"Thinking is such a waste of time."")
skipcard Curious Puppy/T/At the beginning of your turn, this adorable little rascal chooses another Thing at random. If it is edible, she eats it and lies down in its place. Otherwise, she carries it (and herself) into a random player's control.
skipcard Card Factory/T/At the start of each turn, before you draw a card, reveal the top card of the deck, create a copy of it and shuffle both into the deck.
skipcard Integer Overflow/T/If there are ever more cards in the deck than there are cards in the Infinite Dvorak wiki, you win the game.
skipcard The Illusion of Choice/A/Divide the deck into two decks. Any time a player would interact with the deck, they may choose which deck to use. <i>(Do not replenish the deck until both decks run out, at which point return to 1 deck.)</i>
skipcard Doppelganger/T/Action: Perform an action of another Thing, or a discarded action.
skipcard Fence/T/Attach to target thing you control. If attached thing is destroyed, destroy Fence instead.
skipcard Cheater/T/Action: Choose one:%r Look through and re-arrange the deck to be in any order.%r Look at each player's hand.%r Play any number of cards this turn.
skipcard Racing Stripe/T/Paint onto target tangible Thing. Attached Thing gains "Thing: If you have played an Action this turn, draw a card."
skipcard Toddler/T/Action: Use an Action ability that an opponent used during their most recent turn. ("Anything you can do I can do louder.")
skipcard Why Are You Hitting Yourself?/A/Give target opponent an Action card from your hand or choose one of your Action abilities. They play it immediately and are subject to its effects. Instead of playing a Thing this turn, you may return this card to your hand.
skipcard Sold!/A/Choose an opponent. They choose one of your things to be destroyed. Roll d10, and gain that many Money tokens.
skipcard Match Game/T/Take the top 10 cards of the deck, create a copy of each, shuffle them together, and lay out all 20 cards on the table. Once per turn, a player may reveal 2 laid out cards. If they are identical, that player takes 1 into their hand and removes the other from the game. If Match Game is destroyed before all cards are used up, remove all remaining cards from the game.
skipcard <font color=55CDFC>Tr</font><font color=F7A8B8>an</font>s Ri<font color=F7A8B8>gh</font><font color=55CDFC>ts!</font> (⚧️)/A/Every player (including you) must say "Trans Rights!" Any player who does not loses the game.
skipcard Stargazing/T/Action and Thing (global): Draw a number of cards equal to 5 minus the number of non-token Things you control.
skipcard Church of the Long Now/T/Any Thing that has been in play continuously for five of its controller's turns is indestructible.
skipcard Token Converter/T/Action: Choose two token types <i>A</i> and <i>B</i>. This card transforms into "<i>A</i>-><i>B</i> Converter" with the ruletext "At the beginning of your turn, convert one <i>A</i> token into a <i>B</i> token, if possible."
skipcard Cube/T/Action: Create a copy of Cube. You may use the action ability of another Cube which you didn't make this turn. ("What are these things?")
skipcard Clock/T/Every Minute, give control of Clock and another thing you control of the player next to you. ("Tick Tock on the Clock, but you never change.")
skipcard Dvorak Card/A/Create a copy of any card on the Dvorak Game wiki, then place it into your hand. If any special rules applied to the game it came from, they only apply to that card.
skipcard Tinker/A/Choose an Action ability of a Thing in play. You may roll a six-sided die as many times as you wish. On 5 or 6, you manage to get it to work an additional time whenever it is used. On 1, you accidentally break it: the ability is permanently disabled.
skipcard Lesser Necromancy/A/Choose a living Thing in the discard pile and flip a coin. On heads, return it to play under your control; on tails, gain a Zombie token.
skipcard Still Waters Run Deep/A/If you have not played a card or used an ability for <i>n</i> consecutive turns before this one, destroy up to <i>n</i> Things. If you destroy fewer than <i>n</i> Things, draw a number of cards equal to the difference.
skipcard Tortilla/T/If you control a protein, a cheese, and a fruit or vegetable, you win the game. ("Nothing beats a pineapple, swiss, and sea cucumber burrito!")
skipcard Extra-Sharp Cheddar/T/Action: Destroy a living thing, and gain a blood token. ("It's really sharp.")
skipcard Gentleman Thief/T/Action: Choose a Thing in play. If a majority of players agree it is the most valuable Thing in play, destroy it. <i>(If it is not, a majority must agree on a different Thing in play. That ruling is binding unless a more valuable Thing comes into play.)</i>
skipcard The 1% of the 1%/A/Choose an opponent's thing in play and call for a vote. If it is agreed upon to be the most valuable card, steal it. Otherwise, destory it and pick another. Continue this until there is only one card left or you steal a thing. ("1 Trillion Club? Pathetic.")
skipcard Paladin/T/Action: Destroy target evil thing ("Evil is subjective")
skipcard Propaganda/A/Gain control of things equal to the number of players or less.
skipcard Let's Not and Say We Did/A/End your turn.
skipcard The Future Is Mobile/A/Add the word "Portable" at the beginning of target tangible Thing's title. It gains "Action (global): Gain control of this."
skipcard Weather Forecast/A/Reveal a number of cards from the draw pile equal to the number of players.
skipcard Bulbasaur (#001)/T/Action: <i>Leech Seed</i> - Place a Leech Seed token onto an opponent's Thing. At the start of that player's turn, you may take a card from their hand (without looking) and place it in your hand. ("A strange seed was planted on its back at birth. The plant sprouts and grows with this Pokémon.")
skipcard Ivysaur (#002)/T/You may play this card onto Bulbasaur to evolve it. If you do, it can use text from its prior evolutions.%rAction: <i>Razor Leaf</i> - Choose 3 of an opponent's Things, labelled 1 through 3. Roll a d4. Destroy the Thing that matches the result, if any. If this Pokémon is evolved, you may roll twice. ("When the bud on its back starts swelling, a sweet aroma wafts to indicate the flower's coming bloom.")
skipcard Venusaur (#003)/T/You may play this card onto Ivysaur to evolve it. If you do, it can use text from its prior evolutions.%rAction: <i>Frenzy Plant</i> - Destroy a Thing. Unless this Pokémon is evolved, you cannot take an action next turn. ("By spreading the broad petals of its flower and catching the sun's rays, it fills its body with power.")
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