Dvorak Export: Infinite Dvorak deck/Cards 6501-6600

To import this deck into the Dvorak MUSH Engine, just cut and paste the quoted commands below straight into your telnet window. (Any card whose type is neither "Thing" nor "Action" will default to "Thing"; if it was somehow meant to be played like an Action, just destroy it after playing it.)

(You can also get an output formatted for the Dvorax Engine.)

Regenerate this output, minus the cards created by a comma-separated list of users:
loadcard Bottled Power Plant/T/When this card is destroyed, gain five Energy tokens and play up to three Actions.
loadcard Construction Project/T/You may not play Things. On your third turn after playing this card, destroy it and play as many Things from your hand as you wish.
loadcard Token Defense Shield/T/Whenever you would gain control of a token as a result of an opponent's activity, you may instead destroy it.
loadcard Reverse Action Prism (Psm)/T/This card counts as a glass object. A Player may not play more than one Action in a turn.
loadcard Weirdly Specific Shield/T/Things you control with two-word titles cannot be destroyed by actions.
loadcard Thoughtflow Turbine/T/When an Action would cause you to draw cards, draw an additional card (limit 1 per action).
loadcard Oasis/A/If you have fewer than five cards, draw cards until you have five. Gain two Water tokens.
loadcard Big Man/T/A player may not win if an opponent has more Prestige tokens than them. Any player with more Prestige tokens than this card's controller may gain control of it. Action: Give an opponent a card and gain a Prestige token. Action (global): Give this card's controller a card and gain a Prestige token.
loadcard Dramatic Flourish/A/If you have destroyed a Thing during this turn, draw three cards and play one of them.
loadcard Clock of Finality/T/At the beginning of your turn, rotate Clock of Finality 90° clockwise. When Clock of Finality has completed a clockwise rotation, eliminate each player with no cards in hand and each player with no Things in play, then destroy all Things. ("It's the final countdown.")
loadcard Crop Rotation/T/At the beginning of each player's turn, you may rotate target Thing 90° clockwise. When this causes a Thing to complete a clockwise rotation, destroy that Thing. If it is destroyed, its controller reveals the top 5 cards of the deck and puts a Thing from among them into play. ("Hmm... maybe nodes this year.")
loadcard Recycler Mill/T/Whenever another Thing is destroyed, rotate Recycler Mill 90° clockwise. When Recycler Mill completes a clockwise rotation, you may put a Thing from the discard pile into play.
loadcard Hammock/T/When you can recline in comfort and style, how bad can life really be? Action: Relax and draw a card.
loadcard Sleep In/A/You may not play this card if you have already played another card during your turn. Draw two cards; discard them and redraw if neither is an Action. Instead of playing a Thing, you may play one more Action this turn.
loadcard Sleeper Cell/A/Write the name of a player on this card and shuffle it into the draw pile, %rOR eliminate every player whose name is written on this card. ("...Besides its creator.")
loadcard Rumor Mill/T/Whenever an opponent draws a card, rotate Rumor Mill 90° clockwise. When Rumor Mill completes a clockwise rotation, you may look at target opponent's hand and trade a card in their hand with a card from your hand.
loadcard Centrifuge Node/T/Action: Rotate Centrifuge Node 90° clockwise for each Node you control.<BR>Whenever Centrifuge Node completes a clockwise rotation, draw a card.
loadcard Dire Screwdriver/A/Rotate target Thing 360° clockwise, then its ruletext becomes "Indestructible.", <BR>OR rotate target Thing 360° counter-clockwise and put it into your hand.
loadcard Hamster Wheel/T/Whenever an opponent plays an Action, rotate Hamster Wheel 90° clockwise. When Hamster Wheel completes a clockwise rotation, you may play an Action from your hand.
loadcard Miller's Spirit/T/Action: Change target Thing's Action ability so that instead of “Action:”, it reads “Action: Rotate this card 90° clockwise. When it completes a clockwise rotation, you may”.
loadcard Radianactive (2π)/A/Multiply all angle values on all Things in play by π/180°.
loadcard Puzzle Lock/T/Whenever a player draws their second card in a turn, you may rotate Puzzle Lock 90° clockwise. When Puzzle Lock completes a clockwise rotation, you may put Puzzle Lock in the discard pile and take another turn after this one.
loadcard Wheel of Providence/T/Whenever you play a card, rotate Wheel of Providence 90° clockwise. When Wheel of Providence completes a clockwise rotation, name a letter and reveal the top card of the deck. If its title contains that letter, put it into your hand. If its title starts with that letter, you win the game.
loadcard Circle of Doom/T/Circle of Doom enters play attached to target Thing. At the beginning of each turn, turn Circle of Doom and the attached Thing 90° clockwise. <BR>When the attached Thing completes a clockwise rotation, destroy it and Circle of Doom. That Thing's controller may return Circle of Doom to play under their control.
loadcard Container Crane/T/Whenever an opponent plays a Thing, you may rotate Container Crane 90° clockwise. When Container Crane completes a clockwise rotation, gain a Crate token with "Action: Destroy this and draw a card."
loadcard Radar Antenna ((>)/T/At the beginning of your turn, rotate Radar Antenna 90° clockwise. When Radar Antenna completes a clockwise rotation, you may look at target player's hand.
loadcard Combination Lock/T/Whenever an opponent draws a card, you may rotate Combination Lock 90°. When Combination Lock completes a clockwise rotation, then a counterclockwise rotation, then another clockwise rotation, you may put a Thing from the discard pile into your hand.
loadcard Direst Wolf/T/At the beginning of your turn, rotate Direst Wolf 90° clockwise. When Direst Wolf completes a clockwise rotation, put another Thing you control in the discard pile or eliminate yourself.<BR>Action:  Destroy another target Thing and rotate Direst Wolf 180° clockwise.
loadcard Turn Back Time/A/Return target Thing to its controller's hand. Rotate each Thing counterclockwise to standard position.
loadcard <font color=ee4144>Ra</font><font color=f37033>in</font><font color=fdf6af>bo</font><font color=62bc4d>w </font><font color=1e98d3>Da</font><font color=672f89>sh</font>/T/Rainbow Dash is all colors at all times.<BR>When an opponent plays a card with any of the words Wind, Rain, Cloud, Fog, Snow, Sun, Sky, Storm, Thunder, Lightning, or Rainbow in its title, you may have that card be put into your hand instead. You may put Rainbow Dash into play from your hand as a reaction to such a card being played. (""Hey. I could clear this sky in ten seconds flat."")
loadcard 360 No-Scope (4w)/A/Rotate a non-Token Thing you control 360°. If it completes its rotation and survives, destroy another target Thing.
loadcard <font color=fdf6af>Applejack</font>/T/At the beginning of your turn, gain an Apple Token. When another Thing you control is destroyed, you may spend 3 Apple Tokens to return it to your hand.<BR>Action: Spend an Apple token to gain a token of any type.<BR>Action: Spend 2 Apple tokens to look at the top 2 cards of the deck. You may put a Thing from among them into play. If neither is a Thing, discard them and gain three Apple tokens.
loadcard Rules are Rules Rule (RRR)/T/Rules and Laws aren't controlled by anyone; if a controller is required by an effect, the owner counts as the controller.<BR>The priority layers in the game are: 1. the game's rules; 2. Rules and Laws' effects; 3. other effects. Higher-numbered effects have priority over lower-numbered effects unless the lower-numbered ones are exceptions over higher-numbered ones.
loadcard Rules Integration Rule (RIR)/T/The winner of the game may decide to integrate any combination of rules that were in effect at the end of the game into the next match's game rules.
loadcard Virtuous Bureaucracy/T/Whenever you play a Rule or Law, draw a card. Whenever someone else does, he draws two cards and you draw one card.
loadcard <font color=ed458b>Pinkie Pie</font>/T/At the end of your turn, each player may put a Thing from their hand into play or draw a card.<BR>When Pinkie Pie would be destroyed, you may return her to your hand instead.<BR>Action: Choose an opponent. You and that player draw a card.
loadcard Crate Expectations/A/Gain a Crate token and look at the top card of the deck. You may then sacrifice a Crate token to put that card into your hand - if you do not, shuffle the card into the deck instead.
loadcard Merchant Policy/A/Gain control of all Crate tokens. Each opponent draws a card.
loadcard Full Warranty/T/Action: Put a Guarantee token on target Thing. When a Thing under your control with a Guarantee token is destroyed, you may create a copy of that Thing and put it into play under your control.
loadcard Potion of Wild Hunger (5w)/A/Destroy target Thing and discard a card.%r---OR---%rThrow - Target opponent destroys one of their Things and discards a card.
loadcard Nightshade Extract (6w)/T/When you target a single opponent with an Action card, they discard a card.
loadcard <font color=5e4fa2>Rarity</font>/T/Instead of drawing a card, you may reveal the top four cards of the deck, put a Thing from among them into your hand, and discard the rest. You may not play that Thing this turn.<BR><BR>Action:  Put a Thing from your hand into play under any player's control.
loadcard Alpha Lockout/T/Play into any player's control.<BR><BR>You may not play cards whose titles begin with the same letter as a Thing you control.
loadcard Putting Things On Top Of Other Things/A/Draw a card.<BR>You may put any number of Things from your hand on top of a Thing you control. Treat the stack as a single Thing with the attributes of only the top card. If it would leave play, only the top card leaves play.
loadcard Midas Ray (7w)/T/If you control 5 non-token gold-colored things, you win the game.%r Action: Discard 3 cards to remove all of target Thing's text and re-color it gold. You may discard an extra card to gain control of it.
loadcard Bulk Scrap Collection (8w)/A/Move cards from the top of the deck to the discard pile until there are 12+ cards in the discard pile (minimum 1). Then target opponent moves a number of cards from the discard pile to your hand equal to your maximum hand size (limit 10).
loadcard Burst Mode (9w)/T/Action: Put a charge counter on this if it's your own turn.%rReaction: Remove all charge counters from this in response to an opponent's Action card. Take that many Actions (limit 3). (Your actions happen first.)
loadcard <font color=f3b6cf>Fluttershy</font>/T/When Fluttershy enters play, gain control of target Living Thing.<BR>Whenever you draw a card, gain a Forest Creature token.<BR>Whenever a Living Thing you control is destroyed, target opponent discards a card.
loadcard A Big Bear/T/Action: Target opponent skips their next turn. Erase this ability. ("Quick to lose interest, but terrifying until then.")
loadcard Omenbearer Birds/T/When Omenbearer Birds enters play, draw two cards, put two cards from your hand on top the deck, then look at the top four cards of the deck and put them back in any order. ("Some think their formations predict technological advancements. Some think their migration patterns anticipate political shifts. Some just leave a bird feeder out and hope for good fortune.")
loadcard Spud Gun 3000/T/This card comes into play with three potato tokens.%r%rAction: Destroy one potato token, then destroy up to 3 tokens on any other card. ("”What do you expect to hurt with that thing?”%r“Your pride.”")
loadcard 50 Pound Sack of Spuds/T/When this card comes into play gain ten potato tokens.%r%rAction: Discard one card to gain ten potato tokens. ("Get ta peelin', Private!")
loadcard Fell Like A Sack Of.../A/Destroy any number of potato tokens. For every 5 potato tokens destroyed, destroy oneThing.%r%rIf you destroy 100 potato tokens, you win the game. ("That expression may be cliché, but it's still hilarious to watch.")
loadcard <font color=263773>Twilight </font><font color=ed438a>S</font><font color=662d8a>p</font><font color=263773>arkle</font>/T/You have no maximum hand size.<BR>Once during your turn, you may play an Action instead of a Thing.<BR>When you play your second Action card in a turn, draw a card for each Pony you control, then discard a card if you drew more than two cards this way.
loadcard Match 3/A/Spend any 3 tokens of the same type to draw 3 cards.
loadcard Ultra Burst/A/Reveal the top ten cards of the deck. Put all non-Action cards revealed this way into the discard pile, then play all Actions revealed this way, in any order. Afterwards, for each Action played this way, discard a card or destroy a Thing you control.
loadcard Creativity Council (0w)/A/Each player draws a card. Then you gain a number of tokens of any type equal to the total number of cards in your opponents' hands (limit 20).
loadcard Djinn of the Past (1x)/T/Action: (WISH) return an Action card from the discard pile to your hand if you've taken three for fewer WISH actions this game.
loadcard Wish for Prosperity (2x)/A/If this is your first or second WISH action of the game, draw three cards. If this is your third WISH action of the game, you win the game.
loadcard Big Mood/T/When an opponent plays a Thing, you may have Big Mood become a copy of that Thing. Destroy Big Mood when that Thing leaves play.
loadcard Entropy Subversion/T/Whenever you would discard down to your maximum hand size, draw one card instead.
loadcard Aura of Endurance/T/Whenever another Thing would be destroyed, its controller erases a sentence from its rulestext instead if possible. A Thing's only sentence can't be erased this way. <BR>Aura of Endurance is indestructible.
loadcard The Luminous Name/A/Look at target opponent's hand, or look at the top ten cards in the draw pile.
loadcard The Purifying Name/A/Move any of your cards to the discard pile—miraculously, this does not count as discarding or destroying them; or, play immediately in response to any Action to negate its effects on you.
loadcard The Tempestuous Name/A/Shuffle all Things in play together and reassign control of each to a random player. Do the same with the cards in all players' hands. Then every player discards a random card.
loadcard Unexpected Chicken/T/You can discard Unexpected Chicken to destroy a living Thing. Unexpected Chicken isn't living. ("Suddenly, chicken!")
loadcard Djinn of Destruction (3x)/T/Action: (WISH) Destroy target Thing if you've taken three for fewer WISH actions this game.
loadcard Wish for Revenge (4x)/A/Destroy a number of Things equal to the number of WISH actions you've taken this game (limit 3). If this is your fourth or later WISH action, eliminate yourself.
loadcard Wish for More Wishes (5x)/A/Reveal the top 8 cards of the draw pile. Play any revealed Djinns or Wishes in the order you revealed them. Then put up to one other revealed Action in your hand and shuffle the deck.
loadcard Sword of Vigor and Languor/T/Action and Thing: Remove a sentence from target Thing's ruletext and insert it into a Thing you control.
loadcard Future Echo/A/Activate an Action ability of the first Thing in the draw pile with an Action ability.
loadcard You Scratch My Back/A/You and target opponent may attempt to negotiate a trade of one of your cards for one of theirs. If you agree to trade, you may both draw a card.
loadcard Envious Wish (6x)/A/Gain control of target Thing. If this is your third WISH action of the game, gain control of all its owners other things too. If this is your fourth or later WISH action, and you gained control of at least two Things, eliminate yourself.
loadcard Djinn of the Future (7x)/T/Action: (WISH) Look at the top two cards of the draw pile. If you've taken three for fewer WISH actions this game, put one of them in your hand. ("After you're out of wishes, the spoilers are free.")
loadcard Djinn of Regret (8x)/T/Action: (WISH) If this is your fourth or later WISH action, destroy one of your Things and draw a card. ("I can't let you take back wishes, but I have the next best thing.")
loadcard Part-Time Job/T/Action: Gain 2 Money tokens.
loadcard WANTED/T/Attach this card to target Thing. Its controller may choose to return it to their hand immediately; if not, and if it is destroyed by an opponent, that player may draw two cards and this card's player may draw one. Destroy this card when attached Thing leaves play.
loadcard Searching for Friends/A/Name the creator of a Thing in your control or a card you reveal from your hand. Draw until you draw a card by the same creator. Put it into your hand, or if it is a Thing you may play it immediately; shuffle the other cards you drew back into the draw pile.
loadcard <font color=3d9dc4>Prin</font><font color=48baa9>cess</font> <font color=7a9bde>Cele</font><font color=d085d0>stia</font>/T/Princess Celestia is indestructible while you control another living Thing.<BR>Turn: Raise the Sun -  If you control five or more non-token Things, draw five cards. You may then reveal your hand. If you have six or more Ponies in your hand and in play, you win the game. You may not raise the sun next turn.
loadcard Protection From Evil And Good/T/Opponents can't play white or black Actions.<BR>Action:  Destroy target white or black Thing.<BR><i>(A color is white if all of its RGB values are F0 or higher and black if all of its RGB values are 0F or lower.)</i>
loadcard Wishbone of Symmetry/T/Action: (WISH) Choose a WISH Action card in the discard pile or a WISH action on a Thing in play or in the discard pile. Decrease the number of WISH actions you've taken this game by 1, then this ability has an identical effect to the chosen Action. Remove Wishbone of Symmetry from the game.
loadcard Djinn-Summoning Wish (9x)/A/Create and play a Thing that's a copy of a Djinn from the Infinite Dvorak Deck archive. ("There are a bunch on page 66.")
loadcard Cataclysmic Wish (0x)/A/If you've taken two or fewer wishes this game, destroy all Things, discard all hands, shuffle the discard pile into the deck, and deal five cards to each player. If you've taken three or more wishes this game, everyone loses the game.
loadcard Wish for Wisdom/A/If you have taken fewer than two WISH actions this game, look at the top 8 cards of the draw pile and put one of them into your hand. If you have taken two WISH actions this game, search the discard pile for an Action card and play it as your third WISH. Otherwise, you may play an additional Action.
loadcard Ominous Creaking Sound/A/Every opponent must flip a coin. On tails, they are spooked and discard a card in trepidation.
loadcard Impractically Long Pike/T/Thing and Action: Destroy a Thing controlled by an opponent who is not adjacent to you in turn order.
loadcard Action Engine (9y)/T/If a player takes 10 Actions in a turn, including Action abilities, they win the game. %r%r You may use each of your Action abilities once per turn without spending your Action.
loadcard Sniper Rocket (8y)/A/Destroy a Thing.%r%r You may spend 8 tokens to play this as an extra Action on your turn or as a reaction to any card. ("A precision kaboom.")
loadcard "Wabbit Season!"<BR>"Duck Season!"/A/Each player draws a card.<BR>Each player discards a card.<BR>Each player draws a card.<BR>Each player discards a card.<BR>Target player draws a card.<BR>Each opponent discards a card.
loadcard Card Palming/A/Draw two cards, then put this card Up Your Sleeve.<BR><BR>If your hand is empty, you may move Card Palming from Up Your Sleeve into the discard pile and draw a card.
loadcard Strainborm/A/Target player draws two cards, then puts three cards from their hand on top of the deck. ("My brain hurts.")
loadcard Charm/A/Target animate Thing decides to come into your control.
loadcard Pet Rat/T/Action: Let your furry friend go exploring. Roll a die. 1-2: She comes back safe but empty-handed; you may destroy a food token to reroll. 3-4: She brings you a card from the draw pile. 5-6: She brings you a random card from target opponent's hand.
loadcard Ancient Talisman (寶)/T/You may draw a card if your hand is empty at the end of your turn. If an opponent's Action would destroy one of your Things or force you to discard a card, you may destroy Ancient Talisman instead.
loadcard Got It Stuck In A Water Bottle/T/Play into any player's control.<BR>You can't play more than 1 card per turn. (""Yes, but <i>how</i> did you get it stuck in a water bottle? What were you doing? Is this, like, a regular thing with you? Is there a procedure for this sort of thing? Some guy you usually call in this sort of situation?"")
loadcard Three-Hit Combo/A/Draw three cards. Discard three cards. Play three cards.
loadcard Meticulous Study/T/When Meticulous Study enters play, look at the top 4 cards of the deck. Put one of them into your hand and the rest into the discard pile.<BR>Whenever a Thing an opponent controls is destroyed during your turn, you may return Meticulous Study to your hand.
loadcard Back-Seat Driver/A/Give target opponent a card from your hand. If they do not play that card during their next turn, they may not play any other cards that turn either.
loadcard The Latest Blockbuster Superhero Movie/A/What an exciting time you and your opponents had together at the cinema! Everyone may draw two cards.
loadcard Electric Fence (6600 V)/T/Once per turn, Electric Fence may be attached to or detached from a Thing you control. If an opponent causes Electric Fence to become detached from attached Thing, they must discard a random card.
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