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Name	Set	ImageFile	Type	CornerValue	Text	FlavorText	Creator
Slave to Fashion	cards_6301_6400	thing	Thing		Slave to Fashion counts as a copy of the most recently played Thing.	If Slave to Fashion is the most recently played Thing, it counts as a copy of Pure Clwnage.	Binarius
Arcane Invocation	cards_6301_6400	action	Action		Destroy any number of non-living Things and replace each with a living Thing from your hand, then draw the same number of cards and gain a Strawberry Candy token.		Binarius
Trojan Horse	cards_6301_6400	thing	Thing		If Trojan Horse enters a player's hand from another player's hand or another player's control, the recipient must discard their hand.		Binarius
Inflatable Decoy	cards_6301_6400	reaction_thing	Reaction Thing	6r	Play when an Action targets a Thing.  It targets this instead. For the purpose of that Action only, this is a copy of the original target.	Since when did smashed bottles go 'pop'?	Bucky
Toxic Discharge	cards_6301_6400	thing	Thing	7r	At the start of each player's turn, they gain a Toxin token.   At the end of each player's turn, they lose the game if they have 4 or more Toxin tokens.	Radioactive waste?  Mercury?  Month-old leftovers?	Bucky
Confusing Signage	cards_6301_6400	thing	Thing	?	Apparently, you are allowed to play up to two cards of any type during each of your turns. Both of them can be Actions or both can be Things.	...I think that's what it says.	Binarius
Reserve Tank	cards_6301_6400	thing	Thing		When Reserve Tank is destroyed, draw three cards. If you only have one card in your hand, you may destroy Reserve Tank at any time; if your hand is empty, destroy it immediately.		Binarius
Going In Blind	cards_6301_6400	thing	Thing		Every player must play the card they draw at the beginning of their turns without looking at it first.		Binarius
Sphinx's Shield	cards_6301_6400	thing	Thing		Whenever a player plays an Action card, you may have one sentence on that card be treated as "Draw a card."	Every mistake is a chance to learn, and the sphinx does enjoy teaching.	ChippyYYZ
Sphinx's Boomerang	cards_6301_6400	action	Action		Draw a card. Instead of playing a Thing this turn, you may put target Thing on top of the deck. Put Sphinx's Boomerang on top of the deck. Look at and reorder the top three cards of the deck.		ChippyYYZ
Imbue With Plot Armor	cards_6301_6400	action	Action		Each player may put a Shield Token on a non-token Thing they control. When one of those Things would be destroyed, remove a Shield token from it instead. You may put an additional Shield counter on one of those Things.		ChippyYYZ
Lag	cards_6301_6400	thing	Thing	6312 ms	Play this card into any player's control. Whenever you try to play a card or activate an Action ability, you have a 50% chance to fail to actually do so, although it does still count toward your per-turn limit. Lame.  Ctrl+Alt+Delete: If you have not played any cards this turn, you may end your turn and destroy Lag.		Binarius
Limp	cards_6301_6400	thing	Thing		Play this card into any player's control. Instead of drawing at the beginning of your turns, you draw at the end.		Binarius
Shy Ghost	cards_6301_6400	thing	Thing		As soon as you see Shy Ghost, shuffle it into the draw pile. If Shy Ghost comes into play under your control, you win the game.		Binarius
Cat On Your Lap	cards_6301_6400	thing	Thing		Play this card into any player's control. When you play your second card in a turn, destroy Cat On Your Lap, discard a card, and destroy all tokens you control.		ChippyYYZ
Bottled Tactics	cards_6301_6400	thing	Thing		When Bottled Tactics enters play, put the top 5 cards of the deck face-down underneath it. When Bottled Tactics is destroyed, look at the cards underneath it. Play one of them and put the rest on top of the deck in any order.		ChippyYYZ
Tweezers	cards_6301_6400	action	Action		Erase any number of "Thing:" abilities from Things in play. "Action and Thing:" abilities are unaffected.	Good for taking small things out of bigger things.	ChippyYYZ
Frenzy	cards_6301_6400	action	Action	8r	Destroy up to 5 of your Things and draw that many cards.  You may take an extra Action this turn.   If you drew 5 and your hand becomes empty before the end of the turn, you win.		Bucky
Turbo Remodelling	cards_6301_6400	thing	Thing	9r	At the start of your turn, destroy one of your Things and draw an extra card.     You may play up to two extra Things each turn.	Never stop improving.	Bucky
Fall of the Mighty	cards_6301_6400	action	Action	0r	Each player who controls a Thing discards down to 3 cards in hand.  Then destroy all non-token Things.	You have grown too attached to your precious cardboard.	Bucky
Supersonic Low Altitude Missile	cards_6301_6400	action	Action		Destroy target Thing. For every living Thing controlled by the same player, flip a coin: on tails, the radiation destroys it as well.		Binarius
Earthquake	cards_6301_6400	action	Action	7.0	Destroy half of all tangible Things at random.		Binarius
Nor'easter	cards_6301_6400	action	Action		Every player must put two cards from their hand face down on the table. Shuffle all of these together and deal them alternately onto the discard pile and draw pile, starting with the discard pile.		Binarius
Munchies	cards_6301_6400	thing	Thing		When Munchies enters play, gain a Snack Token. At the beginning of your turn, each player gains a Snack Token.  Snack Tokens enter play with "During your turn, you may sacrifice this token to draw a card if you haven't drawn more than one card this turn."	A bowl of snack mix makes excellent neutral ground.	ChippyYYZ
Alphabet Souperpowers	cards_6301_6400	thing	Thing		You may play an additional card during your turn if its title begins with a letter not present in the titles of Things you control other than this one.		ChippyYYZ
YYZEvolution	cards_6301_6400	action	Action		Reveal the top 8 cards of the deck. For each of those cards, you may play that card by moving a Thing you control with the same creator or with fewer words in its rulestext into the discard pile. Shuffle the rest into the deck.	"Begun field testing of modular abstrata, should allow for quick reconfiguration of even complex designs if power couplings are compatible." --ChippyYYZ's journal	ChippyYYZ
The Last Word	cards_6301_6400	thing	Thing		There is no limit to the number of Actions or Things you may play during your turn. If this Thing is under your control at the end of your turn, lose the game.	'It's the legendary Black Beast of Aughhhhh'	Nehh
Famous First Words	cards_6301_6400	action	Action		Erase everything from target Thing's text and flavourtext except for the first sentence of each.	He just said 'baldy'! Must be talking about you, papa.	Nehh
Word Of The Day	cards_6301_6400	thing	Thing		Choose a word of length 4 characters or longer and write it in this card's flavourtext. All players cannot play cards that do not contain the word in this card's flavourtext as long as there are any cards that do contain that word in their hand.		Nehh
Nutrimatic Machine	cards_6301_6400	thing_robot	Thing - Robot	0s	Action:Target opponent chooses one: *You draw two cards. *Play every card in your hand, then end the turn. *That opponent discards a random card and gains a Headache token.	"Ugh." "Share and enjoy."	Bucky
Confused Deputy	cards_6301_6400	thing_robot	Thing - Robot	1s	Action:Give an opponent a card from your hand.  They play it if possible, but you make all their decisions.		Bucky
Tokenizer	cards_6301_6400	thing_robot	Thing - Robot	2s	Action:Discard a card.  Gain three tokens whose type is a non-action noun on the discarded card.		Bucky
Safety Net	cards_6301_6400	thing	Thing		You may draw a card whenever your hand is empty at the end of your turn.		Binarius
Ancient Magical Tome	cards_6301_6400	thing	Thing		When you play this card, put the five Actions closest to the bottom of the draw pile face-down under this card, then shuffle the draw pile. Action: Discard a card to invoke one of the Tome's Actions and flip a coin. On tails, that page of the Tome crumbles to dust: discard the Action.		Binarius
Houseplant	cards_6301_6400	thing	Thing				Binarius
Responsibility	cards_6301_6400	thing	Thing		If you control this Thing when your turn begins, win the game. Any player may, at the start of their turn, choose instead to skip their turn. Whenever a player does this, destroy this Thing.		Nehh
Autopilot	cards_6301_6400	action	Action		Draw two cards, then play a random Thing and a random Action from your hand if possible, with any targets required by either also chosen randomly. Cards played this way do not count towards your limit for Actions or Things played this turn.		Nehh
Group Contribution	cards_6301_6400	thing	Thing		When you play this card, each opponent must suggest a rulestext for this card. You may then append any number of those suggestions to this card's rulestext. If you do not append any suggestions to this card's text, it instead reads 'Action + Thing: Put this card in your hand. Any player may use this ability'		Nehh
Spy Drone	cards_6301_6400	thing_robot	Thing - Robot	3s	When you play this and at the start of your turn, reveal a random card from target opponent's hand.   Action: Destroy Spy Drone and discard the most recent card it revealed if it's still in an opponent's hand.		Bucky
Network Mechanic	cards_6301_6400	thing_robot	Thing - Robot	4s	Thing:Gain a Node token. Action: This becomes a Filter Node until it leaves play.	Filter Node is from page 24 of the archive.	Bucky
Salvage Bot	cards_6301_6400	thing_robot	Thing - Robot	5s	Action:Destroy a Thing you control and draw a card.  If you destroyed a Robot, draw two cards instead.		Bucky
Fruitful Brainstorming Session	cards_6301_6400	action	Action		Draw three cards. Choose one to play, one to keep in your hand, and one to either discard or give to an opponent.		Binarius
Balloon Party	cards_6301_6400	thing	Thing		This card comes into play with one yellow Balloon token. Action: Gain a Balloon token in your choice of color. Action: Pop one Balloon. Target opponent is so startled that they discard a card. Action: Tie three Balloons to target Thing, which floats away and is destroyed.		Binarius
Lasso	cards_6301_6400	thing	Thing		Action - Coil: Until the end of your next turn, you may use the following ability once:  *"Action - Rope: Gain control of a tangible Thing."		Binarius
Clone Fuel	cards_6301_6400	action	Action		Choose a Thing you control. Destroy all other Things you control, then place a copy of the chosen Thing in your hand for each Thing destroyed this way.		Nehh
Chain Deathsplosion	cards_6301_6400	thing	Thing		When Chain Deathsplosion comes into play under your control, destroy all other Things that you control. If Chain Deathsplosion is destroyed, you may create a copy of it under the control of a chosen opponent.		Nehh
Defeat Means Friendship	cards_6301_6400	action	Action		Until the end of your turn, whenever a Thing is destroyed a copy of it comes into play under your control.		Nehh
Hacked Referee	cards_6301_6400	thing_robot	Thing - Robot	6s	Action:Give target player a Warning token.  Action:Eliminate a player who has three Warnings.		Bucky
Delivery Drone	cards_6301_6400	thing_robot	Thing - Robot	7s	Flying  Action:Give an opponent one of your other Things and look at their hand.		Bucky
Quarantine Enforcer	cards_6301_6400	thing_robot	Thing - Robot	8s	Once per turn, you may discard a card to gain 2 Energy Tokens. Action:Spend an energy token to destroy a living, undead or robotic Thing, or a Thing that changed controllers since your last turn.		Bucky
Token Focus	cards_6301_6400	thing	Thing		If you have at least 4 cards in your hand, then once per turn when you gain one or more tokens of a type, you may gain an additional token of that type.		ChippyYYZ
Ion Flux	cards_6301_6400	action	Action		Destroy target Thing. If you control any energy tokens, remove that Thing from the game instead and gain an Energy Token for each energy token you control.		ChippyYYZ
Desperate Measures	cards_6301_6400	thing	Thing		When another Thing you control would be destroyed by an effect controlled by an opponent, you may draw two cards. When Desperate Measures is destroyed, you may discard two random cards to return it to your hand.		ChippyYYZ
AutoBailiff	cards_6301_6400	thing_robot	Thing - Robot	9s	Action:Target Thing's text becomes blank until the end of your next turn.  Reaction: When an opponent's Thing destroys a Thing or uses its Action ability, use Auto Bailiff's Action ability on it for free immediately afterwards.		Bucky
AutoBailiff's Corral	cards_6301_6400	thing	Thing	0t	Things this is attached to have their ruletext ignored.   Action:Attach this to target Thing and release any other attached Things.		Bucky
1000 Volts	cards_6301_6400	action	Action	1t	Destroy a Thing.  If it had an Action ability, activate it one last time.		Bucky
Allbeard, Avatar Of Piracy	cards_6301_6400	thing_pirate	Thing - Pirate		Opponents cannot draw cards. The first time you would draw a card each turn, you may choose to draw an additional card for each opponent you face. At the start of your turn, if any opponents have empty hands, destroy Allbeard and discard your hand.		Nehh
Organ Wrangler	cards_6301_6400	thing	Thing		While this is in play, its controller treats the draw pile as if it were the discard pile and vice versa. Whenever you draw a card from the discard pile, if that card was the last card in the pile you win the game.	Really did a number on me, especially when he put my digestive tract in back-to-front.	Nehh
Bad Habit	cards_6301_6400	thing	Thing		Whilst Bad Habit is in your hand, you cannot play Actions. If Bad Habit is the only Thing you control, return it to your hand.		Nehh
Enchanted Coffee Mug	cards_6301_6400	thing	Thing		If you do not play a Thing or use this card's ability during your turn, either destroy this card or reveal that your hand contains no Actions to return it to your hand instead.  Thing: Play an Action card.		Binarius
Zealous Delivery Service	cards_6301_6400	thing	Thing		Action: Give target opponent a card from your hand so forcefully that another random card in their hand falls out into the discard pile.		Binarius
Lazy Delivery Service	cards_6301_6400	thing	Thing		Action: Give target opponent a card from your hand, but instead of handing it directly to them, feel free to just toss it nonchalantly onto the table in front of them, you know, whatever. If it lands face-down at an odd angle, you've done your job: draw a card.		Binarius
Powerwash	cards_6301_6400	action	Action		Shuffle all Things into the deck. You may play this as a reaction to an Action, instead shuffle the discard pile into the deck.		Y3K
Vacation	cards_6301_6400	action	Action	2t	Take two extra turns after this one, but you can't play cards during those turns.		Bucky
Instant Reboot	cards_6301_6400	action	Action	3t	Discard your hand and draw that many cards.  If you haven't played any other cards this turn, end the turn, then the player whose turn ended takes another turn.		Bucky
Suicide Raid	cards_6301_6400	action	Action	4t	Destroy up to three of your own non-Token Things, then reveal target player's hand; that player discards the same number of cards of your choice.		Bucky
Wiretap	cards_6301_6400	thing	Thing		Whenever a chosen opponent draws a card, you may look at it.		Binarius
A Trick of the Light	cards_6301_6400	reaction	Reaction		Play immediately in response when one of your Things would be destroyed. Return it to your hand instead.		Binarius
Hammer Dance	cards_6301_6400	thing	Thing		If this card has any tokens when your turn begins, you must activate one of its abilities during your turn or destroy it. If it is destroyed with two or more tokens on it, fumble: discard a card.  Action: Gain a Spin or Twirl token.  Action - Percussive Flourish: Consume a Spin or Twirl to return a tangible Thing to its controller's hand, or one of each to destroy a tangible Thing.		Binarius
Solar Panel	cards_6301_6400	thing	Thing		When Solar Panel comes into play, each player gains an Energy Token. Whenever a player plays a card with any of the strings "sun", "light", or "star" in its title, that player gains an Energy Token.		ChippyYYZ
Another Magnet	cards_6301_6400	action	Action		Target player gives you two of their tokens. If they can't, they give you control of one of their Things.		ChippyYYZ
Straw Man	cards_6301_6400	thing	Thing		Straw Man counts as both a Thing and a Player under its controller's control (it is still your opponent). Straw Man cannot draw cards or have cards in its hand. At the end of your turn, Straw Man takes a turn.		ChippyYYZ
Theft By Numbers	cards_6301_6400	thing	Thing		Choose a digit from 0 to 9. Whenever a card with that digit in its title or cornervalue is played by an opponent, put it in your hand instead.		Nehh
Invisible Ink Contract	cards_6301_6400	thing	Thing		Action: Target blank thing gains the rulestext 'If you control 5 or more things with this rulestext, win the game'.		Nehh
9000 Unstoppable Volts	cards_6301_6400	action	Action		Destroy target Thing with an activated ability. Create an Action card with the text of that Thing's ability and give a copy of it to all players.		Nehh
Super Action	cards_6301_6400	action	Action	5t	Discard some cards.  If you discarded at least  1: Destroy a Thing  2: Draw a card  3: Gain control of all tokens  5: Everyone else discards their hand  8: Eliminate target player	(Do all that apply)	Bucky
Fair Trade	cards_6301_6400	action	Action	6t	Choose an opponent and a Thing you control.  They trade one of their non-token Things of their choice for your chosen Thing.		Bucky
Emergency Dispatcher	cards_6301_6400	thing_robot	Thing - Robot	7t	When an opponent plays an Action card, you may use an Action ability in response.  Action:Gain a Police-Drone token if you have less than two of them.		Bucky
Defective Knockoff	cards_6301_6400	thing	Thing		Play this card onto target Thing. Attached Thing's Action abilities are considered blank.		Binarius
Burning Sensation	cards_6301_6400	thing_spell	Thing - Spell		Discard a card to play Burning Sensation into any player's control.  Flip a coin at the end of your turns: on tails, you must discard a card.	It doesn't actually cause injury, but it hurts a lot.	Binarius
Easier to Ask Forgiveness Than Permission	cards_6301_6400	action	Action		“Borrow” an opponent's Thing. Apologize if they get angry at you.		Binarius
Department of Victory Committee	cards_6301_6400	thing_bureaucracy	Thing - Bureaucracy		Any player may skip their turn to gain a License Token. If an effect controlled by a player would destroy a License Token that player doesn't control, that player discards their hand.  Players who do not control a License Token may not win the game.		ChippyYYZ
ChainChainmail	cards_6301_6400	thing	Thing		When this card comes into play, attach it to another ChainChainmail you control. If you don't control another ChainChainmail, attach it to any other Thing you control and put a copy of ChainChainmail into play.  If the Thing ChainChainmail is attached to would be destroyed, destroy this card instead.		ChippyYYZ
Chainreactionmail	cards_6301_6400	thing	Thing		When this card comes into play, attach it to another Thing you control.  The Thing this card is attached to cannot be destroyed by any effect that would simultaneously destroy any other Things, or that has already destroyed any Things in this resolution of that effect. If an effect destroys the Thing this card is attached to, this resolution of that effect cannot destroy other Things this turn.		ChippyYYZ
Haunted House	cards_6301_6400	thing	Thing		When Haunted House enters play, every player must place one card from their hand face down on the table and put a Ghost token on it. At the end of your next turn after playing Haunted House, destroy it along with all Ghost tokens and every card with a Ghost token on it.		Binarius
Stern Admonition	cards_6301_6400	reaction	Reaction		Play immediately in response to an opponent's Action card. Return that Action to the opponent's hand; it may not be played during this turn.		Binarius
Dramatic Irony	cards_6301_6400	action	Action		Look at as many cards on the top of the draw pile as you have opponents and end your turn.		Binarius
Catalytic Inhibitor	cards_6301_6400	thing	Thing	8t	Players must discard another Action to play an Action card, unless the Action shares a cornervalue with a Thing they control.		Bucky
Disassembler	cards_6301_6400	thing_robot	Thing - Robot	9t	Whenever you use an Action ability of a Thing, you may destroy that Thing to draw 2 cards.  Action: Discard your hand.		Bucky
Gnome Ann	cards_6301_6400	thing	Thing	0u	One per turn: You may do something that another card explicitly forbids you to do.	Gnome Ann is above the law.	Bucky
It's Over, Isn't It?	cards_6301_6400	action	Action		If there are fewer players than the game began with, target player discards their hand and draws three cards.		ChippyYYZ
Too Short To Ride	cards_6301_6400	thing	Thing		Players with fewer cards in their hand than you may not play Things.    At the start of an opponent's turn, if you have more than 4 cards in your hand, put this card in the discard pile.		ChippyYYZ
Guacola	cards_6301_6400	thing_food_	Thing - Food?		When Guacola enters play, gain 5 Money Tokens. When Guacola is destroyed, draw a card. Action:  Take a sip. Discard a card in immediate regret and destroy Guacola.	It's not even good on chips.	ChippyYYZ
Stylish New Haircut	cards_6301_6400	thing	Thing		Draw a card.   Draw an extra card at the beginning of your next three turns after this card is played, then remove the word “New” from its title.		Binarius
Flywheel	cards_6301_6400	thing	Thing		If Flywheel has fewer than five cards under it when your turn starts, you may draw cards until you draw an Action, put it face-down under Flywheel, and shuffle the other cards into the draw pile. If Flywheel is destroyed, discard its Actions and you and its destroyer must both discard two random cards. Thing - Discharge: Put Flywheel's Actions into your hand.		Binarius
Fishing Net	cards_6301_6400	action	Action		Gain control of the most recently discarded tangible Thing and three Fish tokens.		Binarius
Shell	cards_6301_6400	thing_action_reaction	Thing/Action/Reaction	1u	As a Thing: Attach to a Thing.  If it's targetted by an Action, that action targets Shell instead.   As an Action: Destroy a Thing  As a Reaction: Play when a Thing becomes a target to make it indestructible for the rest of the turn.		Bucky
Pair Production	cards_6301_6400	action	Action	2u	Reveal cards from the top of the deck until you've revealed an Action and a Thing.  Put an Action and a Thing from them into your hand and discard the rest.		Bucky
Boon of Fire	cards_6301_6400	action	Action	3u	Target player gains a Thirst token and discards two cards  OR destroy a living Thing   OR destroy all flammable Things   OR Eliminate each opponent with a Thirst token.		Bucky
Legecy Wepon	cards_6301_6400	thing_legandary	Thing - Legandary		Other Things you control cannot be the target of actions or effects. At the end of your turn, erase all rulestext from target Thing. During your turn, you control all Things in play.	You can build an imperfect machine out of perfect parts.	ChippyYYZ

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