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Name	Set	ImageFile	Type	CornerValue	Text	FlavorText	Creator
Luck of the Draw II	cards_6001_6100	action	Action		Play this card as soon as you draw it; you may take another Action this turn. Draw five cards. Choose two of them to discard, then discard two of the remaining three at random.		Binarius
Thickening Agent	cards_6001_6100	thing	Thing		Play onto any Thing; equipped Thing's Action ability now reads "Thing and Action: [ability ruletext]" instead. (If equipped Thing has more than one Action ability, choose one when Thickening Agent comes into play.)		Binarius
Unwinding Clock	cards_6001_6100	thing	Thing		At any point during each opponent's turn, you may play one Action ability of any machine currently in play under your control.		Pongo
The Trollhammer	cards_6001_6100	thing	Thing		Action: Destroy a Thing that is related to an Abrahamic religion.	Amongst the shadows rides a beast,  Gripping hard a mighty hammer,  Looking for weak Christian blood 	Pongo
Red Rover, Red Rover	cards_6001_6100	action	Action		Choose a Thing and an opponent, then play rock-paper-scissors with that opponent. The player who wins gains control of that Thing.		Corrigan
Regifter's Shield	cards_6001_6100	thing	Thing		Whenever you would gain control of a Thing an opponent controls, you may have target opponent gain control of it instead.	"Lo, my magic shield protects me from your needless appliances, forcing you to swallow your own bitter pills."	Corrigan
Sudden Shortage	cards_6001_6100	action	Action		Each player discards his or her hand, then draws a card.		Corrigan
Flood the Market	cards_6001_6100	thing	Thing		Any player who does not play a Thing during their turn is eliminated. Action (global): If you have no Things in your hand, reveal your hand and destroy this card.		Binarius
Potted Card	cards_6001_6100	thing	Thing		At the end of each of your turns, draw a card and place it face-down, without looking at it, under Potted Card. If Potted Card is destroyed, put one of the face-down cards under it into your hand and discard the rest. Action - Harvest: Destroy Potted Card.		Binarius
Yo-yo	cards_6001_6100	thing_toy	Thing - Toy		You may return Yo-yo to your hand if you played it during this turn. Action: Return Yo-yo to your hand.		Binarius
Eddie the Aquiline Shapeshifter Organism	cards_6001_6100	thing	Thing		Action: Return Eddie to your hand, then put a living Thing card not named Eddie the Aquiline Shapeshifter Organism from your hand into play. You may take an additional Action this turn.		Corrigan
Harvest Time	cards_6001_6100	action	Action		Each player draws a card for each Thing he or she controls.		Corrigan
Paper Airplane	cards_6001_6100	thing	Thing		All Airplane tokens are treated as copies of this card. Action: Gain an Airplane token and put this card into an opponent's control.		Binarius
Schrödinger's Hydra	cards_6001_6100	thing	Thing		While in play, this card counts as being in your hand, under your control, and in the discard pile. Action: Attempt to measure this card's location by rolling a die. 1-2: Draw a card. 3-4: Put a Thing from your hand into play. 5-6: The wavefunction collapses; destroy this card.		Binarius
Age of Coal	cards_6001_6100	thing	Thing		Cards cost an additional "discard a card" to play.  Action: abilities cost an additional "discard a card" to activate.		Corrigan
Vending Machine	cards_6001_6100	thing	Thing	&#%$	You are not affected by any Action that requires the use of a Money token is nullified.	Argh! It stole my money... again.	robo1995
Poisonous Spines	cards_6001_6100	thing	Thing	9k	Whenever another player targets you or one of your Things, they gain a Toxin token.  A player with 4 or more Toxin tokens loses the game. Action:Discard two cards to give target opponent a Toxin token.		Bucky
Ultra Donut	cards_6001_6100	thing	Thing	8k	At the start of your turn, you may destroy this.  If you do, gain two Toxin tokens, draw two cards, and you may take an extra Action this turn.	50% sugar, 35% lard and 15% unspecified organic compounds.	Bucky
World-Eater Ooze	cards_6001_6100	thing	Thing		At the beginning of your turn, put an Ooze counter on World-Eater Ooze, then, if it has at least five Ooze counters on it, remove all of them and destroy target Thing other than World-Eater Ooze. If World-Eater Ooze would be destroyed, remove an Ooze counter from it instead (even if there are none).		ChippyYYZ
Age of Fusion	cards_6001_6100	thing	Thing		At the beginning of each player's turn, that player draws two extra cards. Each player may play an extra card each turn.		ChippyYYZ
Alternate Timeline Reset Point	cards_6001_6100	thing	Thing		When this card enters play, note the number of cards in your hand and the number of other Things you control.  When this card is destroyed, Remove your hand and all Things you control from the game, draw cards until you have the noted number of cards in your hand, then reveal cards from the deck until the noted number of Things are revealed.  Put those Things into play and shuffle the deck.		ChippyYYZ
Echo	cards_6001_6100	action	Action		Repeat the effects of any Action you played on your previous turn.		Bucky (Unplayable Dvorak deck)
Cheshire Cat	cards_6001_6100	thing	Thing		At the end of each turn, you win the game  If Cheshire Cat is ever in your hand, reveal it to all players, draw a card and then put Cheshire Cat on the bottom of the draw pile.		Bucky (Unplayable Dvorak deck)
Ravenous Spawn of the Outer Planes	cards_6001_6100	thing_monster	Thing-Monster		When you play this, put a Thing belonging to another player face-down under it. (face-down cards are blank and nameless)		Bucky (Unplayable Dvorak deck)
Remember the time when your biggest aim in life was to unlock ROB in Mario Kart DS?	cards_6001_6100	thing	Thing		Indestructible. Play this under the control of a player of your choice and name a card except for this one, that is not removed from the game yet but is definitely in the game somewhere. The chosen card can't be removed from the game. That player can't win the game as long as he controls this thing. Remove this thing from the game, when the chosen player plays the chosen card.		NinjaWookiee
It's 9 am and you're awake for 13 hours now	cards_6001_6100	thing	Thing		Play this under the control of another player of your choice. That player can't play action cards as long as he controls this thing. That player can choose to skip one turn to destroy this thing.		NinjaWookiee
Nobody wants to play Dvorak with me!	cards_6001_6100	thing	Thing		Put one counter on this thing for every round in which no player used any things effect or action card which would target you as a player. If there are 5 counter on this card, you win the game.		NinjaWookiee
Open Wounds	cards_6001_6100	thing	Thing	0	Play this card into any player's control. At the end of your turn, roll a die. If the number is greater than this card's cornervalue, discard a card and add 1 to this card's cornervalue; otherwise, reset the cornervalue to 0 and destroy this card.		Binarius
Frisbee	cards_6001_6100	thing_toy	Thing - Toy		Action: Put Frisbee into a chosen opponent's control and draw a card.		Binarius
Investment Return	cards_6001_6100	action	Action		Each player draws cards equal to the number of cards in his or her hand.		Corrigan
Spiked Ankh	cards_6001_6100	thing	Thing		Whenever a player plays a Thing card, that player discards a card.		Corrigan
Sneaky Contract	cards_6001_6100	thing	Thing		When you have no cards in hand, you may put Sneaky Contract into the discard pile. If you do, look at each opponent's hand, then choose up to five of the cards you looked at and put them into your hand.	"Just let me add some fine print real quick."	Corrigan
Heavenly Inferno	cards_6001_6100	action	Action		Destroy X Things, where X is the number of Things you control as you play this Action.		ChippyYYZ
Mirror Mastery	cards_6001_6100	thing	Thing	2URG	Whenever an opponent plays a card, you may discard a card whose cornervalue shares a character with the cornervalue of the played card.  If you do, you play a copy of the played card.		ChippyYYZ
Counterpunch	cards_6001_6100	action	Action		Remove target counter from the game.  Destroy target Thing.		ChippyYYZ
Trippelganger	cards_6001_6100	action	Action	4G	Put three tokens that are copies of target Thing into play.		Corrigan
Bounce-back	cards_6001_6100	reaction	Reaction	0k	Play when a Thing is destroyed to return it to play.		Bucky
Accelerated Lead Poisoning	cards_6001_6100	action	Action	1l	Destroy a Thing.  Its controller gains a Toxin token.	"Who decided to make our bullets out of a toxic metal?  They deserve a raise."	Bucky
Power Serum	cards_6001_6100	thing	Thing	2l	At the start of your turn, draw two extra cards and gain a Toxin token.  You may play an extra Action and an extra Thing each turn.   A player with 4 or more Toxin tokens loses the game.		Bucky
Tomb Robbery	cards_6001_6100	action	Action	L3	Return target nonliving physical Thing card from the discard pile to your hand.		Corrigan
Deprivation Tactics	cards_6001_6100	action	Action	N3	Each player names a card. Search the draw pile for the named cards and remove them from the game.		Corrigan
Wobbleshot	cards_6001_6100	action	Action	D9	Choose one -- Destroy target abstract Thing, or destroy two target physical Things.		Corrigan
Victorious Fanfare	cards_6001_6100	action	Action	4r	Draw seven cards.	Strike up the band!  Tonight, we feast!	ChippyYYZ
Smack Down	cards_6001_6100	action	Action	5r	Play only in response to a Thing's Action Ability.  Negate that ability and destroy that Thing.	Anybody else have something funny to say?  Good, I thought not!	ChippyYYZ
Calamity Bomb	cards_6001_6100	thing	Thing	6r	Calamity Bomb enters play with 5 Fuse counters on it.  At the beginning of your turn, remove a Fuse counter from it.  Whenever Calamity Bomb would be destroyed, put a Fuse counter on it instead.	Okay, so we don't actually know what happens if it goes off, but we're still not going to risk it.	ChippyYYZ
Midnight Coffee	cards_6001_6100	action	Action	D5	You can't play Midnight Coffee unless it's the only card in your hand.  Take two extra turns after this one.		Corrigan
Brodown	cards_6001_6100	action	Action		You and target opponent each gain control of all Things the other player controls. Draw a card for each Thing you gave away, then the other player draws a card for each Thing he or she gave away.	Wartime and peacetime come and go, but brotime is unwavering.	Corrigan
Dancing Bear	cards_6001_6100	thing	Thing		At the end of your turn, draw a card or gain a Money token.  Action: Destroy up to three target living Things and Dancing Bear.		Corrigan
Critic's Fury	cards_6001_6100	action	Action	3l	Target Thing's text becomes blank.  Its creator discards a card (if they're playing).	"That card's horrible! It's frustrating to play against and isn't even fun to use unless you enjoy wasting other peoples' time.   1.5 out of 10."	Bucky
Soul Jail	cards_6001_6100	thing	Thing		When Soul Jail enters play, each of your opponents removes his or her hand from the game. Play with your hand revealed. Any player may play cards from your hand. Whenever another player would draw cards, you draw those cards instead. When Soul Jail leaves play, each opponent puts the cards he or she removed from the game back into his or her hand.		Corrigan
Sudden Aneurysm	cards_6001_6100	action	Action		A random player discards three cards at random.	Nobody is safe from the Aneureaper.	Corrigan
Spontaneous Combustion	cards_6001_6100	action	Action		A random player chooses a nontoken Thing he or she controls at random. Destroy that Thing.		Corrigan
German Censorship	cards_6001_6100	thing	Thing		When this comes into play, destroy every thing, that could destroy more than 1 thing per turn. No one can play any things which could destroy more than 1 things per turn, as long as this card is in play.		NinjaWookiee
Voicechat in an Online Ego-Shooter	cards_6001_6100	thing	Thing		Action abilities and Action cards can played by everyone at any time. Every player can play up to 5 action cards or action abilites in one round.		NinjaWookiee
Untitled	cards_6001_6100	thing	Thing		Thing: Change this cards title to whatever you want. 		NinjaWookiee
Double Agent	cards_6001_6100	thing	Thing		At the beginning of your turn, target opponent draws a card.  Until end of turn, you may look at that card and play it as though it was in your hand.		ChippyYYZ
Triple Agent	cards_6001_6100	thing	Thing		When Triple Agent enters or leaves play, target opponent gives a card from their hand to another target opponent, then that opponent gives a random card from their hand to you.		ChippyYYZ
Thickening Agent	cards_6001_6100	thing	Thing		Action:  Discard a Thing card to destroy target immaterial or intangible Thing.		ChippyYYZ
Drunken Bender	cards_6001_6100	thing	Thing		Action:  Add one Alcohol counter to this card. Action:  Remove any number of Alcohol counters from this card. For every counter you remove, destroy a Thing		CashCrazed
Roulette of Caprice	cards_6001_6100	action	Action		Pick any player. The next time that player's turn starts, he must pick a random card from his hand and play it if it can be legally played. Any required targets are chosen by you. If the card cannot be legally played, it is simply discarded.		CashCrazed
Uncomfortable Yet Stylish Shoes	cards_6001_6100	thing	Thing		At the beginning of your turn, draw a card. At the end of your turn, discard a card	What would you go through for a compliment?	Corrigan
Adverse Possession	cards_6001_6100	thing	Thing		Three target Things of your choice in play come under your control.  At the start of every turn, add an SOL token to this Thing.  When it has three SOL Tokens, discard this Thing.  If this Thing is discarded in any other way, the Things targeted by this card return to their original controllers.		Pneumonica
The BJ Rule	cards_6001_6100	thing	Thing		Action:  One Thing you have just played this turn cannot be discarded until your next turn.  You may select the same Thing next round to protect.  If you stop protecting a Thing, you may not select it again.  If the target Thing would cause its own discard, this Thing will not protect it.		Pneumonica
Midnight Filing	cards_6001_6100	action	Action		You may immediately play a Thing and an Action.  This is in addition to any other Things and Actions you may play.		Pneumonica
Clonus Horror	cards_6001_6100	thing	Thing		You may have Clonus Horror enter the battlefield as a copy of a Thing in play.  If you do, target Thing becomes a copy of that Thing.		ChippyYYZ
Cursed Skrull	cards_6001_6100	thing	Thing		Action:  Name a card and reveal a random card from your hand.  If you revealed a Thing card with that name, Cursed Skrull becomes a copy of that Thing and gains this ability.		ChippyYYZ
Empty Bottle	cards_6001_6100	thing	Thing		At any time that this card doesn't have an Action card under it, you may put an Action card from your hand under it and add its text to the end of this Thing's text.  When this Thing is destroyed,		ChippyYYZ
The Loothouse	cards_6001_6100	thing	Thing	4l	When you play this, draw a card.   Right before the start of your turn, you may return this to your hand and discard a card.		Bucky
Pointed Criticism	cards_6001_6100	thing	Thing	5l	When you play this, each opponent adds a name to this thing's flavortext.    Action: remove a card from the discard pile for the remainder of the session.  If its author is named in this card's flavortext, draw a card.	Kazz, NinjaWookiee, Your Face, Corr-	Bucky
Fanart Site	cards_6001_6100	thing	Thing		When Fanart Site enters play, name a card author who created another Thing you control. Whenever you play a card by the chosen author, draw a card.	We need more Sanic pictures.	Corrigan
Force Tug	cards_6001_6100	action	Action		Choose one -- Return target nontoken Thing to its controller's hand; or return two target Things you control to your hand.		Corrigan
Devour For Power	cards_6001_6100	action	Action		Destroy target Thing and draw a card.  If you controlled that Thing, copy this Action twice.		ChippyYYZ
Political Puppets	cards_6001_6100	thing	Thing		When this card enters play, exchange control of two target Things.  If Political Puppets was one of those cards, it gains "Reveal each card you draw."		ChippyYYZ
Pretentious Dismissal	cards_6001_6100	action	Action		Destroy target Thing not created by ChippyYYZ.	"Amusing, almost.  It should never have even been a card.  Send it to Homelands, with the rest of its ilk."	ChippyYYZ
Snatch Shield	cards_6001_6100	thing	Thing	S4	Whenever an effect an opponent controls destroys a Thing you control, you may put target nontoken Thing that player controls into your hand.		Corrigan
Release the Fanboys	cards_6001_6100	action	Action	6l	Choose an author.  Play all Action cards in the discard pile that they created, then reveal your hand and discard all cards in it they did not create.  Move this card Up Your Sleeve.		Bucky
Win by Consensus	cards_6001_6100	action	Action	7l	Reveal the top two cards of the draw pile and your hand.  If there isn't a publicly visible card whose author's name is not on a card you have in your hand or on one of your Things, you win the game.  Otherwise, draw a card.		Bucky
Luxury Tax	cards_6001_6100	thing	Thing	1Y	Players with cards in hand can't draw cards. (When a player draws multiple cards at once, they draw all of them.)		Corrigan
Space Hammer	cards_6001_6100	thing	Thing	8l	When you play this, destroy a Thing.   Action:Discard 3 cards and return this to your hand.	Pros:Heavy enough to crush anything Cons:Hard to get back into orbit	Bucky
Token Review vol. 60: Shipping Edition	cards_6001_6100	thing	Thing	9l	Action:Target player gains two Pony, Crate or Toxin tokens.		Bucky
A Brony Documentation	cards_6001_6100	action	Action		Roll a dice. You get the rolled amount of Pony tokens with the following effect: "As long as you control at least 1 Pony Token you're opponents can't win the game. At the beginning of your turn, when you don't control any Pony tokens, you loose the game."		NinjaWookiee
The Big Turn On	cards_6001_6100	action	Action		All Action-abilities of all things in play get activated at once. If choices have to be made, those things owners choose.		NinjaWookiee
Kokett	cards_6001_6100	thing	Thing		You can play this at any time if one of your opponent sneezes. If this card comes into play this way, the player that sneezed gets 1 Pocket Tissue-Token.  When this comes into play roll 2 dice. You get the rolled amount of Pocket Tissue-Tokens.	By the way, Kokett is a famous brand of pocket tissues in Germany.	NinjaWookiee
Genius Ray	cards_6001_6100	action	Action		Remove target Thing from the game. If it was indestructible, draw a card.		Corrigan
Motherboard Malfunction	cards_6001_6100	action	Action		Remove all Things from the game, then return them to play.		Corrigan
Mind The Gap	cards_6001_6100	reaction	Reaction		Play this as an answer to when a player takes control over another players thing. That player has to roll a die. If the rolled number is uneven, that player can't take control over the thing and the thing gets removed from the game. If the rolled number is uneven the player just takes control over the thing.		NinjaWookiee
Summerfag	cards_6001_6100	thing	Thing			These are just annoying.	NinjaWookiee
Reese's Pieces	cards_6001_6100	thing	Thing		Comes into play with 10 Reese's Pieces Counters. Action: Remove 1 Reese's Pieces Counter from this card. You can play an extra card this turn and you get 1 Fat Token.  If you control 5 or more Fat Tokens at the beginning of your turn, you loose the game.		NinjaWookiee
Bombard	cards_6001_6100	action	Action		Destroy two target Things.  For each Thing destroyed this way, its controller discards a card.		ChippyYYZ
Sound the Call	cards_6001_6100	action	Action		Look at the top 7 cards of the deck.  You may put any living Things from among them into play under your control.		ChippyYYZ
Jinxed Hexcurse	cards_6001_6100	action_thing	Action/Thing		If this card would be played, remove it from the game and choose an opponent.  That player may choose up to 2 cards in the discard pile and immediately play them in any order.  Then put this card into that player's hand.	Wait, so the curse is jinxed, and the jinx has a hex on it, and the hex is what's being cursed?  I'm not touching it.	ChippyYYZ
Handsome Sven	cards_6001_6100	thing	Thing		You control all female things in play, as long as this card is under your control. Sacrifice 1 female thing under your control to draw a card.		NinjaWookiee
Netflix Subscription	cards_6001_6100	thing	Thing		When this comes into play, draw a card. You can discard 1 card per turn to draw 1 card.		NinjaWookiee
Pyrrhic Victory	cards_6001_6100	action	Action	AV	The game ends in a draw 	"Sometimes, the only way to win is not to play."	AldusValor
The Monty Hall Problem	cards_6001_6100	thing	Thing	AV	As long as this card remains under your control, your opponents' maximum hand size is reduced to three 	"Door number one, two or three?"	AldusValor
Synchrowave	cards_6001_6100	action	Action		Destroy one Thing controlled by each opponent with the same number of cards in hand as you.		ChippyYYZ
Freeze Ray	cards_6001_6100	thing	Thing		When Freeze Ray enters play, gain a Wonderflonium Token. Action:  Remove a Wonderflonium Token you control from the game.  If you do, target player skips their next turn.		ChippyYYZ
I Won't Feel a Thing	cards_6001_6100	thing	Thing		Other players' cards cannot cause you to discard cards.		ChippyYYZ
Reese's Cannon	cards_6001_6100	thing	Thing	0l	Comes into play with 10 Reese's Pieces counters. Action: Remove a Reese's Pieces counter from this card. Target player can take an Action and gains a Fat Token.  If a player controls 5 or more Fat Tokens at the beginning of their turn, they loose the game.		Bucky
Gestalt Backlash	cards_6001_6100	action	Action	1m	Each player (including you) reveals their hand.  You choose and discard one card from each revealed hand.		Bucky

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