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Name	Set	ImageFile	Type	CornerValue	Text	FlavorText	Creator
Sword of Energy and Apathy	cards_5901_6000	thing	Thing		Action and Thing:  You may play an extra Action this turn.  Target opponent may not play Actions on their next turn.		ChippyYYZ
Noseybonk	cards_5901_6000	thing	Thing		If you start smiling (show your teeth!) at the beginning of your turn and keep the smile until you end your turn, bring this thing into play under your control at the end of your turn. Thing: Destroy 1 thing of your choice. Action: Choose a player. That player discards 1 card. Then look at that players hand and take one card of your choice.	''"It's okay. I didn't want to sleep anyway!"'' -- Bub	NinjaWookiee
Global Confusion	cards_5901_6000	action	Action		Take all cards from all players hands, shuffle them and distribute them randomly to all players. Every player should get the same amount of cards. Put the leftover cards into the discard pile.		NinjaWookiee
Becuz por literacy is kewl!	cards_5901_6000	action	Action		There must be at least 1 thing in play with at last one typo on it to play this. Destroy all things in play, that don't contain at least 1 typo.		NinjaWookiee
Wikipedia Blackout	cards_5901_6000	thing	Thing		Action: Put a delay counter on this card.  Any player may play this action. 

When there are three delay counters on this card, destroy it.

Players can't search the deck. jtwe Principia Discordia Blackout cards_5901_6000 thing Thing H! Action: Give control of this card to target player.

When anything in the game is chosen randomly, you must discard a card. If you don't, you lose the game. Fail Eris! jtwe He Who Wields The Lost Sock cards_5901_6000 thing_elemental Thing - Elemental Upon entering play, all tokens disappear(this ignores being destroyed) and all things gain two sock counters. Action: Take one sock counter from another thing and put it on this card. Action: If there are ten sock counters on this card, target player loses the game. So ''that's'' where they went. NARF e.e.cummings' vengeful ghost cards_5901_6000 thing_poet_ghost thing - poet ghost if any thing in play has more than four capital letters in its flavor text, e.e.cummings' vengeful ghost is destroyed. all card texts and titles count as though they have no capital letters on them. action: create a poem token. action: if a poem token died this turn, create a poem token. this does not use up your action. NARF The Internet cards_5901_6000 thing_server Thing - Server If a Thing refering to censorship is in play, The Internet is blank(excluding this sentence). Action: Put a File Counter on this card. Action: Take a File Counter off The Internet. Create a File Token that is a copy of a card of your choice, with "Action:Destroy this card. put a File Counter on target Thing." on the end. NARF Mountain of Knowledge cards_5901_6000 thing Thing At the beginning of your turn, before you draw a card, put a knowledge counter on Mountain of Knowledge. During each player's draw step, that player draws an additional card for each knowledge counter on Mountain of Knowledge Corrigan Mountain of Energy cards_5901_6000 thing Thing At the beginning of your turn, put an energy counter on Mountain of Energy. Each player may play an additional Action during his or her turn for each energy counter on Mountain of Energy. Corrigan Awkward Silence cards_5901_6000 thing Thing At the end of each player's turn, put X awkwardness counters on Awkward Silence, where X is 2 minus the number of Things and/or Actions that player played that turn. Then that player wins the game if the number of awkwardness counters on Awkward Silence is 10 or more. Corrigan I WILL KILL YOU WITH MY MIND cards_5901_6000 action Action Target any number of different Things, one at a time. For each target, you may sacrifice X Energy tokens, where X is the number of targets chosen before this one. If you do, destroy that Thing. (For the first thing chosen, X = 0. For the second, X = 1, etc.) jtwe Sword of Harmony and Discord cards_5901_6000 thing Thing Action and Thing: Destroy target Thing. Gain control of it instead if it is a pony. Each player other than that Thing's previous controller draws a card. Each player who controls a pony draws a card. ChippyYYZ Sword of Comedy and Tragedy cards_5901_6000 thing Thing Action and Thing: Look at the top 7 cards of the deck, then choose a player and put one of them into that player's hand. That player discards a random card. Shuffle the deck. ChippyYYZ Sword of Rise and Fall cards_5901_6000 thing Thing Action and Thing: Draw a card. Target opponent discards a card. ChippyYYZ Ice Ghost Mask cards_5901_6000 thing Thing Action abilities of living Things your opponents control can't be activated. All within its frosty gaze are rendered immobile. Corrigan Determinism cards_5901_6000 thing Thing Players can't search the draw pile or look at cards in it. The draw pile can't be shuffled or reordered. We are powerless to alter the future. Corrigan Rambunctious Baby cards_5901_6000 thing Thing Action: Destroy half of target token. She hasn't grown into her usefulness yet. Corrigan Leveraged Negotiation cards_5901_6000 action Action 6j Target opponent destroys any number of their tokens, then you destroy any number of your tokens. If your number minus their number at least 0: They reveal their hand 2: You discard a card from it 6: Put that card in your hand 8: Play it 30: And eliminate them. Bucky Plots That Span Centuries cards_5901_6000 action Action Discard a card. If you do, and you have already played Plots That Span Centuries this game, you win. ChippyYYZ Sword of Brawn and Brains cards_5901_6000 thing Thing Action and Thing: Any opponent may destroy a Thing they control. Otherwise, you draw a card. ChippyYYZ Sword of Grandeur and Insignificance cards_5901_6000 thing Thing Action and Thing: Discard your hand and destroy all other Things you control. Look at the top 25 cards of the deck and put one of them into your hand. ChippyYYZ Deconstruct cards_5901_6000 action Action 7j Destroy one of your Things. For each word in its name (up to 10), gain a token of any type. If that Thing wasn't a Token, draw 2 cards. Bucky Promulg in Sheep's Clothing cards_5901_6000 thing Thing 8j When you play this, you may change its name. At the start of your turn, destroy a Thing with the same name as this one. Driven insane by hunger, it devoured itself. Bucky Inverted Ankh cards_5901_6000 thing Thing When Inverted Ankh enters play, draw a card. As long as you have no cards in hand, you can't be eliminated. Corrigan Fate Shift cards_5901_6000 action Action Discard your hand, then look at the top ten cards of the draw pile. Put five of those cards into your hand, then shuffle the draw pile. If you knew your future, would you want to keep it? Corrigan Highway to Hell cards_5901_6000 thing Thing Whenever your hand becomes empty, put an Inferno counter on Highway to Hell. At the beginning of your turn, you win the game if Highway to Hell has six or more Inferno counters on it. Follow the Infernal Lords into madness, into depravity, and into eternal, blazing glory! Corrigan Sword of Nature and Industry cards_5901_6000 thing Thing Action and Thing: Look at the top card of the deck. You may play it if it's a Thing. You may destroy target Thing. If you do, its controller draws two cards. ChippyYYZ Sword of Existence and Oblivion cards_5901_6000 thing Thing Action and Thing: Remove target Thing from the game. Its controller chooses another card that has been removed from the game and plays it. ChippyYYZ Omnislash cards_5901_6000 action Action Destroy target Thing. For every sword you control, destroy target non-sword Thing or target player discard a card. For every two swords you control, each opponent discards a random card. For every three swords you control, eliminate an opponent. ChippyYYZ Misery Wave cards_5901_6000 action Action Each player who doesn't control a black Thing discards a card, then each player who controls a black Thing draws a card for each card discarded this way. Corrigan Copypaste Template cards_5901_6000 thing Thing 9j When someone plays a blue Thing, it becomes the same color as this Thing. If an opponent controls 5 Things that have been recolored this way, eliminate them. Corrigan copied and rewrote one of my Things on page 52. Now his cards use my color scheme. Bucky Modular Storage Unit cards_5901_6000 thing Thing 0j Action: Gain a Crate token. Your maximum hand size is increased by the number of Crate tokens you control. Stack 'em up. Bucky Austerity cards_5901_6000 thing Thing At the end of your turn, if you didn't play a Thing, draw a card. Corrigan Red Shirt cards_5901_6000 thing Thing Red Shirt enters play attatched to a Thing. Equipped Thing is red. If a Thing would be destroyed, destroy Red Shirt and the equipped Thing instead. ChippyYYZ Sleep With The Fishes cards_5901_6000 action Action Target Thing's location becomes the bottom of the discard pile. ChippyYYZ Concentrated Sphinx cards_5901_6000 thing Thing Action: Destroy Concentrated Sphinx. Until your next turn, whenever an opponent draws a card, you may draw a card. "Whoo, this is some strong stuff. What's in it?" -Tezzeret, to Jin-Gitaxias ChippyYYZ Don't Cross The Borderline cards_5901_6000 thing Thing Every players things can't affect their opponents things. Put a counter on this card for every card you draw from now on. When there are 4 counter on this card, destroy it. NinjaWookiee Boon of Swords and Hammers cards_5901_6000 action Action 1k Destroy a Thing and gain a token of any type OR return a non-token thing to its owner's hand and play a Thing OR each opponent discards a card and you put one of the discarded cards in your hand. Bucky Rasputin Impersonator cards_5901_6000 thing Thing 2k At the start of your turn, look at a random card from target opponent's hand. When Rasputin Impersonator is destroyed for the first time in a turn, he returns to play. He took over after the original was murdered under mysterious circumstances. Bucky Card #5942 cards_5901_6000 action Action When this enters play choose 2 players. The chosen players each sacrifice 4 things and discard 5 cards. The other players draw 9 cards. It could be worse. Imagine if this were card #9999! NinjaWookiee You Are a Pirate! cards_5901_6000 thing Thing You may determine the value of x on any card at all times. Yarr-harr, fidelidy! Do what you want 'cause a pirate is free! NinjaWookiee Lemon Verbena Tea cards_5901_6000 thing Thing You can't sacrifice this until it stayed in game for 6 rounds. Sacrifice this to draw up to 5 cards and bring back up to 2 things from the discard pile to your side of the battlefield. NinjaWookiee Last Gasp cards_5901_6000 action Action 3k Use the Action:, Thing: or Action and Thing: ability of a Thing in the discard pile. Bucky Morgan Freeman's Big Sneeze cards_5901_6000 action Action Destroy every inanimate thing your opponents control. NinjaWookiee First Gasp cards_5901_6000 action Action 1k Look at the hands of every player. Use the Action:, Thing: or Action and Thing: ability of a Thing in someones hand. NinjaWookiee Complaints by the Dvorak Community cards_5901_6000 action_reaction Action/Reaction You may play this in your turn as an Action. If you do, choose 1 thing in play and remove it from the game. You may play this as a Reaction to someone playing any kind of card. Remove that card from the game. Dedicated to Corrigan and Bucky. ;-) NinjaWookiee Staying Power cards_5901_6000 thing Thing Action and Thing: Put an Action card from your hand underneath Staying Power. At the beginning of your turn, you may play a copy of an Action underneath Staying Power instead of drawing a card. This does not use your Action for the turn. ChippyYYZ Staying Tough cards_5901_6000 thing Thing Indestructible. Whenever all other Things you control would be destroyed, choose one of them and destroy all other Things you control instead. Whenever you would discard your whole hand, Choose a card in your hand and discard the other cards instead. Whenever you would be eliminated from the game, put Staying Tough in the discard pile instead. ChippyYYZ Staying Out Of Trouble cards_5901_6000 thing Thing Action: You can't be the target of Actions until your next turn. Thing: Things you control can't be the target of Actions until your next turn. ChippyYYZ Drama Bomb cards_5901_6000 action Action 4k Choose two Things controlled by different players. They cease to be controlled by anyone. Bucky Grave Shift cards_5901_6000 action Action Return three cards from the discard pile to your hand, then discard two cards. ''(Action cards don't go into the discard pile until after their effects have resolved.)'' Corrigan Superior Kung Fu cards_5901_6000 thing Thing Whenever an opponent plays an Action card, you may play an Action card. Whenever an opponent activates an Action ability, you may activate an Action ability of a Thing you control. Corrigan Mass Fabricator cards_5901_6000 thing Thing Turn: Copy a random card from the Infinite Dvorak Archive and add it to your hand. Lots of time and energy went into every card, literally. ChippyYYZ Awkward Situation cards_5901_6000 action Action Each opponent in turn order may discard a card. If none of them do, draw three cards. Somebody else should do something about this. ChippyYYZ Upload cards_5901_6000 action Action Put a card from your hand or a Thing you control into target opponent's hand or on top of the deck. ChippyYYZ Trash to Treasure cards_5901_6000 action Action 5k Play only if there are at least 5 cards in the discard pile. Target opponent chooses 3 cards in the discard pile; put them in your hand. Bucky DumpBot cards_5901_6000 thing Thing 6k Action:If there are at least 5 cards in the discard pile, target opponent chooses one. Put it in your hand. Bucky Trash Throw cards_5901_6000 action Action 7k Move a card from the discard pile to target opponent's hand and destroy one of their Things. That opponent discards a random card. Bucky Paper Harvest cards_5901_6000 action Action Destroy all Things. Each player draws a card for each Thing he or she controlled that was destroyed this way. Corrigan Eldritch Harvest cards_5901_6000 action Action Choose a number, then skip that many of your next turns. At the beginning of your next turn, draw three cards for each turn you skipped this way. Corrigan Derpy Reaper cards_5901_6000 thing Thing Whenever you discard a card, each opponent may draw a card. He sows in other people's fields and reaps the air. Corrigan Clone-in-a-Vat(tm) cards_5901_6000 thing Thing Clone-in-a-Vat(tm) enters play with four Organ Tokens on it. Whenever you discard a card, if you are below your maximum hand size, you may remove an Organ Token from Clone-in-a-Vat(tm). If you do, draw a card. ChippyYYZ Thoughtcage cards_5901_6000 thing Thing When Thoughtcage enters play, look at target opponent's hand and place a card from their hand face-down under Thoughtcage. Return it to that player's hand when Thoughtcage leaves play. ChippyYYZ Temporal Broadside cards_5901_6000 action Action Play all Actions in the discard pile in any order and skip your next turn, OR Put all Things from the discard pile into play under your control, and at the end of your next turn, put them in the discard pile and skip your next turn. ChippyYYZ Timesnap cards_5901_6000 action Action Play up to x Actions if you have not played an Action for x consecutive turns before this one. Binarius Shared Passion cards_5901_6000 thing Thing Action: If x players have used one of Shared Passion's abilities, each may draw x cards. Destroy Shared Passion. This ability may not be used on the turn Shared Passion is played. Action (global): Do nothing. Binarius Big Fan cards_5901_6000 action Action Reveal a card from your hand. Draw until you draw a card by the same creator; keep it and shuffle the rest into the draw pile. Binarius Inhibitor Belt cards_5901_6000 thing Thing Play onto another Thing. Equipped Thing's Action abilities can't be activated. Corrigan Brain Vomit cards_5901_6000 action Action Discard two cards. Each opponent discards three cards. Corrigan Tax Break cards_5901_6000 action Action Donate a Thing you control to an opponent. Binarius Limit Break cards_5901_6000 action Action Destroy target Thing. Its controller must flip a coin until they get heads and discard a card for every tails flipped. Binarius Lunch Break cards_5901_6000 action Action Skip your next turn. No opponent's Actions may affect you until it is your turn again. Binarius Sword of Thought and Deed cards_5901_6000 thing Thing When this enters play, attatch an Action card and a Thing card from your hand to it or put it in the discard pile. Action and Thing: If the attached Thing has an Action ability, this ability has an identical effect followed by the effect of the attached Action card. ChippyYYZ Experimental Substance cards_5901_6000 thing Thing At any time during your turn, you may destroy this card to either destroy target Thing, OR draw two cards, OR gain three Tokens of the type of your choice, OR choose all options of another Action or ability you are playing instead of the listed number of options. This should be a "boon" to combo decks. ChippyYYZ Heroic Sacrifice cards_5901_6000 action Action Reveal your hand and choose a creator. Put all cards in your hand by that creator and all Things you control by that creator into the discard pile, then draw three cards for each. "Go on without me, I can hold them off and buy you some card advantage. If I'm not back in three turns, don't wait for me." --ChippyYYZ, last transmission ChippyYYZ Restart cards_5901_6000 action Action Discard your hand and draw five cards. Binarius Recover cards_5901_6000 action Action Take an Action card that was played during an opponent's last turn from the discard pile and put it into your hand. Binarius Resurge cards_5901_6000 action Action Discard down to two cards, then draw five cards and play up to three of them. Binarius Replenish cards_5901_6000 action Action Draw until you have 5 or more cards in your hand. ChippyYYZ Reprint cards_5901_6000 action Action Create a copy of target card in the discard pile and add it to your hand. ChippyYYZ Rebound cards_5901_6000 action Action Return target Thing to its controller's hand. That player puts a card from their hand on top of the deck. ChippyYYZ Conspicuous Consumption cards_5901_6000 thing Thing Once during each of your turns, you may draw a card and discard it immediately. Binarius Elimination Round cards_5901_6000 thing Thing Cards in the discard pile may not leave the discard pile. Binarius Vague Premonition cards_5901_6000 thing Thing Action: Look at the top card of the draw pile and shuffle it into the top five cards of the draw pile. Binarius Heartless Oppression cards_5901_6000 action Action As an additional cost to play Heartless Oppression, discard two cards. Choose one -- Destroy all Things controlled by the player who controls the fewest; or the player with the fewest cards in hand discards his or her hand. Corrigan Exorbitant Tax cards_5901_6000 thing Thing When Exorbitant Tax enters play, destroy three Things you control. Whenever an opponent draws a card, that player sacrifices a Thing. Whenever an opponent would draw a card, that player may choose not to. If that player does, you draw a card. Corrigan Igor, Gravedigger Novice cards_5901_6000 thing Thing Action: Put a Thing card at random from the discard pile into the your hand. Then discard a card at random. "They let just about anybody carry a shovel these days!" Corrigan Nectar of Life cards_5901_6000 action_dream Action - Dream Draw a card. You can return any card that was destroyed after your last turn ended from the discard pile to your hand. From the Mirage deck Ayolark, added by Binarius Riot cards_5901_6000 action Action Destroy a Thing, or discard this card at any time and destroy one of your Things to negate the effects of an Action being played. Adapted from the Roman Politics deck Binarius I Am Personified Pyramid cards_5901_6000 action Action 2/3/4 ...but with only a 1-corner perspective during a 4-corner rotation. Draw four cards, and discard three of them. From the Time Cube deck Kevan, added by Binarius WhatTheFrick cards_5901_6000 action Action Win the game instantly. HAHA I WAS KIDDING YOU LOSE THE GAME RIGHT NOW. Your Face Epic Face cards_5901_6000 action Action Take the entire discard pile and draw pile for yourself. YOU KNOW WHAT? JUST TAKE EVERY SINGLE CARD FROM EVERYONE AND WIN YOUR FACE IN MUD. YOUR FACE! Speechless cards_5901_6000 action Action ... Target opponent may not play Actions during their next turn. Binarius What Just Happened? cards_5901_6000 action Action Every opponent is so stunned at the recent turn of events that during their next turn, they may only draw once and discard if necessary, playing nothing. Binarius Queen Dopplepopolis cards_5901_6000 thing Thing At the beginning of your turn, look at target opponent's hand. You may reveal a Thing card from their hand. If you do, until your next turn, Queen Dopplepopolis becomes a copy of that Thing and can't be targeted by that player's Actions. ChippyYYZ Soul Scream cards_5901_6000 action Action Discard your hand, put all Things you control in the discard pile, and skip your next turn. If you discarded at least four cards and put at least four Things you controlled into the discard pile, eliminate target player. You'll lose more than just your voice from screaming this loud. ChippyYYZ Hocus Pocus cards_5901_6000 action Action Choose two Actions in the discard pile. An opponent choose one of them. Put that card into your hand and play the other one immediately. ChippyYYZ Luck of the Draw cards_5901_6000 action Action Play this card as soon as you draw it; you may take another Action this turn. Draw three cards. Choose one of them to discard, then discard one of the remaining two at random. Binarius

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