Dvorak Export: Infinite Dvorak deck/Cards 5801-5900

To import this deck into the Dvorak MUSH Engine, just cut and paste the quoted commands below straight into your telnet window. (Any card whose type is neither "Thing" nor "Action" will default to "Thing"; if it was somehow meant to be played like an Action, just destroy it after playing it.)

(You can also get an output formatted for the Dvorax Engine.)

Regenerate this output, minus the cards created by a comma-separated list of users:
loadcard Angelic Aegis/T/At any time, you may discard Angelic Aegis to prevent target Thing from being destroyed this turn.%rPlay Angelic Aegis onto a Thing.%rEquipped Thing is indestructible.
loadcard Lame Chirstmas/A/Destroy all your opponent's cards even they are "indestructable". Draw 5 cards and discard 3 cards. Oh yeah, this card only will have effect on January 30, April 17, and December 25.
loadcard Scar/T/When this comes into play roll 2 6-sided dice. You get the rolled amount of hyena tokens.%rWhen there are no things in play other than Scar and the hyena tokens at the end of your turn, you win the game.%rAction & Sacrifice 3 hyena tokens: Destroy 1 living thing.%rYou may sacrifice 1 hyena token to prevent Scar from getting destroyed.
loadcard The Cab Driver That Doesn't Like Gummybears/T/You can play 1 additional action in your turn.%rAction: Draw 2 cards.%rThing: You get 1 Gummybear Token. Only your opponents can play this ability. If you control at least 1 Gummybear Token this card looses all abilities except for this one.
loadcard Tommy-Gun Replica/T/Action & Thing: Destroy 1 thing. ("You can kill with it, but it's harder and takes more time than with a real one. At least this one can't get jammed.")
loadcard Mutatite/T/When Mutatite enters play, reveal cards from the top of the draw pile until you reveal a Thing card. Attach that card to Mutatite as though it were an equip Thing. Mutatite gains that card's text. Put the rest of the cards revealed this way into the discard pile. ("Mutato likes to refer to his chimeric creations as his "children", though fortunately no womb on earth could spawn such aberrations.")
loadcard Burgo's Knight/T/When Burgo's Knight is destroyed, put a Remnant token into play.%rAt the beginning of each player's turn, if that player controls a Remnant token and Burgo's Knight is in the discard pile, that player returns Burgo's Knight to play under his or her control.%rAction: Each player discards a card.
loadcard Calea's Guardian/T/Whenever an effect an opponent controls would destroy a Thing you control, you may have that effect destroy a different Thing you control instead. ("The will of Calea is inscrutable, destining some for glory in accordance with her immutable purposes.")
loadcard Giant Pet Hornet/T/Your handcards are safe from your opponents cards. (I.E.: No one can steal from you, you don't need to discard cards if an opponents card tells you to, other players can't look at your hand and your handlimit isn't affected by opponents cards.)%r%rSacrifice this: Destroy 1 thing of your choice.
loadcard Hans Henning Holzhauer/T/You don't have to pay to play thing cards with H in its title.%rAction: Sacrifice 1 thing and destroy x things, where x is the amount of H in that things title.
loadcard The Skeleton Cab Driver/T/You can play 1 additional action in your turn.%rWhen you play an actioncard you get 1 Bone Token. You may sacrifice 1 Bone Token at any time to draw 1 card.
loadcard Lorekeeper Demon/T/When Lorekeeper Demon enters play, discard your hand, then search the top sixty cards of the draw pile for a card and put that card into your hand. Then shuffle the draw pile.%rAction: Destroy target token.
loadcard Pandæmonium, Hell's Capital/T/Things you control are indestructible as long as you have no cards in hand. ("Pandæmonium shrouds its most powerful inhabitants with a protective sheen of chaos and insanity.")
loadcard Demonic Rampage/A/Destroy all Things. If you have no cards in hand, destroy all Things you don't control instead.
loadcard ▲%r▲ ▲/T/When this comes into play draw x cards, where x is the amount of non-token things under your control.%rAll your things, including this one, are indestructible until this leaves play.
loadcard Let's Read:%rTwilight or Dracula/T/When this comes into play roll a die. If its uneven this card gets the ability: "Thing: You get 1 Sparkling Vampire Token."<BR>If its even this card gets the ability: "Thing: You get 1 Real Vampire Token.%rReal Vampire Tokens have the ability: Action: Take control over 1 thing. That thing becomes a vampire."<BR>%rAction & Sacrifice x vampires: Draw x cards.
loadcard Backup Cache/T/When this Thing is destroyed, draw a card and gain 5 Money Tokens, 5 Energy Tokens, and 5 Food Tokens. ("I told you it would come in handy someday. Now pass me the can opener.")
loadcard Power, Wisdom, Courage (2▲/3)/A/Choose two:<BR><BR>Destroy target Thing<BR>OR<BR>Draw 2 cards<BR>OR<BR>You may play an extra Action this turn.
loadcard Scour/A/Discard your hand. For each card you discarded, destroy up to two Things, then remove up to two cards in the discard pile from the game.
loadcard Who says I'm not creative?/A/Choose one -- Choose Action or Thing. Then reveal cards from the deck until you reveal a card of the chosen kind. Play it immediately.; or choose 1 card from an opponents hand and play it immediately under your control.; or bring back 1 random card from the discard pile and play it immediately.
loadcard Way too many cards/A/Every player discards cards until every player has 3 cards in his/her hand.
loadcard Phil Margera/T/As long as this is in play no other card can leave play for whatever reason.%rWould this be destroyed you may sacrifice 1 food token to prevent it from happening. ("Seriously, before anyone does anything we have to get rid of that guy with the hairy back. I can't concentrate!")
loadcard Ossify (1j)/A/Target Thing loses all its Action abilities until it leaves play OR Target opponent reveals their hand and discards all their Action cards.
loadcard Master Tokensmith (2j)/T/Thing:Gain a token with no type.%r Action:Target token becomes a type of token of your choice.
loadcard Le Internet/T/Comes into play with 3 "FFFFFUUUUUU--" Tokens, 3 "Like a boss" Tokens and 3 "Trollface" Tokens.%rYou may sacrifice 1 "FFFFFUUUUUU--" Token at any time to prevent 1 thing from getting destroyed.%rYou may sacrifice 1 "Like a boss" Token at any time to play 1 card or ability for free.%rYou may sacrifice 1 "Trollface" Token at any time, to steal 1 handcard from an opponent of your choice.
loadcard Rock Biter/T/Rock Biter can't be destroyed by effects that destroy multiple Things.%rWhenever multiple Things would be destroyed, you may prevent one of those Things from being destroyed. (""Such strong hands."")
loadcard Negotiating Hostage-Taker/A/Choose 1 opponents thing. Then look at the hand of that cards controller. Choose 1 card from those as well.%rYou take control over the chosen thing in play, unless that opponent give you the chosen handcard.
loadcard Pink Hammer/A/Destroy target Thing. If you are female, you may destroy another target Thing.
loadcard Countersong/T/Play as an answer to someone playing an action card.%rStart singing a song and negate that action card.
loadcard The Fall of Autumn/T/If it's September, October, November or December when this card is played, roll a 6-sided dice. Go outside and get the rolled amount of leafs. Then throw the leafs on the table. Every card that touches a leaf, gets destroyed.%rIf it's not 1 of the previously called months when this card is played, draw 1 card.
loadcard Demon of Mind's Revenge/T/Whenever you discard a card, you may destroy target Thing.
loadcard Murphy's Hex (3j)/T/Play in response to an opponent playing an Action card. Change one word on that card for the duration of the action. The changed card cannot cause any players to win or lose the game. (""What could possibly go wrong?"")
loadcard Zerging Ahead/A/Reveal the top 7 cards of the deck. You may play any number of Action cards from among them. For each Thing card revealed this way, a random opponent may play that card. (""LEEEERRRRRROOOOOOOOOOOOYYYYYYYYYYY!"")
loadcard Protoss Research/A/Reveal the top 7 cards of the deck. You may play any number of Thing cards from among them. For each Action card revealed this way, a random opponent may play that card. ("<BR>Hey, no fair! I was still building my carrier fleet!")
loadcard Switch The Cables/T/Play in response to a player playing an Action Ability. That ability has the effect of another Action Ability chosen by you from among Things in play.
loadcard Magic Mud/A/Choose one -- Erase an action ability from target Thing, or target player discards a card, or return target Thing card from the discard pile to your hand.
loadcard 20th April 1889/A/Choose 1 player. That player can play cards with x's on it for free. After 56 rounds that player is eliminated.
loadcard LOL/T/If someone laughs, he/she has to sacrifice 1 thing.
loadcard The Good Guys Always Win/A/Eliminate that player, that controls the most things with abilities to destroy other things. Do more than 1 player have the same amount of things of this kind, they are all eliminated.
loadcard Kaos Kraken/T/Action: Choose an opponent and roll a six-sided die. If the result is equal to the number of cards in that player's hand, choose one: -- Destroy up to that many target Things that player controls, or you draw that many cards.
loadcard John Paul Jackson/T/This card can't be affected by any Pokémon- or Magic: The Gathering-related cards.%r%rAction: Destroy 1 Pokémon- or Magic: The Gathering-related thing.%r%rYou may at any time remove 1 Pokémon- or Magic: The Gathering-related card from your hand and draw 1 card.
loadcard Mummificated Mantis/T/Play when someone destroys 1 thing of yours. When this card gets destroyed, bring back that destroyed thing in play.
loadcard Getting Molested By a Ghost While Murdering a Child/T/Play when someone destroys a thing, which isn't longer than 3 rounds in play yet. That player has to discard 3 random cards.
loadcard Progenitus Genes/T/Play onto a Thing. That Thing is indestructible and can't be targeted by anything. It can't have other cards attached to it besides Progenitus Genes <i>(cards previously attached to it become detached)</i>. ("You can be Soul of the World Junior.")
loadcard Hysteria Outbreak/A/You can't play Hysteria Outbreak if you've played a card this turn.%r%rEach player discards his or her hand.
loadcard GTFO!/T/Play in response to a Thing entering play.%rThat Thing doesn't enter play. Remove that card from the game. (""And stay TFO!"")
loadcard It That Betrays/T/Whenever an opponent destroys a Thing they control, Put that Thing into play under your control.
loadcard Censor/T/Play in response to an Action being played. Choose any number of sentences on that Action. Those sentences are ignored for the duration of the Action.
loadcard Solar Flare/A/Each opponent discards a card. Remove the top 20 cards of the deck from the game.
loadcard Looting/T/Whenever a living Thing is destroyed, you may draw a card. If you do, discard a card.
loadcard Brain Slug Attack/A/You can't play Brain Slug Attack if you've played a card this turn.%r%rDiscard your hand, then put all cards from target opponent's hand into yours.%r%rEnd your turn.
loadcard Cheerilee/T/Whenever an Action ability of a Pony you control is activated, you may draw a card.%r%rAction: Put a Pony token of a colour of your choice into play.
loadcard Reading a Book About TV- and Movie-Series "Jackass"/A/Roll 2 6-sided dice. Then reveal the rolled amount of top cards of the deck. Bring into play every Thing-card you reveal this way, that has the word "sacrifice" on it and play every Action-card revealed this way, that has the word "discard" on it.%rShuffle the other cards revealed this way back into the deck.
loadcard Turtle Fight/T/Play as an answer to someone destroying a thing by using another things ability.%rBoth of these things become indestructible until they leave play.
loadcard Action: Destroy up to 2 things./T/Action & Sacrifice 1 thing & Discard 1 card: Destroy 1 thing and draw 1 card%r%rThing: You can use this cards title- or flavortext-ability this turn. ("Action: Draw 2 cards.")
loadcard Watch as My Brain Regenerates!/A/Choose any number of cards in the discard pile that you discarded this turn. Return those cards to your hand. (""Behold my ability to drink with no long-term effects!"")
loadcard Dimensional Roulette/A/As you play Dimensional Roulette, reveal a card from your hand.%rTarget opponent reveals a card from his or her hand. Then play rock, paper scissors with that player. The player who wins may play any number of the revealed cards.
loadcard Alchemist/T/Inanimate, nonabstract Things you control are also treated as Money tokens.
loadcard Trading Cardgame/A/Choose 1 opponent. You choose as many cards from your hand as you want and give them to your opponent. That opponent gives you the same amount of cards.
loadcard Avatar of Knowledge/T/Action & Thing: Draw x cards, where x is your size in centimeters divided by 20 (rounded down).<BR>Thing: Take y randomly chosen cards from your opponents hands, where y is your weight in kg divided by z, where z is the number rolled with 2 6-sided dice (rounded down).
loadcard Change the Course of Time/A/Starting with you, each player takes turns choosing a card from the discard pile until each player has chosen five or there are no more cards in the discard pile. Each player discards his or her hand, then puts the cards he or she chose into his or her hand. (""So, when exactly did the past happen?"")
loadcard Robes of Wizardliness (1Z)/T/Whenever a player refers to you as anything other than "his/her wizardliness" while talking about you or "your wizardliness" while talking to you, that player discards a card and destroys one of their Things. ("Q: Who's too cool for pants?%rA: WIZARDS!!!")
loadcard Delivery Prank/T/Whenever a player would draw a card, each player rolls a die and the player who got the highest result draws a card instead.
loadcard Transreconfigurator/T/Action and Thing: For each Thing attached to a Thing in play, you may attach that Thing to another Thing.<BR>You may not attach a Thing to itself this way.
loadcard Draconic Ultimatum/A/Destroy up to twenty target Things, draw up to twenty cards, and up to twenty target cards in your opponents' hands are discarded.<BR>Skip a number of your turns equal to the average of the numbers chosen this way, rounded up. ("When dragons spend centuries in a dormant slumber, it's because they're freaking tired.")
loadcard Alt-Text Awareness/T/The flavortext of Things you control, Actions you play, and cards in your hand is also rulestext. ("You mean every xkcd has TWO jokes?")
loadcard Hulk Out/A/Destroy X target Things, where X is the number of Things you control. Then destroy all Things you control. ("Sometimes, everything looks like a weapon.")
loadcard Species Replacement/A/Return any number of target nontoken Things you control to your hand. You may play X additional Things this turn, where X is the number of Things you returned to hand this way.
loadcard Anonymous (?)/T/All Things have name "Anonymous", creator "Anonymous" and are controlled by all players. (""You're wearing a MASK? Grow up, dude!" - Bub")
loadcard Godlike Power/T/Do whatever the fuck you want. ("Who said life was fair?")
loadcard GNU General Public License/T/Action: Any player may use this Action. Create a copy of this Thing under your control.%rAction: Change a word of this Thing's text other than the first Action ability.
loadcard Kettle Drum of the Gods/T/Whenever you draw a card, each other player draws a card. Other players can't draw cards any other way. ("Everyone marches to the beat of <i>your</i> drum now.")
loadcard The Universe Itself Keeps Expanding and Expanding/T/Each player may play up to two additional Things during his or her turn. (""Pray there's intelligent life somewhere up in space cos there's bugger all down here on the Earth."")
loadcard Light Yagami/T/You may play this under target player's control. If an opponent ever sees your cards, you are eliminated.%rAction: Destroy target human. (""I will create the perfect world."")
loadcard L/T/If you ever see an opponent's hand, eliminate that opponent. (""The probability that you are Kira is 5%."")
loadcard Misa Misa/T/Play this as soon as possible. As long as you control this, you cannot play Things. (""You're begging for him to finally write her freakin' name into the Death Note and in the end it just doesn't happen. Makes me wanna smash my head against the wall." - my mate Don")
loadcard Wabbajack/T/Comes into play with 10 Charge Counters.%rAction & remove 1 Charge Counter: Choose a thing and roll a 6-sided die and do what matches the rolled number: 1-2 = Destroy that thing and the controller discards 2 cards.; 3-4 = The thing is considered a bunny without any abilities until it leaves play.; 5-6 = The thing becomes a Dremora with the ability "Action: Destroy up to 2 things."
loadcard Flaming Katana/T/Action: Choose 1 thing. If that thing has 3 or less lines of text on it (Excluding title and flavortext) it gets destroyed. If it has 4 or more lines it gets destroyed in 1 round. Either way it can't be prevented by Action-/Reaction-cards or a things ability.
loadcard Death Note/T/Action: Destroy target human. (If you wish, you may also specify how the person dies. Defaults to heart-attack.)
loadcard Oracle of Delphi/A/Look at the top five cards of the deck and rearrange their order as you wish.
loadcard JFGI!/A/Browse through the deck and take a card you want. Then shuffle the deck. (""Just Fucking Google It!"")
loadcard Abdul the Mad Arabian Mathematician/T/Action: Put a Sifr counter on target Thing.%rAll numerical values on Things with Sifr counters on them are 0.<i>(Treat "a" and "an" as "one")</i> ("!صف")
loadcard Ancient Magicks/T/Action - Banding: This card gains "If a Thing you control would be destroyed, you may destroy another Thing you control instead."<BR><BR>Action - Horsemanship: This card gains "You have Horsemanship and may not be the target of Actions played by players who do not have Horsemanship."
loadcard You Know What I Mean/A/"Destroy" target Thing.
loadcard Triple Cross/A/You and target opponent discard a card. At the end of that opponent's next turn, they discard a card.<BR><BR>Instead of playing a Thing this turn, you may have that opponent discard a card.
loadcard Killa Reverb/T/Whenever you play an Action card, you may discard a card. If you do, copy that Action. You may choose new targets for the copy.
loadcard God of Electronica/T/Action: Discard your hand. On your next turn, if God of Electronica is in play, you may take X additional Actions, excluding this one, where X is the number of cards you discarded this way. ("Lose your mind and just dance, dance, dance.")
loadcard Mighty Morph/A/Each player chooses a Thing he or she controls and returns that Thing to his or hand. Then each player may put a Thing card from his or her hand into play.
loadcard Wretched Hive/T/Whenever another non-token Thing is destroyed, you may gain a Scum Token or a Villainy Token.<BR>At the end of your turn, you may destroy a Scum Token and a Villainy Token you control to draw a card.
loadcard Speedrun Attempt/A/Take 3 extra turns. The next time an opponent takes a turn, you are eliminated.
loadcard Balance/A/Each player chooses a number of Things he or she controls equal to the number of Things controlled by the player who controls the least Things. Destroy all Things not chosen. Then, players discard cards this way.
loadcard Mountain of Matter/T/At the beginning of your turn, put a matter counter of Mountain of Matter.%r Each player may play an additional Thing card during his or her turn for each matter counter on Mountain of Matter.
loadcard Matchmaker (4j)/T/Action:Draw a card and reveal it. If it has the same name as one of your Things, win the game; otherwise, discard a card.
loadcard Matchmaker (4j)/T/Action:Draw a card and reveal it. If it has the same name as one of your Things, win the game; otherwise, discard a card.
loadcard Mind Melt (5j)/A/Destroy an animal OR target player discards two random cards.
loadcard Mechanized Pirate/T/Mechanized Pirate cannot be destroyed by its owner. ("Although it seems most pirates are relics of a day long past, trawling the depths of the Dvorak Archives is dangerous due to fiendish attacks by their still-functioning servantile automatons.")
loadcard Rather Confusing Hood/T/Play this onto a Thing of your choice. If there are less than five things in play, destroy Rather Confusing Hood.%r Action: If every other thing in play is on a Thing or has something on it(excluding counters), you win the game.
loadcard Countercurrent Mist/A/Move all counters in play onto a Thing of your choice.%r ("Side effects may include... Well, here's Volume I.")
loadcard Contact Your Representative/A/Call someone who represents your district/state/etc. in your national government. Play continues as normal, except that for the next 5 minutes, that representative may make any changes to the gamestate he or she desires.
loadcard Assembly Rigger (2R)/T/Tap Assembly Rigger: Gain a Contraption Token. (""Look, all I'm saying is that you might want to double-check the timeline to make sure everything got back to its proper place."<BR> -- The Doctor, to Teferi")
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