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Name	Set	ImageFile	Type	CornerValue	Text	FlavorText	Creator
It's a Kind of Uno	cards_5401_5500	thing	Thing	1A	Whenever a card with a number-letter or letter-number cornervalue is played, any player may play a card with the same number or letter in its cornervalue as the card most recently played.		Corrigan
Fascism	cards_5401_5500	thing	Thing		No player can have a maximum hand size other than five cards. Players can't play cards during other players' turns. Players can't draw additional cards on their draw steps. Players can't play more than one Thing or more than one Action during their turns.		Corrigan
Wartime Holds No Rules	cards_5401_5500	thing	Thing		This card cannot be destroyed. All players may activate abilities of things by placing a Latency Counter on them during their turn. Cards with Latency Counters on them can't use action abilities. At the end of turn, remove all Latency Counters from all other Things and put a Wane Counter on this card. If there are 7 Wane Counters on it, it's blank.		NARF
CHAAAAARGE!	cards_5401_5500	action	Action		Immediately play all cards in your hand. All things with Action abilities that are played this turn use them immediately.	"GLORY TO THE FIRST TO DIE!"	NARF
Biomorphic Transmuter	cards_5401_5500	thing	Thing		Action: Copy a sentence not containing the words win or lose from one thing onto this one, in any place you like.   Action: Copy a sentence not containing the words win or lose from this thing onto another one, in any place you like.	It fiddles with the rules of our universe. Just ignore it.	NARF
Rulebook Committee	cards_5401_5500	action	ACTION	AV	Ban a card. (All copies of that card in play, the discard pile, players' hands, or in the draw pile are removed from the game.)	I co-chaired the committee that reviewed the reccomendation to change the color of the book that regulations in. We kept it gray.	AldusValor
Human Cannon	cards_5401_5500	thing	THING	AV	ACTION: Sacrifice 5 pawn tokens, destroy 5 target THINGS		AldusValor
Malfunctioning Washing Machine	cards_5401_5500	thing	THING	AV	Phasing (At the beginning of every turn, flip this card over. While face-down, this card cannot be targeted, and its ACTION ability cannot be played)   ACTION: Target card in play becomes blank. It has no color, cornervalue, text, flavor text, name, or card author.		AldusValor
Card's Ghost	cards_5401_5500	thing	Thing		When you play this thing, discard a card. This card does not use up your one thing per turn. If any player discards a card, or destroys a thing, create a copy of this card (lacking this sentence) under the control of the player who lost the card.	What, you thought cards just disappeared?	NARF
A Tale of Cards	cards_5401_5500	thing	Thing		This card's text is the text of all other cards in play, in alphabetical order.		NARF
Slippers Of God	cards_5401_5500	thing	Thing		Action: Destroy Slippers Of God. Destroy all Things belonging to a single player. This ability is instantly activated if an opponent plays a thing based on Sea-Life, without using up an Action.	"You may not have noticed, but I threw my slippers at the beast!"	NARF
Action!	cards_5401_5500	action	Action	!	This turn, you may play as many Actions as you wish.	Get to work! Hurry!	Nehh
Your Demise	cards_5401_5500	thing	Thing	'-,	Action: Eliminate yourself from the game.	Urk~	Nehh
Combo Extender	cards_5401_5500	action	Action		Draw a card.  If this isn't the first Action you've played this turn, play up to two extra Actions.		ChippyYYZ
Combo Breaker	cards_5401_5500	thing	Thing		If a player would play an Action in a turn in which they have already played an Action, instead destroy Combo Breaker and end the turn.		ChippyYYZ
Flash Transfer	cards_5401_5500	special	Special		In response to an Action or Thing being played, you may discard this card and another card that can be played or discarded during an opponent's turn.  If you do, play any card from your hand.		ChippyYYZ
Mystic Space Cobra Queen	cards_5401_5500	thing	Thing	6X	When you are the only player with cards in his or her hand, you win the game.	The Mystic Space Cobra Queen solidifies her galactic sovereignty by depriving all would-be usurpers of resources.	Corrigan
Sweet Play	cards_5401_5500	action	Action	H6	Destroy two Things, then draw two cards. You have no maximum hand size this turn. That feels pretty good.	"When you're as pro as me, you don't even need to know how you do awesome stuff. You can just do it."	Corrigan
Scattershot	cards_5401_5500	action	Action		When you play Scattershot, you may discard any number of cards. Destroy a Thing, then destroy another Thing for each card you discarded.		Corrigan
Neuron Helm	cards_5401_5500	thing	Thing	NI	At the start of your turn, create 1 Nerve token under your control. Action: Destroy 3 Nerve tokens. You may perform 2 additional Actions this turn.		Nehh
Dendrite Lens	cards_5401_5500	thing	Thing	NII	At the start of your turn, create 1 Nerve token under your control. Action: Destroy 3 Nerve tokens. You may look at the cards in all other players' hands this turn.		Nehh
Axon Whip	cards_5401_5500	thing	Thing	NIII	At the start of your turn, create 1 Nerve token under your control. Action: Destroy 3 Nerve tokens. Choose an opponent. When it is next that opponent's turn, you may take it for them.		Nehh
Card Games on Motorcycles	cards_5401_5500	thing	Thing	Y6	No player controls Card Games on Motorcycles. When Card Games on Motorcycles enters play, each player gets a Motorcycle token. If a player controls a Thing that isn't a Motorcycle token, Motorcycle tokens that player controls can't be targeted. At the beginning of each player's turn, eliminate him or her if he or she doesn't control a Motorcycle token.		Corrigan
Brain Transplant	cards_5401_5500	thing	Thing	N7	When Brain Transplant enters play, put a Surgery counter on a non-token Thing and a Surgery counter on another non-token Thing. The text of each Thing with a Surgery counter on it is replaced with the texts of each other Thing with a Surgery counter on it.		Corrigan
Proportional Blast	cards_5401_5500	action	Action	G9	Destroy target Thing OR destroy two target tokens.	You should always try to get the most out of your resources.	Corrigan
Mega Throne	cards_5401_5500	thing	Thing		Other players must ask your permission when changing the gamestate in any way.  If you say no, the gamestate is not changed.  You must discard 10 cards from your hand in order to play this card.		ChippyYYZ
Elf Wizardry	cards_5401_5500	action	Action		Destroy a Thing OR put an Action card from the discard pile into your hand.		ChippyYYZ
Confused Flashback	cards_5401_5500	action	Action		Shuffle the discard pile and place it on top of the deck.	Then put this card in the discard pile.	ChippyYYZ
Flagellist	cards_5401_5500	thing	Thing		Action: Discard a card. Action: Destroy a Thing you control.	He cleansed himself of both his sin and his health.	Corrigan
Semiclockwise	cards_5401_5500	thing	Thing		Whenever a player's turn ends, that player chooses an opponent who didn't choose that player at the end of his or her last turn. That opponent takes a turn.	You've never seen a clock behave like this before.	Corrigan
Higher Plane	cards_5401_5500	thing	Thing		Each number in each other card's rules text is increased by 1. "A" and "an" are treated as "one", and "no" is treated as "zero".	Even if both sides are aided equally, it's hard to call the situation balanced.	Corrigan
impatience	cards_5401_5500	action	action	Hyp7	take the top 10 cards from the deck and force each player to take turns playing them. if a card is complicated or doesn't apply discard it.	Don't think, do.	moongodjon
a.d.H.d.	cards_5401_5500	thing	thing	Hyp6	Action: give turn player a 3 second notice to end their turn.your turns must take 3  seconds or less.	Faster!!!!!NOW!!!!	moongodjon
envy	cards_5401_5500	action	action	Hyp5	play any other card another played during their last turn. If it's an action take it from the discard pile, If it's a thing take it from the other player.	Gimmey.	moongodjon
Carrot Mutant	cards_5401_5500	thing	Thing	V3	When Carrot Mutant enters play, return a Thing card from the discard pile to your hand. Action: Destroy a token.		Corrigan
Lazy Student	cards_5401_5500	thing	Thing	N3	When Lazy Student enters play, choose an opponent. Whenever the chosen opponent draws a card, you also draw a card. You can't draw cards any other way.	"I'll pay you ten bucks to write my history essay."	Corrigan
Psycho Slam	cards_5401_5500	action	Action	B9	Return a Thing to its controller's hand. That player discards his or her hand.		Corrigan
Call On Extraplanar Knowledge	cards_5401_5500	action	Action		You must discard a card in order to play this.  Choose a random card from the Unplayable Dvorak Deck and add it to your hand.  You may not play it this turn.		ChippyYYZ
Heat Flare	cards_5401_5500	action	Action		Place a Flame Token on target Thing, then destroy all Things with Flame Tokens on them.		ChippyYYZ
Cold Flare	cards_5401_5500	action	Action		Place an Ice Token on target Thing, then destroy all Things with Ice Tokens on them.		ChippyYYZ
"No Soup for You!"	cards_5401_5500	action_reaction	Action - Reaction		Play in response to an opponent drawing cards, gaining tokens, putting counters on Things or playing a Thing. Cancel that event.		Corrigan
"It Is a Silly Place"	cards_5401_5500	action	Action		Each opponent shuffles two non-token Things he or she controls of his or her choice into the draw pile. You discard a card and destroy three Things you control. Each player may put a Thing from his or her hand into play. Each opponent draws a card. Draw two cards, then discard four cards, then draw ten cards. You may take another Action this turn.		Corrigan
"That's What She Said!"	cards_5401_5500	action_reaction	Action - Reaction		Play in response to a player playing an Action card or using an Action ability. Choose a player. Treat that card or ability as though the chosen player played or used it. ''(That player doesn't get to change any decisions that might have been made for the Action.)''		Corrigan
Mathematical Anti Telharsic Harfatum Septomin	cards_5401_5500	thing	Thing		Use of MATHS enables you to optionally draw an extra card at the beginning of your turn.		Pongo
The Best Defence	cards_5401_5500	action	Action		Destroy target Thing.  Things you control may not be destroyed until your next turn.		ChippyYYZ
Energy Flare	cards_5401_5500	action	Action		Place an Energy Token on target Thing, then destroy all Things with Energy Tokens on them.		ChippyYYZ
Attack Combo Engine	cards_5401_5500	thing	Thing		Whenenver you play an Action, if that Action destroys a Thing, you may play another Action card this turn.  Whenever you play a card (besides this one) that does not destroy a card, your turn ends.		ChippyYYZ
Second Sight	cards_5401_5500	thing	Thing		You may look at the top card of the draw pile at any time.		Corrigan
Let's Twist Again	cards_5401_5500	action	Action		Each player, beginning with you and going in turn order, may return an Action card from the discard pile to his or her hand. Shuffle the draw pile.	"Is it a bird? Is it a plane? It's the Twister!"	Corrigan
Minsky's Burlesque	cards_5401_5500	thing	Thing		Each numerical value in Action abilities or on Action cards is doubled (treat "a" and "an" as "1").	Serve it up hot And what have you got? A Minsky's burlesque show!	Corrigan
M27-Assault Potato	cards_5401_5500	thing	Thing	M27	When M27-Assault Potato comes into or leaves play, destroy target non-vegetable animate Thing.	The M27 was a short lived but fruitful release from B.I.O-War Industries, successfully routing several Animalian troops before being outmoded by the M33-Flying-Assault Tuber.	NARF
Midnight Cloak	cards_5401_5500	thing	Thing	N0	Whenever you play a Thing, you may attach Midnight Cloak to it. If you do, that Thing may activate an Action ability on it once per turn without using your one use per turn.	Made of darkness, and rather hard to trim.	NARF
Crow's Nest	cards_5401_5500	thing_pirate_tool	Thing - Pirate Tool		At the beginning of your turn, you may put a vision counter on target thing. Whenever you play a Pirate, put a vision counter on it. Things with vision counters on them cannot be the target of effects.		NARF
Frost Giant	cards_5401_5500	thing	Thing	M8	A Thing with an Ice counter on it has only the text "Action: Remove an Ice counter from this Thing." Action: Put an Ice counter on a Thing other than Frost Giant.		Corrigan
Eon Jar	cards_5401_5500	thing	Thing	V4	When Eon Jar enters play, return each other Thing to its controller's hand and remove all tokens from the game. Each player has no maximum hand size.		Corrigan
Shrimp Boat	cards_5401_5500	thing	Thing		Whenever you draw a card, put a Shrimp token into play. Whenever an Action an opponent controls would cause you to discard cards, you may destroy any number of Shrimp tokens you control. For each Shrimp token destroyed this way, don't discard a card.	Shrimp are easy to catch and almost absurdly useful.	Corrigan
Creeper	cards_5401_5500	thing_abomination	Thing - Abomination		Action:  Destroy Creeper and any three other Things.	That's a nice everything you have there.  It'd be a shame if something... happened to it...  sssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS	ChippyYYZ
Token Bomb	cards_5401_5500	action	Action		Name a token type and choose a random token in play of that type.  Destroy that token and a Thing belonging to its controller.	"What do you mean you forgot which zombie you put the bomb in?" 	ChippyYYZ
Thieves' Amulet	cards_5401_5500	thing	Thing		Whenever the player on your left plays a Thing, you may take control of it and give Theives' Amulet to the player on your right.	It makes everything easier to steal, particularly itself.	ChippyYYZ
The Season of Harvesting	cards_5401_5500	action	Action		Take X cards (X=the number of players) from the deck and show them on the table. From the player playing this card, each player choose a card in the cards previously drawn.		Velicue
Lazy Koala	cards_5401_5500	thing	Thing		Action: Skip your phase of discarding your cards if you have more than five cards in hand.		Velicue
The Beauty	cards_5401_5500	thing	Thing		Every time you are ordered to destroy one thing or token of you, you can discard a card in your hand instead of destroying the thing or token.		Velicue
Genie Lamp	cards_5401_5500	thing	Thing		Action: Look at the top fifteen cards of the draw pile, choose three of them, put them into your hand and put the rest on the bottom of the draw pile in any order. Then destroy Genie Lamp.		Corrigan
Poltergeist	cards_5401_5500	thing	Thing		At the beginning of each player's turn, before drawing a card, that player reveals the top card of the draw pile and plays that card if able. That card doesn't count towards that player's per-turn limit. If the player is unable to play the card, put it into the discard pile.		Corrigan
Chest of Potential	cards_5401_5500	thing	Thing		At any time, you may destroy Chest of Potential. If you do, play an Action card from your hand.		Corrigan
Counter Snatcher	cards_5401_5500	thing_pirate_thief	Thing - Pirate Thief		Counter Snatcher cannot have counters or tokens placed on it. Action:Remove a counter or token from each card in play with counters or tokens on them.		NARF
Commander Vizificus	cards_5401_5500	thing_pirate_captain	Thing - Pirate Captain		All Pirates may use an extra Action Ability on their turn. Action: Put a Pirate Token into play. Action: Discard a card. Target thing becomes a Pirate.		NARF
Marine Captain	cards_5401_5500	thing_pirate_captain	Thing - Pirate Captain		Marine Captain cannot be destroyed by Actions. All Pirates gain "Action: Put a Black Spot Counter on target Thing."  Cards with 3 or more Black Spot Counters on them are destroyed.		NARF
Thought Slice	cards_5401_5500	action	Action		Look at target opponent's hand and choose a card from it. That player discards that card.	Stopping others from knowing is half the battle.	Corrigan
Bear Trap	cards_5401_5500	thing	Thing		Whenever another Thing enters play, you may destroy Bear Trap and that Thing.		Corrigan
Laser Grid	cards_5401_5500	thing	Thing		Whenever a Thing's Action ability is used, flip a coin. If it comes up heads, destroy that Thing.	Technology is never as reliable as we would like it to be.	Corrigan
Choice Banded Slaking	cards_5401_5500	thing	Thing		Action and Thing:  Destroy target Thing and return Choice Banded Slaking to your hand.		ChippyYYZ
Lass	cards_5401_5500	action	Action		Each player reveals their hand and shuffles all their Action cards into the deck.		ChippyYYZ
DD-Tar	cards_5401_5500	thing	Thing		Action:  Erase the next sentence on this card.  You may not use DD-Tar's second Action Ability. You still may not use DD-Tar's second Action Ability. Action:  Destroy target Thing.		ChippyYYZ
Whiplash	cards_5401_5500	action	Action	1R	Activate an Action ability of a Thing you control three times, then destroy that Thing.		Corrigan
Frailty	cards_5401_5500	thing	Thing		Whenever a Thing becomes the target of an Action, destroy that Thing after that Action's normal effects are applied.		Corrigan
Climb a Tree	cards_5401_5500	action	Action		Until the beginning of your next turn, you and Things you control can't be the targets of Actions your opponents control.	Nobody can find me.	Corrigan
Great Sacrifice	cards_5401_5500	action	Action	1g	Destroy any number of your things.  Then, if that number was at least...  0:Gain two tokens of any type 2:and draw a card 4:and each opponent discards a random card 8:and gain control of target Thing 16:and eliminate target player.		Bucky
Resonance Attack	cards_5401_5500	action	Action	2g	Target opponent with cards in their hand reveals one. If they reveal... an Action, they discard their hand a Thing, destroy up to two of their Things Both, do both Neither, eliminate them.		Bucky
Fairy Queen	cards_5401_5500	thing	Thing	C1	Action: Destroy target token. Action: Gain control of target token. Action: Gain a token that shares a type with a token you control.	It was a tiny realm, to be sure, but she was a tiny queen.	Corrigan
Time Spill	cards_5401_5500	action	Action	4U	Put the top X cards of the draw pile into the discard pile, where X is the number of players.	"You should be more careful with that stuff!"	Corrigan
Chaos Sheep	cards_5401_5500	thing	Thing	2R	Action: Each player discards a card at random. Then each player who discarded a card, starting with you, draws a card.	In all the universe, you will not find a being less interested in the secrets of chaos sheep than one of the sheep themselves.	Corrigan
Will To Live	cards_5401_5500	thing	Thing		When a Thing you control would be destroyed, you may instead play Will To Live from your hand onto that Thing. The Thing Will To Live is attached to cannot be destroyed. At the end of your turn, put Will To Live and the Thing it is attached to into the discard pile.		ChippyYYZ
It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere	cards_5401_5500	action	Action		Name a city other than Margaritaville as you play this card.  If it is within 5 minutes of 5:00 pm in that city, draw 5 cards.		ChippyYYZ
Synchro Engine	cards_5401_5500	thing	Thing		For each creator by whom you control at least 2 Things, you may play an extra Action each turn.		ChippyYYZ
Enlightening Bolt	cards_5401_5500	action	Action	3g	Destroy a Thing.  Its controller looks at your hand.	If the shock doesn't kill, the rush of insight will.	Bucky
Demagogue	cards_5401_5500	thing	Thing	4g	Action:Choose one option for which you have at least the indicated number of living Things. 1:Gain a Follower token. 4:Gain control of a living Thing. 10:Gain a Follower token for each living Thing you control. 1000:Win the game.		Bucky
Blurt Out	cards_5401_5500	action	Action		Target opponent plays a card at random from his or her hand.		Corrigan
Nega-Me	cards_5401_5500	thing	Thing	G1	Replace "opponent" with "player" on each other Thing you control and on each card you play.	"You have bested my finest fighters. But can you defeat...yourself?"	Corrigan
Turn of the Wheel	cards_5401_5500	action	Action		Put your hand on the bottom of the draw pile, then draw a card for each card put on the bottom of the draw pile this way.		Corrigan
About To Crash	cards_5401_5500	thing	Thing	6A	If a player plays exactly one card on their turn, destroy About To Crash and all Things that player controls.  That player discards his or her hand.		ChippyYYZ
War Inside My Head	cards_5401_5500	thing	Thing	6B	Play this under any player's control. Whenever a Thing you control is destroyed, discard a card.		ChippyYYZ
The Test That Stumped Them All	cards_5401_5500	thing	Thing	6C	All player's max hand sizes are reduced by 5.		ChippyYYZ
Runner's High	cards_5401_5500	thing	Thing		At the end of your turn, if you played an Action card this turn, draw a card.		Corrigan
Carrion Catapult	cards_5401_5500	thing	Thing	M4	Action: Destroy a Thing you control other than Carrion Catapult to have target opponent gain a Carrion token. At the beginning of each player's turn, before drawing a card, that player discards a card for each Carrion token he or she controls.		Corrigan
Retract	cards_5401_5500	action	Action	U7	Destroy target Thing, then destroy each Thing that shares a name with that Thing.	"The whole idea was just bad."	Corrigan
Goodnight Kiss	cards_5401_5500	action	Action	6D	Return target Thing to its controller's hand.  That player discards two random cards.		ChippyYYZ
Solitary Shell	cards_5401_5500	thing	Thing	6E	During opponents' turns, you and other Things you control are not in considered to be in the game.		ChippyYYZ
Losing Time	cards_5401_5500	thing	Thing	6F	At the end of your turn, flip a coin, then discard your hand and draw that many cards.  Draw one less card if the coin was tails.		ChippyYYZ
Rig	cards_5401_5500	action	Action		Put a card from your hand on top of the draw pile.		Corrigan

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