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Name	Set	ImageFile	Type	CornerValue	Text	FlavorText	Creator
Privateer	cards_5201_5300	thing_pirate	Thing - Pirate	4x	When another player controls more Money tokens than you, that player gains control of Privateer. Action: Destroy 2 Money tokens you control, destroy a Thing, and create a Money token.	No prey, no pay.	Corrigan
Pirate Navigator	cards_5201_5300	thing	Thing	5x	When an opponent's Action targets one of your Things, you may yell "Port!" to divert the effect to the Thing left of the intended target or "Starboard!" to divert the effect to the Thing right of the intended target. If you do either, you may not play an Action next turn.		Corrigan
Greater Cryomancy	cards_5201_5300	action	Action		Put an Ice Token on target Thing and return this card to your hand.  Instead of playing a Thing this turn, you may place an Ice Token on another Target Thing. OR Blank the rulestexts of any number of Things with Ice Tokens on them.		ChippyYYZ
Annex	cards_5201_5300	action	Action		Take control of target place.		ChippyYYZ
Labor Camp	cards_5201_5300	thing	Thing		Put all Living Things you control under this card.  They are not considered in play. Action:  Draw a card if there are at least two things under Labor Camp.		ChippyYYZ
Herring Trap	cards_5201_5300	action	Action	9c	Make a copy of the first card "Red Herring" in the Infinite Dvorak Deck archive and put it in target player's hand OR an opponent reveals their hand and is eliminated if it contains a non-Action, non-Thing card.		Bucky
Impulsive Outburst	cards_5201_5300	action	Action	0c	Draw a card and immediately play it if possible.  If it was an Action, return this card to your hand.		Bucky
Ghost Pirate	cards_5201_5300	thing	Thing	7x	At the beginning of each player's turn, that player may destroy a Thing he or she controls other than Ghost Pirate or discard a Thing card. If a player doesn't, destroy Ghost Pirate and eliminate that player. Ghost Pirate can't be destroyed in any other way.		Corrigan
Skeleton Pirate	cards_5201_5300	thing	Thing	5x	This card can't be removed from the discard pile. Action: Roll a 6-sided die and destroy a Thing on a roll of 4 or less. If that Thing is living, its destruction can't be prevented.		Corrigan
Pirate Lookout	cards_5201_5300	thing	Thing	1x	When this card comes into play, choose one player. That player must play with his hand revealed to all other players.		Corrigan
Void Shields	cards_5201_5300	thing	Thing		If your hand is empty, Things you control cannot be destroyed.		Kevan (adapted from Star Quest deck)
Reflection Grid	cards_5201_5300	thing	Thing		If a Thing you control would be the target of an Action, you may discard 3 cards to choose a new target for that Action.		Kevan (adapted from Star Quest deck)
Wide-Beam Laser	cards_5201_5300	thing	Thing		Action:  Discard 2 cards to destroy 2 Things.		Kevan (adapted from Star Quest deck)
Exhaustion	cards_5201_5300	thing	Thing	E12	You may not use any actions while this card is in play. Action: Send this card to the discard pile.	*yawn*	Nehh
Production Flurry	cards_5201_5300	action	Action		This turn, you may play 5 Things.		Nehh
Sudden Massive Catastrophe	cards_5201_5300	action	Action		Put the top 50 cards of the draw pile into the discard pile.		Corrigan
Scuttle Her!	cards_5201_5300	action	Action	0X	Destroy all Things you control and discard your hand. You may then eliminate yourself.		Corrigan
Samsara	cards_5201_5300	thing	Thing	8B	Whenever another Thing is destroyed, its controller draws a card.	Life always starts again.	Corrigan
Fork Attack	cards_5201_5300	action	Action	1d	Choose two Things belonging to the same opponent.  That opponent destroys one of them (their choice).		Bucky
Bodybuilder	cards_5201_5300	thing	Thing	2d	Thing:Gain a Muscle token. Action:Return target non-Token Thing to its controller's hand if the number of letters in its name is less than the number of Muscle tokens you control.		Bucky
Three-Pronged Attack	cards_5201_5300	action	Action		Choose three Things belonging to the same opponent.  That opponent chooses one of them to be destroyed, then flips a coin and chooses another one to be destroyed if the coin flip is heads.		ChippyYYZ
Logical Deduction	cards_5201_5300	thing	Thing		Action:  If you have 5 or more cards in your hand, draw a card.		ChippyYYZ
Another Inappropriate Anecdote	cards_5201_5300	action	Action	Y0	Each opponent discards a card.  Draw a card for each Thing discarded, then you may play a card for each Action discarded.	"Remember that time I invented Strip Beer Bowling?"	ChippyYYZ
Floating Eye	cards_5201_5300	thing	Thing	e	When this thing comes into play, place 3 Eye tokens on this card. Each time it would be destroyed and has Eye tokens remaining, instead discard one of the tokens and (if it was done by a Thing) destroy the thing that did it.	Floating eyes, not surprisingly, are large, floating eyeballs which drift about the dungeon.	Nehh
Stealing My Idea!	cards_5201_5300	action	Action	spah	You may play this whenever a new card is introduced to the game. Instead of going to it's creator's hand, it goes to yours.		Nehh
Bouncer Node	cards_5201_5300	thing_node	Thing - Node	3d	Thing:Gain a Muscle token. Action:Return target non-Token Thing to its controller's hand if the number of letters in its name is less than the number of Muscle tokens you control times the number of Nodes you control.		Bucky
Warehouse Worker	cards_5201_5300	thing	Thing	4d	Your maximum hand size is increased by the number of Muscle tokens you control.  If you have four or more cards in your hand at the start of your turn, gain a Muscle token.		Bucky
Weight Room	cards_5201_5300	thing	Thing	5d	Action:Gain a Muscle token.  If you control more Muscle tokens than the number of non-Muscle-Token Things in play, you win the game.		Bucky
Corner Regulation Drone	cards_5201_5300	thing	Thing	()	As long as this card is in play, all playing (or using the action abilities )of cards with cornervalues must be preceeded by a coin flip. If it comes up heads, the card is destroyed. If tails, this card is destroyed instead.	A vile machine built by a long dead mage.	NARF
LET'S HAVE A PARTY!	cards_5201_5300	thing	Thing	Woo!	As long as this card is in play, all cards with cognitive thought in play or within the players hands must be treated as blank cards. If this card is destroyed, all the cards return to their positions before the play of this card.	*dances*	NARF
Weakening Seal	cards_5201_5300	thing	Thing	5	All effects that would "destroy" this card instead deduct one from its corner value. If it reaches 0, all things in play are destroyed(even if the card expressly states it may not be, even if it states by any means), including this card.		NARF
With my bare hands	cards_5201_5300	action	Action	6d	Gain two Muscle Tokens, then destroy target Thing that has fewer words in its name than the number of Muscle Tokens you control.		Bucky
Arm wrestle	cards_5201_5300	action	Action	7d	Gain a Muscle Token. Then, if an opponent of your choice controls fewer Muscle Tokens than you do, that opponent discards a random card.		Bucky
Nervous System	cards_5201_5300	thing	Thing		As long as this card is in play, any card with the term "Muscle" present in its title or text is controlled by the owner of this card. If such a card is an action, then its effect acts as though the user was the controller of this card.	MIND OVER MATTER!	NARF
Chokepoint	cards_5201_5300	thing	Thing		After 5 turns in play, this card is destroyed. This card cannot be destroyed by other cards. As long as this thing remains in play, any effects which will destroy multiple cards may only destroy one.	"They've set up a chokepoint... Crap."	NARF
ENGAGE MOD POWERS	cards_5201_5300	action	Action	7S	If a player can prove they are a Moderator or Administrator(or similar rank) at any website with a userbase of at least 50, they can multiply their hand size by 1.5.	You dare bring down the wrath of the Mods themselves?	NARF
Steroids	cards_5201_5300	action	Action		Gain 5 Muscle Tokens.		ChippyYYZ
Metabolize	cards_5201_5300	action	Action		Destroy target Organic Thing and gain a Muscle Token.		ChippyYYZ
Flex	cards_5201_5300	action	Action		Gain a Muscle Token, then draw a card for each Muscle Token you control.		ChippyYYZ
Mind	cards_5201_5300	thing	Thing		At the beginning of your turn, you get 2 Psion Tokens. Action: Change up to ten Muscle Tokens into Psion Tokens Action:By using 30 Psionic tokens, you may create a copy of this card.		NARF
Brain Shock	cards_5201_5300	action	Action		If you have at least one Psion Token, then this card forces a player of your choice to discard a number of cards equal to the amount of Psion Tokens you have. If you have no Psion Tokens, this card creates one Psion Token and does not use your Action turn.		NARF
Nerve Gasser	cards_5201_5300	action	Action		For every Muscle token your opponent owns, destroy one of their cards of your choice.		NARF
Your Opinion	cards_5201_5300	thing	Thing		At the start of your turn, you may create a copy of this card under your control, then give control of this card to target opponent.		jtwe
Spy Network	cards_5201_5300	thing	Thing		Whenever an opponent plays an Action card, they must show you a random card from their hand.		ChippyYYZ
Double Slice	cards_5201_5300	action	Action		Destroy a Thing twice.		ChippyYYZ
Remeber the 80's	cards_5201_5300	thing	Thing		When this comes into play, each player gains a Long Hair Token. If a player does not control any Long Hair Tokens, that player's maximum hand size is reduced by 3.		ChippyYYZ
Combat Training	cards_5201_5300	thing	Thing	8d	Action: Choose an option for which you have at least the given number of Muscle tokens:  0: Gain a Muscle token  2: Destroy a non-Muscle Token   5: Destroy a non-Token Thing   10:Eliminate an opponent who controls less than two Things.		Bucky
Feebs	cards_5201_5300	living_thing	Living Thing	P3	The owner of this card may not play action cards. Whenever Feebs would be destroyed the owner may discard their hand and draw 7 cards instead.		gill_smoke
Scratch Your Eyes Out	cards_5201_5300	action	Action	P3	Blank the rules text of a living thing in play.		gill_smoke
Card Portal	cards_5201_5300	thing	Thing	3P	At beginning of your turn you may discard a card to remove a card from play.		gill_smoke
Net Trap	cards_5201_5300	thing	Thing	9d	Play onto another Thing.  When a player plays a Thing, you may immediately play Net Trap on it.  The text of each Thing attached to Net Trap is replaced with " Action+Thing: Flip a coin; if heads, unattach this from Net Trap."		Bucky
Brain Drain	cards_5201_5300	action	Action	0d	Target opponent discards a random card.  If that card was an Action, draw a card.		Bucky
Plague of Locusts	cards_5201_5300	thing	Thing		Play into any player's control. Your maximum hand size is decreased by two.  At the beginning of your turn, destroy all plants under your control.		ChippyYYZ
Edit Shield	cards_5201_5300	thing	Thing		If a thing you control would have its text edited, destroy Edit Shield instead.		ChippyYYZ
Vulture's Wings	cards_5201_5300	action	Action		Until the beginning of your next turn, whenever an opponent discards a card, put it in your hand.		ChippyYYZ
Inequivalent Exchange	cards_5201_5300	thing	Thing		Thing: Opponents may not play Actions until your next turn. Action: Opponents may not play Things until your next turn.		curtmack
Critical Mass	cards_5201_5300	thing	Thing		Critical Mass is owned by all players. At the beginning of every turn, put an overload token into play. Action: Remove all overload tokens from play and destroy that many Things. Then, destroy Critical Mass.		curtmack
Genesis Plague	cards_5201_5300	thing	Thing	1e	All Things with cornervalues in number-letter format are alive.    Action: Destroy a living Thing	As the old biosphere succumbed, a new ones fought to take its place.	Bucky
Attitude Adjustment	cards_5201_5300	action	Action	2e	Gain control of a living Thing.	A few words, well chosen, and it will follow you to the death.	Bucky
Omega Plague	cards_5201_5300	action	Action	3e	Destroy all living Things.  Replace them with Slime tokens.		Bucky
Access	cards_5201_5300	action_thing	Action/Thing		As an Action:  Look at a player's hand and take a card from it. As a Thing:  At the beginning of your turn, look at a player's hand.		ChippyYYZ
CLICK TO WIN A FREE* LAPTOP	cards_5201_5300	action	Action		Look at the top card of the deck.  If it is not a laptop, discard it.  If it is a laptop, you win the game if at the end of your turn you destroy 20 money tokens you control. Put a copy of this card in each opponent's hand.		SpammyLOL
Laaagggg	cards_5201_5300	thing	Thing		If a player controls more than three Things, that player may play only one card or one Action Ability per turn.		ChippyYYZ
Muck it up	cards_5201_5300	action	Action	R4	If you have a Living Thing in play you may replace it with one from your hand otherwise replace one of your things with one from the discard pile.		gill_smoke
Necromantic Transmutation	cards_5201_5300	action	Action	X4	Remove a thing from play and give the previous owner a Zombie token		gill_smoke
Insanitary	cards_5201_5300	action	Action	i4	Put a copy of Insanity rule (card 4661) into play if not already. Each player recieves N - X insanity tokens, where N is the number of living thing that player controls and X is the number of players. If X is larger the negitive tokens become sanity tokens.		gill_smoke
Inequivalent Exchange 2: Blasphemy for Beginners	cards_5201_5300	thing	Thing		Thing: Play an Action card from your hand and gain an Energy token and a Blasphemy token. 
Action: Play a Thing card from your hand and gain an Energy token and a Blasphemy token. jtwe Animating Force cards_5201_5300 thing Thing 4e Play onto a nonliving Thing. That Thing is alive. All instances of "Action:" on that Thing are replaced by "At the start of your turn ". Bucky Advance Time cards_5201_5300 action Action 5e Gain a Person token, then draw a card for each living Thing you control. Booming economy and booming birthrates Bucky Backin' Up cards_5201_5300 reaction Reaction Play in response to a card played by an opponent. Return a non-token Thing you control to your hand. You may discard X cards to return X other non-token Things you control to your hand. My daddy taught me good. jtwe And Now for Something Completely Different cards_5201_5300 action Action Each player discards their hand and draws the number of cards they discarded. Then discard all Things in play (including tokens) and replace them with random Things from the deck. Shuffle the deck. Salamander Grass Oath cards_5201_5300 action Action Play up to 2 extra Things this turn. If Water Oath is in the discard pile, opponents may not draw cards or play Things until your next turn. ChippyYYZ Fire Oath cards_5201_5300 action Action Destroy a Thing. If Grass Oath is in the discard pile, destroy a Thing belonging to each opponent. ChippyYYZ Water Oath cards_5201_5300 action Action Each opponent discards a card. If Fire Oath is in the discard pile, draw 4 cards and do not discard down to maximum hand size this turn. ChippyYYZ Work Life Balance cards_5201_5300 action Action X8 Target player destroys 10 money tokens or skips their next turn. gill_smoke Entrepreneur cards_5201_5300 thing Thing 8X At the beginning of your turn create a money token gill_smoke Extended Stay cards_5201_5300 thing Thing 888 When played put a thing in play under this card Action (global): Destroy this card and 3 money tokens to take control of the things under this card. gill_smoke Disease Spreader cards_5201_5300 thing Thing >< When this card comes into play, create 1 Infection token on it. When any Thing with an Infection token on it uses a Thing or Action effect on an uninfected card, or vice versa, create an Infection token on the uninfected card. Action: Place an Infection token from this card onto any other Thing. A vile machine built by a long dead virus. Nehh Reincarnation cards_5201_5300 thing Thing Action: Place this Thing and the card from the top of the discard pile onto the top of the draw pile. Whoa, d00d. Nehh Idea Thief cards_5201_5300 thing Thing 6e Action:If the top card of the discard pile is an Action, put it in your hand and discard a card. Bucky Biosphere Domination cards_5201_5300 thing_goal Thing - Goal 7e When you play this, each player gains a Person token. If you control at least two living Things and no other player controls any, you win. Bucky Luck Syphon cards_5201_5300 action Action 8e Draw two cards. Then put a card from your hand on top of the draw pile. Bucky YouTube Poop cards_5201_5300 action Action Choose up to 3 cards in the discard pile by the same creator. Create a new card. Each word on that card must come from one of the 3 cards. Shuffle the card into the deck. That's Mama Luigi to you, Mario! ChippyYYZ Minecraft cards_5201_5300 thing_universe Thing - Universe Whenever a player destroys a solid, nonliving Thing, put it in that player's hand. At the end of each player's turn, that player chooses an opponent. They gain a Zombie Token. ChippyYYZ Bucky's Hex cards_5201_5300 thing Thing 9e Action:Move two cards from the discard pile to the bottom of the draw pile and one to the top of the draw pile. Bucky Bodhisattva cards_5201_5300 thing Thing Your maximum hand size is increased by 3. Action: If Enlightenment is in your hand, put it into play. ChippyYYZ The Floor Is Lava cards_5201_5300 thing Thing S4 While this card is in play, any player touching the floor is eliminated. Any cards touching the floor are destroyed. Honest. Nehh Proper Package Declaration cards_5201_5300 thing Thing 4P At the start of your turn, if all Things you control have corner values, you may play an additional Thing this turn, and if their values are all equal, draw an additional card. Hey baby, wanna unit test my package? jtwe Unfriend cards_5201_5300 action Action 0F Shuffle a non-token Thing into the deck. Its controller draws two cards. No one is coming to help you to fight, you're on your own, you have no friends, give up your Facebook accounts, or die! jtwe The Architect of Destruction cards_5201_5300 thing_person Thing - Person At the end of your turn, put a Blueprint counter on this card. At the start of your turn, you may sacrifice this card to destroy X different Things, where X is the number of Blueprint counters on this card. jtwe Late, Late, Late cards_5201_5300 reaction Reaction Play when a non-Token Thing would enter play. Remove that Thing from the game. While it is removed from the game, at the end of each turn, flip a coin. Heads: put it into play under the control of the player who would have controlled it. jtwe Genuine bolt on go faster goodies cards_5201_5300 thing Thing X2 Attach to a non living thing when it performs an action is does so twice. gill_smoke That's not poo that's rust cards_5201_5300 action Action 2x remove a non living thing from play gill_smoke The best ex in the world cards_5201_5300 living_thing Living Thing <3 if one of you living things would go into the discard pile you may discard a card to return it to your hand instead But she was no good to me as a live in girlfriend gill_smoke Visions of Violence cards_5201_5300 thing Thing V1 At the start of each opponent's turn, choose a number. At the end of that turn, if that many Things were destroyed this turn, gain that many Vision tokens. If you control ten Vision tokens, you win the game. jtwe Visions of Veracity cards_5201_5300 thing Thing V2 At the start of each opponent's turn, you and that player each secretly choose a number from 1 to 6. If you both choose the same number, gain that many Vision tokens. If you control ten Vision tokens, you win the game. jtwe Self-Erasing Time Loop cards_5201_5300 thing Thing And the end of your turn, you take an extra turn. At the beginning of your turn, before you draw a card, destroy Self-Erasing Time Loop and end your turn. ChippyYYZ Chromatic Gauntlets cards_5201_5300 thing Thing Whenever you play a Thing, its color becomes the color of your choice. ChippyYYZ Map Editor cards_5201_5300 action Action Choose a location in play and either erase a sentence from it or add a sentence to it from another location in the discard pile. ChippyYYZ

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