Dvorak Export: Infinite Dvorak deck/Cards 4801-4900

To import this deck into the Dvorak MUSH Engine, just cut and paste the quoted commands below straight into your telnet window. (Any card whose type is neither "Thing" nor "Action" will default to "Thing"; if it was somehow meant to be played like an Action, just destroy it after playing it.)

(You can also get an output formatted for the Dvorax Engine.)

Regenerate this output, minus the cards created by a comma-separated list of users:
skipcard txt u/A/Destroy every Thing whose ruletext exceeds 140 characters.
skipcard Helpful Suggestion/A/Look at an opponent's hand and choose a card for them to play during their next turn.
skipcard Guns for Hire (D1)/T/Once per turn every player may destroy a money token in order to take control of a thing another player controls until the end of their turn.
skipcard Returned Delivery (D1)/T/Destroy this at the end of your turn to put 2 things in the discard pile into your hand.
skipcard Overnight Delivery (D1)/T/Destroy this at the beginning of your turn to play 2 additional things this turn.
skipcard Hired Help/T/During your turn, you may destroy a Money Token you control to play a card.
skipcard Share The Wealth/T/If a card requires a player to destroy one or more Money Tokens, they may destroy any player's Money Tokens as though they were their own.
skipcard Dvorak/A/Gain a Pen Token and draw a card. ("Making it up as we go along")
skipcard 9 Iron/T/Action: Give a token you control to an opponent.
skipcard Insult to Injury/A/The player who controlled the most recently destroyed non-token Thing must skip their next turn.
skipcard Toll Bridge/T/Gain a Money token whenever an opponent plays a Thing.
skipcard Deck Digger (3U)/T/Action:Discard an Action and draw a card%rThing:Discard a Thing and draw a card.
skipcard Thing Reprocessor (4U)/T/Action:Discard a Thing, gain a token of any type and draw a card.
skipcard Fishing (ยก-\)/T/Destroy a fish token or a card that is a fish. Gain 5 Money Tokens.
skipcard Bag of Endless Water (WW)/T/Every turn create 5 Water Tokens.
skipcard Clone Fodder (124)/T/Action: Create a copy of this card under your control. Thing: Take the top Thing card off the discard pile. Change the ruletext of this card to the same as that card.
skipcard Bumper crop (A1)/A/All plant related thing perform all of their abilities now.
skipcard Fundamentalist Jihadi (A1)/T/Action & Thing: Destroy this card and up to three things another player controls.
skipcard Activist Librarian (Aa)/T/Action: Remove a card in your hand from play, draw 2 cards.
skipcard Stratagems and Spoils/T/You may reveal this card from your hand to prevent the destruction of a non-token Thing you control. Destroy an opponent's living Thing when you play this card. If you discard this card, you are eliminated.
skipcard Lightning Strike/A/You must play this card as soon as you draw it. Destroy a random non-token Thing you control and draw a card. ("...other than Roy Sullivan, of course.")
skipcard Buried Treasure/A/Gain 20 Money tokens and draw four cards.
skipcard Talent Auction (B1)/A/reveal the next n+1 cards from the draw pile where n is the number of players. Auction the cards for tokens, Actions have a minimum bid of 2 and Things have a minimum of 3. The tokens are destroyed and the unsold cards go in your hand
skipcard Late Last Night (B1)/A/Reveal the top 3 cards from the draw pile put the actions into your hand and replace the taken cards with cards from the discard pile.<BR><BR><BR><BR> ("Wait that didn't happen at all.")
skipcard Crash recovery (B1)/A/return up to three inanimate things from the discard pile to your hand.
skipcard Thing Protector (5U)/T/If at the start of your turn there are no Things in the top 10 cards of the discard pile, you win the game. %r%rIf another Thing would be destroyed, you can destroy Thing Protector to prevent its destruction. ("You don't win if the discard pile contains less than 10 cards.")
skipcard Revenge Node (6U)/T/Whenever a Node is destroyed, destroy a non-Node Thing for each Node in play (including the destroyed Node).
skipcard Redact (7U)/A/Reorder the sentences of target Thing's ruletext.
skipcard "The Beatles were really not that great, guys."/A/In response to this Action, any player may eliminate you.
skipcard Overestimate The Opposition/A/Each opponent chooses half their things and returns them to their hand. ("Oh, wait, I was holding it upside-down. His power level is really 0006.")
skipcard Intense Focus/T/When this comes into play, destroy all other Things you control. If you play a card, destroy this. Discard your hand at the end of your turn. Draw four extra cards each turn.
skipcard Voice From Beyond/A/Activate the Action ability of the most recently destroyed Thing with an Action ability.
skipcard Excellent Vintage/T/Action: Destroy this card and draw a number of cards equal to the number of your turns it was in play (excluding this one), up to a maximum of 3.
skipcard Accio/A/Gain control of target Thing.
skipcard Mutualism/T/While this is in play all things belong to all players, but only during their turn.
skipcard Spare card/T/
skipcard Overworked/T/Things with more than one ability are considered blank.
skipcard Coiled Spring/T/At the start of every turn, destroy all Potential tokens on this card and create that many Energy tokens. Action+Thing: Create a number of Potential tokens on this card equal to the number of Things you have.
skipcard Fallout/T/Play this card onto a Thing. At the end of your turns, roll a die. 1: Destroy equipped Thing and this card. 2-4: Nothing happens. 5-6: Destroy this card.
skipcard Nuclear Missile Launch Detected/T/At the end of your next turn after playing this card, destroy a Thing and equip every non-token Thing within 20 centimeters of it with a copy of Fallout.
skipcard Misunderestimate the Opposition/A/Destroy target Thing and one of your Things at random. (""Fool me once, shame on - shame on you. Fool me - you can't get fooled again."")
skipcard Outmoded (T1)/T/If you play a thing return this to your hand. Action: Add a word to a thing's rules text you control. Action: remove a word from a thing's rules text you control.
skipcard Spot the Tranny (T1)/A/Change the gender of a female thing.
skipcard Dumbassitude (T1)/T/The owner of this card may perform no actions except the following Action: Give this card to another player if you control no other things, otherwise destroy a thing you control. ("There's no vaccine for stupidity")
skipcard Insurance Policy/T/When you play Insurance Policy, attach it to a Thing. If that Thing is destroyed, destroy Insurance Policy and draw five cards.
skipcard Mete/A/Draw a number of cards equal to the number of players and give one to each.
skipcard Stupefy/A/Target opponent discards a card and skips their next turn.
skipcard Shapeshifter's Gift (8U)/T/Action:Put a Thing with an Action ability into play from your hand, use the Action ability, then return it to your hand if it's still in play.
skipcard Quickshift (9U)/A/Put a Thing with an Action ability into play from your hand, use the Action ability, then return it to your hand if it's still in play and draw a card.
skipcard Power Recreation (T2)/A/Create an energy token for every Living Thing you control or destroy an energy token to remove a thing from the game
skipcard Killer Attitude (T2)/A/Destroy a Living Thing
skipcard Saboteur (T2)/T/Action: create a Sabotage token and put it on a non living thing Action: destroy a sabotage token and the thing the token is on.
skipcard Moonrise (C)/T/At the beginning of your turn, draw two extra cards if today is the date of the first quarter moon, zero extra cards if today is the date of the last quarter moon, and one extra card otherwise.
skipcard Moon Bomb/T/Declare a Thing in play when you play this card. At the end of your third turn after playing this card, destroy it and target Thing (or a random Thing if target Thing is no longer in play) and gain a Water token.
skipcard Moonshine (XX)/T/Action: Draw a card and roll two dice. If you roll a 1, your still explodes; destroy this card. If you roll snake eyes, you are eliminated.
skipcard Earth, Wind, and Fire/A/Draw a card.<BR>Target player discards a card.<BR>Destroy target thing.<BR>Gain a Shining Star Token.
skipcard Irradiate/A/Flip a coin for each Thing controlled by your opponents. For each heads, attach a copy of Fallout (4839) to that thing. Then attatch a copy of Fallout to each non-Fallout Thing in play.
skipcard Nuclear Waste Golem/T/Action: Discard a card and put a copy of Fallout (4839) into your hand.<BR><BR>Whenever a die is rolled for a Fallout, you may choose to lower it by 1.
skipcard Rebuilding Contest (0U)/T/When you play this, each player discards their hand.%rWhenever a player starts their turn with a number of cards in their hand equal to their max hand size, they win the game.
skipcard Problemitizing (T#)/T/Pick an author of a card in your hand and write it on this card before you play it. Cards by the named author are not playable. Action & Thing (global): Changed the named author to an author of a card in your hand. ("Author: _______________________________")
skipcard Reambiguate (T3)/A/Discard this card to prevent an action ability. When played as an action change the action ability of one thing in play to "Action: create a doubt token."
skipcard Contextualize (T3)/A/Pick two things in play Either trade owners or replace them with things from your hand.
skipcard Jump Start/A/Draw cards until you have drawn a Thing and an Action. Put the first Action you drew into your hand, either play or discard the first Thing you drew, and discard the rest.
skipcard Transmogrifier/T/Action: Shuffle any number of cards from your hand into the draw pile and draw an equal number of cards.
skipcard With My Proven System/A/Count your tokens and gain twice as many Money tokens.
skipcard Rubber Coating (C5)/A/Change the type of all tokens in play to Rubber.
skipcard Bat Factory Tour (B1)/T/Give all players a bat token.
skipcard Driving Gloves (B1)/T/If you control a car you may take an extra action every turn.
skipcard Getaway Car/T/Action: Return any number of things you control to your hand.
skipcard Gateway Car/T/When this comes into play, you may put any number of things into play from your hand.
skipcard Clown Car/T/You have no maximum hand size.
skipcard Batmobile/T/Draw 3 cards when the Batmobile enters play. Your hand size is increased by 3. Any attempted destruction of the Batmobile has a 2/3 chance of failing. Action: Discard a card and destroy a Thing.
skipcard Popemobile/T/Popemobile may be placed onto and/or removed from a Thing you control once during each of your turns. If Popemobile is on a Thing, equipped Thing is indestructible and you may play at most one card per turn.
skipcard Hummer/T/Discard a card and gain a Smog token whenever you play a card.
skipcard Molten Hydrogen Oxide (1V)/T/ ("Also known as hydrogen hydroxide, oxidane and dihydrogen monoxide.")
skipcard Pollution Blast (2V)/A/Target opponent discards a random card, destroys one of their Things and gains a Smog token.
skipcard Where is that filthy moose?/A/A target player must discard their hand
skipcard Inquisitive Glance/A/Look at an opponent's hand.
skipcard Turret Gun/T/When you play Turret Gun, put it on a Thing you control and discard a card. Equipped Thing gains "Action: Destroy a Thing."
skipcard 99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall/T/At the end of your turn, subtract 1 from the number in this card's title. If the number reaches zero, you win.
skipcard Home plate (B2)/T/Players must control a living thing to perform this thing's actions. Action(global): Take control of Home Plate Action: create a base token. Action: if you control 3 base tokens create a glove token. Action: create a ball token. Action: if you control a ball token create a bat token.
skipcard Base Pleasures (B2)/T/The first player to control a bat, a ball, and a glove wins the game. ("get your mind out of the gutter will you")
skipcard Automatic Pitcher (B2)/T/Thing: Destroy a money token to create 10 ball tokens. Action: Destroy a ball token roll 2d6 on a 12 destroy a random thing.
skipcard Flamethrower/T/Things that are on fire may not use their Action abilities. Any Thing that has been on fire for two of its controller's turns is destroyed. Action: Put a Fire token on a non-token Thing. Thing (global): Destroy a Fire token.
skipcard Oscar Peterson/T/Action: Draw cards until you draw a Thing; discard it and play the Actions.
skipcard Bubble/A/Draw a card. You may play another Action this turn.
skipcard Fleeting Glimpse (3A)/A/Discard this card to put up to 2 cards in the discard pile into your hand. When played as an action remove a living thing from play until the end of your turn.
skipcard Extra Hours (A3)/T/When you play this discard as many cards as you like create an hour token for every card discarded. Thing: destroy an hour token to take an extra action.
skipcard Do Over (A3)/T/Destroy this card at any time during your turn to take another action.
skipcard Stealthy Sniper (3V)/T/Action: Destroy a Thing that used an Action: or Thing: ability since the end of your previous turn.
skipcard Snipe (4V)/A/Destroy a Thing that used an Action: or Thing: ability since the end of your previous turn. You may take an extra Action this turn
skipcard Tractor Beam/A/Gain control of target Thing.
skipcard Headache/A/Chosen player discards a card.
skipcard Carpet Bomb/A/Play every card in your hand.
skipcard California Style Pizza (C1)/T/At the beginning of your turn create an inedible food token. Every time a food token or thing is destroyed create a money token. ("Anchovy Pizza with garlic Feta chocolate and pineapple, sardines available on request.")
skipcard Deliberate Malice (C1)/A/Discard this card to take a card out of a players hand and put it in your own. When played as an Action Remove a thing from play.
skipcard Discard Limit Law (L5)/T/Discard Abilities are only playable when players are forced to discard.
skipcard Catholic Guilt (P6)/T/Whenever a player breaks a rule, he/she must recite the Lord's Prayer 5 times and cannot play further until finished. Only complete, accurate recitations count, and if the player does not know the Lord's Prayer, he/she must be taught it.
skipcard Three-Gnome Bowling (3G)/A/Pick three Things that you control. Your opponent whose turn is next chooses one of them and destroys it and must discard a card.
skipcard Closed Systems (S1)/T/Any Things played while this card is in play do not affect Things that were played before Closed Systems.
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