Dvorak Export: Infinite Dvorak deck/Cards 4401-4500

To import this deck into the Dvorak MUSH Engine, just cut and paste the quoted commands below straight into your telnet window. (Any card whose type is neither "Thing" nor "Action" will default to "Thing"; if it was somehow meant to be played like an Action, just destroy it after playing it.)

(You can also get an output formatted for the Dvorax Engine.)

Regenerate this output, minus the cards created by a comma-separated list of users:
skipcard The whispered One/T/Players other than you who have any cards in play with the word Vecna in the title are eliminated at the end of your turn. Action: Create a copy of a card with Vecna in the title from the archive and put it in another player's hand.
skipcard Zombie Elephants (Q)/T/When zombie elephants is in play, any actions involving vegetables or whose cost has a Z in it cannot be played. ("Hold this wafer telephone but don't spill the flying.")
skipcard Interrogation (Q)/A/Play this as soon as someone asks "What?". That player must choose to discard their hand or sacrifice a thing. ("WHAT DOES MARCELLUS WALLACE LOOK LIKE?")
skipcard Unlimited Imagination, Limited Means (Q)/A/Draw 25 cards, then discard down to 3.
skipcard only i can see the moon's master plan/T/You may play the top card of the deck as though it was in your hand.%r%rAction: look at the top card of the deck.
skipcard Nuclear Space Laser/T/Nuclear Space Laser comes into play with 3 charge counters on it. If there are no charge counters on Nuclear Space Laser, destroy it.%r%rAction: destroy target Thing. Remove a charge counter from Nuclear Space Laser.
skipcard The Pie Is Not All Mine/A/Draw four cards. Give one to an opponent and keep the rest.
skipcard Quiet Mesa (Q)/T/When this comes into play attach it to a card. That card is now trapped in the realm of Quiet Mesa. It cannot use actions, nor can actions be played on it, and it may not leave Quiet Mesa until it comes to a profound enlightenment about the melancholy of existence.
skipcard Kevlar Shield (Q)/T/Whenever a thing you control would be destroyed, instead put 1 damage counter on Kevlar Shield. When Kevlar Shield has 3 damage counters on it, sacrifice Kevlar Shield.
skipcard Black Hole (Q)/T/Whenever a token or counter would be put into play or onto a card, put it on Black Hole instead. ("This can probably make a lot of loopholes...")
skipcard Barricade Engineer (3G)/T/As long as you control a non-living Thing representing a solid object, your living Things cannot be destroyed.
skipcard Token Dispenser (4G)/T/Thing:gain a token that is the same type as target token.
skipcard Token Collector (5G)/T/If every token in play has the same type as at least one token you control, you win the game.%rAction:Give another player two of your Tokens. Gain control of one of their Tokens.
skipcard Strength in Numbers/A/Draw a card for each person that you are. ("we don't have multiple personalities.")
skipcard Nonsense!/A/You may play Nonsense! at any time.%rTarget Action has no effect. ("NONSENSE!")
skipcard Toaster with Fling Action/T/Action: put a toast counter on this card.%rRemove 3 toast counters: target opponent discards their hand. ("What does Fling Action mean?%r*flying toast burns hand*%roh.")
skipcard Shrink Ray (RQ)/T/Action: Put a shrink counter on shrink ray. Your maximum hand size is increased by the number of shrink counters on shrink ray. Action: Remove a shrink counter from shrink ray: Your opponent's things all have blank corner values.
skipcard Death Ray (RQ)/T/Action: Put a counter on death ray. Action: Each player sacrifices a token. At any time, remove 3 counters from death ray: Destroy a thing.
skipcard Freeze Ray (RQ)/T/Action: Put a counter on freeze ray. Action: remove a counter from freeze ray and put a freeze counter on a thing. Things with freeze counters cannot use actions. Freeze counters last 3 turns before melting.
skipcard Energizer Bunny (6G)/T/At the start of your turn, gain an Energy Token if you don't already have one.
skipcard Generic Shotgun Hero (7G)/T/Action:Remove an Ammo token from this to destroy a Thing.%rAction+Thing:Reload! If this thing has no Ammo tokens, put two Ammo tokens on it. ("Card name courtesy of http://norefuge.net/vgng/vgng.html")
skipcard Explosive Drug-Dealing Fight Club (8G)/T/At the start of your turn, gain a Money token. Afterwards, if you control more than 5 Money tokens, destroy all Things. ("Card name courtesy of http://norefuge.net/vgng/vgng.html")
skipcard Defective Engineering (D2)/T/Attach to a non living thing whenever that thing performs an Action or a Thing ability flip a coin if tails it is destroyed. ("What a piece of junk that was. I hope they gave you some money for buying it. -Bub")
skipcard Meatball Surgery (M4)/A/Destroy a living thing and give that player either a meat token or a shrapnel token.
skipcard Telemarketer's Boon/A/Take a token from every player OR Create a money token for every non token thing you control OR Remove a Living Thing from the game OR Take all the money tokens another player possesses. ("Like taking candy from a baby.")
skipcard Silent Polka Zombies (9G)/T/Action:Shuffle the draw pile and rotate this card 90 degrees. ("They aren't dangerous, just really, really creepy%r%rCard name courtesy of http://norefuge.net/vgng/vgng.html")
skipcard Alcoholic Hillbilly Power (0G)/A/Destroy all Alcohol-related Things, draw two cards for each Thing you destroyed, then take two extra Actions. ("Card name courtesy of http://norefuge.net/vgng/vgng.html")
skipcard Seed catalog/T/Your max hand size increases by one for every plant related thing you control.
skipcard Tool library/T/Your max hand size increases by one for every inanimate thing you control besides this.
skipcard Opinionated Bigot/T/Things with opinion tokens not controlled by the owner of Opinionated Bigot may not use action abilities. Thing: Create an opinion token. Action: Move an opinion token to a thing in play. ("You know what they say about opinions, 'yours is stinkier than the rest'. -Bub")
skipcard Karate Lessons (Q)/A/If a thing you control would be destroyed, it is not destroyed, and you draw a card. ("The first lesson is learning how to avoid a fight.")
skipcard Sphinx (Q)/T/Action: Destroy target thing, unless the controller of that thing can ask you a riddle you cannot solve. If you cannot solve the riddle, remove this card from the game.
skipcard The Great Sushi Dancers (Q)/T/Action: Put a sushi counter into play. Action: Sacrifice 3 sushi counters, target player doesn't draw any cards on their next turn for any reason. ("Name of this card by http://norefuge.net/vgng/vgng.html")
skipcard Mini Magic (1F)/T/Eliminate any players who don't control Life tokens. When this comes into play, every player gets 20 Life tokens; when it leaves play, destroy all Life tokens.%r%rAction (global): Target player destroys two of their Things. ("Based on Kevan's "It's A Kind Of Magic" (page 1)")
skipcard Only Well Formed Cards Allowed (A1)/T/Only cards with all of the following fields filled are playable: title, type, corner value, rules text, flavortext, and author. ("That's the way it should be")
skipcard Broken Card (gs1)/T/This space reserved for better rules text. ("I told you before all his cards are broken")
skipcard Mini tyrant (T1)/T/When this comes into play take control of all tokens in play. Action: take control of a token. Action: Destroy a token you control. ("Mine")
skipcard Return From Beyond/T/Play only in response to being eliminated.<BR>You have no maximum hand size. When this comes into play, put all cards that have been removed from the game into your hand, then negate the card responsible for eliminating you and remove it from the game.
skipcard Executive Order: "Kill It."/A/Choose a thing and reveal cards from the top of the draw pile until you reveal an action that would destroy that thing. Play that Action and shuffle all other revealed cards into the deck. ("Forget the details; I want it dead!")
skipcard Guerrilla Tactics/T/Any time a thing you control would destroy one or more things you don't control, you may choose to have an opponent discard that many random cards instead.
skipcard Barbecue (Q)/T/Any player may spend an action to sacrifice a living thing to put 3 BBQ tokens into play. As long as barbecue is in play, any player who reaches 15 BBQ tokens wins the game. ("Everyone loves barbecue...")
skipcard Amoeba (Q)/T/If this card were to be destroyed or sacrificed, instead put a copy of this card into play.
skipcard Briefcase (Q)/T/When this comes into play draw a card. Your maximum hand size is increased by 1 as long as this card is under your control. When this card leaves play, discard a card.
skipcard Peeping Tom (T3)/T/Action: Look at target players hand. ("What are you doing in my bushes?")
skipcard Tom cat (T2)/T/Action: Destroy an inanimate object. ("Damn cat")
skipcard Tomfoolery (T1)/A/While in your hand this counts as a living thing. Give a player a rotten tomato token, or exchange a thing with another player. ("Knock it off")
skipcard Bizarre Copy Paste Error/A/Create a copy of each of the top X cards of the deck, where X is the number of cards in your hand. Remove your hand from the game and put the copies into your hand.
skipcard Rainbow Bullets/A/Reveal any number of cards from your hand. For each rainbow color revealed <i>(ROYGBIV)</i>, destroy target Thing.
skipcard Supermassive White Hole/T/At the beginning of each player's turn, a random player plays the top card of the deck. This does not count towards the player's cards per turn.
skipcard Absorbent Blob/T/If this card has 4 or more Gloop tokens on it, it counts as a living thing. If this thing would be destroyed, and it has more than 1 Gloop token, instead copy this card, remove half (rounded down) of the Gloop tokens on this card and place them on the copy of this card. Action: Destroy any one Thing and place a Gloop Token on this card.
skipcard Energy Beam/T/At the start of every turn, create one Energy tokens on this card. Action: Remove all Energy tokens from this card and give them to an opponent.
skipcard Gold Energy Plating/A/Destroy X energy energy tokens and Y of any other sort of token that you control, where X is a number that is four times larger than Y. Create Y money tokens.
skipcard Spam blaster (2F)/A/Replace the text of each Thing that has come into play since the end of your previous turn with "(linkspam removed)"
skipcard Parallel Universe XVII/T/Any time that a card mentions the number "X", X is ten.
skipcard Cool Frisbee Of Death/A/Put this card in another player's hand. If you discard this card, you are eliminated. ("Card name courtesy of http://norefuge.net/vgng/vgng.html")
skipcard Spooky Chipmunk Summoner/T/Action: Gain a Chipmunk Token. ("Card name courtesy of http://norefuge.net/vgng/vgng.html")
skipcard Unforgettable Spelunking Chipmunks/A/If you have 3 or more Chipmunk tokens, you win. ("Card name courtesy of http://norefuge.net/vgng/vgng.html")
skipcard Professional Skydiving - in Space!/T/If you go skydiving in space within ten minutes of this card being played, you win. ("Card name courtesy of http://norefuge.net/vgng/vgng.html")
skipcard Doubting Thomas (T5)/T/Action: Create a doubt token. If Doubting Thomas would be destroyed you may destoy a doubt token instead. ("I don't believe it")
skipcard Tom, Dick and Harry (T4)/T/This counts as three living things. ("Those three yahoos again?")
skipcard Saint Thomas (T6)/T/At the begining of your turn create a music token on this card when there are 14 music tokens on this card destroy it at the end of your turn. Action: create a money token for every music tok on this card. ("A Norwegian alt-country musician")
skipcard Personal Cloaking Unit (3F)/T/Neither you nor Personal Cloaking Unit can be the target of an Action unless you have taken an Action since the start of your current/most recent turn. ("It's so good that it even hides me from myself!")
skipcard Rod of Nullification (4F)/T/When you play this, gain an Energy token.%rYou may discard a card and destroy a token you control to negate any Action. Whoever played that Action may take an extra Action this turn.
skipcard Inevitability (5F)/T/At the start of your turn, put a Time token on Inevitability.%rIf Inevitability has at least 20 Tokens on it at the start of your turn, you win the game%rIf Inevitability leaves play while it has a Token on it, remove all Tokens from it and return it to play. ("I am unstoppable.")
skipcard St. Thomas (T7)/T/Action: Take control of a living thing until the begining of your next turn. ("well we don't have our own flag but but we are a part of the States, sort of.")
skipcard Tomas Aquinas (T9)/T/When this comes into play Destroy all things that can not logically exist. Action: create a logic token Action: destroy a logic token to draw a card. ("You see the Unicorns and Gryffons all drowned in Noah's flood.")
skipcard Tommy Gun (T8)/T/Comes intp play with 50 bullets tokens. Action: remove 3d6 bullets destroy 1d6 -1 things. ("The action is a little sticky, it jammed up on me twice. JD")
skipcard Tomporary Blockage (>)/T/Whenever an Action is used, roll 1d6. If the roll is 5 or more, cancel the effect of the Action and return this card to your hand. ("Technically it should be temporary, but Tom's been messing with it.")
skipcard Inappropriate Baseball Project (- - -)/A/Destroy one fragile object. Give the player whose object you destroyed one Baseball token. ("*insert smashing glass noises here* Card title by http://norefuge.net/vgng/vgng.html .")
skipcard Unfortunate Data Switch (3B)/A/Place all of the Things you control in your hand. Swap your hand with an opponent, and draw 2 cards. ("I think that the correct noise is "qwgzeep!"")
skipcard New World Symphony/T/If at any time you control at least 4 things whose titles are names of songs (and you can prove it), you win.
skipcard One Hundred Purple Pikmin/T/Action: Take control of any number of material things whose combined weights do not exceed 5 pounds.
skipcard YyZYYzYYZYyz/A/Choose a card. All definitions of all words on that card are changed to 'a suffusion of yellow'. This change of definition affects only instances of those words on the chosen card. Remove that card from the game. ("First, the random system errors. Then the database corruption. Then the rythmic ringing sound. Then the disintegration of all matter. The wrath of Chippy is complete.")
skipcard Uncle Tom (T1)/T/Destroy this card at the beginning of your turn. While in play you may play as many things as you like. ("Why is this book still banned?")
skipcard Tommy can you hear me (T0)/T/This card is considered inanimate when it is not your turn. Action: draw a card. ("That deaf dumb and blind kid sure plays a mean pinball.")
skipcard Bucky's Other Boon (K9)/A/Remove a card in play from the game OR Blank out the rules text of a card in play OR Add a "letter number" corner value to a card in play without a corner value OR Remove from the game all cards in the discard pile by one author besides Bucky. ("Some cards are just too broken to play with.")
skipcard Shady Avenger (6F)/T/Whenever an opponent destroys another of your non-token Things, Shady Avenger forces them to discard a card at random.
skipcard Steel Plating (7F)/T/Play onto another Thing%rWhen you play this, gain two Armor tokens.%rIf this Thing or the Thing it's attached to would be destroyed, destroy an Armor token instead if possible.
skipcard Patronage (8F)/T/Whenever a player plays a card by Bucky, including this one, they draw a card.
skipcard Pinball Warlock/T/When this card enters play, gain a Pinball Token. If Pinball Warlock would be destroyed, you may destroy a Pinball Token you control instead.<BR>Action: If you do not control a Pinball Token, create one.<BR>Action: If you control a Pinball Token, Destroy target thing. ("That guy sure plays an evil pinball.")
skipcard Paintball Wizard/T/When this enters play, choose its color.<BR>Action: Replace a word on target differently-colored Thing with this Thing's color. ("That red, red, and red kid sure red a red paintball.")
skipcard Pinhead Wizard/T/If you control four or more Gabba Gabba Hey Tokens, you have no maximum hand size. If an opponent controls three or more Gabba Gabba Hey Tokens, their maximum hand size is one.<BR>Action: Target player gains a Gabba Gabba Hey Token. ("Who you callin' a pinhead, Pinhead?")
skipcard Personality splitter (P8)/T/Action & Thing: pick a card in play with more than one action and or thing ability, make new versions of that card where each card only has one action or thing ability but the rest of the text remains the same as the original. Discard the original. ("I think I've seen this episode, it gets all Jungian at the end.")
skipcard Purple Cow (P8)/T/Unplayable! If you are forced to discard this card you win. ("A purple cow is partial evidence that all crows are black. Not very strong evidence mind you, but every little bit helps.")
skipcard Pique (P8)/A/Discard this card when another player would draw a card, you draw the card instead. When played as an action Target player discards a random card. ("Your frustration will soon pass, I only piqued you by passing.")
skipcard Second Chance (9F)/T/Play in response to one of your non-Token Things being destroyed. Put it in your hand rather than the discard pile
skipcard Emergency Override (0F)/A/Flip target thing over. Treat it as blank for as long as it remains flipped.
skipcard Page Not Found (404)/T/No cards from page _____ of the Infinite Dvorak Deck may be played. Action: Change the _____ above to a page from the Infinite Dvorak Deck. ("Stupid, stupid internet server. GAH!")
skipcard Operator Required (R4)/T/You may play this from your hand on another player, if playing from another source play this on yourself. If at the end of your turn you don't control a living thing, you discard a card. If unable to discard, you are eliminated instead. ("Were the sensors faulty or was she texting?")
skipcard Anything will do (R2)/T/If at the end of every players turn they don't control a thing card in play, they discard a card. If unable to discard, they are eliminated instead ("I'll take anything you got")
skipcard Reductive Reasoning (R1)/T/The player who controls the same number of living and unliving thing with a minimum of 5 and at least 2 different types of tokens wins the game. ("I see it now Sue has to be sitting next to Mary because Skip doesn't have a red hat.")
skipcard Nightmare Cinema/A/Each player passes their hand to the next player.
skipcard Trade Route/T/Action: If there isn't already one in play, target player gains a Caravan Token.<BR>At the beginning of your turn, give a card from your hand to a player with a Caravan Token. That player gives you a random card from their hand.
skipcard Spin Attack/A/Destroy target Thing. You may discard a card to instead destroy one target Thing belonging to each opponent.
skipcard Personal attack (1E)/A/Destroy a non-Token Thing with a creator other than Bucky. If its creator is a player, they discard two cards.
skipcard Twisted Logic (2E)/T/Play in response to an Action with a creator other than Bucky. You make all choices required by that Action.
skipcard Tyranny (3E)/T/Whenever an opponent plays a card during their turn with a Creator other than Bucky, the turn ends.
skipcard Euler (Di 1)/T/Whenever things with vertex tokens on it are destroyed, destroy all edge and vertex tokens attached to that card. Whenever a thing with a vertex token performs an ability you may follow edge tokens from one vertex token to another without using an edge more than once and each crossed thing may use an ability for free. Thing: create a Vertex token on a thing. Action: create an edge token connecting 2 vertex tokens.
skipcard Minion store (S9)/T/Action(global): destroy a token you control to create a minion token. Thing(global): destroy 5 tokens of the same type that you control to create a copy of a living thing from the archive and put it in your hand. ("Good help is hard to find, we make it easier")
skipcard Defenestration (WD 3)/A/Discard X cards to have a target player discard X cards. ("I might as well toss these cards out a window")
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