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Name	Set	ImageFile	Type	CornerValue	Text	FlavorText	Creator
Office	cards_401_500	thing	Thing	0F	This card counts as a room. If five or more cards that count as, or players agree should count as, office supplies are played on this card the player who controls it wins.		Ryan_1729
Brand Loyalty	cards_401_500	thing	Thing		A player may not play a Thing card if they already control a Thing card designed by a different card designer (except for this card). When this card comes into play, each player may destroy any number of Things they control.		Kevan
Cheap Knock-Off	cards_401_500	thing	Thing		When you play this card, pick a Thing - if that Thing has an Action ability, this card has a copy of that ability. After using this card's Action ability, it is destroyed.		Kevan
Googlewar	cards_401_500	thing	Thing		Action: Choose a Thing; its controller also chooses a Thing. Use Google to search for each of the cards' titles, within quotes - the one that gets the fewest results is destroyed.		Kevan
Coffee Cup	cards_401_500	thing	thing	!	This card counts as an office supply. When this card comes into play, create five caffine tokens. Action:Draw one card for every caffine token you have. These cards do not count toward your hand size limit. Then, destroy a caffine token.		fanofphilosophy
Vengence Induced Rampage	cards_401_500	action	action	*%^@	Total up the amount of your things destroyed plus the amount of cards discarded from your hand. Tokens don't count. Put that many cards in the discard pile. These cards may come from things in play, player's hands, or the draw pile. Tokens don't count.		fanofphilosophy
Rouf Draft	cards_401_500	action	action	1st ed	Write down a card with any number of spellin and/or grammer me stakes. On your next turn, it goes under your control unless all the mistakes are fixed. If they are, it may be proposed in the normal fashion. If cards cannot be proposed and edited, this card reads:Draw a card.		fanofphillosophy
Blank White Card	cards_401_500	thing	Thing		When you play this card, draw a picture on it.  If online, change its status to include a picture.		Bucky
Bargin Shopper	cards_401_500	action	action	-$	You may give a number of cards from your hand to any other player's or players' hand(s). Then draw twice as many cards. At the end of your turn but before your discard phase, discard half of the cards remaining in your hand, rounding down.		fanofphilosophy
Elastic band	cards_401_500	thing	Thing	F6	This card counts as an office supply. Action: Target a player. Flip a coin, if heads you hit them and they get a Welt token. If tails nothing. Either way Elastic band is now in front and in control of the target player. Welt tokens cannot be affected except by cards that specifically say they affect Welt tokens. If a player gets five welt tokens they lose.		Ryan_1729
Bodyguard	cards_401_500	thing	Thing		If an Action played by an opponent would reveal or affect cards in your hand, it instead has no effect.		Kevan
Beyond Infinity	cards_401_500	action	Action		All players discard their hands. If you're playing on DvorakMUSH, choose a 100-card subpage of the Infinite Dvorak Deck to load in, replacing the existing deck. (Create new Thing cards to match those that were previously in play.) All players then draw five cards.		Kevan
Reverse the Polarity of the Neutral Flow	cards_401_500	action	Action		Play in response to a player playing any Action - each other player automatically plays that Action themselves, and the original Action has no effect.		Kevan
Paper Clip	cards_401_500	thing	thing		This thing counts as an office supply. Action: Destroy a thing you control. Another thing you control now has the effects of the destroyed thing in addition to its own. If the latter is destroyed, the former goes back into play.		fanofphilosophy
Deja Vu	cards_401_500	action	Action		Choose an opponent. If they played any cards last turn, return those cards to their hand. On their next turn, they can only play the same Things and Actions as on their previous turn.		Kevan
Dumpster Diving	cards_401_500	thing	Thing		Any time anyone other than you discards a card, you may choose to place it in your hand instead of the discard pile.		MagiMaster
Word Surgery	cards_401_500	thing	thing		Action: Destroy a word on any card in play. You may remove a word on one of your cards to replace the word on the affected card.		fanofphilosophy
Wooden Bomb	cards_401_500	thing	thing		If this card is in your hand, discard a card for every turn it's been there. If this card is on the top of the discard pile, destroy a card from the draw pile for every turn Wooden Bomb has been on the top of the discard pile. Action:Destroy Wooden bomb. Move a card from the discard pile to the draw pile for every turn Wooden Bomb has been in play.		fanofphilosophy
Desperado	cards_401_500	action	action		Destroy fifty non-token things in play. If you have done this with this card, you win.		fanofphilosophy
Scrubot Mk. III	cards_401_500	thing	Thing		Action:Shuffle as many cards as you want from the discard pile into the draw pile.		Bucky, based on one by Kevan
Virus	cards_401_500	thing_bug	Thing - Bug		When you destroy Virus, you may give control of it to an opponent.		Kevan (Programming deck)
Expensive Bribe	cards_401_500	action	Action		Take control of a Thing, and give all cards in your hand to its former controller.		Bucky
Solve for X	cards_401_500	action	Action		Play when another player plays a card that involves them choosing the value of a variable. You choose the value the variable instead.		Ryan_1729
Cargo Pants	cards_401_500	thing	Thing		When played, draw five cards and put them face down under this card. Action: Swap the cards in your hand with the cards under this Thing.		CashCrazed
Spam	cards_401_500	action	Action		Place this card on top of the draw pile.		CashCrazed
Pulled the Plug	cards_401_500	action	Action		Destroy any Thing that runs on electricity.		CashCrazed
Person	cards_401_500	thing	thing		When you play this card, choose a thing that would require a person to run it. As long as Person is in play, any "Action:" on that card does not count toward the limit. It may still only be used once per turn, however.		fanofphilosophy
Must See TV	cards_401_500	action	Action		Each opponent chooses a token they control.  Gain control of the chosen tokens.		jtwe
Sir Papacharino Nanadan	cards_401_500	thing	Thing		At the start of your turn, gain a Pochi token.  Action: Destroy a token you control to draw a card.  Flip a coin.  Heads: You may play another action this turn.		jtwe
History Eraser Button	cards_401_500	thing	Thing	∅	At the start of your turn, put a Temptation counter on this card.  Action: Remove this card, the discard pile, and each player's hand from the game.  Flip a coin.  Heads: Draw a card for each Temptation counter that was on this card.  Any player may play this action.		jtwe
Standardized Test	cards_401_500	thing	Thing	OOOOO	No player may lose the game (people can still win, though). No thing may go to the discard pile from play except for Standardized Test. In exactly one hour and fifteen minutes, destroy Standardized Test.		fanofphilosophy
Winds of Change	cards_401_500	action	Action	R	Each player shuffles his or her hand into the deck.  Then, each player draws as many cards as they had in their hand.  Any player may cancel this Action by paying you coins worth at least one American dollar, or by giving you control of 4 Money-related tokens they control.		jtwe
Despotic Scepter	cards_401_500	thing	Thing	1	Action: Destroy a Thing card designed by you.		jtwe
Eat the Rich!	cards_401_500	action	Action		Target player who has at least 9 cards in his or her hand loses the game.		jtwe
Hand Enrichment	cards_401_500	action	Action	3P	All players draw cards equal to the greatest maximum hand size of any player, then discard down to their maximum hand size.  You may take an extra Action this turn.		Bucky
The Power of T	cards_401_500	action	Action	5T	If you control at least 5 cards representing Things, and all of their names begin with T, you win.  Otherwise, put 5 Tokens into play.		Bucky
Reduce!	cards_401_500	thing	thing	/	All hand sizes are reduced by one. If a card has a near-same effect to one a player already controls, that player is not allowed to play it. If someone needs to discard (at any time), (s)he  gives the card or cards to another player.		fanofphilosophy
Reuse!	cards_401_500	thing	thing	\	Draw three cards from the discard pile. All hand sizes are increased by two. When any player is to draw from the draw pile, (s)he draws from the discard pile unless it is empty.		fanofphilosophy
Recycle	cards_401_500	action	action	_	Shuffle the discard pile into the draw pile.		fanofphilosophy
Minority Rules!	cards_401_500	thing	Thing	1V	The minority wins all non-unanimous votes as long as this card is in play.		Ryan_1729
If you're going to shout, i'm not going to listen.	cards_401_500	thing	Thing		All sentences, cornervalues and titles containing exclamation points are ignored.		Ryan_1729
Jihad	cards_401_500	action	Action		Destroy one Thing belonging to every opponent with a religion different from yours.		CashCrazed
Tough On The Causes	cards_401_500	thing	Thing		Whenever the Action ability of a Thing is used, destroy that Thing at the end of the turn.		Kevan
Note from the Future	cards_401_500	action	Action		The first time you play this card, you may search through the draw and discard pile, and every player's hand, then take any card from anywhere in the game and put it into your hand. If you play this card, you may not win the game until after you have played it again.		Kevan
Insurance Policy	cards_401_500	thing	Thing		Whenever a non-Token Thing you control is destroyed, you may either draw a card or generate two Money Tokens.		Kevan
Big Money	cards_401_500	action	Action		Choose one - Exchange a Money-related Thing you control for any Thing in play; or, gain 5 Money tokens and 1 Spin token.		jtwe
No Whammies	cards_401_500	thing	Thing		At the end of each player's turn, if that player controls no non-Token things, he or she gains a Whammy token.  A player with 4 Whammy Tokens loses the game.		jtwe
Stop	cards_401_500	thing	Thing		Whenever any player plays an Action which affects this card, they skip their next turn.		jtwe
Terrible Secret of Space	cards_401_500	action	Action		Destroy all living Things, except for robots.		Kevan
Commune	cards_401_500	thing	Thing		All Things are considered to be controlled by all players. If a card references a Thing's "controller", it refers to whoever's turn it currently is.		Kevan
Chameleon	cards_401_500	thing	Thing		If you control another non-token Thing, Chameleon cannot be targetted by Actions. Action: Destroy a token.		Kevan
No Tea	cards_401_500	thing	Thing		Give this card to any player when it is played.  You may draw cards only on your turn, and you may draw at most one card per turn.  If you play or control "Tea", destroy this card.	You are carrying: an atomic vector plotter, the thing your aunt gave you which you don't know what it is, and no tea.	jtwe
No dumping	cards_401_500	action	Action		As long as this card is on top of the discard pile all discarded cards move to a separate pile, out of play.		Ryan_1729
Everybody do the shuffle!	cards_401_500	action	Action		Shuffle the deck, shuffle the discard pile, shuffle every player's hands into one pile and deal them back out. If online and some of this isn't possible, do as much as you can.		Ryan_1729
Writing Utensil	cards_401_500	thing	thing		This card counts as an office supply. Action:Change the type of any number of your tokens.		fanofphilosophy
Paper Weigh	cards_401_500	action	action		Using only the cards from your hand and things you control, build a house of cards. Pile tokens, represented by coins, on top. You may draw cards equal to however many coins stay on before it collapses. If playing online, this card reads Draw a card.		fanofphilosophy
Death, then Resurrection	cards_401_500	action	Action		Destroy a card under an opponent's control then immediately play the card that is on top of the discard pile as if it was in your hand. That card doesn't count toward any hand size or cards played per turn limits.		Ryan_1729
Objectable Actions	cards_401_500	thing	Thing	I0	All Action cards with titles that imply that the card could be considered an object no longer have any effect (they are still playable though.)		Ryan_1729
RO, RO, RO, your boat	cards_401_500	thing	Thing	R0	Whenever a card with "ro" (excluding this one) on it comes into play you have the choice to destROy it, contROl it, or let it dROp (do nothing.)		Ryan_1729
Convenient Disposal	cards_401_500	thing	Thing		You may negate the effect of any Action(including those originated by Things) by eating the card responsible. If playing online, discard this card and draw another.		CashCrazed
Fight to the death	cards_401_500	thing	Thing	D13	On their turn anyone who controls one or more living Things may challenge anyone else who controls one or more living Things to either a best two of three match of rock-paper-scissors or to Risk-style combat with one living thing representing a soldier. The Thing(s) that lose are then discarded. Any variants of the above games may also be used.		Ryan_1729
Death to the fight	cards_401_500	thing	Thing	31D	When this card comes into play the other players are no longer your enemies, no one is trying to win(no one can), the object of the game is to help, not hinder your fellow players. AKA: Peacetime. Anyone may, on their turn perform the following actions.  Action: Change to Peacetime. Action: Change to Wartime. AKA: Business as usual.		Ryan_1729
Chocolate Coating	cards_401_500	thing	Thing		Play onto another Thing. That Thing's card text is considered to be blank.		Kevan
Garbage Disposal	cards_401_500	thing	Thing		Whenever a card would be moved to the discard pile, remove it from the game instead.		Kevan
Fight Club!: the Musical	cards_401_500	action	Action		Choose a Thing in play.  Then, choose a different Thing in play at random.  If both Things are controlled by the same player, destroy them both.		jtwe
Crystal Ball	cards_401_500	thing	Thing		Action: Target player may show you any number of Action cards from their hand.  During that player's next turn, he or she may not play any Action cards which he or she did not show you.		jtwe
Go Fish	cards_401_500	action	Action		Target a player and name a card.  Look at that player's hand.  If he or she has a card with that name in his or her hand, steal it and put it in your hand.		jtwe
Blue magic whitener	cards_401_500	thing	Thing		All white card backgrounds are considered blue, and vice versa, while this card is in play. Action: give control of this card to an Opponent, and move a random card from their hand to yours.		Depressi
Whippin' Cupcakes	cards_401_500	reaction	Reaction		Play when a Thing would be destroyed to prevent its destruction.    If this card is in the discard pile, the current player may destroy a Food-related Thing he or she controls to put this card in his or her hand.		jtwe
Hammer Darts	cards_401_500	thing	Thing		Action: Destroy a randomly chosen non-token Thing.  Any player may play this action.		jtwe
im in ur base	cards_401_500	action	Action	^_^	Destroy up to three Things and skip your next turn.    When you destroy a Thing controlled by an opponent, if this card is in your hand, you may reveal it to draw a card. You may do this only once per turn.		jtwe
Gostak Attack	cards_401_500	action	Action		If 'to distim' hasn't been defined yet, ask a opponent to define it before you play this. Target opponent distims one card in play.		Zaratustra
Gostak Attack	cards_401_500	action	Action		If 'to distim' hasn't been defined yet, ask a opponent to define it before you play this. You distim one card in play.		Zaratustra
Gostak Attack	cards_401_500	action	Action		If 'to distim' hasn't been defined yet, ask a opponent to define it before you play this. All players distim one card in their hands.		Zaratustra
Keeping up with the Joneses	cards_401_500	action	Action		Destroy all of your tokens to receive copies of all the tokens an opponent has.		Ryan_1729
Destroy Everything!	cards_401_500	thing	Thing	0	If the entire deck is in the discard pile and/or removed from the game, (except this card, obviously,) you win.		Ryan_1729
The Pot	cards_401_500	thing	Thing		Any player may choose to skip their turn and put a counter on this card. When this card is destroyed, the player(s) with most counters on it win(s).		Zaratustra
Elephant Stampede	cards_401_500	action	Action		Destroy any living Thing, Robot, or any other thing that would be destroyed by being trampled by an elephant.		Ryan_1729
Cyborg-	cards_401_500	thing	Thing	Fb	Play on any Thing, that thing now counts as a living Thing and a Robot.		Ryan_1729
Glue	cards_401_500	thing	thing		This card counts as an office supply. When this card comes into play, choose two cards. If either card leaves play, the other card leaves play in the same manner.		fanofphilosophy
Laptop	cards_401_500	thing	thing		If this card is to be destroyed, you may instead create a drain token and put Laptop in your hand. When Laptop comes into play, it may not use its action for X amount of turns, where X is the number of drain tokens you control. Action:Draw a card or look at a card in an opponent's hand.		fanofphilosophy
Electrician	cards_401_500	thing	thing		For every thing in play which runs on electricity, all Action:, though only useable once per turn, do not count toward the action limit. This effect ends when Electrician leaves play.		fanofphilosophy
Lessons of History	cards_401_500	action	Action		A chosen opponent must correctly name three cards in the discard pile, without looking, or discard three cards at random. (If there are fewer than three cards in the discard pile, this card has no effect.)		Kevan
Hand to Mouth	cards_401_500	thing	Thing		At the end of each player's turn, that player must discard their hand.		Kevan
Bored Now	cards_401_500	action	Action		Destroy a single Thing which was in play during your previous turn, and your turn before that.		Kevan
Enjoy the Silence	cards_401_500	reaction	Reaction		Play in response to an Action which requires any player to speak, sing, or otherwise make noise to cancel that action.  Or, play at the end of an opponent's turn during which they did not play a card to draw cards equal to the number of cards in that player's hand.		jtwe
Careless Movers	cards_401_500	thing	Thing		Whenever a Thing changes controllers, flip a coin.  Tails: Destroy that Thing.    At the start of your turn, give control of a random non-token Thing to a random player.		jtwe
Power of Three	cards_401_500	action	Action	333	Put three cards from the discard pile into your hand. If this card was played third, skip your discard phase this turn. This card does not count toward the card per turn limit if it was the third card played this turn.		fanofphilosophy
Monopoly	cards_401_500	thing	Thing	I&O	If you are the only player who controls any things in play, all the effects of your cards are doubled. This includes tokens. Monopoly is exempt from its own effect.		fanofphilosophy
Three-Fold Law of Return	cards_401_500	thing	Thing		Whenever a player plays an Action that targets an opponent, or a Thing belonging to an opponent, that opponent may immediately discard up to three cards, to play them as duplicates of that Action. (These duplicate Actions do not trigger this card.)		Kevan
Name Game	cards_401_500	thing	Thing	##	All players reveal their first name, or at least how many letters it contains. Players are not allowed to directly say, write or type the number of the letters in their name. ex. Name:Ryan. 4:No 3+1,:OK  If a player says this number they must discard a card. If they have no cards and say it they are eliminated.		Ryan_1729
Power of Five	cards_401_500	action	Action	55555	Discard your hand, then draw five new cards. You may play more than one action this turn if you play five actions total this turn.		fanofphilosophy
Prime power!	cards_401_500	action	Action	2357	Play a prime number of cards from your hand that have cornervalues with prime numbers in them or  have prime numbers in the title. Then, destroy a prime number of non-token things that you control (Remeber, 1 is not a prime). You must do all parts of this card in order to use any part of this card.		fanofphilosophy
Shoot to Kill	cards_401_500	thing	Thing		Play only if every player has at least three cards in their hand. If a player's hand becomes empty, they are eliminated.		Kevan
Zerg Rush	cards_401_500	thing	Thing		Action: Destroy a Thing or token you control, to force an opponent to discard a card.		Kevan
cutting-edge	cards_401_500	action	action		For every futuristic device or concept you control, you may create a card titled Scientist, a thing, with the text "Action: Discard a card to draw two cards. Scientist counts as a living thing" under your control.		fanofphilosophy
Too Much Food	cards_401_500	action	action		Any player or players whom you choose must skip the next two turns. All players who skipped turns in this manner may draw five cards.		fanofphilosophy
Can't Make Change II: Electric Boogaloo	cards_401_500	action	Action		Each player simultaneously chooses a Thing controlled by the player on his or her left and gives control of it to the player on his or her right.		jtwe
Medal Ceremony	cards_401_500	action	Action		Gain a Gold token.  Target opponent gains a Silver token.  A different target opponent (if any) gains a Bronze token.  You may take an additional action this turn.		jtwe
St. Petersburg Lottery	cards_401_500	action	Action		Gain 1 Money token.  Flip a coin.  Heads: gain a number of Money tokens equal to the number of Money tokens you have gained from this action already, and flip again.		jtwe

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