Dvorak Export: Infinite Dvorak deck/Cards 4001-4100

To import this deck into the Dvorak MUSH Engine, just cut and paste the quoted commands below straight into your telnet window. (Any card whose type is neither "Thing" nor "Action" will default to "Thing"; if it was somehow meant to be played like an Action, just destroy it after playing it.)

(You can also get an output formatted for the Dvorax Engine.)

Regenerate this output, minus the cards created by a comma-separated list of users:
skipcard Illusion Projector (1Q)/T/Play onto another Thing. You may change or remove that Thing's flavortext at any time, or add flavortext if it has none. ("Action:Draw three cards and swap this card's ruletext and flavortext.")
skipcard Turn to Illusion (2Q)/A/Destroy a Thing. Its former owner gains an Illusion Token with the same flavortext as that Thing ("If it had no flavortext, then neither does the Token.")
skipcard Gestaltopia/T/If a Thing is destroyed, destroy all other Things that its owner controls.
skipcard Dark Matter Bolt/A/Target player discards two cards and skips their next turn.
skipcard Dim Matter Bolt/A/Target player discards a card and may not play actions next turn. ("Not as good as Dark Matter, but the savings are tremendous!")
skipcard Gray Matter Bolt/A/Target player draws two cards. ("Food for thought.")
skipcard Template Copier (3Q)/T/Thing:Gain a Token of a type chosen from this card's flavortext. ("Energy, Money, Zombie, Node, Worker")
skipcard Bootstrap.exe (4Q)/T/At the start of your turn, do what this card's flavortext says. ("Play an Action")
skipcard Flavor Writer (5Q)/A/Do what this Action's flavortext says. ("Permanently change target card's flavortext to any value.")
skipcard Accusations/A/Each player writes down a player's name on a slip of paper. One slip is chosen at random. That player is eliminated unless he/she sacrifices one of: three non-Token Things (indestructible Things may not be sacrificed), 20 Money tokens, or any combination of Things (including Tokens) that all of the other players find acceptable.
skipcard Sideshow Freak/T/Action: Create a money or an art token. ("Those tattoos have ask me about my issues written all over them -Bub")
skipcard Sideshow Geek/T/Action: Destroy a token, create a money token. ("What circus did you run away from? -Bub")
skipcard Humanimal/T/Action: Destroy a money token Return a living thing to the top of the draw pile. ("Dude, Really, I don't want to know any more. -Bub")
skipcard Illusion Blast (6Q)/A/Change target Thing's flavortext to any value until the start of your next turn, then destroy a Thing with flavortext. ("If this sentence is ruletext, destroy up to three Things in addition to any other effects of this card.")
skipcard Disillusion (7Q)/A/Remove target Thing's flavortext until the start of your next turn, then destroy a Thing with no flavortext. ("If this sentence is ruletext, each of your opponents discards their hand.")
skipcard Gugg-Musha, Lord of Dirty Dishes (777)/T/He is the One! Hoil and Praise to the One! You are the Non-Ones! Shame and Excrements on You!<BR>Action: Everybody discards their hand in shame.
skipcard Gurg Gnagba, Lord of Stinky Underwear (777)/T/He is One! All Hoil to Gurg Gnagba! Hoil! Every time player wants to start turn, he is to put his hand in excrements of cow. If he don't not, he is to discard card. If he don't not or can't not discard card, he is to lose game! All Hoil to Gurg Gnagba! Hoil!
skipcard Typical Average Erasmus Student (E1)/T/You may play this under target opponent's control. This student eats 50% of all Things you play from your hand (flip a coin), destroys all beer when he is played and is basically good for nothing. ("Wanna party?")
skipcard Reduce/T/When this comes into play, each player gets one Handsize Token for each card he/she is currently allowed in their hand (current hand size). Then each player with more than one Handsize Token must destroy a Handsize Token. No-one may hold more cards in hand than he/she has Handsize Tokens. If this card is destroyed, destroy all Handsize Tokens and keep track of hand size as usual.
skipcard Reuse/A/If the discard pile is nonempty, choose one of the top four cards in the discard pile and play it. Then shuffle the discard pile into the draw pile.
skipcard Recycle/A/If you control any Tokens, you may change the type of up to three Tokens to whatever you choose.
skipcard Delusions of Grandeur/A/Change target thing's flavortext to "<i>This thing is indestructible.</i>" ("You win the game.")
skipcard Dream World/T/While this is ruletext, all other cards' flavortexts are the same as their ruletext. ("While this is ruletext, all other cards' ruletexts are the same as their flavortexts.<BR>Action: Swap this card's ruletext and flavortext.")
skipcard Imprisoned Horror/T/Trapped forever in the realm of dreams. Rouse it not from its eternal slumber. ("Action: Target player discards a card and destroys a thing they control. If they cannot do both, they are eliminated.")
skipcard Illusionscape (8Q)/T/This card's ruletext is the total flavortext of all Things in play. (you choose the order) ("This card's ruletext is the total flavortext of all Things in play. (you choose the order)")
skipcard Sleeptalk (9Q)/A/This card's ruletext is this sentence, followed by this card's flavor text, followed by the flavortexts of all Actions in the discard pile (you choose the order). ("Draw a card.")
skipcard Mission / Machine/A/When played as an Action activate the action abilities of up to two things in play. When played as a Thing, Action: Create a blank token. ("I do not pronounce that word like that -R.B.")
skipcard Misshapen Wiggle Machine/T/At the beginning of your turn, you may destroy X tokens you control, this card, and X other things. ("How was I supposed to know that would happen? -R.B")
skipcard So for you .../A/Draw 2 cards give one of the drawn cards to another player. ("Was that a complete sentence? -R.B")
skipcard Scouting Report (1P)/A/Look at each player's hand, then draw a card. ("We surveyed the enemy's resources, and we found an unexpected opportunity.")
skipcard Creative Burst (2P)/A/Gain a token of any type, then draw a card.
skipcard Geothermal Tap (3P)/A/Gain two Heat, Light or Energy Tokens, then draw a card.
skipcard Sudden Death/T/All players discard all but 1 thing (If you play this card, your choice of thing to keep in play must be this card) and may not play other things. If that one thing is destroyed, that player loses. ("Kill cards are now literally kill cards.")
skipcard "Oh no you don't!"/A/If target player would win the game, shuffle whatever card(s) is causing them to win the game into the deck. They instead do not win the game. ("Goddangit.")
skipcard Dirt Simple/A/Destroy all cards with rules text longer than 80 letters.
skipcard Remove the Axioms/T/When this comes into play chose a type of token in play and write it on this card. Destroy all copies of that token, No new copies of that type can be made.
skipcard Instintanous Proportional Gain/A/Make one copy of all token types in play
skipcard Bash With Club (4P)/A/Destroy a Thing that a majority of players agree could be destroyed by a spiked club. Then draw a card.
skipcard Defraud (5P)/A/Target player discards a card, then you draw a card.
skipcard Cycle of Life (6P)/A/Draw a card, then discard a card, then move a card from the discard pile to your hand.
skipcard Zombie Mix/T/Action: Remove a thing in the discard pile from play, create a zombie token ("Just add water")
skipcard Money Tree/T/Action: create a money token. ("Where else does it come from?")
skipcard Driving Rain/A/Until your next turn no action abilities my be used
skipcard Icksplosion/A/Destroy target thing. Put a Green Goo Token on each non token-thing.
skipcard Hypermode/T/When your hand is empty, destroy Hypermode. At the end of your turn, gain an Energy token and, if you control at least 3 Energy tokens, destroy this and replace it with a copy of Corrupted Hypermode (#3662).<BR>Action or Thing: Discard a card to destroy target Thing.
skipcard Reconsider/A/Return any number of things you control to your hand, draw 5 cards, discard 5 cards, and play a thing.
skipcard Snatch (7P)/A/Gain control of a Token, then draw a card.
skipcard Rob the Card Store (8P)/A/Gain two Money Tokens, then draw a card.
skipcard Security Crackdown (9P)/A/Things cannot be played until the start of your next turn. Draw a card.
skipcard The Gods Of Language Are Not Pleased/A/Eliminate all players whose things contain a total of at least 5 spelling or grammatical errors.
skipcard Verbing Weirds Language/T/Whenever another thing is played, it is put into the discard pile and treated as an action with "Until the end of your turn," inserted into its text wherever would be neccesary to make sense. ("With credit to Calvin and Hobbes.<BR>Remember what "Action:" is short for.")
skipcard Canned Victory/T/Action: If you control a can opener, you win the game. ("You did bring the can opener, right? Right?")
skipcard Heavy Handed Grab (0P)/A/Win the game if you have at least 6 cards in your hand. Then draw two cards.
skipcard Halfling Thief/T/If this is the target of a destroy effect flip a coin on heads the effect is canceled Action: Take an inanimate thing from another player. ("What? That's not good enough?")
skipcard Dragonborn Fighter/T/Action: Destroy a thing. ("Get out of the way!")
skipcard Gnome Summoner/T/Action: play two things from your hand. ("Zibba Zabba Zoo!")
skipcard Attack With Everything/A/Play every card from your hand, and activate the Action ability of every Thing you control that has an Action ability.
skipcard Dual Wielded Nuclear Laser Chainsaws (0O)/T/Turn:Destroy two Things ("i.e. You may skip one of your turns to destroy two Things. This counts as taking a turn.%r%rPractical? No. Awesome? Definitely")
skipcard A Drink from a Fire Hose (1O)/A/Draw five cards, then discard six cards.
skipcard Decastomp (2O)/A/Destroy exactly ten Things.
skipcard Alarm System/T/Whenever an Action is played, you may return a Thing you control to your hand before it takes effect.
skipcard Cashing the Chips/A/Destroy any number of tokens you control, and draw as many cards.
skipcard Elf Wizard/T/Action: Destroy a thing. Thing: Return a action from the discard pile to your hand. ("I require only knowledge")
skipcard Teifling Thug/T/If this is the target of a destroy effect flip a coin on tails the originating player must also destroy a thing. '<i>Action:</i> Take a control of a thing from another player. ("Let me show you how it's done.")
skipcard Human Cleric/T/Action & Thing: Return a Living Thing from the discard pile into play. ("Be still my brothers, all will be well")
skipcard Card Merchant (3O)/T/Action:Discard a card and gain four Money Tokens.%rAction:Destroy a Money Token you control and draw a card. ("Envy his profit margins.")
skipcard Oath of Vengeance (4O)/T/If there is a Thing representing a person in the discard pile, other things you control that represent people have "Action:' Destroy a Thing". ("Your mother's college roomate's fourteenth cousin killed my philosophy teacher's brother's girlfriend. Prepare to die.")
skipcard Wall of Meat (5O)/T/When you play this, gain 3 Meat tokens. If one of your Things would be destroyed by an opponent, destroy a Meat token instead if possible. ("Think of it as an industrial-grade meat shield")
skipcard Gaiänt'wakê (O9)/T/Action: Choose one Thing under your control and give it to another player. That player must give you control of one of his or her things, but he or she chooses which one.
skipcard Pitikwahanapiwiyin (C7)/T/Action: Gain control of one living Thing.%rWhenever Things would be destroyed, flip a coin for each one. If a Thing's coin comes up heads, it is not destroyed.
skipcard Thašuŋka Witko (O5)/T/When Things under your control are destroyed by another player, destroy x+1 Things belonging to that player, where x is the number of Things they destroyed.
skipcard Keep it Simple/T/Cards with more than one word in their title cannot be played.
skipcard Queen Sacrifice/A/Play in response to an opponent trying to destroy the only Thing you have in play. It is not destroyed, and the opponent discards their hand.
skipcard Wreckage Sifter/T/Whenever a Thing you control is destroyed, draw a card.
skipcard Luck o the Irish/A/This card may be played only if you control two Things or fewer and have four cards or fewer in your hand. Create one Money token. (""Diddle-dee-dee! A lucky penny!"")
skipcard Wheeled Office Chair/T/Play onto a Thing you control. When another player takes control of the Thing equipped with Wheeled Office Chair, you regain control of it at the end of your next turn.%rAction: Destroy this card and the Thing to which this card is equipped and flip a coin. If the coin comes up heads, destroy up to two Things belonging to the same player.
skipcard Hammerhead Shark/T/While this card is in play, all players must keep their hands revealed.%rAction: Choose one card from each player's hand (including yours) and discard them.
skipcard Careless Lunge/A/Destroy a Thing, and discard your hand.
skipcard Nihilism (6O)/T/Action:If you don't control any Things, eliminate any number of players. ("I've realized that this card game is meaningless")
skipcard Worldly Wisdom (7O)/T/Draw an extra card and discard a card at the start of each of your turns.
skipcard Enlightenment (8O)/T/You cannot play this from your hand. At the start of your turn, win the game. ("Few ever reach this state.")
skipcard Homocidal maniac/T/Action: Destroy random thing. ("Kill and kill and kill, kill and kill again, Homocidal maniac! -Slayer")
skipcard Joseph Cotten/T/Action: Destroy 3 tokens to entertain another player so well they forget to take their next turn. You may not use this ability every turn. ("You sir are guilty! -J.C.")
skipcard Ted Koppel/T/<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR> ("We already have a Ted Koppel, who are you? Merlin Mann")
skipcard Fast-Moving Pulmonary Anthrax Zombies/T/Action: Put a Disease Token on a living thing.<BR>Action and Thing: Destroy all things with Disease Tokens on them and gain a copy of this card for each. ("http://www.qwantz.com/<BR>#000915")
skipcard Single-Move Spam (9O)/T/When you play this, put an Action from the discard pile under this card. You may not play Actions from your hand%r%rAction:Discard an Action card. Play the Action attached to this. It remains attached afterwards. ("Do you know how to do anything besides that &%$#@! 2-hit combo?")
skipcard Windshield Taste Test/A/Discard in response to a action ability to destroy that thing. When played as an action destroy two things at least one that you control. ("Check the local hospitals he just took the windshield taste test then ran. -John")
skipcard Zombie Torso/T/Instead of using the discard pile you may put a card under this card instead. Instead of using the draw pile you may pick a card from under this card instead.
skipcard Zombie Legs/T/You may play an extra thing every turn.
skipcard Sleight of Hand (1N)/A/Move a card from anywhere to anywhere else. You cannot put an Action into play this way.
skipcard Crooked Dealer (2N)/T/You may look at the bottom card of the draw pile at any time. Whenever you draw a card, you may take the bottom card of the draw pile instead of the top card.
skipcard Last Seat Abuse (3N)/A/Take any number of cards from the discard pile and move them to Up Your Sleeve.
skipcard Convince Others that You Are a God/A/When this card is played, it becomes a Thing. While this card is in play, you cannot be eliminated, you have an unlimited hand size, and you draw four cards per turn. Whenever one of your opponents takes a turn, flip a coin. If it comes up heads, create one Doubt token. When there are four Doubt tokens, destroy this card and discard two cards.
skipcard Orthographic Reform/A/Destroy all Things in play whose texts and/or titles contain silent consonants. ("CAN'T YOU SEE, HONEY? KEEPING THEM IS STUPID!")
skipcard Grigor Rasputin (3C)/T/Before you draw a card, predict if it will be an Action or a Thing. If you guessed correctly, all other players discard one card.
skipcard NSWBA Switch Jump-In Rule (A)/T/At ANY time, if a card has just been played, you may play a card with the identical cornervalue. Play continues as if it was now your turn - if you played an Action/Thing, the Action/Thing part of your new turn has been used. ("NSWBA Switch, the champagne of crazy-eights type games.")
skipcard Holdout Device (4N)/T/When this comes into play, move the top two cards of the draw pile to Up Your Sleeve.%r Once per turn, you may swap a card in your hand with a card from Up Your Sleeve
skipcard Fast Fingers (5N)/T/When this comes into play, move one of your Things to Up Your Sleeve%r Action:Swap a Thing in play with a Thing from Up Your Sleeve.
skipcard Bucky's Spy (6N)/T/If there are at least 10 cards in Up Your Sleeve at the start of your turn, win the game.%r Action:Move all cards in your hand to Up Your Sleeve
skipcard Greensleeves/T/When this comes into play, create 10 Money tokens in Up Your Sleeve.<BR>Action: Move a Money token from Up Your Sleeve into play.
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